How To Fast Utorrent 3.4 Faster NEW!
how to fast utorrent speed up plz sebscribe
2.0.2 1.8 5, 2.0.3. 2.0.4, 2.2, 2.2.1
faster utorrent increase speed.
speedup tweak.
utorrent speed increase
leeches the fastest internet speed.

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Author Die Zocker ( ago)
jeah men its great 5kb = 100 kb thx

Author TheFisabilillah3 ( ago)
the song are Sound System - Holiday,

Author dob24 ( ago)
Watch for disk overload bottom of screen clear unwanted files and empty
recycle bin if speed drops dramatically this is a likely cause

Author Sezer aka Zartty ( ago)
video Uploaded on 24 May 2010

Author Katheroth066 ( ago)
work perfectly from 500 to 7.0mb/s

Author Hank Jackson ( ago)
Went from 1kb to 400. Thank you so much!

Author NikitaPilotMen ( ago)
Upload unlimited is the key. Jumped from 0kb/s to 2.5mb/s! Thanks a lot man!

Author Franz Villahermosa ( ago)

Author Franz Villahermosa ( ago)
before:156.7 kb/s now:45.6

Author joe helo ( ago)
No shit, sherlock!

Author Michael Armadilo ( ago)
You are the king man tnx

Author Kyrie James ( ago)
Please help it did not work! HELP !!

Author dob24 ( ago)
Plus it helps you and everyone else if you upload unlimited

Author dob24 ( ago)
2 little changes if you have fibre broadband 1. Upload unlimited 2. Ratio
110% even on a torrent with very few seeds I got 1.3mb download

Author LeBron James ( ago)
By the way I'm not the real lebron im just a fan

Author LeBron James ( ago)
Me too at first my download speed goes to 100.9 kbps when I shut down my
computer my download speed return to 15 kbps and my UP speed goes higher
pleaseee help me. my version is 3.3.1

Author adam smith ( ago)
it increased my UP speed but not Download version is 3.3.1

Author ภูวมินทร์ วงศ์เมาะ ( ago)

Author MasterW | 100% Gaming et Fun ( ago)
like and subscribe your the best

Author sbla12 ( ago)
now 151.2 kB/S after 124.2 kB/s "you are the best" ...

Author Karlos Norris ( ago)
Wireless and I am full to the line and I download with 20kb / s max what to

Author MasterW | 100% Gaming et Fun ( ago)
thx alot man

Author Catalin Marian ( ago)
those settings doesn t boost your speed if your bandwidth don t allow
that.For example if you have a bw of 5 MB DONT expect to increese your
download speed to 10 Mb only if you apply those settings...only improve the

Author TheGreat Lex ( ago)
thumbs up if you mute the video

Author Yan Naung ( ago)
Thanks dude ... My speed increased from 200kb/s to 1.5Gb/s. :D

Author Manuel Monteiro ( ago)
works on 3.3!!from 1 kb/s to 700kb/s

Author gerrie marcela ( ago)
for me its not speed

Author Chinedu Nwasolu ( ago)
tried it, doesn't work in any way. only reduces your download speed

Author blizzaroxx ( ago)

Author octavio sanchez ( ago)
Thanxx dude it worked

Author kareem abbas ( ago)
i feel no improvement

Author Rathanont Amalasatian ( ago)
0.2 to 80 T^T

Author Razik Akbar ( ago)
Thanx dude il never 4get yeuuuu....eghhh u made it frm 190kb to 12 kb...ur

Author Frost Piercer ( ago)
Nice from 6 hour become 1 day!

Author Jesus Christ ( ago)

Author scurk100 ( ago)
jumped form 151.2 kB/s to 151.3 kB/s thanks man.....

Author Robbie Coates ( ago)
don't believe it, its fucked it up

Author UnoBorg ( ago)
lol classic @ rcjg9599

Author Robbie Coates ( ago)
prick, slowed it down and had to fucking delete settings and get a new one
you cunt

Author Uchiha Khan ( ago)
Thanks!! from 10hrs to 30mins went to 1hr 30mins thanks alot dude!! =DDDDDD

Author hackerpro558 ( ago)

Author phukemonster ( ago)
thanks bro...

Author b78418364 ( ago)
thanks man it went from 3 years 2 weeks to 3 hours 20 minutes seriously

Author Michael Gray ( ago)
it went from 2 days to 1 hour 36 min on skyrim * TO VIDEO CREATOR* (you my
friend are a boss)

Author Michael Gray ( ago)
Wow i am getting skyrim right now what a coincidence .

Author Amr ElRafie ( ago)

Author DailyEpicnessTV ( ago)
i used this for skyrim

Author crazybeyblademan ( ago)
it worked for me 2mb per second

Author gaildavidson992 ( ago)
Jumped from 30 to 400 kbps, wtf is happening!

Author zapfskas ( ago)
Don't waste your time on this video! I did not try this but in 0:04 it is
clear that the version is not 3.2.3 but 2.0 that version is 2010!

Author KillerIce ( ago)
Make uTorrent 3.2.3 Download Faster /watch?v=sHIardChwDQ

Author Adam Lilley ( ago)
oh yeah, i get why he has a troll pic now

Author Samir OG ( ago)
merci . c le tuto le plus eficasse .....

Author Elmer Gonzalez ( ago)
no it wouldnt i tried it it toook me really long for a 30 mb file

Author WillemHD ( ago)
That would take you over 1 week to download a 30 mb file -.-

Author Hackulous olo ( ago)
Boo u sucks

Author Anshul Kashyap ( ago)
Will this work on utorrent 3.2.3 ? and make it fast ? please tell me.

Author King Sewayne ( ago)
your lucky, i have 0.3kb/s

Author Najwan Hawkie (1291 year ago)
not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!still same,23kb i want 400kb like others

Author TravinatorStudios ( ago)
umm okay I don't quite understand wtf this is. utorrent 3.2.3 is new yet
this video was uploaded 2 years ago in clearly says in the description "how
to fast utorrent speed up plz sebscribe 2.0.2 1.8 5, 2.0.3. 2.0.4, 2.2,
2.2.1" and I don't know if this still generally works but yeah. just
pointing that out

Author Abdullah Burki ( ago)
good job

Author lee soonyang ( ago)
Thats works a bit ! it was in 10kbs ..Now it's 80kbs !

Author Adam Lilley ( ago)
that sucks dickhead

Author Tom Stuart ( ago)
last time it was in 1mbs. Now its 100 mbs !! damn works like a charm

Author sephie13 ( ago)
100 people that didnt understand.

Author Zack Pack ( ago)
It worked!.......... I was downloading at 10 kb's and i went to 500 kb's!

Author Don Pobre ( ago)
i need your help bro...everytime i open my torrent...this is always i
YOUR NETWORK CONFIGURATION...i really dont know wat to do my netwotk is
strong and fast...

Author Saksham Armstrong ( ago)
Tnx bro!

Author Arnel sChutz ( ago)

Author Niksu84 ( ago)
my download speed it 7kb sec umad bitches?

Author Susie Gillis ( ago)
ur the fool!!!!!!!!! it works!!!

Author Nicholas Lee ( ago)
it worked and just like turbo

Author saurabh singh ( ago)
thanks a ton man :) it helpd

Author gio gulane ( ago)
you make it slower you are fool!!!! i tried it but downt work in torrent

Author Road Runner (549 years ago)
thanks, help me alot.. before >>60kb/s dl >>80kb/s 3.2mb dl 310
up good looking out 4 real..with verizon fios high speed..awesome :)

Author Hardcode Sheep ( ago)
this shit will never work for me...

Author Arvind Singh ( ago)
thanks helpd

Author ljko nja ( ago)
thankssss..!! :D

Author lachlan sterling ( ago)
thanks helped tones

Author Alpa Nagar ( ago)
thankyou, it worked!

Author MegaPerry999 ( ago)
epic win xDDDDDDD

Author Kevin Morris ( ago)
not working.

Author Emerson Garcia ( ago)

Author Toni K ( ago)
Thanks bro helped mine some

Author unegaming ( ago)
Because i download lots of files. And I hate waiting.

Author Jorence Catangui ( ago)
This is 100% work thank a lot!

Author Roko Duvnjak ( ago)
tnx man from 3 days to one day :) !!!!

Author ilove dogs ( ago)
im happy if I HAVE that 6 mb because mine is 20-40 kb/s

Author Yoohan Manuel Zabala ( ago)

Author Bob Lorincz ( ago)
Why would you want faster then 6 mb ??????

Author Nazih Rihan ( ago)
i got max 100 kb only :(

Author unegaming ( ago)
Thank you for slowing up my downloading instead of 6 mb is now downloading
1 mb.

Author Mystogan Naco ( ago)
good men good video

Author wreek havok ( ago)
Why are you saying " speed up 3.1.3. and others when your using 2.0 ? Can
you explain this for me plz, shouldn't you be demonstrating with a 3 series
utorrent instead of a 2 series ?

Author TheSaksham25 ( ago)
its not superb

Author TheSaksham25 ( ago)
plz somebody help download is not starting

Author TheSaksham25 ( ago)
the download is not starting only :(

Author ankur jain ( ago)
superb!!!!!!!its really works!!!! great thxxxx

Author Darryl Foong Zexian ( ago)
EPIC! prntscr(dot)com/ior4f

Author judin ghazali (437 years ago)
nice man ... from 5 kbps to 35 kpbs ... thanks

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