Funny Virtual Reality Reactions Compilation

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Do you like Virtual Reality Videos? Check out this Funny Virtual Reality Reactions Compilation.

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Author ture znipp ( ago)
5:12 Let me guess. He was watching a FNaF video? Only children get scared of FNaF.

Author QB Ak ( ago)

Author vivian 811208 ( ago)

Author young savage ( ago)
This is trash

Author pumpuppthevolume ( ago)
thug life

Author pumpuppthevolume ( ago)
fucking psvr

Author cheezits eat rich ( ago)

Author Rohnny rockstar ( ago)

Author Joe Velazquez ( ago)
I don't understand why these people just take the headset of

Author Matsimus Gaming ( ago)
I'm now deaf.

Author S.M- 42 ( ago)
the GIRL with the black shirt and blue jeans sitting in the chair was the best one...SHE just went nuts lol...

Author morti271 ( ago)
How about just closing your eyes if you lose it?

Author Dj AmX ( ago)
fast alles fake bis auf die mit den guten brillen aber mit der handy halterung lächerlich

Author Whiting1289 ( ago)
A lot of these are just overreactions because they know they are on camera.

Author john tucker ( ago)
Fake and dumb ass idiots

Author tripsterr18 ( ago)
These ppl are stupid and dramatic. YOU KNOW THAT ITS FAKE

Author Filip Maksimovic ( ago)

Author ALYCIA MUA ( ago)
Small children should not be using the vr headset, it damages their eyes at a young age

Author The Gaming Beard of Badassness ( ago)
VR isn't for weak minded people that's for sure.

Author Sir meow a Lot ( ago)

Author Sir meow a Lot ( ago)
meow meow meow :3

Author Sir meow a Lot ( ago)

Author Sir meow a Lot ( ago)
and Wtf Is THAT

Author Sir meow a Lot ( ago)
not Funny licking F**K

Author SHADOWxWOLF ( ago)
vr isnt that terrifying.

Author Epic Fanix ( ago)
3:20 Fuck logics 😂😂😂😂

Author DRFilmCo ( ago)
these people like attention.

Author c_m_g ( ago)
RIP Oculus headset at 2:11

Author Christian Cool ( ago)
"What are those" lol

Author GAMER GOD ( ago)
im get vr

Author GAMER GOD ( ago)
dude at 5 .49 said i dont want to fight lol

Author Spyrotechnics ( ago)
VR: Simulated Schitzophenia

Author TrigsGaming ( ago)
did these fucks take on meth before going for it? freaking hilarious lol

Author ShilohTheInnocentFox ( ago)
4:25 is my favorite! XD

Author Cameron Christie Plays ( ago)
That third one is SOOOO fake....

Author Juan Perez ( ago)
Everyone has PSVR

Author Tony Chopper ( ago)
I'm still waiting for the NerveGear from Sword Art Online.

Author PaulinoDyba ( ago)
drugs make this effect.......

Author Peter Brinch Brinch ( ago)

Author mani man ( ago)

Author The Golden Zombie ( ago)

Author Illmalik ( ago)

Author LJ Prince ( ago)
"I wasn't ready" lmao..

Author Tylan Bailey ( ago)
Jeez just people screaming wats. So funny?!?!

Author tammy brown ( ago)
....*it seems like a LSD trip*

Author Belle Tiquio ( ago)
yea your r7ght

Author Steven Balkam ( ago)
2:17 i cant!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Author xUnique Lyfe ( ago)
Im glad to see everyone happy (;



Author ISharonSuck ( ago)
there scared as fuck lol

Author Briar Nelson ( ago)

Author Sandra Needham ( ago)
there pu$$y's😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Author Space Kitty animates ( ago)
rollercoster vr seems cool, wish i had vr ;-;

Author Zico Tessema ( ago)
5:12 please dont let the kids play this scary games. its 13+ age

Author E Kara ( ago)
All I see are stupid people and ''gak, gak, gak'', like chicken.

Author Graydon Hilyard ( ago)
Cthd laugh at

Author Mahdi Hashemi ( ago)
2:30 👍😂😅

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
Anyone call for some bleach

Author Gerald Cruz ( ago)

Author Blake Bowman ( ago)

Author TheAmazingMrMcFlyy ( ago)
These people fakin the fonk, but that first one was funny . PSVR is that good shit

Author Hassan Abdulla ( ago)
hey i tried THE SHARK ps vr demo and it was not even scary WHAT im 14 and the woman was big JEEZ

Author FATIHKAN YÜRÜK ( ago)

Author FATIHKAN YÜRÜK ( ago)

Author Aieser Lopez ( ago)
I agree with you Kira. Fucking retards.

Author MissWitch2310 ( ago)
These people who overreact are either faking it or fucking dumb.

Author A J ( ago)

Author Beary the Bear ( ago)

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