SHEBOON Having SEX with DOGS & PONYS!!!!! - Graphic - Shocking!!!!!

Well here is proof of a little something that many people in society want to cover up, deny and sweep under the rug. They are especially sensitive about this issue because they know that their is one group that is primarily involved in this bizarre behavior.

It is extremely perverted that some women are actually into having sex with and sucking the dicks of dogs, horses, giraffes, monkeys, zebras or whatever unsuspecting animal they can seduce. Makes you wonder. Are their men so incompetent and inadequate in the bedroom that they must resort to bestiality and zoophilia? It's more common than anyone wants to admit but the research and studies on this has been done.

In the 70's the Presidential Commission on Sexuality in America actually released a detailed and graphic report on human sexuality and it included a lot of shocking facts and statistics regarding this trend of animal sex. This report cited percentages, statistics and told you WHO is primarily involved in this behavior. Now who do you think it is?

I'll give you a hint's not black people. If it were then everybody would know about it now wouldn't it? This evidence is all over the internet and readily available.

One has to question just why is this the case? And it's not just the women. There are a LOT of men also who are involved in this aberrant and disgustingly sick perverted behavior.

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Author shanaekt ( ago)
people are so damn weird now adays

Author Ron Wicks ( ago)
B**** U SO F****** NASTY

Author Sophie Hynes ( ago)

Author Kaboom Beesh ( ago)

Author knetterwauz010 ( ago)
How the fuck did I end up here

Author goxcrazii ( ago)
lmao. smh omg

Author alina rodriguez ( ago)
how do you discover this shit about yourself when you friends ask why you
broke up you say nah its all okay we split she was fucking the dog

Author mochb nyc ( ago)
white people.

Author GiovannisSanctuary ( ago)
Ohhh yeaaahhhhh.

Author MonsieurMercredi ( ago)
This is truly disgusting! But... I don't see it any different than mating
with Neanderthals. Europeans have no boundaries; this may be why they have
been so savage throughout history during conquests. Although I don't
believe all Whites are like this woman, some would have to be careful. Some
Black men love White women. You never know who else she may be sexing--it
could be a beast. And.... they call Blacks animals, apes and monkeys. They
should talk.

Author SKULLxSNAPS ( ago)
i thought asians where wrong for eating dogs and cats for lack of cow
meat...... but this shit here is really something else... sick fucking

Author terceldude ( ago)
@Rabbitromance Not AS wrong as murder!!!

Author terceldude ( ago)
@troll2282 I hope you are there with her for your hatred!!!

Author terceldude ( ago)
@terceldude: Who gives a flying fuck about morals?!!! Everyone does immoral

Author terceldude ( ago)
@bizzil007 Like all humans are???!!!

Author terceldude ( ago)
@milesonthecorner7 calling them white trash and animal abusers is not going
to help you in the long run!!!

Author terceldude ( ago)
@OBAMAisHalfCaste Doing devil deeds????!!!! Shaving your beard or your head
is also a devil deed..

Author terceldude ( ago)
@cherontae11 nasty in a good way, not a bad way...

Author terceldude ( ago)
@tgoodfella humans are fucked up!!!

Author terceldude ( ago)
Thanks for giving us a bad name @ iiidol!!!

Author terceldude ( ago)
@iiidol I'm sorry but I don't have to listen to that and you..I don't need
help...This IS normal, it's not like you are harming anyone or anything and
significantly..It is nothing compared to pedophilia or child molestation or
child trafficing, and so on and so forth...But what's not, is the fact I
have irritable bowel syndrome, which I get plenty of help for...

Author jazzysistabigbones ( ago)
@jacknife10000 actually not really their aren't any, you are probably
talking about Brazil but no African Americans do such act's only white
trash! Look it up! I have never came across blacks doing this so stop lying!

Author jazzysistabigbones ( ago)
They have several websites with "white women" (particularly) having sex
with different types of animals. And their are several cases reported were
"white women" have given their partner a transmitted disease from such
acts. I find it sickening and gross but when it comes to animal bestiality
white women are at 99.9% ratio for doing such acts! I guess they are more
open to sexually adventures then other race of women! LOL

Author cherontae11 (489 years ago)
i disliked this because the bitch nasty

Author Yoruichi0the0flash ( ago)
as long as its consensual right? LMAO

Author milesonthecorner7 ( ago)
SCOOBY ,SCOOBY DOO!..................Where are you? I hope you're not
filling up white trash ass holes with unleaded dog sperm like a car at the
pump . white trash are all mad at Micheal Vick for fighting pit bulls,but
white trash sexually abuse farm animals ,lol white trash are damn

Author tgood fella ( ago)
so disturbing, isnt their enough human population to have sex with?

Author Orangesoda65 ( ago)
I find this hard to masturbate to.

Author clint carnie ( ago)
this women is fuck up

Author walleyrt69 ( ago)

Author kookoo78 ( ago)
LOL @ "Far too far-gone and demented to be ashamed"

Author Williams Picazo ( ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAH Min 3:34 The horse telling the other one: hey check it out
thats the fat bitch all the horses been talking about how bout it bro!? let
take that ass tonight! hahahahahhahahahaha

Author terceldude ( ago)
@LupuArdelean I know that, but other human beings do immoral things
themselves like sleeping with your sister, witchcraft, you know things like
that! :)

Author terceldude ( ago)
@LupuArdelean lol, maybe, maybe not? :)

Author terceldude ( ago)
@LupuArdelean I don't fuck children, I don't believe in having sex with
humans due to the risk of AIDS/HIV and so on and so forth! :)

Author terceldude ( ago)
I could name alot of sick perverted behaviors that people that are
judgmental of this behavior do...Wanna hear them? ;-)

Author terceldude ( ago)
@LupuArdelean what kinds of things have you done???

Author terceldude ( ago)
@gklfc1 are you any better???

Author BRIANNAistalksick ( ago)
I'm sorry, but there are special places for people like this. Someone
please tell me that she was arrested after this was shot.

Author iluvmypiggly ( ago)
No. The dog is not a consenting party! This is so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Third Line Designs ( ago)
Well, it happens. Nothing surprises me in this crazy world.

Author Hebrew Honey ( ago)
only white ppl :/

Author sunder92 ( ago)
@VaLoRkEyX so, the repulsive one is not the one ridiculing others for their
choices and mental stability, like the kkk, nazis, and george bush, but the
one trying to shut you assholes up? really? and then you hide behind
religion, (much like al qaeda, and the crusades no?) to which your only
thing to add to is that its 'wrong.' either become more accepting or become
more articulate. one or the other asshole. ^-^

Author OBAMAisHalfCaste ( ago)
fucking sick devilish honkey scum. dam redneck whore fucking animals . if
caucasian women are doing devil deeds and having sex with dogs. just let
them keep on giving birth to (half-caste) and (quater-caste) babies wipe
them-selfs out for the better fucking cause.

Author sunder92 ( ago)
@OBAMAisHalfCaste humans and other animals cant interbreed retard. the only
POSSIBILITY of a hybrid is in the case of a chimpanzee, and thats just a
slim possibility. go back to your HHH meeting you quadriplegic cro-magnon

Author sunder92 ( ago)
what the hell is wrong with you people? this woman made a decision in her
life, one that not only does not way effect any of you, but also isnt
hurting anybody (unless she actually DOES go to town on that horse^_^) and
you actually take the time out of your 'busy days' to insult her? really
internet? really?

Author jean michaels ( ago)
@StayxBrutalx Black people never sexed animals you stupid ass cracker. Only
you stupid ass white people do shit like this and shoot up arizona and
columbine high. Only stupid ass white people idiot. So shut up and finish
fucking your sister and daugher. Ya redneck faggot.

Author jean michaels ( ago)
This would be a white person. No wonder they hate Vick. Sick fucks! They
abuse animals as well. Can you say Hypocrites?

Author Dustin Rhoades ( ago)
@iiidol hey at least shes not out fucking niggers!

Author bertmarx ( ago)
@atlmycity2 that cave....

Author Rabbitromance ( ago)

Author jean michaels ( ago)

Author angel87122 ( ago)
Wheres the graphic?

Author Blkpryde ( ago)
@Dogsneedpleasuretoo You're one of the cavebeasts.

Author Blkpryde ( ago)
This is what whites hate talking about..fucking sick ass cave beasts!

Author OBAMAisHalfCaste ( ago)
fucking sick devilish honkey scum. dam redneck whore fucking animals . if
caucasian women are doing devil deeds and having sex with dogs. just let
them keep on giving birth to (half-caste) and (quater-caste) babies wipe
them-selfs out for the better fucking cause.

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