YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge | #YouTubeRewind

YouTube Rewind 2016. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2016. #YouTubeRewind

Spend more time with your favorite creators, videos and trends from 2016:
Watch trending videos from 2016:
See trends as they happen:
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Music by The Hood Internet
With an original remix by Major Lazer

Alex Wassabi
Bethany Mota
Bie The Ska
Casey Neistat
Connor Franta
Dude Perfect
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Gigi Gorgeous
Grace Helbig
Hannah Hart
Ingrid Nilsen
Jenn McAllister
Joey Graceffa
JoutJout Prazer
Kurt Hugo Schneider
Lilly Singh
Liza Koshy
Luisito Rey
Mamrie Hart
Marques Brownlee
Matt Steffanina
Meg DeAngelis
Meredith Foster
Nicky Jam
Porta dos Fundos
Rhett & Link
Sebastián Villalobos
Seth Meyers
The Dolan Twins
The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Slow Mo Guys
Tre Melvin
Trevor Noah
Unbox Therapy
What's Inside?
Yuka Kinoshita
& more!

YouTube Rewind 2016 produced by Portal A

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Author Грант Прайм ( ago)

Author Lim Zhen Lung ( ago)
Where is guava juice?

Author Quacklin' ( ago)
I hope SMG4 is next to come

Author Reegan Leon ( ago)
Brooklyn and Bailey & Merrell Twins in this! where's their cred?

Author Agustin Amaro ( ago)
I bet the 2017 rewind is goin to have the cash me outside how bou dat girl

Author Ava Fawver ( ago)

Author Israel Levi ( ago)
I though is saw Emma watsons

Author Regasaka ( ago)
hey you all check youtube rewind indonesia 2016 thats so intresting

Author Teddy Fleming ( ago)
next years will be about adc 2017...........

Author Mayonesa ( ago)
Damn daniel xD

Author jayla_chii ( ago)
Tape Face😂😂

Author Atreyu Bennett ( ago)
I swear if they don't have a rest in piece pupper for gabe tribute in yt rewind 2017 I will hate youtube rewind 2017

Author LOL123 ( ago)
Lilly Singh As Beyoncè

Author Ayee It's Abby ( ago)
Where's aphmau? 😂

Author Helena Bostic ( ago)
I only knew like half the youtubers in this

Author shehab al zahaby ( ago)
hold the door :D :D :D

Author Suzanna Bear ( ago)
U guys forgot to mention crankgameplays aka Ethan like tf

Author Rifat 26 ( ago)
where indonesia youtubers

Author facundo de la fuente ( ago)
Hola YouTube se podrían poner en contacto con migo porfa

Author Lps Kyrasparkle ( ago)

Author iMCGamer ( ago)
rewind 2015 is still better

Author Rubyruby rod ( ago)
Can you put the Merrell twins in a YouTube rewind

Author Amora Randle ( ago)
next year they should have YouTubers like Jake and Logan Paul ,Braille skateboarding , Anderw schrock and ryden , the pals , FgTeev , AWSMkids , DanTDM , EvanTubehd , JillianTubehd , John Hill , what's inside , and Ryan's toy reviews. plus we need trends like 1000 degree knifes , try not to get satisfied challenge , juju on that beat , Poppy , Fnaf sister location , hello neighbor , bendy and the ink machine and Roblox. plus everybody this year it should be awesome because everyone big and small got their time in the spotlight popular or not , cringey or not , because everyone will be happy because everyone has a preference on what they like or don't like watch or don't watch in including everybody avoids that all together

Author Kyatto :3 ( ago)
Who else watched cause phandom? c:

Author Caleb and Karlie ( ago)
alex wassabi was in this

Author White Ninja ( ago)
ComedyShortsGamer @ 0:49 😂😂 my monkey 🐒

Author kiimii perezz ( ago)
No vi a fernanfloo

Author Ford-Msp ( ago)
What I want to know how did they get them youtubers from different countries

Author RakunSlayer ( ago)
Jon sudano has to be the Main star un YouTube rewind 2017

Author Ali ( ago)
youtube if u are reading this comment add marzia! in 2017 rewind

Author Jair Ivan Rios Arellano ( ago)
soy polinesio

Author Bruno olivas vlogs ( ago)
soy polinesio like si tu igual

Author Reigning Crowns ( ago)
I just realized Jessiepaege was in there! GO JESSIE!

Author heyitsgrace ( ago)

Author Hermione_Carrine_ 21 ( ago)

You should have poppy at the start
So u gotta start thing creepy first
Cuz its poppy shes pretty creepy

Author Caden W. ( ago)
Next time they should add Jake Paul in.

Author I don't know ( ago)
where am I?😒
I also have 1 subscriber 😎

Author Mickey Aberrant ( ago)
waiting for the cosplay you tubers to be apart of this eventually

Author Chloe & Alysa ( ago)
That random moment when you see wengie in stage crew..

Author Randall Barreros Aguedo ( ago)
what´s the music of 4:32

Author Jaime OrJimmie ( ago)
Am I the only one kinda tipped off that David Dobrik was not in here?

Author Chica Kimchi ( ago)
creo que el Rubius deberia haber tenido mas parte en el video

Author Marc Boyd ( ago)
YouTube you kind of missed all the drama that happened and the KID FRIENDLY APPROACH YOU DID BY TREATING lots of channels in your video

Author John Laurens ( ago)
I just recognized dan, phil, felix, mark, jack, john green, liza and james corden

Was crankgameplays next to markiplier tho?

Author duyhung do ( ago)
i love youtube

Author Amy Schlick ( ago)
when u gonna do a YouTube rewind 2017?

Author Taehyung Cutie ( ago)
we're probably gonna have kpop in the next one :/

Author beebo did it ( ago)
i dunno most of these peeps

Author Kawaii Potatoe ( ago)
oml Rachel (RclBeauty101) And Tiffany (ihascupquake) should Have a collab!

Author kristina tolliver ( ago)
OMG I can't wait for 2017 rewinds I was literally SHOUTING "THATS MY GIRL!" And "YOU GO(youtubers names!)

Author Lia Maria ( ago)
soy polinesia

Author Royce Chan ( ago)
YouTube Rewind 2017: Shape of 2017?

Author Camila Vaxquex ( ago)
ovbio tenia que salir mi yuyita primero💜

Author Yemile Idalia Villalobos Guzman ( ago)
niño rata

Author Dannypolinesia 271005 xd ( ago)
alguien me explica por qué *FERNANFLOO* no salió en el Youtube Rewind 🙍😩

Author Dannypolinesia 271005 xd ( ago)
oyeme mamacita tu cuerpo y carita bien morena lo que uno nesecita mirando la chica tan bonita y pregunto por qué anda tan bonita

Author Lara Piezonka ( ago)

Author Zane Walker ( ago)
Lizza and Lizzie were in here what! And cupquake I love it!!

Author Keep Calm And Be A Unicorn ( ago)
Jake paul would had crush that

Author Irving Escamilla Cruz ( ago)
Second 50 as the song is called

Author Katy Simon ( ago)
Vanoss and Phan? Yessss

Author BRUH itz Tiffy ( ago)
This is amazing

Author Puddlez & Friends ( ago)
WHERES LELE??!!! huh!!??

Author Puddlez & Friends ( ago)
the only people i knew where.. casper. ksi. wengie. alfie . lily(superwomen).ldshadowlady.jacksepticeye.dan+phil. plus damn daniel . liza koshy

Author Peraveen Pillai ( ago)
still salty about Rice Gum not being here, smh

Author el Rincón de Martiloca ( ago)
¿cual es la cancion del minuto 0:50?
What is the song of the minute 0:50?

Author Emma Lovegood ( ago)
Polinesios salen minutp 1:31

Author Thebang ( ago)
So they have 100 layers but not simplynaillogical who made it a thing?

Author Brianna Vivian ( ago)
david dobrik and liza together in 2017 . if you agree like and reply thx :)

Author Cartoon Gurl ( ago)
Should've dedicated this to Christina Grimmie

Author Generic Fuckboi Clone ( ago)
I like how superwoman, a youtuber who is barely over 10 mil subs, has more screen time than Pewdiepie, the biggest youtuber on this website.

Author Generic Fuckboi Clone ( ago)
This video should be called 99% OF YOU WONT RECOGNIZE ANY IN THIS VIDEO 2016

Author mehkwan lightning ( ago)

Author Juliette ( ago)
Tbh I only came here for Dan and Phil ;)

Author mehkwan lightning ( ago)
tbh I only came for Dan and Phil and PewDiePie XD

Author mehkwan lightning ( ago)
when I saw Dan and Phil I was like Dan and Phil Dan and Phil Dan and Phil

Author Hollie Swoffer ( ago)
Wonder how many shots it took them to get that water bottle flip right...

Author lapizruby C.C ( ago)
como se llama la canción de la parte 1:53 dígame plis

Author Castillo neilor ( ago)

Author fs DAAS ( ago)

Author Bugzy4Life ( ago)
I literally just realized that Dan was biting his lip in the very first part.

Author ceci lia ( ago)
soy polinesia

Author Sekes MC ( ago)
Should've included the Pokemon go song kid

Author Crystal Rose ( ago)
What if they put in KPOP idols / kpop songs ????

Author skt jagernaute x1 ( ago)
let me guess youtube rewind 2017 gonna be trump in it

Author Living for Lester ( ago)
Ok ok this was the worst YouTube rewind ever but hey if Dan and Phil start it I guess it's ok

Author Fernanda Cortes ( ago)
where's tyler oakley????

Author Frog Master19 ( ago)
Where's ricegum

Author Purple Vortex ( ago)
I've never watched this (woops) but damn! u gotta watch it a couple of times, there's so much to take in! so many epic people. it's amazing how well, amazing utube is! i hope to see my fave utuber here some day

Author Rosita Paty ( ago)
like si no le entienden nada a los comentarios👍

Author Headless Gaga ( ago)
I Felt Like I Am In This Video Too

Author **LollyPop ** ( ago)
On what minute there is a Eeoneguy?

Author Forr3ster ( ago)
this is straight up so bad

Author **LollyPop ** ( ago)

Author paola ledeXD ( ago)
la parte que más me gustó fue la de Germán

Author XxR3D_CR33P3R_DZNxX ಠ_ಠ ( ago)
KD os bugs ;-;

Author Brayan contreras ( ago)
suscribre please is my fhater of organizated to youtube rewind

Author Cybron The Dank Master ( ago)
the king of random?

Author Martinita Salinas ( ago)
como se llama el reto del min 2:00

Author 6SeaJay6 Seas ( ago)
I CAN'T WAIT FOR 2017😃😃😁😄😄😁😁😆😆😆😆😆

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