How To Fast Utorrent All Versions Faster NEW!
how to fast utorrent speed up
faster utorrent increase speed.
speedup tweak.
utorrent speed increase
leeches the fastest internet speed.

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Author Die Zocker ( ago)
jeah men its great 5kb = 100 kb thx

Author TheFisabilillah3 ( ago)
the song are Sound System - Holiday,

Author dob24 ( ago)
Watch for disk overload bottom of screen clear unwanted files and empty
recycle bin if speed drops dramatically this is a likely cause

Author Sezer aka Zartty ( ago)
video Uploaded on 24 May 2010

Author Katheroth066 ( ago)
work perfectly from 500 to 7.0mb/s

Author Electricwolve ( ago)
Went from 1kb to 400. Thank you so much!

Author NikitaPilotMen ( ago)
Upload unlimited is the key. Jumped from 0kb/s to 2.5mb/s! Thanks a lot man!

Author ZZGamer ( ago)

Author ZZGamer ( ago)
before:156.7 kb/s now:45.6

Author Joe El Helou ( ago)
No shit, sherlock!

Author Michael Armadilo ( ago)
You are the king man tnx

Author Kyrie James ( ago)
Please help it did not work! HELP !!

Author dob24 ( ago)
Plus it helps you and everyone else if you upload unlimited

Author dob24 ( ago)
2 little changes if you have fibre broadband 1. Upload unlimited 2. Ratio
110% even on a torrent with very few seeds I got 1.3mb download

Author LeBron James ( ago)
By the way I'm not the real lebron im just a fan

Author LeBron James ( ago)
Me too at first my download speed goes to 100.9 kbps when I shut down my
computer my download speed return to 15 kbps and my UP speed goes higher
pleaseee help me. my version is 3.3.1

Author adam smith ( ago)
it increased my UP speed but not Download version is 3.3.1

Author ภูวมินทร์ วงศ์เมาะ ( ago)

Author MasterW | 100% Gaming et Fun ( ago)
like and subscribe your the best

Author Lawrence ( ago)
now 151.2 kB/S after 124.2 kB/s "you are the best" ...

Author Karlos Norris ( ago)
Wireless and I am full to the line and I download with 20kb / s max what to

Author MasterW | 100% Gaming et Fun ( ago)
thx alot man

Author Catalin Marian ( ago)
those settings doesn t boost your speed if your bandwidth don t allow
that.For example if you have a bw of 5 MB DONT expect to increese your
download speed to 10 Mb only if you apply those settings...only improve the

Author TheGreat Lex ( ago)
thumbs up if you mute the video

Author Yan Naung ( ago)
Thanks dude ... My speed increased from 200kb/s to 1.5Gb/s. :D

Author Manuel Monteiro ( ago)
works on 3.3!!from 1 kb/s to 700kb/s

Author gerrie marcela ( ago)
for me its not speed

Author Chinedu Nwasolu ( ago)
tried it, doesn't work in any way. only reduces your download speed

Author blizzaroxx ( ago)

Author octavio sanchez ( ago)
Thanxx dude it worked

Author kareem abbas ( ago)
i feel no improvement

Author Rathanont Amalasatian ( ago)
0.2 to 80 T^T

Author Razik Akbar ( ago)
Thanx dude il never 4get yeuuuu....eghhh u made it frm 190kb to 12 kb...ur

Author Frost Piercer ( ago)
Nice from 6 hour become 1 day!

Author Jesus Christ ( ago)

Author scurk100 ( ago)
jumped form 151.2 kB/s to 151.3 kB/s thanks man.....

Author Robbie Coates ( ago)
don't believe it, its fucked it up

Author UnoBorg ( ago)
lol classic @ rcjg9599

Author Robbie Coates ( ago)
prick, slowed it down and had to fucking delete settings and get a new one
you cunt

Author Ghaus Lah ( ago)
Thanks!! from 10hrs to 30mins went to 1hr 30mins thanks alot dude!! =DDDDDD

Author hackerpro558 ( ago)

Author phukemonster ( ago)
thanks bro...

Author b78418364 ( ago)
thanks man it went from 3 years 2 weeks to 3 hours 20 minutes seriously

Author Michael Gray ( ago)
it went from 2 days to 1 hour 36 min on skyrim * TO VIDEO CREATOR* (you my
friend are a boss)

Author Michael Gray ( ago)
Wow i am getting skyrim right now what a coincidence .

Author Amr ElRafie ( ago)

Author atlas9 ( ago)
i used this for skyrim

Author RaidONE ( ago)
it worked for me 2mb per second

Author gaildavidson992 ( ago)
Jumped from 30 to 400 kbps, wtf is happening!

Author zapfskas ( ago)
Don't waste your time on this video! I did not try this but in 0:04 it is
clear that the version is not 3.2.3 but 2.0 that version is 2010!

Author iced0knife ( ago)
Make uTorrent 3.2.3 Download Faster /watch?v=sHIardChwDQ

Author Adam Lilley ( ago)
oh yeah, i get why he has a troll pic now

Author Samir OG ( ago)
merci . c le tuto le plus eficasse .....

Author Elmer Gonzalez ( ago)
no it wouldnt i tried it it toook me really long for a 30 mb file

Author WillemHD ( ago)
That would take you over 1 week to download a 30 mb file -.-

Author Hackulous olo ( ago)
Boo u sucks

Author King Sewayne ( ago)
your lucky, i have 0.3kb/s

Author Najwan Hawkie (1292 years ago)
not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!still same,23kb i want 400kb like others

Author Travinator ( ago)
umm okay I don't quite understand wtf this is. utorrent 3.2.3 is new yet
this video was uploaded 2 years ago in clearly says in the description "how
to fast utorrent speed up plz sebscribe 2.0.2 1.8 5, 2.0.3. 2.0.4, 2.2,
2.2.1" and I don't know if this still generally works but yeah. just
pointing that out

Author Abdullah Burki ( ago)
good job

Author lee soonyang ( ago)
Thats works a bit ! it was in 10kbs ..Now it's 80kbs !

Author Adam Lilley ( ago)
that sucks dickhead

Author Tom Stuart ( ago)
last time it was in 1mbs. Now its 100 mbs !! damn works like a charm

Author sephie13 ( ago)
100 people that didnt understand.

Author Zack Pack ( ago)
It worked!.......... I was downloading at 10 kb's and i went to 500 kb's!

Author Don Pobre ( ago)
i need your help bro...everytime i open my torrent...this is always i
YOUR NETWORK CONFIGURATION...i really dont know wat to do my netwotk is
strong and fast...

Author Saksham Armstrong ( ago)
Tnx bro!

Author Arnel sChutz ( ago)

Author Niksu84 ( ago)
my download speed it 7kb sec umad bitches?

Author Susie Gillis ( ago)
ur the fool!!!!!!!!! it works!!!

Author Nicholas Lee ( ago)
it worked and just like turbo

Author saurabh singh ( ago)
thanks a ton man :) it helpd

Author gio gulane ( ago)
you make it slower you are fool!!!! i tried it but downt work in torrent

Author Shots Fired (550 years ago)
thanks, help me alot.. before >>60kb/s dl >>80kb/s 3.2mb dl 310
up good looking out 4 real..with verizon fios high speed..awesome :)

Author Hardcode Sheep ( ago)
this shit will never work for me...

Author Arvind Singh ( ago)
thanks helpd

Author ljko nja ( ago)
thankssss..!! :D

Author lachlan sterling ( ago)
thanks helped tones

Author Alpa Nagar ( ago)
thankyou, it worked!

Author MegaPerry999 ( ago)
epic win xDDDDDDD

Author Kevin Morris ( ago)
not working.

Author Emerson Garcia ( ago)

Author Toni K ( ago)
Thanks bro helped mine some

Author unegaming ( ago)
Because i download lots of files. And I hate waiting.

Author Jorence Catangui ( ago)
This is 100% work thank a lot!

Author Roko Duvnjak ( ago)
tnx man from 3 days to one day :) !!!!

Author ilove dogs ( ago)
im happy if I HAVE that 6 mb because mine is 20-40 kb/s

Author Joan Manuel Zabala ( ago)

Author Farkas Sparkles ( ago)
Why would you want faster then 6 mb ??????

Author Nazih Rihan ( ago)
i got max 100 kb only :(

Author unegaming ( ago)
Thank you for slowing up my downloading instead of 6 mb is now downloading
1 mb.

Author Mystogan Naco ( ago)
good men good video

Author wreek havok ( ago)
Why are you saying " speed up 3.1.3. and others when your using 2.0 ? Can
you explain this for me plz, shouldn't you be demonstrating with a 3 series
utorrent instead of a 2 series ?

Author TheSaksham25 ( ago)
its not superb

Author TheSaksham25 ( ago)
plz somebody help download is not starting

Author TheSaksham25 ( ago)
the download is not starting only :(

Author ankur jain ( ago)
superb!!!!!!!its really works!!!! great thxxxx

Author Darryl Foong Zexian ( ago)
EPIC! prntscr(dot)com/ior4f

Author judin ghazali (438 years ago)
nice man ... from 5 kbps to 35 kpbs ... thanks

Author Shreef Shibli ( ago)
heee yo Really Thanxx so much . Now i have niiiice Torrent ^_^

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