SHEBOON Having SEX with DOGS & PONYS!!!!! - Graphic - Shocking!!!!!

Well here is proof of a little something that many people in society want to cover up, deny and sweep under the rug. They are especially sensitive about this issue because they know that their is one group that is primarily involved in this bizarre behavior.

It is extremely perverted that some women are actually into having sex with and sucking the dicks of dogs, horses, giraffes, monkeys, zebras or whatever unsuspecting animal they can seduce. Makes you wonder. Are their men so incompetent and inadequate in the bedroom that they must resort to bestiality and zoophilia? It's more common than anyone wants to admit but the research and studies on this has been done.

In the 70's the Presidential Commission on Sexuality in America actually released a detailed and graphic report on human sexuality and it included a lot of shocking facts and statistics regarding this trend of animal sex. This report cited percentages, statistics and told you WHO is primarily involved in this behavior. Now who do you think it is?

I'll give you a hint's not black people. If it were then everybody would know about it now wouldn't it? This evidence is all over the internet and readily available.

One has to question just why is this the case? And it's not just the women. There are a LOT of men also who are involved in this aberrant and disgustingly sick perverted behavior.

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