Spider-Man The Movie Goblin Run 1

Yes two runs through the game. Side-by-side. The Green Goblin run and the regular Spider-Man run.

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Author ASH K2 ( ago)
Good childhood memories
Remember watching this when I was only in 3rd grade! Good times

Author Otha Bland, Jr. ( ago)
Why Josh Keaton and no James Franco???

Author Spetsnaz Headhunter ( ago)
Haha. Remembering when I had this game and used to play as the green goblin
on my beloved PS2. Shame I had (yes, I was obliged) to donate to some
fucking charity. So many good games I miss playing.....

Author Αγνωστος Τυπος ( ago)

Author Jose Reyes ( ago)
I would use b-bats to take over the bad guys

Author Джокер Майерс ( ago)
А мне так ни фига не дают Гоблина )= скок не водил код и ролик не пере

Author robbalison ( ago)
If this is supposed to take place after the events of the Spider-Man story
how come Harry isn't hunting down Spider-Man in the movie when Harry found
out Spider-Man was with goblin was dead and turned on him why isn't Harry
hunting down Spider-Man he thinks Spider-Man killed Norman Osborn why can't
he just look for him take out the glider and the rest is yours instead of
finding out crap about his father that's bull also Harry is goblin before
Spider-Man three what the heck he must have thought wow this design is
terrible ands it's hot to I need to build a better suit and hunt down
Spider-Man I'm wasting my time that's all what was thinking after the game

Author Rhandy Ramirez ( ago)
2 million views holy shit

Author kyle the cool 360 northrup ( ago)
thats such a cool cheet

Author Yung Kyro ( ago)
how do you make it so the glider never overheat

Author Кирилл Спорынин ( ago)
Хули ты пездишь 

Author BLKGurl80 ( ago)
spider man nice

Author SirJecht88 ( ago)
0:01 ear rape

Author Mitchell Kyler Martin ( ago)
So, how'd you get the "play as the Green Goblin" code?

Author Ivan Tissera ( ago)

Author iskate953 ( ago)
best cheat in the history of cheats

Author issamuk ( ago)
hey what's your facebook friend of mine is lalo Garcia Garza

Author tytytec ( ago)
because this was Spider-man 1 released in 2002 in conjunction with the 2002
movie for a variety of consoles and the reason he's green goblin here is
because this is BEFORE spider-man 3 game which was made in conjunction with
the 3rd movie

Author 19smooshes ( ago)
I love this game and I forgot whats this game called can you tell me what
is the link of that video game?

Author TruGaming12 ( ago)
Platforms for this game: Xbox 1 (May be compatible for 360) Playstation 2
(Compatible with PS3) PC Gamecube (Can be played on Wii, but requires
Gamecube memory card and controller)

Author FullmetalSpider ( ago)
The voice actor for green goblin is way better then tobey. After all Josh
Keaton was The Spectacular Spider-Man

Author The Gamester ( ago)
so fun

Author Winchester7314 ( ago)
when i was a kid, i felt like a god while playing as gg.

Author Ben Evans ( ago)
good times.

Author Andy Canessa ( ago)
I remember this game

Author theboughers ( ago)
I love how Green Goblin says what we ALL thought when getting that ladies

Author CallumModz ( ago)
Spider man Movie

Author CallumModz ( ago)
Spider man movie

Author Scott Elliott ( ago)
never touch the city ground on this game.

Author bumble bee ( ago)

Author Luana França ( ago)
eloe nao deixa ve o filme

Author Deidara Mello ( ago)

Author Soumyojit Chakraborty ( ago)
which one is the web combo key? please help me

Author ZeroskillXD ( ago)
this was the first game i ever beat

Author The Realistic Nihilist ( ago)
They should have put the goblin in the second one or the third one, that
would have been cool

Author Chris Ble ( ago)
Choose the difficulties (3 of em any) to get Goblin:Normal,Hero or Super
Hero. Either is fine. Any of those you unlock then specifically type in the
code:Arachnid and you should see the word verbally said "Conclusion" when
you go into the secret store and click on that then exit out of it then go
back to secret store and Green Goblin costume should be there where you
play as Harry Osborn. Hope this works! :P

Author Chris Ble ( ago)
First of all,why is the volume so loud? Second,why is Goblin so funny? And
third why am I asking you all these questions when you already know the
answer to em?

Author Andrey Gon ( ago)

Author Nathan Drake ( ago)
I remember this game

Author SkrillexFan53854 ( ago)
My grandmother could be a better goblin than you are!!!! This game

Author tiger balog ( ago)
toten hra je debl lepsjie je spiderman 3

Author Ian Robert ( ago)
no me funciona

Author Jarrett Houston ( ago)
I like this video but I fotgot what is was about

Author naruto man ( ago)
This vid is sick now I can be green goblin

Author Rick Foertschbeck ( ago)
i am a big fan of spiderman becase he a good hero for new york

Author goku6912 ( ago)
jajaj spidermna disfrazado del duende verde xdd

Author karon rolfe ( ago)
what the hell

Author karon rolfe ( ago)
what the hell

Author Josh Long ( ago)
Go to the cheats section and type in herman schults Then u will get the
shocker costume

Author Tahari Hall ( ago)
YES YES YES YES!! Make one Activision!

Author Tahari Hall ( ago)
no. its harry.

Author JokerDraculamio ( ago)
scusate ma esiste il trucco x l'immortalità? se si,qual'è? grazie in

Author Juan Salazar ( ago)
it is

Author Paradoxz1001 ( ago)
plzzz can anyone help me how to install this game....i cant install the
crack...pls help :((

Author luke5218 ( ago)
@Spottyfountain8- yes it is. I believe you must have some disc to allow you
to play old xbox games though.

Author TheNarutobarrage ( ago)
I thought that new goblin was just a skin. BUT WHEN I SAW, that he is fully
different and has his own story... I was like: "OMG I can play as KIND
green goblin! Fuck yeah!

Author DanNZ4 ( ago)
IT feels good to be the goblin. Better then Spider man, in my theory anyway.

Author Ahturo s ( ago)
Imagine this is Josh Keaton´s Voice who was first concidered for playing
the voice of Spiderman in this game until Tobie decided he wanted to do the
voice instead. But as we here the voice work was used on Harry Osborn GG
instead. Kind of awesome.

Author Nick Mansur ( ago)
thanks for the warning

Author GameBoy ( ago)
they should make a ps3 spider man trilogy disc.....


Author orster2076 ( ago)
New Goblin before New Goblin

Author FuckVilleUSA (1558 years ago)
I feel like kicking you in the nuts for once again regurgitating that

Author quechus13 ( ago)
wait until the pc version gets released.

Author SergioGamerX2000 ( ago)
Better then the Spider-Man 3 PS3 NEW goblin DLC.

Author SergioGamerX2000 ( ago)
I unlocked goblin on PS2 NOOB

Author SergioGamerX2000 ( ago)
I getted it whit no cheats, and i getted peter parker whit no cheats.

Author Red Mist ( ago)
Amazing spiderman 360 is the best

Author TheSgtDouglas ( ago)
This is one thing all superhero games should have: unlockables you don't
have to buy. Though I'll admit, I was more than willing to stomach it for
Arkham City; the game treated me well.

Author Dark spine ( ago)
The emerald elf

Author Prodigy ( ago)
Okay I understand that,but watch your mouth,bro

Author Johnny Phuck ( ago)
no dumb cunt, this is just more extra value for a good game

Author Joe Kickass ( ago)
Playing as green Goblin was the SHIT! Amazing game and it's sequel would
set the precedent for all future Spider-man games, also Spider-man 2 was
the greatest spiderman game EVER!

Author Prodigy ( ago)
so harry was green goblin before Spider Man 3???

Author Prodigy ( ago)

Author FlasherOfWangs ( ago)
how do you get every word misspelled?

Author FlasherOfWangs ( ago)
what the fuck?

Author jokerlocco ( ago)

Author Westy ( ago)
It was a bitch to complete on hard, really. Especially breaking and
entering and the level after that.

Author benji madden ( ago)
do they have it for x box

Author purepwnge1 ( ago)
I loved this game, and playing as the Green Goblin was the best!!

Author XsumowrestlerX ( ago)
herp derp penis

Author finley armstong ( ago)
my cosin cant even pass the frist levle as spider man so i am tring to get
his chets but i have no luck no sude i just look on the inter... who sed
gern goblin harry now this is theWRONG VIDO NOW SUT THAT MOTH UP MENICE

Author WizardFarrell ( ago)
1st person mode was good too

Author Barry Busquets ( ago)
Video starsts at 2:15... Just Saying

Author SupaHotFiya ( ago)
i remember playin as him along time ago

Author 5tupid1 ( ago)
i didnt know harry knew his dad was the green goblin during the first movie
he must have been pissed when his dad almos killed mj what a caring loving

Author TerrellV13 ( ago)
This video just raped my eardrums :'(

Author wg044154 ( ago)
5:24 FAIL

Author Chill poopy ( ago)
its not working for me i need to know the simple steps

Author punkin327 ( ago)
New move:Web hit FOR GOBLIN!?


Author Jacob Rawley ( ago)
i hate that

Author Alki Sali (1883 years ago)
how you making this

Author Nicholas Caldwell ( ago)
dam this just made me think of my this green goblin i won from a toy
machine it was nice and had the marvel tags on it man i wish i had that

Author spear401 ( ago)
ear rape!!!

Author Marko3236 ( ago)
ohhh yeaah i remember him voice acting Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid
3.Ha,he voice acted him sooo good.Mgs best game

Author Peacefulfanatic ( ago)
The current VA for Spider-Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ultimate Spider-Man
in Shattered Dimensions, and the Amazing Spider-Man in Edge of Time. He was
also Spider-Man in the Spectacular Spider-Man. He also played Young
Hercules and FUCKING OCELOT in Metal Gear Solid 3.

Author KidNamedKuddy ( ago)

Author DeadlyWest ( ago)
which Spiderman do you mean ?

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