AC/DC's Bon Scott Plays the Bagpipes 1976

AC/DC's Bon Scott once played in the Fremantle Scots Pipe Band in western Australia.
To all the people who are worrying if this is a live version or if he is actually playing the bagpipes, it's very obvious to anyone who has heard live music or the pipes that it's not live and that he is not really playing the pipes. The bagpipes were played by a couple of pipers in the recording studio. You can see he is actually playing the right notes on the bagpipes if you know anything about the chanter of the Highland bagpipes. Enjoy!

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Author Susan Murtha ( ago)
Bag pipes and Bon Scott = Awesome!

Author Steve MyMind ( ago)
Haha, I was going to chip you for the title, then I read your
description, you cheeky buggar, you got me.

Author hickorydickoryduck ( ago)
I can easily imagine Bon asking the ladies between songs if they have any
Scot in them............................

Author James Bodnarchuk ( ago)
well that's dissapointing bon!

Author Borna909 ( ago)
some of those chicks dancing there may have had sex afterwards and I guess
it was with Bon.

Author tiefhals ( ago)
I agree, guitarman1299...sounds like Bon is singing live along with his
recorded vocals, and matching them pretty well except as you note. Who else
would even try that? 

Author Lara Knapp ( ago)


I got 2 folders??? WTF!!!!! ???


* i will just get off on the BAGPIPES!!! *

*dance dance dance*

*strut strut strut*


Author 50broadcaster ( ago)
angus is an sg guy, and gibson just released a tribute git to that effect.
malcolm loved his gretsch duo jet. (i may be wrong on the model) but ALWAYS
a gretsch.

Author 50broadcaster ( ago)
and malcolm has to be the single best rythym player ever

Author 50broadcaster ( ago)
there are many vids of bon playing the 'recorder". which is like a preamble
to the chanter on a set o' pipes.
he was a piper.

Author Stray Sailor ( ago)
What a freaking voice.

Author shadow freddy ( ago)
bon scott just awesome, who would of thought he would freeze to death , if
you dont beleive me check out the coroners report, he froze to death in his
car, not overdose like so many no it alls say, he was great...

Author Rocking' Rock 10X ( ago)

Author Pete petrie ( ago)
Who cares if its live or not ? 

Author Richard Lee ( ago)
Million thanks! :D 

Author jane a sinner ( ago)
Bon Scott ~ Such a Showman~! He loved the camera and the camera loved him.
R.I.P. play those funky bagpipes in the sky. He was also a drummer and
could play guitar, piano, trumpet, flute. 

Author Buick Mackane ( ago)
What model guitars are the two brothers playing? Anyone know?

Author Jean Luc Bergman ( ago)
It's a mimed TV performance you dumb mother fucker, of course it isn't

Author MaggaraMarine ( ago)
This is a TV show performance so all audio is playback. It sounds exactly
like the album version. Also even though Bon played in the Fremantle Scots
Pipe Band, he didn't play bagpipes there. Bon had never played bagpipes
before they recorded this song. But he was good at learning new instruments

Author Randy Otero ( ago)
He's singing along to the original song he sings wrong at 1.15

Author Jason Bonedi ( ago)
well seeing as none of the instruments are plugged in im guessing youre

Author Beg Autosoccasion ( ago)
rock onnn

Author FireMusicNews ( ago)
Check out on youTube this brand new Bon Scott song watch?v=qhubR16NG0E

Author Take Detour ( ago)
Me Scottish brothers!

Author contrafax ( ago)
I think he is right, if you search "AC/DC - It's a Long Way to the Top (If
You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) " You can find the original video and when they
play the pipes there are at LEAST three other pipers :)

Author AngusTheBagpiper ( ago)
He does have the correct fingerings though. Its just dubbed over with the
sound from a pipe band... speaking of, did you play with a band? I played
with North Coast Pipe Band and Cincinnati Caledonian Pipes and Drums. 

Author Grant Mckelvie ( ago)
Its a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll

Author The Skylight ( ago)
Yes, syncing to the recording was actually pretty much the only way it was
done for tv in the 70s. It wasn't until the advent of midi in the 80s that
live performance of near studio quality became possible for most music.

Author maxbobness ( ago)
Obviously, the music is pre-recorded and the bagpipes are multi-tracked.
Regardless, I thank you for teachimg me something new. I didn't know that
about vibrato in bagpipes and barbershop quartets, though I'm sure you
didn't mean to imply that there are "physics reasons" in the case of
barbershop quartets. Purely a stylistic choice that jumps out at me now
that you brought it to my attention.

Author greg e ( ago)
bons voice is part live. he is is singing with the recording. 

Author gabrial carola ( ago)
Rip tp the biggest lengend of rock bon scott

Author licksnkicks ( ago)
What a Classic! I love this band. RIP Bon Scott! This band and EVH are why
I started to play the guitar. Long live ROCK!

Author TheSuperonion ( ago)
/watch?v=re7u4HuElb8 someone playing thunderstruck on the's

Author Furryboots72 ( ago)
he was scottish! born in Kirriemuir, Angus Scotland. 

Author finzan ( ago)
;) watch?v=niM7i9RFSl4

Author finzan ( ago)
Superb.. B-)

Author Chris Rigley ( ago)
1:13 Error. This mostly done for Music Video purposes anyways.

Author Zanni Giese ( ago)
Oh what I would give 2 have been a Lively Dancer in this Rock Vid..!!

Author Michael Muirhead ( ago)
Get used to how easy it is to vary a chorus/delay machine, Dave. if you
have three copies of a track (simple) to play with, a bagpipe chanter with
drones can easily sound (*almost*) like 6 (or nine) pipers in unison.

Author ChrisMillerLite ( ago)
this sounds exactly like the album version, i dont think its actually live

Author RL R ( ago)
Are they doing playback? At 1.10 it sounds like Bon is singing over the
playback...anyway great performance!

Author RL R ( ago)
Love AC/DC, but it is so weird watching all those people dancing like

Author Mama Deutsch ( ago)
Man, Bon was talented, I always get the goosebumps from this song and the
bagpipes, wow! It's just real sad that now we can't enjoy Bon live...

Author Sean Adams ( ago)
What a Legend.. RIP Bon

Author Bruce Gordon ( ago)
Where was his Kilt?

Author Angela nelson ( ago)
and the guys at the time were "Air guitar ing" it on the dance floors : )

Author Marco Vargas ( ago)

Author reloaditfast ( ago)
Only Bon Scott can...fuck me...

Author Kane Hutchinson ( ago)
Only one man can rock a schoolboy outfit and that's Angus. R.I.P Bon

Author vanteesomeone ( ago)
Wow, those girls cannot dance.

Author NADA ( ago)
Bon kicks ass on those pipies. This vid shows how much Malcolm contributes,
he's the best!!!! I love that red Gretch..

Author william the slayer ( ago)
yes he is berber is a fag

Author chickenfingies ( ago)
He totally messed up 1:20

Author D L ( ago)
It sucks I can only give this 1 like (thumbs up). 

Author Nutter Butter ( ago)
thank you for sharing this gem with the rock and roll world... 

Author SGMKnight ( ago)
Berber is a fag!

Author levi c ( ago)
This isnt live so whats the big deal?? 

Author Sir_Drinkalot ( ago)
And bieber thinks he's good...

Author Max Malmgren ( ago)
And so Copperhead Road was born

Author Pereg ArBagol ( ago)
Nonsense Why do you say that ? O_o

Author PortlyKnight ( ago)
Actually, not true, though he was probably the first. Check out Celtica,
The Red Hot Chili Pipers, etc. "Bag rock" is actually pretty big across the

Author masterpantera ( ago)
of course! is the album version. and bon isn't playing the bagpipes

Author Rok Novak ( ago)
I think there is 26 people who are fans of AC/DC from the begginig and now
they are just old and forgot that they like this :P

Author MarcusFenix50 ( ago)
Its like a top of the pop performance, those were usually dubbed over, more
for the music video appeal

Author Gerard Fraser ( ago)
Greatest band member ever.Bag pipes in a rock song most epic ever.

Author CrazyDot ( ago)
and Dan McCafferty ;-)

Author T BIC ( ago)

Author davisonh1 ( ago)
Lemme tell you something with pipes there is NO amplification
needed,lol.You can hear em from miles away..

Author chuck ware ( ago)
Dropkick Murphys...they have a piper...and they covered this song...and
it's a pretty damn good cover at that.

Author takhisis6969 ( ago)
one of my fav bands love ac/dc!

Author pete5668 ( ago)
that is funny... when he plays bagpipes it looks like he's got a lump of
chaw in his cheek lol 

Author mvuorsalo82 ( ago)
Anyone notice this performance is actually "doubled", i.e. Bon is really
singing over the playback! You can hear that his voice is heard twice! 

Author skabibble ( ago)
That blonde chick in the green is so smokin' Hot!! I love watching her
bounce and dance!!!!!!!! She's the only thing better than the band!

Author Chuck Manson ( ago)
Love the band. Love Bon Scott. They are lip synching though. No difference
between this and studio version. As much as I cannot stand Beyonce I defend
her when it comes to lip synching, because some of the greatest have done
it as well. 

Author Scozzie Novocastrian ( ago)
Bon was a true performer, loved being centre stage and always gave a rip
roaring show. ACDC were a great Aussie pub rock band in the tradition of
Aussie rock of the 70s - dozens of world class bands Chisel, Dragon,
Hunters, Oz Crawl, INXS, Sports, Mi-Sex, many, many more and many other
great pub bands - every major city was alive with great rock music every
week, sadly replaced by the sound of working class people doing their dough
through the pokies and soulless dross that passes for music now

Author MrSmoke1969 ( ago)
No one will ever be cooler than Bon Scott!

Author Kathy Morneau ( ago)
The bagpipes are one of the hardest things to play. That is why only some
can do it. If you want to see cool there is a video on youtube of a guy
playing star wars on the bagpipes and it is for real. I know as I was there
when he 1st did it.

Author tom bennet ( ago)
@jimpomac listen you fucking piece of shit bon played the pipes on this

Author davisonh1 ( ago)
Another crazy fricken pipe playin Highlander from Aussieland...God I love
him!He died a true Scot!

Author altologist ( ago)
this is amazing!!! ozzie chicks still dress & dance the same:) 

Author Marsbonfire ( ago)
He wasn't really playing.

Author Candice Miller ( ago)
Looooove AC/DC When Music was Real♥ P.S I love the White folk Dancin' 

Author michael wohlschlager ( ago)
tip: in extremo - palästina-lied

Author GElkinsProductions ( ago)
ik man i was just kidding haha

Author Jak Johnson ( ago)
Incorrect.. You should see the Killdares. Look them up real quick.

Author GElkinsProductions ( ago)
only Bon Scott could play bagpipes in a rock song

Author Ian Costello ( ago)

Author archie977 ( ago)
man I wish I was there id be bangin some a them hot chicks

Author archie977 ( ago)
yeehhaw looks like fun

Author Robert Macias ( ago)
Frking amazing song and video..thank you

Author Eugene R. ( ago)
yeah probably fucking Kenye West or Justin Bieber fans lol!

Author MichaelHansenFUN ( ago)
i read that he couyldnt play the bagpipes

Author Lori Heather ( ago)
I guess I would be, too, as I was a teenager in 1976. I still think the
70's was when all the best music happened. I may be old but I got to see
all the cool bands. :-P

Author Lori Heather ( ago)
She is a teenager from the 70's, invited on stage to dance with the band.
If the coolest dancing consists of one move (bouncing side to side over and
over), then yes, she's the coolest dancer. If you look again, most of the
people in the video are dancing the same way, but she does have the most
energy and is having a great time. That's how people danced to rock music
in the 70's and nothing's really changed. That's what's great about dancing
to rock - everyone can do it.

Author Jen Russ ( ago)
His family immigrated. He was around 6 years old when they left for

Author Nik Hummer (441 year ago)
Yes he was, born in Forfar, Scotland. Immigrated to Australia at a young
age just like Angus and Malcolm.

Author RakimD777 ( ago)
Perhaps also dead 

Author John Barrett ( ago)
bon scott did play the bagpipes for real on that track.its only a true
scotsman who can play the badpipes and bon scott was a true scotsman 

Author Douglas Corbett ( ago)
Real men play bagpipes whilst wearing "No Pants" !

Author J-F Savard ( ago)
TThat's fake, he doesn't play bagpipes and the band doesn't play for
real... Crappy tv lip-ssynch *%$" But I still love Ac/Dc anyway... Stupid
medias, they think the public are idiots...

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