What is Medical Coding?

Medical Coding @ PTI: or call: 1.800.784.9675

What is Medical Coding? Learn about medical coding at PTI with Instructor Beth Rich.

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Author diegoreds (2 years)
ICD-10 training will put all Coder at same Boat. Just 3 classes for
out-patient Coder, 2-5 years working to get great hospital job. Coders can
just do Audits, Medical law, and Contarcts (work at home) Now is best time
to get into Medical Coding. Heard if you go to Alaska or North Snow states
, Very high Demand... Great pay...

Author 4BADWISHER (2 years)
Please review goto medicalcodingcert (dot) webnode (dot) com

Author Intelicode (3 years)
Earn 26 AAPC CEUs February 2012 at the 5th Annual Intelicode Conference in
Indianapolis. Check out the video on our channel to see how you can attend
for just $699 (which includes 4 nights at Embassy Suites hotel & meals
during the conference)!

Author betharichmartin (3 years)
The average national salary range is from $30,000-$45,000. Certified coders
and coding consultants, supervisors, and managers can earn even more.

Author Intelicode (2 years)
Great video, thanks for sharing.

Author supremo502 (4 years)
do u need an associates to be a med coder

Author betharichmartin (3 years)
@supremo502 No, you don't need to have an associate's degree, however, you
do need to take coursework and/or have a certification in medical coding.
There are two national organizations that offer certifications: American
Academy of Professional Coders ( and American Health Information
Management Association ( Check each website for additional
information. Also, a medical records technician/health information
technician isn't the same as a medical coder. Beth Rich

Author chelzhi (3 years)
@betharichmartin that is true MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING is different in a
way than HEALTH INFO TECH.. with billing and coding u don't have to be an
asso. degree but with HIT u have to!. certified MBC give u more
oppurtunities than not..

Author supremo502 (3 years)
@betharichmartin how much do they earn yearly? thanks beth

Author Pittsburgh Technical Institute - YouTube (4 years)
@supremo502 - United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
says, “Entry-level medical records and health information technicians
usually have an associate degree.”

Author andromello11 (2 years)
great video presentation.

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