Acidentes de carro - Car crash

Acidentes de carro - car crash
People, I didn't choose the soundtrack.
I do respect the drivers, they're fucking heroes.
Watch this as a tribute to these brave guys.
If the music is that annoying to you, turn the sound off.
Stop this shit about "this music is disrespectfull", you can always watch some other video instead of this.

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Author Aharon Carvalho (5 years)
MUITO LOKO!!!!!!!!

Author marlonrtt (6 years)
Impossivel o cara sair vivo dakele ultimo acidente! ^^'

Author CheaMcdermott89 (4 years)
heyguys i really feel lonely today anyone wanna chat

Author Gabriellafm (4 years)
musica nada a ver

Author palmtreelulay (4 years)
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was walking down a river, an insane man killed her by stabbing her in the
back, raping her, and then hanging her in his closet. While he hanged
her he said Bukakke Bukkake. Now that you have read this message, she will
find you and her dead body will haunt your house for 5 years. Every night
you go to sleep she will appear in your closet, hanging their with her
glowing red eyes. repost 3 times to be saved

Author Rafescow (6 years)
Que tipo de pessoa burra faz o que o cara de 1:14 fez? o.o

Author musclecarrenegade (6 years)
wipe out

Author axel permenter (6 years)
nice vid

Author MrDorthyvannoteqj (4 years)
yalooking for a guy who knows his way around a lady's body

Author redmercurygods (6 years)
that last guy is dee ee aye dee

Author thiago24sks (6 years)
se fodeu filha da puta ..!

Author petrektek ynwa (5 years)
the last accident is too brutal..

Author hanoitwin (6 years)
your right that sound track doesnt fit the video, that last crash was
horrible alot of guys died in that video, greg moore r.i.p

Author juanitopower07 (6 years)
whats the name of the song dude? its real nice... the song, not the crash

Author Antonio Joao (5 years)
na minha opiniao faltou só o video do ayrton senna

Author richailevs (3 years)
the last accident . he is dead, i'm sure

Author bikertom14 (6 years)
haha i think the soundtrack rocks

Author rockernt (5 years)
you're saying to me that the last guy didn't die?!?! that's insane...

Author Douglas Wingeter (6 years)
no 0:19s, o cara deve ter percebido como um pião se sente... :(

Author mekuades (5 years)
the last MY FUCKIN NECK!!!!!!!1

Author j00h00st (6 years)
all were standed names died, G moore, etc, Smiley and J Krosnoff...some bad
crashes are here..

Author Mike Camara (6 years)
bah. o do ultimo tav mortinho mortinho.. quebrado ao meio! um heroi é como
se chama quem morre nas pistas!

Author gustavowylde (6 years)
caraaaaaalho o ultimo veio quebrando igual um buneco velho... pqp.. cabeça
do cara veio regaçando ateh o carro parar de rolar esse aí se vc sacudisse
ele ele fazia igual um lençol balançando.. devia tah todo quebrado pqp
rock'n roll racing mesmo.... WiPE OUT!!!!

Author Saulo Mendes (6 years)
cool vid! i like the soundtrack :)

Author daniizinho1 (4 years)

Author hamaralsilva (6 years)
u regaço véi!

Author hiperfrango (6 years)
mara faca

Author Leonardo Campos (6 years)
O último foi violento!!!

Author alexaustralia2 (6 years)
porque vc sorri? qual e a graca, me fale q tbm quero rir amigo...

Author cmps200 (6 years)
holy fuckin shit where the fuck were safety standards in the last crash's

Author hevsuituser (6 years)
Foda demais!!!! hahaha mto lokoooo! ^^ uahuahuahuahuah o último foi sem
noção!!! \../,

Author DoRGueS (6 years)

Author lasml12 (6 years)
como muere el piloto en el ultimo accidente es impresionante todo el peso
del carro enla primera vuelta le rompe la columna ni lo sintio

Author Steve Copping (6 years)
The one that starts at 0.28 I believe was a fatal one

Author gustavowylde (6 years)
q isso? rock'n roll racing?

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