Can The Democrats Shape Up In Time For 2018 Midterms?

  • Added:  9 days ago
  • We may be 17 months away from the 2018 midterms, but the Democratic Party doesn’t seem to be making any progress since their 2016 election losses. There is still time for the Democrats to get it together, but only if they start accepting the reality that is all around them. People want help, not talking points. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this topic.

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Comments: 193

  • Simon Phoenix
    Simon Phoenix 4 days ago

    Karen Handel won lol 0-4 in special elections for dems...doesn't look for your party

  • Sergio Arreola
    Sergio Arreola 5 days ago

    We must mount pressure against Nancy!

  • Sergio Arreola
    Sergio Arreola 5 days ago

    All the bitching and moaning has to stop , the Democratic party needs new leadership and now !!! Fuck Nancy !

  • Andrew Owens
    Andrew Owens 5 days ago

    He has a point. Democrats need to stop blaming one another for the failure and just accept it happened. I was a Hillary supporter but I can easily see that Bernie wasn't at fault for what happened. Hillary didn't run the best of campaigns and while the same could be said of Trump the difference between them is that Republicans are willing to forgive the unforgivable for him, but other voters will not do the same for the Democratic side.

    Things are changing and parties need to change with them. I would say, "Just vote for a third party", but aside from Bernie, none of the other third parties are any real good. The Democratic Party is the best chance we got to fix things. We just have to get rid of its ugly side. The best way to do that is to stop blaming each other and just accept the two sides of the party.

    Hillary lost because she's seen as to corporate and thus too bought and sold.
    My problem with Bernie was that while he was strongly pushing to the left, he didn't seem to understand some of the complicated subjects (then again we have Trump who doesn't understand anything so...) and regardless of how progressive you are I would like a president that knows what he or she is doing.

    I still think Hillary was the better choice between her and Bernie, but I know we need more people like Bernie on the Democratic side if we want to win.

  • Ander Drake
    Ander Drake 7 days ago

    The problem is that certain democrats have more in common with the republicans than they do the parties base and let's not forget that the DNC has been intentionally sabotaging progressive candidates by giving them no support. We would have at least 3 more seats in congress if the DNC had supported progressive candidates instead of acting like children and refusing to help anyone even connected with Bernie Sanders. Corporatist democrats want the cash to keep flowing and refuse to support anyone who wants Democrats to stop taking money from donors who support republican policies. For example, Cory Booker who voted down a measure that would have allowed people to buy less expensive medicines from Canada. The DNC basically try to move the football poles to the right and Bernie Sanders has stalled them by moving the poles back further left to line up with the parties base. The democrats are really having an identity crisis because both sides want to move in the opposite direction, so they can do their own thing.

  • Lacey Jost
    Lacey Jost 7 days ago

    I figured out why I just can't listen to this guy even though I generally agree. He is the liberal/male Tomi Lauren, and I DESPISE that bitch 😑. Yelling emotions and exaggerating facts (90% of him speaking) sprinkled with a little sensible facts and cause (the thing Tomi doesn't have) . He needs to vent his emotions on his own time 💅

  • Farrah M
    Farrah M 7 days ago

    great segment for both sides

  • Jake K
    Jake K 7 days ago

    Can't help but hear this as a CNN esque article. The two sides you're comparing aren't equal at all. You nailed the "Bernie Bro" narrative spewers, but I have yet to find a single person still talking about Clinton that isn't directly responding to the fact that her supporters are still touting her as amazing. And in that case, yes, shitting on her is useful. Unless you'd like her to run again, we have to constantly remind people that she's the worst politician on the planet and lost to a racist cheeto.

  • MrShamus07
    MrShamus07 8 days ago

    "Can The Democrats Shape Up In Time For 2018 Midterms?"

    No. Listen to what they're saying all of the time. They're as delusional as Donald John Trump, and he's got a "very good brain," and he "knows words." We're f*cked!

  • Paul Berevoescu
    Paul Berevoescu 8 days ago



  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor 8 days ago

    Fuck you if you like people on the Hill side tbh. They are the problem blocking us from making progress.... and that's the fact.

    DEBORAH GONZALES 8 days ago

    He is so so Right. Don't you think so people

  • Micheal Freer
    Micheal Freer 8 days ago

    "it's over" on hillary? you're kidding yourself there Farron as long as the clinton machine keeps it's hold on the DNC it will never be "done" because the DNC will just carry on with the same elitist disdain is has for american voters

  • rich b
    rich b 8 days ago

    Keep moving to the Right.

    Stupid fucks.

  • samuel mcdonough
    samuel mcdonough 8 days ago

    You guys have given voice to the most radical of you Party. There is NO common ground there. Submit or leave!

  • samuel mcdonough
    samuel mcdonough 8 days ago

    The lefts feeding frenzy in itself continues. The latest victims are white women and light skin blacks that need to recognize there light skinned privilege. 😱😂😂
    Don't ask me for research, you have google.

  • Adam Welle
    Adam Welle 8 days ago

    Farron this is the first thing I disagree with you on I think. the DNC is just as corrupt as the RNC. they are all bought off and we have decided that we are no longer going to back any candidate from any party that is bought off by corporations. it's not a debate we will not unify I will vote green party or I will vote for Trump just to stick it in the dnc's ass. they need to go back to being what this party was when it started real progressives taking real Progressive action, anything less and I will not back them ever

  • 46619TAB
    46619TAB 8 days ago

    Simple answer to the question asked in the header - *NO*.

  • peter krug
    peter krug 8 days ago

    I'll be glad to move on from Hillary as soon as she and her supporters admit it was largely her fault she lost in 2016 by being a center-right corporate shill and that Bernie should've been the Democratic nominee.

  • pforce9
    pforce9 8 days ago

    The democrats will lose bigtime in the midterm and they will continue to lose unless we can dislodge the Hillary people. I will never vote for a corporate democrat again.

  • coryluke12
    coryluke12 8 days ago

    Democrats are talented at eating each other alive. Democrats will keep losing as long as the keep giving a voice to the SJW/raging feminist crowd.

  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin 8 days ago

    The Dumocrats are pretty fucked up in the state of Wisconsin.
    The little arrogant turd Scott Walker is running unopposed this is unaccrptable..A new party is needed if these assholes cant get it togehter..

  • ekitkat jj
    ekitkat jj 8 days ago

    Farron gets it. Side note - Anyone other progressive sometimes feel like a kid in the middle of divorced parents, with step parents all yelling at the same time? All you want to do is tell them all to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Mom, breakfast with you, Dad, dinner with you, and we can all have lunch together, if you can shut up long enough to listen to me tell you I'M RUNNING AWAY, AND ALL OF YOU LOSE ME, if you can't get your site together! Maybe it's just me.....

  • Michelle Warns
    Michelle Warns 8 days ago

    Don't worry, Hillary's dropping out.

  • Espurr
    Espurr 8 days ago

    omg! this video is _exactly_ how i feel! cuz i voted for bernie in the primary and for hillary in the general. so yeah, I hate bernie or bust/ jill steiners, and I hate hillary supporters that bitch about bernie.

  • Chazreal
    Chazreal 8 days ago

    How about a No More Party Party? Bipartisan politics have served more to psychologically divide the people and enrich the 1%. How about simply voting for candidates based on their policies and how they will help maximize the constitutional rights of the people first and foremost?

  • Julius Smith
    Julius Smith 8 days ago

    I agree with what you are saying i never thought america would be like this what are going to leave our children a f--King mess lets stop this the rape of america. Wake the F--K up America!

  • MrShivshank
    MrShivshank 8 days ago

    the democrats have no choice but to move to the middle to try and pull over sain republican. progressives can't be trusted to show up to vote. they are young they are passionate and if they don't get 100% of what they want they will walk away. how does any political party try and include people like this.

  • sprybug
    sprybug 8 days ago

    I just, not kidding you, less than an hour ago heard some conservative radio host on an ad say that he's often critical of his base and that's something liberals never do. Can someone tell me who it was (I missed the name), so I can forward that bullshit artist this video, and let him know of Secular Talk, who often criticizes democrats as well? That guy is so full of shit. I guess he never heard of Bernie Sanders, who often criticizes democrats as well. It's the last thing I want to hear when I'm listening to a sports game, which is how I ended up hearing that quote.

  • Richard Baginski
    Richard Baginski 8 days ago

    Some of these goofballs must really like the right wing and their agenda because they are working hard to help keep them in office.
    Progressives get your act together. Stop with the bullshit blame game for God's sake and look to the future for America and its people. The past is the past, get over it already. The 2018 mid-terms are right around the corner. FOCUS!!!!
    Get forward looking people at the top and adopt a TRUE Progressive agenda to move this country into the 21st century.

  • 99xanthan99
    99xanthan99 8 days ago

    Sorry Sparky. While I would have preferred Sanders, I still knew enough to vote for Clinton. Anyone who didn't, contributed to a lost election. Those people bought into propaganda from conservatives and from people like you. Hillary would have been a decent president. Sanders would have been better. Hillary was who we needed to vote for if we were serious about our vote counting. Making broad and stupid statement about how the dems didn't persuade the people to vote for Hillary is a waste of time. The dems didn't waste their vote. You did. Own it.

    • heidybsu sosa
      heidybsu sosa 8 days ago

      99xanthan99 👏👏👏👏

    • Michelle Warns
      Michelle Warns 8 days ago

      Same here. I'm a Sanders lover who voted for Hillary praying that practically all the Democrats did it to save our country from a stupid lunatic.

  • the last wild one
    the last wild one 8 days ago

    This guy Bernie anybody and everybody nobody is or will talk about  STOLEN VOTES!!!       The democrats will not can not win if their leadership allows the republiscum to STEAL millions & millions & millions of VOTES AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN So good luck you can't even get them to admit it's happing the dem's need to get rid of these cowards!!! and find people with enough guts to stand up for those they say they represent

  • Springfield Progressive

    HA Goodman and Tim Black are one of those!

  • digital tyranny
    digital tyranny 8 days ago

    We can't move on until the DNC takes their jackboots off our throats. There can be no unity if we can't breathe.

  • jack johnson
    jack johnson 8 days ago

    The Dimbulbs have already cooked their goose for 2018...mainly because of guys like Penis with ears here. American people around the country have no clue about Comey...Russia and they get PISSED when you throw around SERIOUS issues like Impeachment so handily....Trump is getting SHIT DONE...your whining like a child.

  • dlevitt0508
    dlevitt0508 8 days ago

    Investigation into Hillary's treasonous actions? I must have missed that. Capitulation that an oligarch can't be indicted much less prosecuted, ok I get that. Either way though let's move on because that dead cat will never be brought to justice anyway.

  • Dan Ames
    Dan Ames 9 days ago

    I voted for Bernie in the primaries,and hill in the general.but for the Bernie zealots to give the Gop the supreme Court for another 20 years if Bernie gets to nom. in 2020 I may not vote.these idiots don't even vote in midterms.

  • Bob Steel
    Bob Steel 9 days ago

    Farron Cousins, what about Independents like myself. I could NEVER vote democrat after the failure that is OBAMACARE.
    Having a MANDATE THAT FORCES individuals to have insurance or be fined is government overreach BIG TIME and a step towards communism.
    The democrats don't even understand about individuals that are here LEGALLY or ILLEGALLY, as well as you can't differentiate between LEGAL and ILLEGALLY obtained firearms.
    You blame the firearm over the intent of a GODLESS TERRORIST, and some have become HOME GROWN GODLESS TERRORISTS shooting at our GOP representatives, doing mock be-headings of Trump etc... .
    Unless you put up candidates that start acting like responsible lawmakers following the Bill Of Rights and Constitution, many including myself WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU, and you can bet your life on it.

  • Ria Somers
    Ria Somers 9 days ago

    We also need an influx of YOUNGER people.

  • K Black
    K Black 9 days ago

    Thanks....I agree with what you said 100%

  • Starbuck Stark
    Starbuck Stark 9 days ago

    I really think Bernie needs to step aside.
    I agree, we have to move on. Including Bernie.What we need is youth.These older folks are great. But their baggage, history, we have to constantly defend.Retire & Consult. Give advice, throw a fundraiser, but let the next generation lead. & Bernie is still a independent.
    Why did you go there?

  • Troop Number
    Troop Number 9 days ago

    Progressives are such negative whiners. Nobody cares about your pity party. You are at the bottom of the political food chain.

  • Aramai Jonassi
    Aramai Jonassi 9 days ago

    Thank you! They're all acting like catty little girls and trying their best to fight each other over the dumbest shit ever. None of what they say matters and they act like they have been deemed the Progressive Judge. They think they get to decide who makes the list and if it's enough to be a progressive. Well... they all need to eat a slice of STFU cake. Stop blaming everyone for everything and get the fuck over who lost the election. It was fucking hacked, neither of them would have won. Why are you fighting like children? Most liberals share the same beliefs on the basics and almost everything. Why progressives want to assume dominance over the democratic party is beyond me. You're almost the same. If you hate dems so much, start your own damned party.If you're too lazy to do that, shut up. You are not pirates, and you will never take over the Democratic party. If we don't all get over ourselves and work together we will all lose. This time it will be on us. There, I said it and I feel better!

  • chris mclaughlin
    chris mclaughlin 9 days ago

    A revived communist party would be a better option than anything the democrats could offer in 2018.

  • chris manecke
    chris manecke 9 days ago

    Why does the Est. Dems. keep screaming about "Bernie Bros"? Because, for the first time in history, progressives opinion's matter. And they just CAN"T STAND THAT! So they are now totally consumed with trying to make sure that our opinions never matter again.

  • Jay Vee
    Jay Vee 9 days ago

    why don't demoncraps move on on the Russian collusion copout

  • Jay Vee
    Jay Vee 9 days ago

    you want to talk about collusion and election robbery? why don't bernie supporters call the democrats out on the beauty they committed against bernie?

  • anthony toscano
    anthony toscano 9 days ago

    WTF; The 1% control the government, all the major media news outlets and play the people like a fiddle keeping us divided.
    That is the problem in a nut shell, until the people understand the power of greed upon our society, everything else doesn't mean a thing;
    Have a Non- Shopping week and see if things start to change,
    We have all the power, if we use it, NO GUNS< NO WAR< JUST STAY AWAY FROM EVERYTHING EXCEPT BASIC NEEDS;

  • Israel Garcia
    Israel Garcia 9 days ago

    who gives a f@$# about twitter.

  • NeoKailthas
    NeoKailthas 9 days ago

    Bernie bors is a lie. Hillary email server is real. that's the difference. you are welcome.

  • Shirley Marie Herron

    #People Let's get it right !! Come together family #CommandGound

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 9 days ago

    that is right they need to move on

  • Billy Bunnell
    Billy Bunnell 9 days ago

    we need a new party to represent the centrist majority not R or D but a people's party fuck both sides

  • Specific Nerpo
    Specific Nerpo 9 days ago

    Those who divide the party must suffer the consequences: corporate democrat or progressive

  • Lunar Breeze
    Lunar Breeze 9 days ago

    I would wager that Clinton trying to stay in the spotlight after her colossal loss in 2016 is partly the reason for people constantly bringing her up.

    And while on the matter of investigations, she should have been charged when Comey said she broke the law in his own words back in July of last year.

    Though, you're correct, the past is the past and we should focus on rebuilding, while knocking away any obstacles that may stop the progressive movement.

  • Valli Weidemann
    Valli Weidemann 9 days ago

    yea let's just ignore the fact that hitlery and the DNCunts rigged the primary and robbed the country. and then we'll just cross our fingers and hope they don't do it next time. that'll work out well

  • sailormanariel
    sailormanariel 9 days ago

    I think Jimmy Dore is correct when he says the Dems are paid by donors to lose. They take the crumbs the donors throw them and watch the big money flow to Republicans and are content to come in second. If they would refuse corporate money and stand for something I would donate to them. But for now what's the point.

  • Rick Morgan
    Rick Morgan 9 days ago

    Third party and splinter groups won't get it done.... they will just split the party up even worse than it is now. I have no answers but I agree with Farron, we gotta come together or we're gonna come apart.

  • Bryan Blake
    Bryan Blake 9 days ago

    The heart of the Democratic Party is THE PROBLEM - it is sheer unadulterated Corporatism! Therein lies the problem. 25 years of Clintonista DLC New Democrat Republicanism Lite! The first thing we need to do is to start another and truly progressive party. Why? Because Wall Street owns both the Democratic and Republican Parties as wings of the Wall Street Owned One Party System a.k.a. WOOPS. I grew up in a southern state under the Dixiecrat/Democratic Party. As horrible as the Dixiecrats were at least they allowed a lot more diverse political points of view (read liberalism) than the current New Democrat Party does. Chew on that, even the Dixiecrats were slightly better than this current crop of DINO, Wall Street shills posing as elected federal officials. If you Democrats are looking to Bernie Sanders to lead you from the Wall Street Wilderness you might as well give up on that idea right now. Sanders has been a Democratic Party company man since the day he first stepped foot into the lower chamber. His so called primary campaign abundantly proved the point.

  • T Russo
    T Russo 9 days ago

    No, they cannot... #GoGreen

  • HeritageTim
    HeritageTim 9 days ago

    I will never vote for corporate money again. Even it that hands Trump another victory. I like most people I know are tired of lies, pivots, and lip service while enacting corporate welfare policies. I want our government back, I will not be a 21st century indentured servant.

  • Camille Montano
    Camille Montano 9 days ago

    We don't have much left to lose so might as well try something new. I get it people are angry on both sides but let's work together and help each other out.

  • Rev. Jay Goldstein
    Rev. Jay Goldstein 9 days ago

    This shit makes me sad, nice job ROF.

  • Robert Jesson
    Robert Jesson 9 days ago

    Well I have read through this thread and to answer your question ROF the answer is HELL NO!

  • moderate
    moderate 9 days ago

    Kyle From secular talk needs to see this.

  • Ananda Mide
    Ananda Mide 9 days ago

    I understand where you are going on this one, but I must say I was an Independent from the first time I voted last century and only started voting for dems after W was elected. 2016 opened my eyes to haw truly undemocratic the democratic party is ( strait out of Orwell ). This is BS that the only choices in this democracy is the choice between fascists or pushover oppourtunists. Neither of them deserves a vote but we are fed lukewarm gruel for our politicians who stand for nothing (Bernie and a select group of others excepted) or worse wind up with Rump that is just looking to tear the entire country down and fill his pockets along the way. We are on the other side of the looking glass down the rabbit hole and at the table of the mad hatter and we all know that this is not going to end well but being told to line up behind a bunch of paid losers because the Big Bad GOP is coming to get you is an argument I am not going to allow me do what I have always tried to do, Vote My Conscience. The Dems do not own my vote, they have to come and get it. 😐

  • Matthew Iverson
    Matthew Iverson 9 days ago

    They rigged the primary. Fuck the Dems! They don't address that there will be no unity.

    • Piper Tipurts
      Piper Tipurts 7 days ago

      THen, they installed a head of their party that was handpicked by Obama and hid the voting record from the public! Never forget.

  • KMAs Korner
    KMAs Korner 9 days ago

    I am not going to support a democratic party that is farther right than most republicans of the 80's. Sorry, doesn't matter who it is but if they care for making money more than the people they are supposed to represent then I am out the door of the democratic party, which means third party here we come.

    • Piper Tipurts
      Piper Tipurts 7 days ago

      Same, same! More people need to be talking about this. There is NO left wing party in the USA. The dems are just right of ultra-right extremism, that does NOT make them a "left wing party".

  • jbatina
    jbatina 9 days ago

    Thank you Farron. Best video in awhile. The honest truth is Dems are fractured along with bad messaging. Say what you want, Repubs have a message and keep to script no matter how bad for the vast majority of Americans. Trickle down is a classic example. Repubs will present great opportunities for them to lose congress especially if their health care law passes. But will Dems unite and come up with a cohesive message, not going to hold my breath....

    • Camille Montano
      Camille Montano 9 days ago

      That's actually a good point because say what you will about Republicans at least for the most part they are consistent

  • Ken Tinman
    Ken Tinman 9 days ago

    Farron I'm a " Berni Bro "😕, and I don't need any more $illary investigations. In my eyes she is exposed. Time to move foward. To support her or any corporate candidate would just be perpetuating politcs for sale. " pay to play " as it were!
    To move foward simply means just progress as the Architects of the Constitution envisioned.

  • Brucifer Mephistopheles

    Problem is Americans want someone down the middle, Trump portrayed himself as that person but his swamp remained filled with radical right wing zealots, Bernie is to far left bordering on socialism (which is fine with me) but probably not electable, Even if he was elected do you really think any of his policies would make it through congress???

  • Troy V
    Troy V 9 days ago

    The Democrats are becoming like the Republicans, heartless, greedy and corrupt. We need true representatives for the people. So far the Green Party looks like the right one.

  • Kong Fuzi
    Kong Fuzi 9 days ago

    No proggressive platform no unification. That is all.

  • traydevon
    traydevon 9 days ago

    Investigate Hillary Clinton for legitimate reasons that exist.

  • Tensai55
    Tensai55 9 days ago

    I must not be following the right ppl. I see plenty of the Hillarybots and the "shut up and accept whomever the establishment pick for you" guys. I haven't seen any Bernie-turned-Jill-Stein-supporters continuing to attack Hillary - and I'm one of those Bernie supporters that ended up voting for Jill Stein (you know, the 1% of us that somehow managed to give the election to Trump despite him winning my state by 10%). She's out of politics and while I do think the FBI could have had a case if they'd bothered (as they would and have done to ppl with less political connections), at this point it doesn't really matter. Especially when you consider the leaky sieve that is the Trump Administration.

    Everyone I follow is focused primarily on the 2018 election and promoting and supporting Justice Democrats/Brand New Congress and progressive candidates (and the occasional fight with Hillarybots and their ilk when they throw out something particularly egregious coughJoyAnnReedcough). But I admit that I don't follow very many ppl on Twitter. I prefer to waste as little time on Twitter as possible.

    Side note: It's interesting how many ppl only listened to 1 minute before jumping on Faron for being a Hillarybot - if you watch the whole thing, he's very clearly not. All he wants is what I think a lot of us want - stop obsessing over the last election and focus on the next election. Living in the past means we don't prepare for tomorrow. And tomorrow's coming sooner than we think.

  • Andrew Na
    Andrew Na 9 days ago

    What's the problem? It's money in politics. We "BernieBros" are trying to get candidates who have no conflicts of interests to office, but the fucking Hillary wing of the party wants to keep the status quo by 2020. No single payer healthcare, no federally funded college tuition, more interventions, more corporate control of this country. The reason we're still fighting because it's them or us. If you still support Hillary, why not be Republicans?

    • Piper Tipurts
      Piper Tipurts 7 days ago

      Hilary ran as barack obama's 3rd term ("More of the same! We're already great!") and I think that had a huge hand in why people didn't get out to vote.

  • Ant
    Ant 9 days ago


  • Dan Harris
    Dan Harris 9 days ago

    The hard truth is that the very moment in your mind that you think in terms of Republican and Democrat, is the moment that the machine owns you.

  • Ryan McA'Nulty
    Ryan McA'Nulty 9 days ago

    Bernie could have won the primary if progressives had included issues such as race and LGBTQ rights more. Bernie didn't run a perfect campaign, and the progressive base didn't represent themselves well enough, so we should learn from our mistakes and become even stronger

    • Ryan McA'Nulty
      Ryan McA'Nulty 9 days ago

      Robert Jesson yes, that too, but just like Clinton can't blame her loss entirely on Russia, we can't blame our loss entirely on the establishment

    • Robert Jesson
      Robert Jesson 9 days ago

      Wrong Ryan. Bernie would of won the nomination if Hillary's staff wouldn't of stole it from him. Can you say 720 superdelaegates. How can people be part of a party that has 720 superdelegates? You people will NEVER vote in the person you want with 720 superdelegates, end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J Mc
    J Mc 9 days ago

    You act like the DEMS aren't deliberately sabotaging progressive policies. The entire purpose of the Democratic Party is to coopt and crush progressive movements - on behalf of the DEMS' corporate sponsors.
    Only gullible people believe that the DEMS have accidentally been doing this for at least 40 years.

    • Chris Hakala
      Chris Hakala 7 days ago

      +MrShivshank It's really not the middle.
      Corporate Democrats are to the right of the majority of the population on economic policy. That is the main reason why they keep losing support and losing seats.

    • thibor firenz
      thibor firenz 7 days ago

      yes Clinton is a corporatist
      and for me, clinton was not the lesser evil but even if she had been I wouldn't have supported her as I will not support evil.

      ppl forget that the Germans were offered a choice of 2 evils in the early 30s!
      fascism or Communism!
      the Germans saw fascism as the lesser evil!

      the lesser evil bullshit is just a path to power for psychopaths!

    • MrShivshank
      MrShivshank 7 days ago

      Chris Hakala I think you'll find the left to be a lonely place if we abandon the middle. I would like to hear what people believe a "corpratist" is. was clinton a corpratist? do you believe her and trump were both equely bad?

    • Chris Hakala
      Chris Hakala 8 days ago

      +MrShivshank Well, to be blunt that is the last resort.
      Any position where the Democrats pick a conservative or a corpotatist, you might as well vote 3rd party.

    • James Rounding
      James Rounding 8 days ago

      Actually Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate. They had a 4th party in that election too (The free soil party), but the fact remains that the Republican party was a third party when it started.

  • Black Omega X
    Black Omega X 9 days ago

    They better be ready for 2018 midterm.

  • Delling Conley
    Delling Conley 9 days ago

    Really, she lost because of the populism of Trump. The ideas he espoused are popular. People liked them.

    If Bernie runs in 2020, and goes independent party, the DNC establishment Republicans (whoops) will have a wide open playing field. I will stand down on it. A sarcastic presidential write in is all the system will get from me.

    2018 looks at least a little better than 2016 considering how Trump has floundered about.

  • John Miranda
    John Miranda 9 days ago

    Money is power. Republicans have the power. As long as they have the money, they will have the power and continue to own the gov't.

  • Joseph Pace
    Joseph Pace 9 days ago

    Hey, let's primary Joe Manchin! Oh, wait, Elizabeth Warren likes him. Never mind.

  • Joshua Abell
    Joshua Abell 9 days ago

    As a progressive, I'm hoping Dems get shellacked in 2018. They need to keep losing, until their leadership can be ousted. As long as they're the party of Schumer and Pelosi, they can go to hell. The sooner, the better, so that we can get to actually opposing the right, instead of wading through all their nonsense to be completely ineffectual.

    • traydevon
      traydevon 8 days ago

      +Trip Hop Vote out Pelosi and whoever else you have a problem with, then. We don't need term limits, but if a system could be put in place to make it EASIER for voters to call special elections to potentially vote out politicians they've lost faith in and limit or require disclosing the amount of money that is being spent in those special elections, I'd be all for that, because it would make them care more about what voters think. Term limits are lazy and meant to corrupt the system even more which should be clear to you based on who champions the idea.

    • Victor Lopez
      Victor Lopez 8 days ago

      +Joshua Abell​ I forgot to add that I retired under President Obamas leadership in twelve when I myself help register almost 500 people, and not in just the general but in midterms and states also, that's something most of you youngsters fail to do then wanna complain and believe unproven propaganda against the party you're suppose to be supporting, only cowards run with their tails between their legs, coward, now look where we're at

    • Victor Lopez
      Victor Lopez 8 days ago

      +Joshua Abell You said that you hope the dems get shellacked in 18, which tells you're a fucking liar, you've supposedly voted for all those dems over the years and somehow now you want them to lose in 18, so I'm guessing in 20 you'll be a fucking libertarian you fucking coward, so when things get tough you run like a lil BITCH instead of fighting and helping to get out to vote cause and register people, I do because I love my american democracy I served three presidents under, Bush 1 The Gulf War, aka Dessert Storm Bush 2 Iraq and Afghanistan, unlike your punkass who'll surrender his life to the republicans trump and russia you coward, smh

    • Joshua Abell
      Joshua Abell 8 days ago

      Michelle, I was replying to the guy saying I'm not a Dem. I was, for quite a while. They lost me in 2016, though.

    • Trip Hop
      Trip Hop 8 days ago

      traydevon - But as the older politicians retire or die, the tea partiers advance and become the elders of the crew.
      The longer someone is in office, the more out of touch they become with the people. Our ideas as a society have progressed rather quickly, and I just don't see them "keeping up" with the wants and needs of the people. Even if it's just 10-15 years (term limit), I think we need them. I don't really hear anyone (on either side) talking about this. Look at Senator McCain at the Comey hearing. The man was so confused and nearly clueless about what was going on. He should retire. Pelosi seems pretty confused lately too. She isn't as bad as McCain, but I'm sure there's a younger, more suitable progressive that can fill her seat.

  • Johannes T
    Johannes T 9 days ago

    My dear Democrats, start with Georgia-6. Jon Ossoff has to win on Tuesday. If he will win a Red District, that would be the first Piece in the puzzle. Please, fight.Then in Autumn you have to win New Jersey back. Pil Murphy has to be the next Governor of New Jersey.I am from Austria. I can not be with you but i pray for the Democratic Party every day.My suggesstion is: If POTUS makes campaign Rallys even only six months after his Inauguration, three and a half years away from reelection day. Then, dear Democrats. Make your own rules. Start with the Primaries NOW. Determin the candidate for the Democrats NOW. It could be a Advantage.

    • h20fwler1
      h20fwler1 5 days ago

      How did the Ossoff thing work out.....Pffffft

    • Piper Tipurts
      Piper Tipurts 7 days ago

      Same. I kinda want him to win, but I also kinda want him to lose. I wanted Rob Quist and James Thompson to win, they both came so close. But Ossof recently came out and said he doesn't support single payer.

    • Don
      Don 9 days ago

      I somehow had the impression until recently that Osoff was a progressive, but it is obvious that he's a mainstream corporate Dem. I'm now pulling for him to lose this election. I don't want the corporate Dems to point to a win in this district against a terrible Republican candidate as justification for more status quo politics.

  • dalec305
    dalec305 9 days ago

    Of course they can, but the question should be will they? And that's unlikely.

  • Barbara B
    Barbara B 9 days ago

    With the recently elected DNC "leaders" it isn't likely to be fixed. They are in control and will fight the progressives. Neoliberalism will kill us.

    • Barbara B
      Barbara B 9 days ago

      I have never not voted. I voted for Ross Perot after Bill Clinton signed Nafta. I voted Obama twice, the first time with high expectations, the second time with little enthusiasm. Then I voted for Jill Stein this past election. Hillary was not an option. Her war mongering and devious money taking from the Corporations plus her sense of entitlement was too much for me to vote for. I am all about the issues that Bernie and Jill talked about. Yah, she would have been better than Trump, but I also live in a sensible, upper middle class suburban district and knew she would win here. I took advantage of that to vote for my principles. I am a very informed voter.

    • Penni Jones
      Penni Jones 9 days ago

      Barbara B ... But, one worth fighting! People have to know they aren't the only ones feeling like this! I know several people who, instead of voting for Hillary, voted for the rump! I was going to vote for Bernie but they took him out of the running. I voted for Hillary... only because I knew she wouldn't make all of these nonsensical cuts to the well being of our American people. And, I knew she wasn't in bed with our adversaries, the Russians and the Saudis. But, I'm not particularly a fan of hers either! This system needs to be fixed to represent the 99% of Americans! And, it certainly will not happen under the rump! He has already proven he doesn't care if our kids don't have enough to eat, if our sick and disabled die for lack of healthcare, if our kids have no chance for an education that enables them to get ahead, if there are no training programs to prepare people to get better jobs... if, if, if, etc, etc! But nothing will happen to make the lives of 99% of Americans better under this current guy! Or, any Republican! And, until we get a party to represent us the way we want, the Democratic party is, for now, our only hope for a better future! VOTE!

    • Barbara B
      Barbara B 9 days ago

      And be louder than. I am worried because out state "leaders" got themselves re-elected. We have a republican congressman who has to go. 4 people have stepped up to run already. We have a very strong Indivisible group who will undoubtedly go for the strongest candidate. The party may want someone else (an insider). It could be an epic battle against the party.

    • Mike Jones
      Mike Jones 9 days ago

      Barbara B Of course they will. But after the last election we know what tactics they will use. Every election is a learning experience, and bernies candidacy not only woke millions of people up to the correct policies, but we also all got to see the shady tricks the establishment uses and now we know what to watch out for

  • eddie chavez
    eddie chavez 9 days ago

    What about the Sanders people that every fucking time complain about so called corporate democrats really they are now going after Kamala Harris and they are going after Warren for not supporting Sanders those are the liberals you need to call out also

    • Argya Wanaditya
      Argya Wanaditya 8 days ago

      eddie chavez UI

    • BurnEdOutOne
      BurnEdOutOne 8 days ago

      The party representatives need to be held accountable for engaging poor strategies and blatantly ineffective tactics.

      Democrats lose elections when voter confidence is low, and it is the waffling and lip service that the 'so called corporate democrats' offer which destroys voter confidence.

      It is why Trump is in the white house. Politicians that don't analyze their game plan need to be called out on it. We need representatives to espouse integrity to stimulate voters if we expect to regain democracy.

    • Sepulcher
      Sepulcher 9 days ago

      Kamala Harris? Oh you probably mean the people criticizing her for the lawyers who work under her who allegedly argued against releasing non-violent prisoners because they could be used to help fight fires in California. At least, that's what I've been hearing about recently.

    • Don
      Don 9 days ago

      Camille, I was giving Warren the benefit of the doubt on not endorsing Bernie, but her refusal to even say why in the interview with TYT was pathetic. She said she was proud of that Democratic primary farce, and made it clear that she didn't think any Democratic incumbents, including Joe Manchin, should be primaried. She came across a a typical politician to me, and it was a huge disappointment. I no longer trust her.

    • Camille Montano
      Camille Montano 9 days ago

      +Don +Don I get it, its disappointing Warren didn't endorse Bernie but I still like her for all the things she has done such as fighting the big banks. I won't agree with everything she does but I still take into consideration the good she has done for people as well.

  • spoonikle
    spoonikle 9 days ago

    Hillbot confirmed. /s

    • spoonikle
      spoonikle 9 days ago

      Camille Montano - FYI , /s means sarcasm

    • Camille Montano
      Camille Montano 9 days ago

      Dude did you watch the video? He clearly was against the establishment Democrat party with the fact he was pointing out how unless they change they will keep losing and he supported Bernie.

  • John Benson
    John Benson 9 days ago

    There are movements out there that are organizing to run progressive candidates in 2018, specifically the Justice Democrats and the Brand New Congress. They are organized and focused on transforming the Congress.

    • thibor firenz
      thibor firenz 7 days ago

      justice dem's need to be building up a money chest because they really need to make a good impact in 18 if we got any chance of winning in 20
      if the JC cant make a big splash in 18 then they have no hopes of taking over in 20 they just wont have the momentum.
      as for the corp dems, they would rather take 1st class seats on the Titanic than win with a progressive or people's candidate!

    • Mike Jones
      Mike Jones 9 days ago

      Fresno Bob keep talking to as many people as possible. volunteer for campaigns or run yourself. share links for justice dems or whatever method you think is best going forward. get involved and get as many other like minded people involved as you can. what state do you live in?

    • Fresno Bob
      Fresno Bob 9 days ago

      I hear you on so many levels, so what to do? Its got to be in the message. We are trying, but there are not enough people casting their voice.

    • Camille Montano
      Camille Montano 9 days ago

      +Ameri Wryter We still have nearly half a year but yeah that is a concern that they won't get enough people in time

    • Ameri Wryter
      Ameri Wryter 9 days ago

      John Benson I've heard of them but I worry they won't be able to accomplish enough in time

  • OrionPax09
    OrionPax09 9 days ago

    I hope so. Because the GOP is an entity that is corrupt to its core and would gladly destroy this entire country in order to feed their insatiable, unending hunger for more wealth, more power, more pleasure. Completely without heed for the damage they are doing to this country, both in terms of the land, its flora and fauna, and the people. And the DNC is going to need to form a unified front in order to push back at this insidious engine of endless parasitism.

    • Penni Jones
      Penni Jones 9 days ago

      OrionPax09 ... So good to hear your statement! I agree wholeheartedly!

    • Robert Jesson
      Robert Jesson 9 days ago

      No your not Bun, actually your spot on.

    • Bun
      Bun 9 days ago

      DNC needs to rename themselves the 'Communist People's Front' and actually fight for the proletariat against the bourgeoisie.

      Or am I getting ahead of myself?

  • juant kickus
    juant kickus 9 days ago

    democrats is time to stand for someting

  • pittkendoka
    pittkendoka 9 days ago

    I hate this country so much I don't even care if Ir just blows it the fuck up. fuck America fuck ck Americans you're all a bunch of idiots fucktrump and fuck you this country sucks. I hate you all and I hate this country

    • Penni Jones
      Penni Jones 9 days ago

      Christopher Elmore ... Oh, I love how you said that! Thank you! I agree, if you don't like the way things are going in our country... work on changing it for the better! And, if that isn't good enough for you, then leave! I love my country! Is it perfect? No! Nothing is perfect for everyone! Can it be better? OMG YES! So get off your asses and vote! That is the biggest way we can begin to make a difference! If we all get out there and vote in 2018 and vote out those big money congress people and senators, both Republicans and Democrats! Then get the rump out of office! Then move on to make positive changes in this country FOR THE PEOPLE... the 99%!

    • Christopher Elmore
      Christopher Elmore 9 days ago

      pittkendoka , if you don't have a solution to the problem yourself then why don't you just leave. I may not like the way things are going either but I love this country and even if the process is a pain in the ass, and it is, it is ours and I among many others stand by it. So you may have a right to your opinions but remember that is what matters in the US. Can't stand Trump, then vote his ass out of office. Do what is required instead of speaking that negative garbage.

  • Entropyms 001
    Entropyms 001 9 days ago

    In a word. No.

  • Dave Miller
    Dave Miller 9 days ago

    Youre likely going nowhere. You have a Killary fan as DNC chairman and their attorney has already arrogantly stated they will nominate whoever they please whether YOU like them or not. Not to mention the Republican base is now energized and pissed off because the Bernie loving whacktard tried to off a few Republican senators. If they keep that fury going, you are DOOMED. Your sycophants in the media wont be able to help you.

  • vasp99
    vasp99 9 days ago

    Hillary WOULD have won had the Russian lie loving Bernie scum not rabidly attacked her and voted Third Party . That's a fact . Numbers don't lie . Smug lazy imbeciles who worship the empty promises that Bernie pimps gleefully swallowed the Russian lies . THAT is what the fuck happened and YOU need to address that . Bernie is a fucking parasite who needs to do his job as Senator instead of endorsing loosing candidates in the Democratic party's races . Bernie is NOT one of us .

    • Specific Nerpo
      Specific Nerpo 9 days ago

      Stop dividing the party please. That's what made us lose in 2016 and might make us lose in 2018.

    • vasp99
      vasp99 9 days ago

      You fucking vermin are beyond any hope . Fuck you . Fuck your lies you lazy smug simpleton .

    • Marcus
      Marcus 9 days ago

      And this whole "Russia Hacking" is about Russia "influencing" and "scaring" voters by exposing Hellary for who she is...if any thing, it has helped...even though we got stuck with Trump, but we would have lost either way

    • Mike Jones
      Mike Jones 9 days ago

      vasp99 Yes, rabidly attacked Hillary with her own words and voting record. Iraq war. Patriot act. Email servers compromising the highest level of classified information, which she has admitted to several times including during one of the presidential debates. She didn't support a single change from the status quo until Bernie started becoming so popular she had to fake left in the primary to try and save face. She has been caught on tape saying that she has a public and private policy, which means she lies to the public to make it sound like she isn't horrible. Voting record is abysmal. Issues list is uninspiring. She is very disingenuous and untrustworthy

    • Marcus
      Marcus 9 days ago

      2016 was just a bad year for presidential voting, Trump and Hellary, two crooks. I had to go third party rather than sit on my back and just take the corrupt raping...

  • Albert Roberts
    Albert Roberts 9 days ago

    God it's sad how much we need a 3rd party system. Here's hoping Bernie's still alive by then

    • vasp99
      vasp99 8 days ago

      Hey imbecile , the parliamentary system is based on parties . You dumb mother fucker .

    • buckpasser55
      buckpasser55 8 days ago

      Dan you are right indeed. All these flunked know nothings, with their 3rd party BS, show exactly how dumb they are. They live in their little worlds of knowing ZERO about U.S. History. The Bernie supporters who voted for Jill gave themselves a LIFETIME of a right wing supreme court, and they STILL cant figure it out. And this is only the beginning of the trump term. The horrors have just begun, and the same flunkards are talking about a 3rd party. just as flunked as the tea party know nothings.

    • MrShivshank
      MrShivshank 8 days ago

      this is why we are gonna lose every election for the foreseeable future. unless some one can explain to me how you replace the Democratic party with a difrent one party without giving the republicans a super majority I would love to hear it.

    • Dan Ames
      Dan Ames 9 days ago

      Albert Roberts third parties gave the Gop all three branches of government

    • chris mclaughlin
      chris mclaughlin 9 days ago

      Albert Roberts Hahahahhaha. Democrats and republicans are overdue for their places as footnotes in a history book. Party politics is corruption in action. Hillary and Bernie both belong behind bars or in a grave.
      Dissolve the parties and introduce a parliamentary system - or have a real, old fashioned, French style revolution.
      More of the same is as repugnant as any other alternative.

  • Playster
    Playster 9 days ago

    The party will be unified if we investigate and lock up the witch

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