Radical Fitness Fight-Do Promotional Video

Onion Media Group proudly presents the Fight-Do Promotional Video for Radical Fitness. Produced by Onion Media Group's Nick Piper and Joe Thomas. Written and Directed by Nick Piper. Presented by Derrick Siu. Instructor Phoenix Dixon.

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Author tashi6 (7 years)
awesome stuff.. keep it up guys! fantastic workout

Author joeyfalconhead (2 years)

Author Crestiboy (6 years)
Reminds me of Les Mills Bodycombat... the old programs (they were much more
powerful, than the actual ones).

Author OnionMedia (7 years)
The bridge you see is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. To the right is the Sydney
Opera House - although you don't see it unless you watch the RitMix Video
clip. The temperature on the day we shot this was almost 35 degrees
celcius. It normally costs $5,000 per hour location fee to shoot on this
piece of historic land.

Author cjzavos (7 years)
Fucking nice work gang! Great to see. Those videos rocked. HA HA HA
YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAA! I will ring you in a couple of days!

Author Ricardo Ferreira (11 months)
Do you have this vídeo with spanish subtitles?

Author papayasrowinj (5 years)
NO MAMEN!!!! que mierda es esto???? Reconoscamos que Nathaniel creo Body
Combat y bla bla bla.. pero no mamen!!! no tiene nada de tecnica... sus
movimientos dañan a la gente y parece un saco de bolas moviendose con
dificultad. Ya quisiera parecerse un poco a Dan Cohen.... con nathaniell y
su esposa... no habia comunicacion entre ellos, los dos tenian pesima

Author 001bacalao (4 years)

Author priscamolotsi (5 years)
This reminds me of what Body Combat USED to be like. Wonderful!! I lost a
lot of weight doing the old Body Combat. The latest Body Combat moves are
utter rubbish...I quit attending the boring and mundane classes. I now
practice Tae Bo and am a licensed Tae Bo instructor. I wou love to do some
of these great looking Radical Fitness classes!

Author ErvilhaMaravilha (2 years)
Whats the difference between this and body combat??? I've done these
exercises during body combat, excatly with the same music....

Author Latinclassics (4 years)
Well, it reminds me of the old Combat days, too. Up to #19 (#20 which was I
think Nats and Gabs last release with LMI). I miss "Sound FX" and the
bells. I mean the "new" Combat also has something to it. Sometimes I get
the impression that Fight Do ist more about real martial Arts Combinations
at least in the vid. Judging from the vids, there are some "new" moves in
Fight Do as well, not the Jinga and the Shoot from BC 43 but I still like
Fight Do but can only do BD where I live.

Author Klynx-mysr Christensen (4 years)
topless dude on left is crap but the rest look good

Author papayasrowinj (5 years)
Y la empresa que han creado? por dios es una copia barata de todo lo que es
Les Mills ..Oxigeno? por dios... es boDy balance!! X55? Es body step!!!
neta que mierda de tipos son... ARRIBA BODY COMBAT y LES MILLS

Author John Theodosiou (2 years)
@04Capati hahaha agree with that;)

Author Ttianik (6 years)
sa bouge comme dance sa! ^^'

Author Cer0tube (2 years)
This is FITNESS training, not COMBAT training. Now stop hating.

Author Niko Steg (2 years)
@superfadasma well, to me, this works :) This "ilogical moves" save me more
than one time. And the class it's very funy. And what's up whit the music?
I like it, is one of my favorites!! and my professor is pro. See ya

Author Eduardo Moreira (2 years)
gay fitness

Author Maria Lumena (6 years)
muy bueno!! cuidado con un ladron que practica Fight Do y se llama MAXI
BUKLER, buscalo en google

Author cjzavos (4 years)
@LesMillsHuttCity Lol! If you constructed a class of tracks 3 and 8 it
would be all boxing since all you would do is power tracks! Not a kick,
elbow, knee or anything! I agree with what you are saying about the choreo
pre BC20! I used to teach Combat at LM Auckland, when Natha and Gaby left I
pretty stopped teaching Combat within a year! I've been instructing
Fight-Do since and love it!

Author Jank143 (4 years)
That looks so damn stupid. FAIL

Author superfadasma (3 years)
Ohhh this is so stupid! Has no logic! Sorry to say that, I don't see any
professionals.Guys with no t-shirts?? Moves have no logic! For example: If
you do a push kick to an opponent,you can't do him also a knee, because you
have already pushed him away!! And the music!!! Revival of the 90's?Lazarus
from the grave?! Please, get serious. Watch or do some Les Mills Body
Combat. People there are pro's. From the music,the moves,the clothing,the

Author Adamaris Ada (6 years)
im in love

Author FilhodeDeus26 (4 years)
Uauuu!!!! Muito bom.

Author Mark Panapa (6 years)
Radical Fitness was formed by ex-Les Mills Choreographers.. so there are a
lot of similarities between some of the programmes..Except this music was
used back in the 99...LM has moved on.

Author ganondorf59 (6 years)
1.39 Guile? (Street Fighter) I own an TaeBo and mayb feel like trying this
1 out, as well as maybe Shadow Fight.

Author debito2006 (6 years)
Excelente!! Hojalá algún día llegue a la mitad de lo que lograron!! :)
Saludos desde Argentina!

Author priscamolotsi (4 years)
Hi Miss Pinga, how long have you been doing Fight Do? I am so envious that
you have classes you can attend. I just ordered the very hard to get Fight
Do Home Edition DVD. I can't wait to get it!

Author yursoyesterdae (7 years)
Awsomee =) Loove Fight-do!

Author Caesar Illingworth (4 years)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! My friends rave about Body Combat and I keep trying to
tell them that now its rubbish. The original choreographers were amazing
compared to the current try hards.

Author Beethoven Dalmao (5 years)
Estoy de acuerdo, con body combat vos sentis que podes hacerlo al verlo y
cuando lo haces te guian para poder hacerlo a tu nivel sin pedirte
imposibles y lo mejor es que un par de meses te encontras pateando mas alto
y mas fuerte que nunca... No critico este sistema, solo digo que no me
despierta lo que me despierta body combat y al ver este video lo que veo es
un grupo de gente que trabajo duro para lograr hacer ante camaras todo eso,
no veo a la gordita de la casa de al lado intentando esto...

Author orizzonte69 (6 years)

Author Lust sama (6 years)
omg... i do this... but this guy are actually crazier then us... of course
they're professionals.. but still... great sport

Author solandoHazon63 (3 years)
this needs an awesome button

Author titbebedamour (4 years)
Héhé moi j'en fais :DDD

Author A. Conte (3 months)
como se llama el tema que empieza en el minuto 2:22 ????

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