Seungjae, the morning angel of Jeju can't get enough of animals! [The Return of Superman/2017.05.07]

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  • Almaidah Ampa Mike

    what is the name of his father??

  • Jin
    Jin 4 days ago

    I love the editors lmAo

  • Hey you
    Hey you 6 days ago

    look at how jiyong treat the ladys. omg he so gentlement

  • Hey you
    Hey you 6 days ago

    seungjae loves animals its remind me of haru.

  • Ann Yeong YGstan
    Ann Yeong YGstan 8 days ago

    When a cute kid says "ah kiyowo". so cute!

  • Chloe Dee
    Chloe Dee 8 days ago

    when you can't find new episode's of seungjae so you end up rewatching it. right after haru and tablo left- seungjae is the only reason why I'm watching this show.

  • Disya Nabila
    Disya Nabila 10 days ago

    And now i want to be the halmeonis 😭

  • jamie is now
    jamie is now 10 days ago


  • Carina Wong
    Carina Wong 10 days ago

    seungjae is such a cutie pie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ his a handsome kid too, his looks definitely take aft his dad 😍😍 (and his mom😂)

  • Heidi Reyes
    Heidi Reyes 11 days ago

    really i want a kid like him

  • Lachkhem Fatma
    Lachkhem Fatma 12 days ago

    guys can someone help me please... i am confused about seungjae's age bcz people said he's 28 months and when elders ask him about his age he answers 4 years?? like how's that

    • Lachkhem Fatma
      Lachkhem Fatma 11 days ago

      thank you for explaining

    • sunstarxx
      sunstarxx 11 days ago

      Lachkhem Fatma There's a difference between Korean age and international age. Korean age: when you're born, you're 1 year old and when the next year begins one year is added. So someone born on December 31st will be 2 years old after 1 day.
      Seungjae's Korean age is 4, internationally he is 2 years old.

  • Anna Yang
    Anna Yang 13 days ago


  • Anna Yang
    Anna Yang 13 days ago

    Horses like apples,hay and carrots

  • Hakyeonie Ace
    Hakyeonie Ace 18 days ago

    "I'm not a good swimmer, but I know enough not to drown" lol 😂 why is he me

  • Nathi C
    Nathi C 20 days ago

    I love how Seungjae talks to everything like it is a person.

  • Nikki Thomas
    Nikki Thomas 20 days ago

    Little mermaid music 🐠🐙

  • Viv Hello
    Viv Hello 22 days ago

    Grandma: you pooped. Good job, Seungjae
    Seungjae: THANK YOU!
    im dying rn XD

  • citra dewi
    citra dewi 23 days ago

    don't grow sungjae ya.....

  • rthsayu
    rthsayu 29 days ago

    Everytime I watch Seungjae I feel like my life would be complete should in the future I had a son just like him. When the triplets left the show they did taking with them a huge piece of everybody's heart, mine got full again with Seungjae. They're nothing alike and can't be compared as we love them as different children with different charms, but Seungjae got me that feeling when your heart kind of aches out of happiness all over again.

  • Rald Shenda Carreon
    Rald Shenda Carreon 1 month ago

    The grandmas are so sweet! My heart will forever be soft for them ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ella Garboso
    Ella Garboso 1 month ago

    This video reminds me of Lee Haru and Tablo's interaction.. They both love animals and talk with them like they talk to their friends..

  • Anikamiho Mariano
    Anikamiho Mariano 1 month ago

    he really looks like vixx little Ken 😍

  • Just_be
    Just_be 1 month ago

    the trunk driver actually looked like an actor but I can't remember his name

  • kitty sassy
    kitty sassy 1 month ago

    line should make stickers for seungjae 😍

  • BTS 1
    BTS 1 1 month ago


  • Sandra Janes
    Sandra Janes 1 month ago

    where is his mother? jiyong's wife?

  • jaehwan psychopath laugh is my new jam


  • haziqahhalim
    haziqahhalim 1 month ago

    That little mermaid background music though 😂😂 I love Seungjae and Jiyong so much! Such a cute/funny duo ❤️

  • Ayesha
    Ayesha 1 month ago

    omg the edit of flying fish is amazing, kbs ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Riya Verma
    Riya Verma 1 month ago

    I really want to see sungjae meet the rest of sechkies

  • Aironne Hong
    Aironne Hong 1 month ago

    i hope seungjae meets the twins and other kids in ROS 💕

  • molla jhdjsaf molla
    molla jhdjsaf molla 1 month ago

    "It's the flying fish!" HAHAHAHHA XD. I really admire the editors of this show. This is Gold!

  • claycrush
    claycrush 1 month ago

    Jiyong is so handsome... whyyy 😭❤

  • Thevilone sfr
    Thevilone sfr 1 month ago

    Everything this kid does, I love it!

  • Min KyungHoon
    Min KyungHoon 1 month ago

    can't imagen that jiyoung used to be a part of an idol sechskies

  • Elizabeth Dacara
    Elizabeth Dacara 1 month ago

    seungjae always considered animals are talking cutie~~ 😍

    ^lovelots from Philippines

  • Barrunita Pintari
    Barrunita Pintari 1 month ago

    he is too cute to be true😍😍😣

  • jaeyeon im
    jaeyeon im 1 month ago

    i died at the comparison of seungjae's dad and flying fish- the editors must have had lots of fun with that ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 넘 웃곀 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • katsy
    katsy 1 month ago


  • ʝenny
    ʝenny 1 month ago

    from flying fish to merman 😂

  • Loke Kah Chung
    Loke Kah Chung 1 month ago

    he have a good manners to elder

  • twilightanimefan
    twilightanimefan 1 month ago

    Ko Jiyong= the flying fish idol

  • channelrandom7
    channelrandom7 1 month ago

    i love this family so much they brought back my sunday happiness after the triplets left ><

  • Kaany Crazylike
    Kaany Crazylike 1 month ago

    Sungjae is 3 years old now (international age) isn't he?

    • Viel Andie
      Viel Andie 1 month ago

      Kaany Crazylike Sungjae is actually 2 years old (international age) since his birthday will be in October.

  • Kaany Crazylike
    Kaany Crazylike 1 month ago

    I want Sungjae and Daebak playing together !! 😳😁pls let them meet another! !

  • DEV
    DEV 1 month ago

    we have more wrinkles when we growing old, seungjae appa just more handsome. envy.

  • beatimind cho
    beatimind cho 1 month ago

    Seungjae is so so cute!

  • Konbang xxx
    Konbang xxx 1 month ago

    Seungjae loves animals. lol

  • made das
    made das 1 month ago

    this reminds me to Haru

  • Its AngelLumanlan
    Its AngelLumanlan 1 month ago

    Bts v and seungjae

  • Mino Is Bae
    Mino Is Bae 1 month ago

    sungjae is such an angel he always talks to everyone even calls the vj uncle

  • Putri Rahmadani
    Putri Rahmadani 1 month ago


  • Balqissuraya96
    Balqissuraya96 1 month ago

    wow i never see an electric car before 😱

  • ria rizki
    ria rizki 1 month ago

    Omo sub indo...daebak

  • Mica Cruz
    Mica Cruz 1 month ago

    The edit of the flying fish 😂😂😂

    SYAZU ONE 1 month ago

    I go to kindergarten..haha

    SYAZU ONE 1 month ago

    I go to kindergarten..haha

  • Rein Cadavillo
    Rein Cadavillo 1 month ago

    Godbless this wonderful kid🙏🏻 I wish to have a son like him!!😂😍

  • lukiteswari dyah tri hapsari

    this video has a indonesian subtittle waa

  • xxmirxx 9091
    xxmirxx 9091 1 month ago

    I wish Sungjae will stay this way even when he grow up T.T (suddenly remember the vid of a girl crying because she doesn't want her baby brother to grow up while the baby just laughing haha)

  • xxmirxx 9091
    xxmirxx 9091 1 month ago

    I wish Sungjae will stay this way even when he grow up T.T (suddenly remember the vid of a girl crying because she doesn't want her baby brother to grow up while the baby just laughing haha)

  • Anita Rana
    Anita Rana 1 month ago

    he is jus tooo cute..soo smart..i watch this show only for him!!! irresistably charming 😍😙😍😙😍😙😍😙😍😙 i want a kid like him!

  • sehunxings
    sehunxings 1 month ago

    The editors of this show are hilarious that flying fish bit was hilarious

  • Catzelle lu
    Catzelle lu 1 month ago

    is it just me or the two grandma's were also the one's who met the twins from the past episode?? and i saw a pic last time saying that the twins and seugjae already met, and in that picture jiyong's denim jacket is somewhat alike what he is wearing here??? and also the twins is in jeju I hope that it can be on the next episode

  • oh21farah
    oh21farah 1 month ago

    wow can't help but to notice the cameraman that dived into the sea to follow jiyong is cool too like having to swim and film, eventhough it's his job but still

  • Azel Gallardo
    Azel Gallardo 1 month ago

    The flying fish editing of Jiyong had me dying hahaha

  • AshRiver146
    AshRiver146 1 month ago

    Awwwwww. why... cute

  • Larissa Reyes
    Larissa Reyes 1 month ago

    he is too cute 😩 he always melts my heart

    s/n: aren't these the Jeju Mermaids?

  • Son Elizabeth
    Son Elizabeth 1 month ago

    Seungjae is so cuuuteeee 😍😍😍 I'm his new fan 😄😄 I'm sure like I love watch him Taehyung will love this too

    • Son Elizabeth
      Son Elizabeth 1 month ago

      ALL ABOUT K-POP yeah! 😆😆 that would be awesome

      ALL ABOUT K-POP 1 month ago

      omg i wish taehyung would visit him with jungkook <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Nerdy Ella
    Nerdy Ella 1 month ago

    "I go to kindergarten"

    A kid just challenged a horse for a senior status.

    • ERL
      ERL 1 month ago

      Nerdy Ella I love how all things are equal and worthy of his greeting.

    • Nerdy Ella
      Nerdy Ella 1 month ago

      nonalovekosengjae Ko ikr, that's why i love him even more

    • nonalovekosengjae Ko
      nonalovekosengjae Ko 1 month ago

      @nerdyella he alwasy like that to All thing's not only human and animal's even Manequin he think just like Him.

    • Nerdy Ella
      Nerdy Ella 1 month ago


      "I'LL FEED YOU"


    • Mr. Annoying
      Mr. Annoying 1 month ago

      Nerdy Ella the horse be like "how dare this kid speak informal with me" hhahahahaha

  • Kavya
    Kavya 1 month ago

    LMAO the video editors must have had so much fun editing this section, especially Jiyong's flying fish moment. I love it

    • wan s. maryam
      wan s. maryam 1 month ago

      Kavya the editor must be really close to seungjaeappa😂😂😂

  • Youtu be
    Youtu be 1 month ago

    Ilove you baby. 😍😍😍

  • Iya Park
    Iya Park 1 month ago

    Jiyong appa really loves Seungjae~ 💞

  • yif yoonseok
    yif yoonseok 1 month ago

    "He says he's a horse" .....😂 so cute how he started talking to it

  • Amandarinav Gaming
    Amandarinav Gaming 1 month ago


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