Cuty Suzuki vs Hikari Fukuoka - August 29, 1995

From 'JWP Kyoto Natsu Monogatari' August 29, 1995 - It has been TOO LONG since I have uploaded a match with Hikari Fukuoka, so here you go. It starts a bit slow, but things pick up as only they can in joshi puroresu.

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Joshi Singles Match


Author deathpearl360 (8 months)
Now this is a Divas match.

Author Josh Michaels (2 years)
@PinchinTheBear Not that I wrestle in Japan....just here in

Author ahmedalsaeh (1 year)
Very beautiful womeny good and wild match

Author DoubleMiz (3 years)
@vulrare - Hehehe, maybe I do...look forward to the next upload!

Author vulrare (3 years)
just wondering do you have cuty suzuki's retirement ceremony?...thanks for
the upload....

Author crushercathy69 (3 years)
Great match between two gorgeous, fit and highly skilled Japanese girls.
Thanks for uploading this match DoubleMiz!!!

Author Josh Michaels (2 years)
@poultrykid I agree.....Cuty was not only totally gorgeous, but super
talented...I think her best talent was her ability to make other wrestlers
look good...I wish I would have wrestled back then in Japan instead of
now...I would have proposed to that

Author eldorado62 (3 years)
You Tube, speed up your downloads.

Author loanluan38 (2 years)

Author Raisin1228 (3 years)
How was Cuty able to get up after Hikari's figure 4 leglock?

Author POULTRYKID - Contro i sintomi spacciati per rimedi (3 years)
Cuty should have been pushed as a major star. In those years she was
defeated by Tomoko Kuzumi TOO EARLY

Author EbonySteel (1 year)
Sorry to be an dirty old man but damn Cuty's husband must be a lucky
bastard....that powerful lower body most work him out like crazy. Cute,
strong, skilled...I agree she did not get the push as much as possible.
Love me some Cuty all DAY!

Author R Jones (1 year)
Where can I get this intro music? That was a great match.

Author VanillaBrice100 (2 years)
pretty much yhe only offence suzuki did was teabagging and bridges

Author Vince Haylem (2 years)
And i was Born...

Author monky10618 (1 year)

Author 宮崎道徳 (11 months)

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