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Author Mitchell Martin (3 months)
So, how'd you get the "play as the Green Goblin" code?

Author Marko3236 (1 year)
ohhh yeaah i remember him voice acting Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid
3.Ha,he voice acted him sooo good.Mgs best game

Author Ben Evans (1 year)
good times.

Author Acewilber (2 years)
@FamilyGAMEGuy8 this is good Sm2 is amazing no it's fantastic! and sm3 for
ps2 psp and wii suck but the ps3 and xbox 360 version are like so amazing
like sm2 i recommend this one and i recommend getting sm3 for ps3 or xbox

Author Juan Salazar (1 year)
it is

Author WizardFarrell (1 year)
1st person mode was good too

Author tiger balog (1 year)
toten hra je debl lepsjie je spiderman 3

Author Alki Sali (1 year)
how you making this

Author Joe Kickass (1 year)
Playing as green Goblin was the SHIT! Amazing game and it's sequel would
set the precedent for all future Spider-man games, also Spider-man 2 was
the greatest spiderman game EVER!

Author João Vitor (2 years)
seus ingleses filhas da puta

Author CallumModz (1 year)
Spider man Movie

Author Red Mist (1 year)
Amazing spiderman 360 is the best

Author karon rolfe (1 year)
what the hell

Author wasd6711 (7 months)
I played the game not for 7 years but now with the new story....YOU KNOW ;D

Author Marko3236 (2 years)
who is josh keaton?

Author Tomz Channel (2 years)
Guys this this old xbox

Author purepwnge1 (1 year)
I loved this game, and playing as the Green Goblin was the best!!

Author karon rolfe (1 year)
what the hell

Author Jessica Samuels (2 years)
wtf was that u imbasill

Author Tahari Hall (1 year)
YES YES YES YES!! Make one Activision!

Author SamZig (2 years)
Insert a cheat for unlimited wenergy, hold down triangle while running and
its as if you're playing as Quicksilver. :p

Author Elessar2880 (2 years)
@benzijr And why the 360 version? I can easily do the same and say "buy it
for PC"(btw PC version is the best...)

Author sosa4693 (2 years)
Its funny that josh keaton did the voice for harry osborn

Author Prodigy (1 year)
so harry was green goblin before Spider Man 3???

Author jhouston1023 (1 year)
I like this video but I fotgot what is was about

Author Johnny Phuoc (1 year)
no dumb cunt, this is just more extra value for a good game

Author vze21gwa (2 years)
Are there any cutscenes for the goblin run or an explanation of the story?

Author luke5218 (1 year)
@Spottyfountain8- yes it is. I believe you must have some disc to allow you
to play old xbox games though.

Author marcusduck (2 years)
@JNICHOLS0808 lol shanaynay

Author 321SPONGEBOLT (2 years)
I'm trying to activate the code, but it won't work. Do I have to complete
the game first?

Author TerrellV13 (1 year)
This video just raped my eardrums :'(

Author mrkilleras1230 (2 years)
r.i.p headphone user

Author jokerlocco (1 year)

Author megamandude455 (2 years)

Author Chris Ble (1 year)
Choose the difficulties (3 of em any) to get Goblin:Normal,Hero or Super
Hero. Either is fine. Any of those you unlock then specifically type in the
code:Arachnid and you should see the word verbally said "Conclusion" when
you go into the secret store and click on that then exit out of it then go
back to secret store and Green Goblin costume should be there where you
play as Harry Osborn. Hope this works! :P

Author christinap31cp (10 months)
Y wont this work 4 me

Author Winchester7314 (1 year)
when i was a kid, i felt like a god while playing as gg.

Author OftaPoftaRofta (1 year)
whus jush keten

Author Benzi Jr (2 years)
@haters123 what do you mean PC version is the best? they are all the same.
they have the same stroy line and you can do everything else on the xbox 360

Author Jaklegacy1 (1 year)
they should make a ps3 spider man trilogy disc.....

Author 321SPONGEBOLT (2 years)
Nevermind, I just got it today. I'm just wondering a bit about the cheat
for Harry's glider unheaded.

Author Digging Human (1 year)
thanks for the warning

Author WAC Films (2 years)
why couldn't spiderman 3 goblin be more like this?

Author Benzi Jr (2 years)
@FamilyGAMEGuy8 Spiderman 2 is the BEST SPIDERMAN GAME EVER. But if you buy
spiderman 3 for wii or PS2 it sucks balls. But if you buy it for PC or PS3
or even the xbox 360 it is just like spiderman 2 it is just amazing you
should buy the xbox 360 version.

Author Josh Long (1 year)
Go to the cheats section and type in herman schults Then u will get the
shocker costume

Author Sean014Kman2 (2 years)
He plays a big role in the spider-man gaming series more than his tv show
series: The Spectacular Spider-man

Author Airsoftlover35 (1 year)
i remember playin as him along time ago

Author TheSgtDouglas (1 year)
This is one thing all superhero games should have: unlockables you don't
have to buy. Though I'll admit, I was more than willing to stomach it for
Arkham City; the game treated me well.

Author Ian Robert (1 year)
no me funciona

Author theboughers (1 year)
I love how Green Goblin says what we ALL thought when getting that ladies

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