10 Famous People Who Aren't What You Think They Are

Often the image of famous people can outrun their true nature. Whether it be due to the modern media, or the game of telephone played by history, the following ten people are not at all who you probably think they are.
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Featuring... John Lennon - One of the most influential singer-songwriters of the past hundred years, John Lennon was a peace icon. He didn’t just sing songs about love and unity, but was involved in various pro-peace political movements and paid for billboards with anti-war slogans on them in London and New York. Dr. Seuss - If you were born in America, there’s a twenty-five percent chance that the first book you ever read was written by Theodor Geisel, known more widely as Dr. Seuss. Michael Jordan - Widely regarded as the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan is a towering figure in the world of sports. The man has his own brand of shoes, and can be seen selling undershirts in commercials now that he’s retired from dominating a whole sport for years. Steve Jobs - This man is seen by many as one of the most important visionaries of the century. A business icon credited with revolutionizing the tech industry, he is a household name on par with the likes of legends such as Henry Ford. Mozart - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most famous musician of all time. His music has been listened to and performed for the past two hundred years. Mother Teresa - If you look at most lists of 'the best people who ever lived', chances are Mother Teresa will make an appearance. Most hail her as the pinnacle of human kindness as she even won the Nobel peace prize. Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, is an instantly recognizable cultural icon. He had girls fainting in the audience before The Beatles, and became an international sex symbol thanks to his high energy erotic dancing and womanizing image. Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of the Indian independence movement, an independence movement, that, unlike a lot of others, didn’t involve trying to kill lots of people. Leonardo da Vinci is known for basically everything you can be known for. He was an inventor, painter, sculptor, architect, scientist, musician, mathematician, and virtually every other kind of ‘ician’ that existed at the time. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of facebook, inspired the movie, The Social Network, and is quite a rich person, to say the least. In short, He is the penultimate entrepreneurial programmer.

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Author brett Bury ( ago)
Everyone is human.... And more often than not they suck...

Author L ( ago)
Well Henry Ford was a jerk too, generally if they are massively successful it's probably because they are a nasty piece of work.

Author Cathy Waller ( ago)
You forgot to mention that Gandhi was a racist. He hated black people. Google it. It's true.

Author Lisa Feisthome ( ago)

Author Piyush shukla ( ago)
Shame on you for involving Gandhi, you're just a bloody mind washed freak. He gave us freedom and that's why the west is trying to make him negative. Great people are always gonna be put down by some idiots like this admin.

Author Piyush shukla ( ago)
You don't understand that Mother Teresa couldn't do anything more then she did at that time. You mentioned about poor living standard during that time but you barely know Indian history and the tough times we've been through. She wasn't an impostor, she was loved by us Indians and she's a immortal figure in our culture.

Author Mary Pelton ( ago)
I never liked or will ever like Elvis Presley

Author Wolfey Plays ( ago)
It's spelled ghandi

Author Timothy A. Barton ( ago)
Why is it bad for Mother Teresa to be doing her work for Jesus and His Bride the Church???

Author dbyo ( ago)
10:07 he actualy called ezio to do the job thats why no one caught him

Author SIRchiken Beats ( ago)

Author S0 Friday ( ago)
Leonardo shouldn't have been that high. He didn't murder anybody.

Author geo 318 ( ago)
you should say about Michel Jackson

Author Jin Li ( ago)
No one ever talk about dalai lama, how he ruled Tibet, how his religion sacrifices children for ritual

Author Gilang Syahputra ( ago)
I don't know about the other stuff about MJ .. But his acceptance speech wasn't bad ... Most were sarcasm and ya people understand that he is a competitive person ... Are you sure about this last fact on jordan?

Author Samuel Caruzo ( ago)
A lot of accusations but very little proof.

Author Syed Nafis Faiz ( ago)
Now I understand no human is truly good, humanity's nature is evil and corrupted oh and the Mozzart part was funny as af.

Author Sheng Phang Choo ( ago)
How about Thomas Edison stole from Nikola Tesla?
And KFC founder Colonel Sanders is a totally jerk, cursing around and creepy af...

Author tsuna sawada ( ago)
2:39 yeah back then everyone was racist so yeah not really suprising if you think about it.

Author Spiritfoxpilot ( ago)
at least zuckerberg is a nice guy ouo
-i think-

Author Ronald Nabua ( ago)
Dr. Soys on pronouncing

Author TokinTaylor ( ago)
#1 should be Thomas Edison, people brought their inventions to him and he got all the credit. He didn't invent shit.

Author 9 Alpha ( ago)
who else thinks that mother Teresa shouldn't be on this list, like if u do.

Author star love ( ago)
For a smart man, jobs... you acted very unintelligent

Author sannah mayuri ( ago)
no not surprised no offense but I always thought something is with the people you mentioned nobody's perfect.

Author Empress Empoleon ( ago)
half tempted to unsub for one reason. elvis. while i dont like his songs, ik several people who knew him personally and said he was a good man

Author fat head ( ago)
bunch of cunts.

Author Edward Pordzik ( ago)
Da vinci had to steal dead bodies as church was forbidding any autopsy

Author saigo toru ( ago)
Steve job

Author P' tar ( ago)
Gandhi will also nuke your cities if you're not careful

Author apocalipse awaits ( ago)
that's some propaganda.

Author Mario Cadavero ( ago)

Author i am not a Weeaboo ( ago)
This is why the Roman Catholic church is messed up

Author Matt B ( ago)
Two reasons I don't idolize anyone: It's a sin, and I don't trust people enough to idolize them.

Author Evan Folsom ( ago)
i dont believe in any religion, but dint dare talk down to mother Teresa

Author Rosemary Williams ( ago)
Is it weird that my first book was IT by Steven King?

Author S.Arichard Views ( ago)

Author Reiden Lightman ( ago)
"Nearly identical phones"... Somebody hasn't actually used the phones he claims are nearly identical.

Author jon S ( ago)
im a bog fan of the Beatles and i cam to this video hoping that paul mccartney wouldnt be on this list but nope...john lennon is and they was both in the beatles

Author lucy girl ( ago)
You spelled Mozart wrong...just sayin'. Would've been an easy fact to confirm.

Author Angelo Catapang ( ago)
heroes are fuck-ups too.i'm a fuck-up as well,i own them my own fuck-up/s. as oppose to true criminals,terrorists who are the most fucked up of them all.

Author George DeShurley ( ago)
Never heard Albuquerque pronounced "Al-boo-kwur-kee". Usually it's pronounced "Al-bah-ker-key".

Author Luqmanul Hakim ( ago)
why do ppl think famous ppl are ANGELS ?

Author Da mystic Potato ( ago)
Number 4 because god forbid that Elvis was bi or gay...

Author Suzitø XI ( ago)
Total Bullshit!! Please stop spreading false information. Your knowledge is limited to text books and internet, which are factual but not contextual. Don't talk as if you know these people personally. Strange how people love to find (false) reasons to hate others. Unsubscribed!!

Author Bero256 ( ago) Mother Theresa was basically doing shit Hitler and Lenin did to a point. They spreaded their ideology by baiting people with certain acts...and the catholibans don't want you to know about it

Author christian cadigal ( ago)
Gandhi was the worst of all. The father of all evil. Pervert, lunatic, maniac and yet his people didn't do anything about this? Crazy!!! If given the chance i would cut off his ball myself. And feed him to piranhas so he could feel the pain he causes , and for being the pain in the ass. He's such and asshole, dirty

Author christian cadigal ( ago)
What disappoint me the most was mother.Teresa. She was praised all over the world even making her a saint for what? So disgusting to know the truth how these people acted badly but being praised in the end. How could people turned blind eyes to these fact and pretended and feigning ignorance of all the truth behind it. It disgust me to the bone. 😡😠

Author kryceksangel ( ago)
Someone's been ling to you about SAINT MOTHER TERESA.

Author kryceksangel ( ago)
You are an idiot who knows nothing about Mother Teresa.

Author ChefP 147 ( ago)
Is anybody surprised that the Catholic Church canonized Mother Theresa? The Catholic Church praises and puts on a piedestal people who are in reality evil even though they outwardly appear to be good. Priests who are pedophiles are seldom outed or punished by the church but are just moved around between parishes trying to hide their crimes and to always keep them supplied with fresh victims!!

Author Leo Moretti ( ago)
Yall stay up all night making up half this crap?

Author Che McNabb ( ago)
unfortunately I couldn't repeat a single one of these as fact without a single footnote. Where is this information coming from?

Author FanatykKlockow ( ago)
Who cared if these Dr. Seusses caricatures of Japanese were racist back then? It was a god damn war. This political corectness is just getting worse all the time.

Author Courtshannon ( ago)
I don't know how I feel about mother theresa now...

Author Raizen ( ago)
That the person that runs a major website knows little of coding isn't really surprising.

Author 3style1 ( ago)
or metioning Michael Jordan Punching steve Kerr

Author MikeDonovan ( ago)
Just rumors.... Sources please.

Author ThePiGuy24 Gaming ( ago)
Mozart, more like Mozarse.

Author Appricana ( ago)
you failed to mention that Henry Ford was anti semitic, he even wrote a front page article with the title, "The Jewish Problem" ... Adolf Hitler personally called him his "Inspiration" [Imagine That!]. In fact, Henry Ford automobile company continued to supply Nazi Germany with resources during the first year of the war, even though America had put a ban into supplying weapons and arms to the enemy bill. Crazy shit! You also didn't talk about Bruce Lee, I thought he was a saint, till i read a Biography about him written by his closest friend titled "Unsettled Matters" ... dude was an arrogant jerk!, very arrogant man Bruce Lee! shocking!.

Author satish chavan ( ago)
you f----- m----- fucker dont you talk about gandhi and his character related to girls and even if it was true it would have been known all over the world because he is not a limited continental hero like MJ or elvis he is a star of the universe who sacrificed his whole lifetime for a nations's freedom not to earn fame and money like the others of your list so first study about the person about whom you are accusing and then proceed you blady chicken shit mother fucker.

Author Cheryl Boone ( ago)
Figures she would be declared a "Saint" Eventhough a horrible care giver

Author Matt Hubbell ( ago)
Yes, some of these are really shitty (Lennon beating his wife, Elvis being a pedo, etc). Others can be misunderstood-- having distance in time and difference in culture that lead to lack of understanding.
Also, anyone that thinks any of these people were perfect humans would be a fool. Nobody is perfect, and even Gandhi or Maternal Unit Terry had their faults.

That's not to say that I'm arguing the validity of any of these, because I don't feel like going on a research spree right now :P
But making a big deal about media overblowing the good (or bad) qualities of someone is not surprising.

Also not surprising, Zuckerberg as a psychology major. Gotta figure out how to manipulate people for personal gain somehow. Might as well learn from the best and give fake intentions.

Author prabhu mishra ( ago)
you silly cunt

Author Peter Dalton ( ago)

Author indian !!!! ( ago)
you are also a jerk.. negative human ...

Author brijemnaagresivu ( ago)
John Lennon - Hitting people and violent fistfights are much better to solve a dispute than killing or getting killed for someone else's interest. Yeah, he was a human being, not a saint.
Same is for Elvis. So what if he had an affair with a man??? Rob fucking Halford is known to be gay.
Gandhi being a pervert??? Well, an old guy sleeping with a young woman is pretty common in India. Nothing strange, as they have had that tradition for over 3000 years. Unimaginable to us, but normal to them.
You didn't even mention the fact thet Steve Jobs stole ideas from other less popular people and companies, proclaiming them his own and rising their price.
This about da Vinci is bullshit. Yes, vivisection was illegal, but he didn't steal bodies from graves. He was given corpses by the doctors, which was approved by the Florentine government.

Author Dorian L ( ago)
Loving your channel!! Thank u!!!

Author Amal Rajan ( ago)
u call da vinci a thief for practising on dead body. lol. ur just twisting facts to get more views. creepy

Author Randall Flagg ( ago)
I was only surprised by Elvis, and Gandhi, since I'd never heard any of these facts about them. ''Mother'' Teresa is also quoted as saying ''pain is a gift from god''; thus, she insisted people suffer it

Author John MacDonald ( ago)
fuck off you perverted cunt

Author tahna dana ( ago)
for mark it doesnt have to take a genius to have good ideas

Author Sabrina Binangnan ( ago)
I dont care

Author Samantha Zamora ( ago)
mother theresa- scammer, elvis- pedophile and adulterer with men, ghandi-pedophile pervert as well noooooo!!!!!!!! my faith in humanity has been ruined ahhh :O

Author Richie Pearce ( ago)
Jimmy Saville predicted first place.

Author kashyap goswami ( ago)
well, everyone has their dark side, just appreciate what they did for humanity n chill. anyways you ain't doing No good by tracing other people's mistakes. peace✌

Author CaptainShadowGaming ( ago)
5:49 Fucking hell Mozzart XD

Author prosperomage ( ago)
No surprise about Zuckerberg. FaceBook isn't genius level coding. It doesn't have to be. It's genius level psychology. Besides ... you can hire coders for cheap. The founder shouldn't be coding such a thing himself.

Author samaraisnt ( ago)
Uummm, that Dr Seuss think was really shortsighted/not well researched. He (willingly) drew political cartoons, and was so popular at it that was asked to do war bonds cartoons, not that odd for a cartoonist.. He was also a virulent anti-fascist and did a lot of anti nazi cartoons....The Japanese were part of the axis at the time and anyone who made cartoons then was caricaturing them (I'm not saying it was right, but it was very typical). He stated later that he deeply regrets the caricatures but that he was extremely proud of his political stuff.

Honestly, you should check them out and judge for yourself, they are spectacular I would hardly characterize the whole of the work as "racist," perhaps shortsighted at times, but he openly admitted to that himself.

Also that thing about kids everyone knows & is a common story; but as a result of his extreme shyness. Lots of children's authors were really shy and or hated meeting children fans...apparently he would run and hide from them. I mean it definitely makes you a person with an funny fear, but it doesn't mean you hate kids.

Author Alexander Rüffer ( ago)
always be nice to ghandi ore he nukes you

Author PaninaroAurora ( ago)
Both Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl were kind of prickly around children. Funny how that made for great children's books.

Author nicolas sequeira ( ago)
his name is spelled Mozzart? i always thought it was Mozart.

Author Cesar Tell Em' ( ago)
john lennon looks like a hippie

Author Redouan Djeebet ( ago)
moral of the story, you have to be a dick to become rich

Author Nilesh Kumar ( ago)
wow such a great video it proves that no one is actually what he or she looks like but is wearing a mask in the society just to show people

Author The Barbie and Ken Show ( ago)
Mozart was a savage, the first ever savage person to live. He was kind of lucky to be the first, I think.

Author Alan Joseph Aloysius ( ago)
People. Don't believe anything you you read or watch on the internet just like that.

Author Steven Mendoza ( ago)
You sound fucking stupid. Just watched the whole speech and Jordan was Crying and congratulating everyone else who helped him get that far.

Author boris the warrior ( ago)
boo Gandhi get off the stage

Author boris the warrior ( ago)
I'm catholic

Author Arthur O'Brien ( ago)
Ghandi made up an entire religion in an attempt at counter-imperialism, which was largely successful, one could argue.

A classic troll. On the other hand, Indish nationalists killed him for this beliefs.

Author NeagDolph ( ago)
Who came for the mark Zuckerberg thumbnail?

Author The world is crazy and you know it ( ago)
Now you see how meaningless the nobel peace prize is, considering Obama and Mother Theresa got one.
Same goes for science, economy, etc. We've been fooled throughout history.

Author PANZERFAUST90 ( ago)
I already knew all these people were shit.


Author Travis Cosentino ( ago)
Why do all of these videos get cut off, they never finish.

Author Clean Sanchez ( ago)
The only thing Gandhi got right was the mistrust of Jews. You know, the 3% of the population that control 99% of everything you hear and see in the media and movies. The ones who control all the world's money and manipulate the US to fight wars for them.

Author Clean Sanchez ( ago)
Who the hell is Mozzart?

Author Clean Sanchez ( ago)
Gandhi was a selfish and horrible human being. Time has cherry picked the facts and skewed the truth making a disgusting man a Justin Martyr.

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