Madhuri first night with dhileep

Madhuri first night with dhileep

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Moon pian

Author Freeq ten ( ago)
all comments here showed your fucking mind... how dare you say ugly.. are
your father ugly? are your mother ugly? this song is better than "choli ke
peeche kya hai"
your dirty mind think that a guy without mustache is hero.. you damn people
dont know that there is no difference between man and women if the guy dont
have mustache............

Author Vanan S ( ago)
i want to marry madhuri pls give her phone no pls..i uri give ur phone
nowant to insert my penis to her pundai pls

Author Vanan S ( ago)
i like madhri pundai&malai&insert my penis to her pundai for whole life time

Author Sunil Ray ( ago)
Sukhe theko

Author sibu das ( ago)
chuda chudi

Author dhyan ponnanna ( ago)
holy shit

Author Armaan Gul ( ago)
gandu saale shitttttt

Author daksh maheshwari ( ago)
5million view for shit wtf

Author Khalid Asad ( ago)
black ass deep fuck

Author Vanan S ( ago)
I love maduri. she is very glamour to me. I want to insert my penis to
maduri pussy always. I want to drink milk from her breast always. When i
seeing this song my penis emits vindu automatically&my penis erect with
high temper.I want maduri as my wife.

Author Raj ( ago)

Author mouila ( ago)
@intergalacticpeace They're not all ugly like this lady. from North to
south they're very different.

Author Mr.Sceptic ( ago)
uploader burn in hell

Author Dhanashekar Dharman ( ago)
Waste of time bloody fuck

Author yakub lokhandwala ( ago)
wt a shit

Author S 5 r T N r N 3 S 6 T w 6 T 5 v ( ago)

Author Sivathangavel Guhan (1052 years ago)
shit i thought it was some mathuri dixit video..and opened this shit

Author jattbobby ( ago)
it was all fun until he get to see the jungle ....ewwwwwwww

Author deejay D ( ago)
What the fuck.

Author peace on earth ( ago)
How do Indian men get turned on be their women? I am VERY curious...

Author Shion021 ( ago)
This is the funniest scene i´ve ever seen!!! XD

Author Destroyed ( ago)
WTF!!!! EWWWW did u see the way she was tappin her foot against his? OH MY
DAYZZZZ this was sooo grusome.... I dnt think i will eva gt 2 sleep again!

Author ijalabonline ( ago)

Author londonspassion ( ago)
what the fuck ? now i hate sex after watching this jargon

Author shahzad0091 ( ago)

Author Skizzles JeShizzles ( ago)
ugly bitch

Author istiakhye3 ( ago)
fucking bullshit..............

Author lynda dwyer ( ago)
sick ooooohhhhh

Author kabooterjajaja ( ago)
wtf when i saw MADHURI i thought it was madhrui dixit but it turn out to be
aloo shop lol .........wat a fag song and lol hahahha bakwas if he looks
better thne shahrukh u need new pair of lens mate
lol.................fuckin crap yuk!!!

Author Abidal Joni ( ago)
Hahaha , This shit is fuckin turnin off

Author Rosey Karl ( ago)
loool Nasty. I bet the room Room smells like Daal and fart lool

Author starcharm ( ago)

Author Mizbonita08 ( ago)
lol i dunno ...but they always do stuff like that in bollywood films

Author Mizbonita08 ( ago)

Author anraduu ( ago)
sema naatukkattai...

Author RaniKhasmiri ( ago)
hahahahaha wtf is this HAHA... listen too the song haha

thevidys punda kuthi lavada pool umbi wat a
fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkknnngggggggggggggggggg video

Author india200 (177 years ago)
hahahaahah......i fall from my chair .......lolz

Author gulsheeba ( ago)
lol..why is she changing sarees during her wedding night..

Author 9820532040 ( ago)
mahuris cunt must be better thn this ugly fat damn pair? whoi is this
fuckinh hero ? lokin lik an ugly muchaddddddddddddd .post karne walee ki
gaand main bambooooooo

Author snivk ( ago)
not her cunt mate....thats more beautiful than anyone else
evev watch her toe nail instead of this ugly piece of shit....madhuri dixit
is a goddess ...

Author lollinonnonea ( ago)

Author BhojpuriChannel ( ago)
ugly is the word for this vidoe.. sara nood kharab kar diya

Author Rizwan Ahmed Khatri ( ago)

Author Pravin Patil (1007 years ago)
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.............!!! LOLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Author surjeet sharma ( ago)

Author nitin yadav ( ago)
highly stupid the jalebi i will never eat again i wonder how she became the
actress any producer wouldnt take her even she offers 4 free yucks

Author monkofthedragon1 ( ago)
what a ugly like fish sula dai sula dai tau soo jaa

Author prikumi (249 years ago)
that lady is ugly like a nightmare

Author fedupwithitall1 ( ago)
but but

Author asarda007 ( ago)
I was mostly shocked.. still am. I don't think I'll eat a Jalebi anytime

Author Karthick Sekar ( ago)
I lost my mood watching this video this is torture man hahahaha LOL

Author bkth00 ( ago)
this sexy

Author blitz ( ago)
Those old ass indian movies are embarrassments to india fucking overacting
no fucking plot no shit each one is identical to the other. To much
backround music corny ass songs every few minutes that don't make sense.
Who the hell would dance in the middle of the street synchronized with
backup people in real life? Its all about some niggas love life and how he
wants to bone some indian pussy and doesnt want to say it so he say he
"loves her" and whatever the fuck they could come up with FUCK!!!!

Author Snezana K ( ago)

Author TracyInsomiac ( ago)
This is a great song...I have no idea what the lyrics are.

Author Aman Dayani (763 years ago)
wah janab wah. madhuri ji ki kya baat hai janab. she looks zabardast in red
sari.her acting talent is great and she is one of the best actress of
indian film industry.thanks janab for posting this zabardast video, this is
aman dayani from toronto canada.

Author canonshield ( ago)
enthu kunnayada ithu........... ithenna 2 rupakku oppicha vediyano

Author Negin ( ago)
aahahahahahhaahhahhahahaaha wtf??

Author Karthick Sekar ( ago)
otha lavade kabbal evan da indha videova u tubela upload pannavan otha
first nite reaction vera enna koduma sir idhu andha visu badu adikanum idhu
ellam oru munju nu heroine potirukan paru

Author anradu ( ago)

Author ddantte ( ago)
can somebody give me bucket?!! i gotta puke

Author usmanbashad ( ago)
Jest for you D............

Author Sushant Sahu ( ago)

Author fraz waraich ( ago)
Who the fuck likes this ? I saw it 6 seconds and have spent 30 seconds to
type that "this sucks" !!! fuck

Author Bharat Silverware ( ago)
remove this shit

Author mysterycloud85 ( ago)
uugggghhhhh.....wat is this?????

Author Roben Soos ( ago)

Author ಜಗತ್ ಕಿಲಾಡಿ: Jagath khiladi ( ago)
ugly faced idot

Author mimiazimi ( ago)
its a bad, but nice

Author creativate ( ago)
viewers only see here because her name as myself

Author Shine Roy ( ago)
what a funny song,horror actress and useless actor.

Author Sri Vil ( ago)
good love making scene !!! :))

Author Ali Ali ( ago)

Author yeosjgk ( ago)
stupid, but old.

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