Always Dreaming wins 143rd Kentucky Derby

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  • TJ Russomato
    TJ Russomato 7 days ago

    why so many dislikes???? the Derby is fantastic!

  • Selvan Jones
    Selvan Jones 7 days ago

    Imagine having an Exacta box with Always Dreaming & Irish War Cry smh It looked so promising.

  • speedking525 speedking525

    cruelty to animals

  • Vannie Squirt
    Vannie Squirt 10 days ago

    At the very first part of the derby when all the horses take off it is hilarious.😂

  • Aj Victoria
    Aj Victoria 11 days ago

    Always Dreaming ran a good race. There is no denying that. My favorite was Classic Empire, who I hope does well in the Preakness. However, something in my gut tells me Always Dreaming will do well in that race too.

  • Johnny DjJediNite
    Johnny DjJediNite 13 days ago

    looks just like American Pharoahs  Preakness, we have a TC wnner here guys!

  • Nicholas Stolley
    Nicholas Stolley 15 days ago

    thunder snow is dancing 😂😂😂

  • Nicholas Stolley
    Nicholas Stolley 15 days ago

    he's won his 143rd Kentucky Derby? oh my god! 😱

  • ponygurl33 Equestrian

    First of all, these horses are only 3 years old. Honestly would you race and bet on toddlers? That is what you are basically watching.

  • DriftKingsHD
    DriftKingsHD 16 days ago

    great win great horse. 22 and 46 pace yet pulled away. great for Todd n johnny

  • clmco
    clmco 16 days ago

    These animals are tragically abused and the NBC network supports it

  • clmco
    clmco 16 days ago

    NBC supports animal abuse

  • Patrick Buglass
    Patrick Buglass 16 days ago

    699 people put all their money on 'Illuminati Sure-Thing'...

  • Richard C
    Richard C 16 days ago

    Classic Empire had a George Chuvalo trip -- took big shots, never hit the canvas and was tossing haymakers until the end of the "fight".

  • Rachel Edmondson
    Rachel Edmondson 16 days ago

    I love my city!! Looking forward to next year's derby 😊

  • Billy Brownstar
    Billy Brownstar 16 days ago

    So, this is interesting. Larry Collmus, at the end of the race, called "It's Always Dreaming, Looking at Lee, Battle of Midway and then Classic Empire". At that point though, Classic Empire was in 5th. Either he made a mistake, or had the foresight to see that Classic Empire was going to catch the then current 4th place horse.

    Also, I think had there not been a collision out of the gates, Classic Empire competes for at least 2nd Place.

  • zalo813
    zalo813 16 days ago

    Alrightttttt. I grew up watching this as a kid, because we owned a few horses. My dad's favorite was his thoroughbred, The Black Widow.

  • Gandolf
    Gandolf 17 days ago

    Thunder snow was saying have you ever tried to run with a ball of mud in your eye, get off of me you moron.

  • Ved Valmyr
    Ved Valmyr 17 days ago

    if you ask me thunder snow was the real winner there

  • Luis  Enrique
    Luis Enrique 17 days ago

    @1:51 "the kranken has been unleashed" omfg that was hilarious ! 😂

  • First Last
    First Last 18 days ago

    And the local SPCA received a horse later that day.

  • George Gisoldi
    George Gisoldi 18 days ago

    With the betting not moving much l likened #5 to run his race . Best position , Always Dreaming . Running from behind in mud from the outside logjam was too much for the other contenders. I missed Battle of Midway , but the others , # 1 , 14 , 19 all on ticket . I took #9 and # 5 in a exacta box with #s 1 , 5 , 9 , 12 , 14 , 17 , 19 . It turned a $42 wager into a $366 winner , +$424 , l loved the #1 , 5 , 14 , so have to kick myself for not making Battle of Midway #11 . Practical Joke was beaten by a head for fourth by Classic Empire . The triple and Superfecta would have been a even greater life changer.

  • Trilliante
    Trilliante 18 days ago

    The easiest way to figure out who won: Look at which horse didn't have mud all over its face.

  • Grant McKinley
    Grant McKinley 18 days ago

    ive gotten so bored I'm watching horse races. :/

  • Kegan Terry
    Kegan Terry 18 days ago

    2:55 the other horse is congratulating him.

  • Black Baron
    Black Baron 18 days ago

    Can someone from kentucky inform me how big/important the kentucky derby is? Is it like a huge thing that spikes tons of tourism?

  • Ashton Belville
    Ashton Belville 19 days ago

    her mother was a mudder

  • Bob T
    Bob T 19 days ago

    At the end of any muddy race, the neat and clean jockey rode well.

  • pt ch
    pt ch 19 days ago

    Thunder Snow said, "I don't care about the money, time, or training....I don't feel like running today." Lmao

  • InsertName125
    InsertName125 19 days ago

    They should do cheetah racing. That would be cool.

  • InsertName125
    InsertName125 19 days ago

    Horses are fast.

  • Davis Herrick
    Davis Herrick 19 days ago

    12 horse steps u have got to be kidding me people.....

  • Gran Santo
    Gran Santo 19 days ago

    Oh, this baby loves the slob, loves it, eats it up. Eats the slob. Born in the slob. His father was a mudda'. His mother was a mudda'.

  • Well
    Well 19 days ago

    I go there every year

  • MIguel Crespo
    MIguel Crespo 19 days ago

    And te Oscar Mayer goes to... The dancing horse.

  • Gerry Nightingale
    Gerry Nightingale 19 days ago

    Uh...people still 'give a fuck' about this horse-racing shit? Why?

  • Elliollin
    Elliollin 19 days ago

    "'she's the fastest' takes the lead followed by 'always comes in second' and 'I'm number 3!'"

  • Hog Man The Intruder

    so this whole derby is just one lap around a track

  • That Fella
    That Fella 19 days ago

    People find this entertaining?

  • Mitch Diamond & The Yankee Sons

    this was my first time watching the Derby live. what a cool event.

  • mandragoranz
    mandragoranz 19 days ago

    I'd name my cool ass horse, Harems Keeper.

  • Jack Tee
    Jack Tee 19 days ago

    "Battle of midway is midway between those two"

    Damn announcers and their damn puns

  • Jimmy Peralta
    Jimmy Peralta 19 days ago

    Thunder snow went like "fuck that I just got my pedi done" jumping out of here 😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Peralta
    Jimmy Peralta 19 days ago

    Perfect raze,Always Dreaming was not even dirty at the end of the race 😅 good job Johnny 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  • Lance Love
    Lance Love 19 days ago

    Nice..the inside was clean to me..I just don't see how they really all get so seperated in the race I mean you'd think there would be more strategy used to stay up front...I don't know..I rarely watch this..

    • Lance Love
      Lance Love 17 days ago

      I would try it...I think if I was a jockey and my coach or owner was like "don't try to maneuver"...I would be like fuck you! That's my job! I ride and I'm the jockey! I think that the track could play more of a role than it does and I think swinging wide and cutting back in could work...I think it could also distract the other horses and challenge them more to think they could cut in on me because I'm risking not being able to get back into my position by getting out...I think that's smarter in the long run...if I'm running several race..I've got them alerted to running full speed constantly because I'm going to challenge them and that's going to challenge everyone and that's going to cause more errors...I think it's better...I think they are society..they think running one way longer is better...everyone tries harder...that's not true...the true aim gets old and tires out....I that causes more wear based injuries and performance bias than maneuvering...yeah I guess a jock could fall off but in the end it's worth's not much to catch up if you fell off...I would's worth risking if the crowd is saying don't do anything but run straight...then the sport has become irrelevent and the only that's important is the starting gun and some flowers and cash and business...that's not a is about losing...trying...approving of the injured and straining to return and be a champion...but what do I know...I don't have any flies on my butthole...but I do have decently pretty hair..I'm no horse but hey...I'm cute for a guy with small teeth...

    • Laura
      Laura 17 days ago

      Sometimes they can maneuver, but the jockeys do have to be careful when moving around to make sure they don't cut off another horse and jockey (which could lead to being disqualification or placed last) and also how much energy the jockey thinks the horse has left. This is more than likely the first and last time these horses will race with 19 other competitors as well as this is their first time ever running a mile and a quarter, so some of these horses won't have enough energy circling the field so cutting turns and staying close to the rail will help.

    • Lance Love
      Lance Love 17 days ago

      I meant like couldn't you move outside and catch up then in and take the lead...they just don't ever try any maneuvering I guess they feel limited because this race has happened for like two hundred years on circle...but I would try some shit...I mean if you're gonna lose lose..but in the same spot for the whole thing..I would try some maneuvers and NO OFFICER ETHICON IM NOT TALKING ABOUT STEROIDS WHY DONT YOU JUST SIT IN YOUR CAR AND WAIT FOR ME TO DRIVE BY SO YOU CAN LOOK AT ME WIERD AND SAY I DIDNT COME TO A COMPLETE STOP SO YOU CAN LOOK IN MY CAR AND THEN STILL GIVE ME A just seems like every comment in the world is about steroids in the back ground...horses cross fit body building...I mean geez...I just think the troll contengency is at zombie APOCOLYPSE levels! But yeah...maneuvering..make it so!

    • Laura
      Laura 18 days ago

      It depends on the horses in race! If the pace is fast, then the horses up front typically will tire and drop back giving horses who come from behind a better chance at winning. If the pace is slow, then the horses up front typically won't tire as much making it harder for the horses from behind to win! The pace in this race wasn't as fast. Pace makes the race. Try watching the 2005 Kentucky Derby and see how the horses up front were flying. :)

  • Klorgiest
    Klorgiest 19 days ago


  • violinsheets
    violinsheets 19 days ago

    Animal abuse

  • Lit _66
    Lit _66 19 days ago

    Thundersnow fuck this, my true passion is DANCING

  • Lexie
    Lexie 19 days ago

    My friends's cousin owns always dreaming *-*

  • ToonRaider
    ToonRaider 19 days ago

    143 wins for Always Dreaming? Impressed. 😩👌

  • Shadetear
    Shadetear 19 days ago

    Had it been the Belmont, Lookin At Lee probably would've beaten Always Dreaming. He better step up his game in 5 weeks. Congrats to the owners of Always Dreaming!

  • jesse whitacre
    jesse whitacre 19 days ago

    it was supposed to be lookin at lee then always dreaming

  • Pixelko
    Pixelko 19 days ago


  • themonkeyhand
    themonkeyhand 19 days ago

    WTF? Not a single Seinfeld joke....

  • DieOrBlink
    DieOrBlink 19 days ago

    fuck any faggot that's into this shit. get a real hobby

  • Eric Cardona
    Eric Cardona 19 days ago

    I was watching Talladega

  • prowlie
    prowlie 19 days ago

    OMG YES... horses running.. what sad boring entertainment for inbred rednecks....... err Trump voters

  • KC
    KC 19 days ago

    All that hype for 2 minutes of excitement. Describes my sex life.

  • BigMike
    BigMike 19 days ago

    How bout Thundersnow

  • InitialKnockout
    InitialKnockout 19 days ago

    So, kids, these are called Derby horses. They tend to turn brown and slimy whenever they gallop.

  • Eamon Quinn
    Eamon Quinn 19 days ago

    The live action filming of Steel Ball Run appears to be going well.

  • wajdef
    wajdef 19 days ago

    Im here for the hill billies in the comments eating hay.

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 19 days ago

    What's up with their names???

  • Vigilante
    Vigilante 19 days ago

    1:20-1:25 that bird though... I'm sleep 😂😴

  • Rocky ll
    Rocky ll 19 days ago


  • Truelady2Anna
    Truelady2Anna 19 days ago

    This is like NASCAR for rich white people

  • Mynamechad _
    Mynamechad _ 19 days ago

    I've never seen so many retarded names in one place

  • Genshin Shiruzu
    Genshin Shiruzu 19 days ago

    I didn't know NBC was into JoJo Part 7

  • Kate Oldyard
    Kate Oldyard 19 days ago

    Always dreaming is a beautiful name! <3 Great win by Dreaming.

  • Paradox Void
    Paradox Void 19 days ago

    Never seen a horseback race, I like.

  • The Scout
    The Scout 19 days ago


  • salty bugger
    salty bugger 19 days ago

    I wish I would have placed a bet because I called Battle of Midway.I just had a feeling that a long shot was going to do well. He was two at one point.

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. 20 days ago

    Don't the horses who start on the inside have a huge advantage? Its a circular track and yet they all start at the exact same spot? The horse on outside would have to be faster in the beginning and work their way over to the inside to less the amount travel but in the process have to travel a further distance. I don't know much about horse racing but it seems statistically unfair.

    • Chris S.
      Chris S. 18 days ago

      Well thank you for the information Laura. :) So I assume the winning horse is the one who comes out on top in the beginning and maintains a lead near the rails? Also is a length, the length of a horse?

    • Laura
      Laura 18 days ago

      In the Derby, the horses in the gates 1-4 actually have a huge disadvantage! Since every jockey wants their horse on the rail or as near because it does save ground, those horses on the inside have 16+ horses going towards the rail and as a result they get squeezed and pushed behind horses resulting in traffic. Most jockeys do want their horse as close to the rail as possible but sometimes they will be pushed 3-4 lengths off the rail :)

  • BrandonDime
    BrandonDime 20 days ago

    Probably my most successful year, bet on Always Dreaming like 3 times, so I made bank 😀💲

  • carmen ramirez
    carmen ramirez 20 days ago

    from my hood all right🙌

  • Ethan Akrie
    Ethan Akrie 20 days ago

    anybody know what happened to Thunder Snow it looked like he got injured when breaking from the gate.

    MAJOR FACTZ TV 20 days ago

    You say these horses was treated like Gods in their captivity by the white man but the black slaves were treated like nothing in their captivity of the white man. Unbelievable.

  • Venckman
    Venckman 20 days ago

    Outrider: "Guess my advice to stay on the rail paid off!" :) It was definitely the place to be Derby Day.

  • Bill Kinsey
    Bill Kinsey 20 days ago

    good kick!!

  • BaddestSalmon
    BaddestSalmon 20 days ago

    Horse racing is surprisingly dirty

  • yo raffetto
    yo raffetto 20 days ago

    "His father was a mudder. His mother was a mudder!"

  • Janky Jank Productions

    elitist douchebags

  • Nick
    Nick 20 days ago

    Girvin (jockey wearing dark red) was streaming up the outside and would have won that race if it not had been for the other horses cutting him off at 4:16

    YODA I AM 20 days ago

    jesus thunder snow lost his shit!

  • Percius Westbrooks
    Percius Westbrooks 20 days ago

    Who the hell cares about horse racing

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 20 days ago

    who gives a frenchmens fuck about horse racing?

  • Tim Bosvert
    Tim Bosvert 20 days ago

    WOW! A bunch of New York City hard leftist liberals, extremely wealth piece of shit scum garbage assholes won more money again. What amazing human-beings, and such brave people they are. I guess their other expensive colt horse named, *I hate Donald Trump* didn't make it. So sad.. LOL

  • Irish Slaves
    Irish Slaves 20 days ago

    This always makes me cry. Good job to all of them beautiful creatures.

  • stephen st.clair
    stephen st.clair 20 days ago

    No "And down the stretch they come"? Doesn't sound right .

  • Supplements
    Supplements 20 days ago

    Great race!

  • Martin Xeray
    Martin Xeray 20 days ago

    black people who don't know about this shit. it's real!!!

  • Ezeckiel Reyes
    Ezeckiel Reyes 20 days ago


  • workingmansdead 44
    workingmansdead 44 20 days ago

    happy mudders day

  • Moshe Karmel
    Moshe Karmel 20 days ago

    1:48 - "Battle of Midway is midway between 2 runners...". I see what you did there.

  • wee wright
    wee wright 20 days ago

    nice race

  • VinnyDaQ
    VinnyDaQ 20 days ago

    Does anyone know how much the trifecta paid ? Or the quad ?

  • Dustin Travis
    Dustin Travis 20 days ago

    Aaaaand two days later, finally finishing the race, it's Thundersnow!

  • Animated Tigress
    Animated Tigress 20 days ago

    143 years of animal abuse and millionaires inbreeding horses til there no good. then having them put down not allowing them to retire happily.

    • Cadance Lee
      Cadance Lee 20 days ago

      Animated Tigress horses inbreed as much in the wild as they do in horse racing and most of these horses will retire to stud, others will go to homes. Btw it's illegal for racehorses to go to slaughter.

  • inmaginacion99
    inmaginacion99 20 days ago

    Thank you for sharing and "CONGRATULATIONS TO ALWAYS DREAMING"!!!!!☺☺To his Trainer and Jockey☺☺☺WELL DONE!!!!!

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