5 survival myths that could get you killed

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  • Freedom Warrior
    Freedom Warrior 4 hours ago

    Another myth is that you should drink your urine.

  • Aym Blue
    Aym Blue 15 hours ago

    Lesson: just say home

    Moments Later: Watched a video about how dangerous your house can be


  • pugclips
    pugclips 1 day ago

    What to do if a bear charges at you:

    Real practice:
    CYK-AA BLY... *ded*

  • IxI Oryx IxI
    IxI Oryx IxI 3 days ago

    "instead, stab and claw at its eyes and gills"

  • owen reed
    owen reed 3 days ago

    I think I die from a heart attack before any of these things would kill me.

  • Brooky
    Brooky 4 days ago

    Myths 1 and 2 are not believed by practically anybody. If basically nobody believes them, are they myths? The definition of 'myth' requires that it is a widely held belief, so no.

    Myth 3 is not believed by many people either. It's widely acknowledged that you should seek water and shelter before anything else. So, again, not a myth.

    I've never heard of myth 4 and don't know why anybody would believe it.

    Myth 5 is again not a "widely held belief." Most people know that the gills and eyes are the best spots to target.

    This video helped zero people learn anything.

  • Rave Dropz
    Rave Dropz 5 days ago

    I love it how nearly all of these are wrong?😂

  • Ramen Critic
    Ramen Critic 5 days ago

    lol, see what happens in the first 3 seconds you try to outrun a frickin bear

  • Paul Osc
    Paul Osc 5 days ago

    I have found that when I am getting attacked by Great Whites a trusty Chinese Burn gets me out of almost any situation.

  • Batflip 09
    Batflip 09 5 days ago

    Sooo, can I still do those after I Died. Lol

  • KMMS
    KMMS 6 days ago

    worst surviving guide

  • money mckenzie
    money mckenzie 7 days ago

    Best survival tip:

    Just avoid these heathens

  • Citrus Apple
    Citrus Apple 7 days ago

    im coyote peterson, and im about to enter the strike zone of the ak-47
    gets shot in head and lungs
    mark: are you ok?

  • teenngamer idiot
    teenngamer idiot 8 days ago

    in the water what about you got in the water and shoots the shark

  • King in the north
    King in the north 9 days ago

    What if a grizzly and a black bear attack at the same time

  • RisetheXtreme
    RisetheXtreme 9 days ago

    Bruh, you can't put run a bear...

  • 8-Bit Knight
    8-Bit Knight 9 days ago

    General rule of thumb when facing up against bears and unarmed.
    If it's brown, play dead. If it's black, fight back. If it's white, you're dead.

    And NEVER LOOK A BEAR IN THE EYE! They will see you as a threat if you do and will use all their power to kill you.
    If a bear is trying it's hardest to do so. You have no chance.

  • How to Science
    How to Science 9 days ago

    The bear one is a good technique I had a class about bears and that was one of them

  • Minimeishungry
    Minimeishungry 10 days ago

    That dude just has the best life doesn't he

  • Darian Singh
    Darian Singh 10 days ago

    Monsters inc. music in the background

  • Nadaa Zahra
    Nadaa Zahra 10 days ago

    nope, I'm not going outside

  • dorito Chip
    dorito Chip 10 days ago

    Sharks are like my only friends .-.

  • Cattylover
    Cattylover 11 days ago

    myth1. instead tie a rope at a bit higher than venom

  • Orion G
    Orion G 11 days ago

    What if your food supply contains watersuck as juce, coconut milk(the green unripen ones), and moist food

  • Gaming with Gg N' More!

    *The poisonous venom goes...*

    Me : Up your butt and around the corner.

  • Cringeartist
    Cringeartist 12 days ago

    Good thing there no bears in Texas where I live only mountain lions and bobcats

  • wan si chen
    wan si chen 12 days ago

    well usually venom are not poison ,but i doubt you can suck it out though

  • Bɪɢ Sᴍᴏᴋᴇ
    Bɪɢ Sᴍᴏᴋᴇ 12 days ago

    Just don't pretend to be Bear Grylls. You can find a real bear when you do so.

  • Lu Reh
    Lu Reh 13 days ago

    the shark got rekt

  • Better526
    Better526 13 days ago

    Yeah, good luck outrunning a bear.

  • HearMeRawl
    HearMeRawl 14 days ago

    Well, running away from a bear (or any predator) will certainly get you killed.

  • boomoperator90
    boomoperator90 14 days ago

    If its brown, lay down. If its black fight back. If its white, good night.

  • hotcoldman777
    hotcoldman777 14 days ago

    Well if a black bear charges, ready your double-barreled Shotgun.

  • Charvel S
    Charvel S 14 days ago

    What kind of music is this?

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 14 days ago

    but when you are living in a desert. this shit just ain't useful

  • Daniel Viken
    Daniel Viken 15 days ago

    "If a blackbear charges, try to run or FIGHT BACK" yeah, wrestling a blackbear doesnt seem that hard....

  • isaac duran
    isaac duran 15 days ago

    What if I encounter a mad plankton trying to steal my secret formula

  • Just Jearvin
    Just Jearvin 15 days ago

    fuck it I'll just die

  • Bibliothekaresse
    Bibliothekaresse 16 days ago

    Venom is not poisonous, that's why it's called venom instead of poison. Please do suck the venom out

  • OmegaDark 22
    OmegaDark 22 17 days ago

    That food one just seems made up, since what I've always hard is to always find water first.

    PIRATE KING0948 18 days ago

    2 real??

  • Raj Patel
    Raj Patel 19 days ago

    Venom and poison are two different things. A venomous snake will inject venom not poison. If you ingest venom, then your stomach acid would neutralize the venom. If your bit by a poisonous snake then you're in trouble either way.

  • Bilal Khan
    Bilal Khan 21 day ago

    I wonder if a dirt circle would actually keep out a sea bear though...

  • EeroyeTheCamerupt
    EeroyeTheCamerupt 22 days ago

    1:09 But there are brown black bears. How do you know which is which?

  • Mega Candid
    Mega Candid 22 days ago

    They called snake venom poison.... no just no. They are completely different, you can actually consume venom and be just fine. Also if your own saliva gives you an infection then you probably don't belong outside.

  • Hard Man
    Hard Man 23 days ago

    When a bear charges at me I twat the cunt

  • Kevin Shull
    Kevin Shull 23 days ago

    NEVER RUN FROM ANY BEARS you will be dead

    Even Usain Bolt can't escape from the SLOWEST bears.

  • Derrick Alimus
    Derrick Alimus 24 days ago

    the black bear is terrifying

  • ShadyShadow
    ShadyShadow 26 days ago

    2:21 what if you bite your nails.... do I just pray for mercy?

  • Uchiha Avenger
    Uchiha Avenger 26 days ago

    why would you even go outside?

  • CottonCandySheep
    CottonCandySheep 27 days ago

    This is why i never leave my room

  • Bradley Butler
    Bradley Butler 27 days ago

    Are you freaking dumb? No way in hell are you running from a black bear! Bolt can't even. Black bears you stand tall and face up. If it charges and isn't slowing down, you DO get into the feetle position.

  • God Emperor Trump
    God Emperor Trump 27 days ago

    When bears attack, use a fucking GUN nigga.

  • Lizzie Tsai
    Lizzie Tsai 28 days ago

    that brown bear at 1:06 is so cute

  • Dylan peel
    Dylan peel 28 days ago

    "a healthy person survives without food for 6 weeks" nope. just nope. in survival its the rule of 3s. 3 mins without air 3 hours without shelter 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. 6 weeks is a unreasonable amount of time and even 1 week without food can send you into a coma like state of exhaustion and unconsiousness

  • EnchantedCutie
    EnchantedCutie 28 days ago

    What if the bear is a scavenging bear

  • max 23
    max 23 29 days ago

    1:31 6 day not 6 WEEK

  • [ Hexalogic ]
    [ Hexalogic ] 29 days ago

    if a black bear charges all u need to do is show ur nudes srsly try it
    if the black bear DINT fall from the nudes show Donald trump pics the black bear will be paralyzed instantly that's pure sciences guys... I hope u learn

  • hrishi sonar
    hrishi sonar 29 days ago

    is it too late now to comment?

  • Iven Carlson
    Iven Carlson 29 days ago

    so the fist fact they start by calling snake venom poison it's venom and there is a big differ. for one you can drink venom and it will mot kill you in less you have a cut in your mouth. spiders have poison witch will kill you if you drink it. so ya take this vid with a grain of salt!

  • Jackspedicy69 The bio

    The bear one is a lie, remember you can never fight back or outrun any bear

    TBTNR 1 month ago

    If you see a herd of zombies, simply have a beer with them

  • Savage
    Savage 1 month ago

    If a bear attacks, punch it in the face.

  • Razor ejice
    Razor ejice 1 month ago

    whatever you do, DO NOT RUN FROM A BEAR. IT CAN RUN FASTER THAN YOU! unless...its a super fat one then yeah maybe.

  • Abu Sayed
    Abu Sayed 1 month ago

    What to do when Bloodseeker chases me?

  • Orianna Confirmed
    Orianna Confirmed 1 month ago

    Asdfmovie: BUT I WANNA DIE!

  • Justin Xia
    Justin Xia 1 month ago

    Run from a black bear? You should never run away from any predator. First of all you can't outrun a bear that can go 40 mph and secondly it just activates a primal instinct that says you're prey so they'll then chase you even though they might be afraid. When encountering a black bear always make yourself look big, make loud noises (use a whistle, clap, scream, yell) and throw rocks and sticks at it

  • Joey Mowell
    Joey Mowell 1 month ago

    You can only survive 3 weeks without food not 6

  • Paul Copeland
    Paul Copeland 1 month ago

    one time I Wrestled a giraffe to the ground with my bare hands!

  • cripplingnim rod333
    cripplingnim rod333 1 month ago

    we need to growl if a bear arrives

  • zholtiDAhacker
    zholtiDAhacker 1 month ago

    myth 6
    never hude under your blanket against a minecraft youtuber
    just be sure to cover all your holes

  • Ben Vallier
    Ben Vallier 1 month ago

    Even the eye thing for a shark isn't accurate, because when a great white attacks it rolls its eyes back so they can't be damaged

  • God
    God 1 month ago

    if you encounter a bear YOU'RE DEAD, watch that movie grizzly man

  • Foul Lily
    Foul Lily 1 month ago

    didnt know there were other ways to defend yourself against a shark other then hitting its nose, good to know O.o

  • Rakasiwiii fiddihaq
    Rakasiwiii fiddihaq 1 month ago

    just draw a circle so bear wont come

  • fiskebolle99
    fiskebolle99 1 month ago

    yeah because i just have some bear pepper spray under my bed no big deal

  • Sage
    Sage 1 month ago

    1) Buy a gun
    2) Pack lunch
    3) Don't be a retard

  • Danny Stuivenberg
    Danny Stuivenberg 1 month ago

    But what if you do decide to suck out the venom from a snake bite and then make yourself throw up?

  • The Tremendous
    The Tremendous 1 month ago

    Best surviving advice is: don't leave home.

  • Thomas Serrano
    Thomas Serrano 1 month ago

    if a black bear charges : "Try to escape OR FIGHT BACK!"

  • Rose Chanson
    Rose Chanson 1 month ago

    if you ever have an encounter with a bear.
    "If it's brown, lie down. If it's black, fight back. If it's white, good night."

  • BintangGamersHD
    BintangGamersHD 1 month ago

    i want ask you MR TECH INSIDER how we survive if blue whale swallow us?

  • SilverWhitefang
    SilverWhitefang 1 month ago

    Survival tip #1... Don't go out into the wilderness, stay at home folks.

  • Talestory JL
    Talestory JL 1 month ago

    what should I do when I meet the Playing Monkey instead of a Panic Monster?

  • Christian Burgos
    Christian Burgos 1 month ago

    Tip 3
    It says find water then shelter
    going to the cave then you'll realize that the black bear live in there.

  • Eduard Galumyan
    Eduard Galumyan 1 month ago

    This boi just told me to fight a black bear

  • David Allen
    David Allen 1 month ago

    If you are subscribed to this bullshit unsubscribe. Nearly everything in this video is incorrect and whats worse is that they pretend to be proving myths wrong. Feel bad, very bad. Shame on you for naming your channel tech insider

  • David Allen
    David Allen 1 month ago

    the poison doesnt get absorbed through the mouth when you spit it out, thats why you suck it out, are you fucking kidding me. Immediate bullshit video.

  • Julian Villalobos
    Julian Villalobos 1 month ago

    What if Tee Grizzley charges at you

  • Gunner Calhoun
    Gunner Calhoun 1 month ago

    Actually play dead for every bear it's good practice for when you die a few minutes later

  • YouZ UrBrain
    YouZ UrBrain 1 month ago

    Whatever happens, always 'smacka da nuts'

  • Dekai Averett
    Dekai Averett 1 month ago

    If a black bear chases you, you might as well do a graceful dive into its mouth.

  • wargodspirit
    wargodspirit 1 month ago

    I love how he said "sometimes". Encountering a bear is very dangerous, and you're most likely going to get mauled. "Playing dead" "Tip toeing away" "Making yourself look bigger" and that nifty "bear spray" is not a 100% solution. Read the situation carefully, act cautiously, remember these "tips"('cause they help, but they don't solve your problem), and hope for the best!

  • mr.fish
    mr.fish 1 month ago

    while it's true you cant suck the venom out of a snakebite, ingesting venom orally is harmless. so drink all the venom ya want ter, wont hurt ya.

  • I Music
    I Music 1 month ago

    I think they got the first one from twilight

    KEVIN LIN 1 month ago


  • Eh-Htoo Raw
    Eh-Htoo Raw 1 month ago

    Black bear ok I have to run or fight it is it just because it's black

  • Olegor080
    Olegor080 1 month ago

    If black bear attacks you, FIGHT HIM BACK AND SHOW WHO'S THE BOSS

  • Eoghan Curtis
    Eoghan Curtis 1 month ago

    I don't know what to believe some videos say to do this and some say don't it could kill you

  • Celtic Fox
    Celtic Fox 1 month ago

    The solution to a bear or a shark attack?
    *ROAD* *HOUSE*

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