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Author Rachel Roussel (2 years)

Author Rhenarra (1 year)
Ashfur's song to Squirrelflight. Nuff said.

Author GZaGS (2 years)
This isn't the timberland version. He just does background noise in his
version and it's his song. But still a good song

Author Filip Maric (5 years)
Very nice video,but this song is smilar with U2-One.

Author .luhan (3 years)
ive loved this song since forever.... i forgot wat its name was so i
couldent hear it.. now i finally found it... <3

Author MsChika13 (5 years)
ich liebe des lied echt super dobro very good

Author bisphamlads (6 years)
really good vid mate i love it and i dont mind waiting for lyrics its to
good to miss x

Author averiebrunson (2 years)
I love this song it keeps me happy when I am sad!

Author alyssac723 (2 years)
I love this song so much! Reminds me of my friends and this song helped me
get though drama

Author savannah3664 (3 years)
love it!!! super old but still love it!!!

Author ImReEpHD (2 years)
My life was awesome some weeks ago,some girls totally loved me. Then they
met my friend. Now they hate me,say that im ugly and shit. You guys might
think : Lol are you sad just because if that? Yes,i am. It really hurt
me,this song is just the most inspiring evah 3 T_T

Author publicenvasion15 (2 years)
\"_*/ good times

Author kirkhayes37 (2 years)
This is an absolute amazing song

Author 06Alucard06 (5 years)
this is the original not the timbaland one

Author averiebrunson (2 years)
I 3 this song!

Author jordanlea14 (3 years)
This isn't the timberland version is it?

Author Fashionbabe07∞ † ▲ (2 years)
I love this song but reminds me of someone \3 and my friends lobe this song
but reminds her of somwone too :(

Author geocsboy (5 years)
omg... this is the best song O.o reminds me of the old time's
make's me cry :-<

Author Farah Sobki (6 years)
i loove this song....

Author Abraysha Robbins (2 years)
This is 4 all the people who let me down when I needed the most

Author mariavarela858 (2 years)
This is for those who I trusted, loved nd him I miss yu Humberto but is jst
to late ...

Author elizabeth tsekela (1 year)
morethetho o hlabosang ruri!

Author TheHabvero (5 years)
Awesomr song!

Author Death the kid (2 years)
Love this song

Author thecoolrashil (2 years)
My number 1 favorite song

Author dinarking (6 years)
This rich Hovtha the greatest song about her life and come to the famous
singer Timbrland (( almusali))in yemen

Author Andy Mu (2 years)
It's 2013 and I still love this song <3

Author iWillLuvYouForeva (4 years)
this song can't get old.....

Author Georgie Roberts (6 years)
very good the colours are really nice

Author Mark LaserGun (2 years)
It ok

Author SasukeCaramelldansen (5 years)
This is the the One Republic version.

Author Kemo_303 (3 years)
even though my best friend took the girl i love this song doesn't help like
it would

Author HDL90ful (3 years)
Old but Gold <3 *_*

Author xxdiamondkissesxx (3 years)
Love this song

Author vita aukstuoliene (2 years)
You're 11, you've got a girlfriend and stupid for doin it so early .

Author John Shaun (2 years)
If only it was onerepublic

Author Liridon (5 years)
wtf is the diff wit this one and timbaland, ffs timbaland says wat liek 1
word 5x's? gtfo it should be called "Apologize - One Republic [FT]
Timbaland lol

Author Ezequiel Valenzuela (2 years)
It to late to Oder pizza

Author Morten Andersen (5 years)
this is not with timbaland

Author Wong Guan Hao (5 years)
@alboblood24 no timbaland ft one republic cus timbaland sponser his band

Author BeatUnknown (5 years)
Hey, check out this apologize remake: watch?v=rNezUoC6e5I&fmt=22

Author Barbaro8lover8 (3 years)
Hey Chris you will be singing this to yourself one day when you want me

Author MaryBerrii (3 years)
I'm sorry. But he won't take me back. I feel dead inside. I guess it's too
late to apologize.

Author Tiff14ish (2 years)
i love this song but for some reason it is not too late to apologize most
of the time with me. i forgive but never forget. this song also has a
catchy tune like u could dance to it

Author pinky236913 (2 years)
Its too late to say I love you

Author gunter963 (2 years)
zige arsch

Author Charles Manore (2 years)
Awesome song

Author scrazycoombs11 (4 years)
I love this song

Author BladeMark94 (4 years)
@MultiAufreisser Ich kann wetten du bist wieder so'nen Dummer Türke/ Kurde
/ Albaner ;) Freeak

Author jonessoda023 (4 years)
love this song

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