Dodge / Jeep "RE" Master Solenoid Service Kits

Product Overview -
Automatic Transmission Master Solenoid Service Kit
For Dodge & Jeep "RE" Model Automatic Transmissions

12420AK fits A500 / 42RE / 44RE 1993 thru 1997

12420BK fits A500 / 42RE / 44RE 1998 & 1999

12420CK fits A500 / 42RE / 44RE 2000 Up

22420AK fits A518 / A618 / 46RE / 47RE 1996 & 1997

22420BK fits A518 / A618 / 46RE / 47RE 1998 & 1999

22420CK Fits A518 /A618 / 46RE / 47RE / 48RE 2000 Up

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Author Tim Treadaway ( ago)
I have a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee shifts in OD ,an jeep worms up an comes out
of OD ,let rpm drop an then exselorat slow an will shift back in OD ,then
go's for awile an repeats the same over agen , can you help.

Author Carolyn Sunlight ( ago)
I've sent you E-mail and have not heard back from you. I would like to buy
the kit for my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Can I just come by and pick it up
from you since i live not to far?

Author CascadeTransParts ( ago)
or EMAIL US DIRECTLY TO Sales@CascadeTransmissionParts.Com

Reach Our Staff Also

Ben West - Product Sales : BenW@CascadeTransmissionParts.Com
Robert Jr - Sales Support : RobertJr@CascadeTransmissionParts.Com

We rarely have the chance to answer messages on here quickly.


Author jadesluv ( ago)
You say "the Sonnex spring is 126 thousands and nearly twice as big"...the
original spring is 63 thousands...63 times 2 is that is twice as
thick....not nearly...just saying...

Author Johnny Rayford ( ago)
Great video loving all the information, you guy's are awesome! Can you give
me some advice on what I should do about my 2000 Jeep Cherokee will not
shift into third gear. I wanted to flush it out, any other suggestions that
might be helpful, I'm all ears..... Thanks Johnny

Author Lenny Padilla ( ago)
hey how can I get in touch. with you guys

Author Gary Williams ( ago)
I own a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 that was not up-shifting properly. We did some
internet troubleshooting before taking anything apart to try to narrow down
possible corrective actions. We though we had a problem with the governor
pressure solenoid which seems to be a common problem. Luckily I ordered
this Master Kit because when I tore into my transmission I found the
Accumulator Spring broken. With the help of Cascade's video's I was able to
install the complete kit in my home garage in a couple of hours. The
quality of the products, fast shipping and very competitive pricing make
Cascade an easy decision.

Author robertsmtn ( ago)
I put one of these master solenoid kits in my '93 ZJ earlier this fall. The
kit is absolutely great, and Cascade has put good videos on youtube for
install. I really appreciated the 3-4 accumulator spring being heavy duty
as I found my OEM spring had shattered in multiple pieces. Some parts are
hard to reach, but my son and I were able to install all the parts in this
kit without pulling the valve body out. Thanks Cascade..

Author herb BRADBURN ( ago)
do you have a Canadian phone number because i can't phone out of
Canada,,I'm trying to order this kit,,,can i give you an e-mail or I really
need this kit

Author Roccar Morphs ( ago)
you say this upgrade the 3 to a 4 pin sensor. what
modifications are required to the harness to make this upgrade?

Author Jason Lewers ( ago)
Is that a Input Sensor ? I cant find the dang thing I have some whack
diagram that says the input sensor is where the neutral saftey sensor ?
It must be inside this is gonna kill me! I have took that 42RE pan off
like ten times To have rebuilt then fixed leaky pan bolts one agonizing
bolt at a time too see if fixed due too bugetarian regiments. I had a
master rebuild kit installed which is pretty much clutch bands O rings
springs etc Installed Feels Tight and Stiff! Now So where Im at I need
this kit and ....My problem is that It stalls but when I give gas does not
die kinda sputters then goes ok then shifts to second then down shifts
seemingly slippy without losing speed then after that shifts fine solidly
through too 3rd and other gears and does not really slip most the time I
mean some times it feels perfect Lets see how long it takes me too figure

Author William Harris ( ago)
i have a 2002 dakota r/t it has a 5.9 dont know what size transmission it
has how much does the master solenoid kit cost thank

Author Allen Young ( ago)
Hi, really like your videos my questions are what are the torque specs on
everything that would be removed to install this kit? i am in the process
of buying this kit and i am concern about the torque specs thank you.

Author CascadeTransParts ( ago)
most of the liberty's contain a solenoid block please see our website under

Author Jason Jasons ( ago)
Hi I live in the UK how can I get this product, I have a Jeep liberty KJ
2003, Im coming up with code that got to do with the soloniod.the car in
Africa and I want to do it myself when I get back there, so how do I order
it to the UK?

Author CascadeTransParts ( ago)
no , if phone was published we couldn't handle the call volumes we are
located in Oregon , Just outside of Salem

Author a2zhandi ( ago)
Wouldn't it be easier to have the address on your site with phone number?

Author CascadeTransParts ( ago)
yes if you email me through the contact us page i can send address info. We
accept money orders , cashiers check , and personal checks - pers checks
have a slight shipment delay 

Author a2zhandi ( ago)
I'd like to order this kit. But I do not use a credit card nor do I use my
paypa any more. Do you take a money order or cashiers check? You provide no
physical address on your site. Thanks

Author CascadeTransParts ( ago)
Hello - please feel free to visit our site , all pricing is current

Author Jose Tejada ( ago)
hello i have a 2001 dodge ram 1500 3.9 v6 how much it would be for this
hall kit thanks

Author John DiMartino ( ago)
Nice kit....

Author CascadeTransParts ( ago)
Hello , i can't say for sure without more info - you are welcome to email
us through our website 

Author TheSantuico ( ago)
I got a 2002 jeep grand cherokee overland AWD and my transmission have a
shifting problem when i need to go over 100 km/hr will a solenoid kit help
me out.

Author igor vukadinovic ( ago)
koja je cena ovog kompleta i gde mogu naruciti sve ovo

Author Chevy Ross ( ago)
Nvm found it, might do this next summer when its warmer. 

Author Chevy Ross ( ago)
How much? Thanks

Author CascadeTransParts (570 years ago)
@TCF2148 the harness can be swaped/replaced leaving the valve body in the
truck ; simply drop the 3-4 accumulator housing down to access the
connector - i welcome further questions if you email me directly from our

Author TCF2148 ( ago)
@TCF2148 Those are actually the solenoids in the upper left corner of the
frame as I thought. I'm pretty sure this does cover all the parts I'll
need, and it probably will be very easy. Next question: Since the 3,4
accumulator piston cushions the engagement of those gears, does the new
spring make it noticeably more harsh? (I should know this already)

Author TCF2148 ( ago)
@CascadeTransParts I was watching one of your other videos when you did an
RE master solenoid kit. You removed the valve body to replace the OD and
lock up solenoids. You mentioned not being able to get to the connector for
them without the valve body coming down. I must've mistaken the transducer
for the solenoids. Not surprising since this is my first automatic repair.
Well, the book says OD solenoid harrness, so I'll do a bit more research
before I start chucking parts.

Author CascadeTransParts ( ago)
@TCF2148 Hello , the kit can be installed without removing the valve body
which saves about 30 minutes ; simply drop the 3-4 accumulator housing to
access the connector , and replace - we are working on a supplemental video
to show more information

Author TCF2148 ( ago)
That's a decent kit. I've heard others praise the B&W solenoid on YouTube
as well. My shift problem I'm having with my "01 Ram 47RE is that it shifts
through 3rd in about a second under all speed and throttle conditions. The
shop manual for the truck says it's a short in the OD harness and since the
valve body has to come out for that, I'm just going to give it a full kit
and hopefully avoid opening it up again any time soon. I'll still install a
drain plug anyway, though.

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