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Author FunSized52 (3 years)
Ayyyee she seem like she cool af yo

Author Dai Shanell (3 years)
u got a witness on # 6

Author M3DYKAT1 (3 years)

Author jada roberson (3 years)
lmao gurl ill du som shit lik dis to i kno u were havin fun

Author Iubored (3 years)
Good songs but no Jacki-O, Remi - Conceited, Shake it like a Salt
shaker??... You Sleeping!

Author zzzsonic (3 years)
Funny as hell . lol

Author Darrah Woodard (3 years)
I Dont Know Bout Yall But This shit had me bumpin :) haha

Author urbanjesus347 (3 years)
how u gonna call niggas an asshole then tell em too follow
u?..................follow me back lol

Author tee tee mack (3 years)
LoL good list

Author Ying Zhao (3 years)
You is cute as fuck. Lol. Jus sayin.

Author booskey17 (3 years)
Get it girl lol Ayyee

Author seriouslycai (3 years)
you are hilarious I love it. you need your own talk show twerking blackouts
included lol

Author shaiculver (3 years)
lmao ying yang twins was the funny one cute video

Author MegaFuckyou25 (3 years)
SHOW me your butt!!!!

Author Gabriel Diaz (3 years)
damm she got some big ass tities ..

Author shawtyredbone1 (3 years)
Lol I can party wit u this shit funny had me popping in this I
dedicate #8 to

Author Jazzie Alexsia (3 years)
lol number two

Author adam dorelus (3 years)
ahh wats the name to number one

Author mscheez247 (3 years)
LMFAO, i like cute xD

Author chyna williams (3 years)
i like dat video im bouts 2 share dat on ma facebook get it GURL and im
lovin ur hat

Author Bri Morado (3 years)
#2 is my isshh!!

Author Catherine Ragin (3 years)
This video makes me wanna throw a party!! Or go to a party! Ayye! *starts

Author Asia Easley (3 years)
girrll lmao im skinny ass hell, but as i was watching this video i was
shakin my lil ass i got haha

Author youngcrazybaby (3 years)
@KaylaG535 dance (ass) by big sean

Author Carlos Trujillo (3 years)
cute and great taste in songs

Author quanisha jones (3 years)
girl i love this shit go head girl...

Author shaiculver (3 years)
LMAO she silly

Author Jay_shmurda (3 years)
yo hit me up real tlk

Author mzhale85 (3 years)
she talk sloooo as hell lol

Author blakkface586 (3 years)

Author T'Ahzma Vaughn (3 years)
What Are The Names . ?

Author EVIL DECIMATION (3 years)
i want to be twereked by you

Author tayy tillman (3 years)
hahaha i swear thats me just start dancin out of know where

Author Jimmie Smith (3 years)
bhhahah ghetto fabulous vid ahah:)

Author scarlet32097 (3 years)
I may be a white girl but you speak the truth! I had to dance while you was
doin this!!!

Author bonnieonnie (3 years)
if this dont get yur party hotter than the motherfuckin motherlands!

Author MiszKisha (3 years)
she funny as fuck yo ! hahaha look at her fces haahahaha

Author TheDublin12 (3 years)
U silly af! :)

Author Jaelyn Owens (3 years)
I love your videos!

Author Keyanna Carpenter (3 years)
Haha u funny af , YOU KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN!

Author shangomiseh (3 years)
you got swagg ;) i like your style!

Author lkm969697 (3 years)
you are fricken beautiful

Author Ashlynn Taylor (3 years)
add anything by uncle luke lol

Author ejtg24 (3 years)
U so crazy lmao great video u sexy too

Author Sa'Fire Jefferson (3 years)
get it

Author Haylee Copley (3 years)

Author kingkong2198 (3 years)
very very cute!!! awsome songz..

Author KeeKee G (3 years)
Now thats some good Twerk Music ritchea lol

Author KeeKee G (3 years)

Author ymadison81 (3 years)
True! LOL! List is on point! My cheeks still hurt from twerkin'! Waka
flocka (Round of Applause!) HAHAHAHA WHISTLE WHILE U TWERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forgot about that one! the ORIGINAL TWERK SONG!

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