one republic ft. timberland - apologize lyrics

nice song and calming

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Author Rhenarra ( ago)
Ashfur's song to Squirrelflight. Nuff said.

Author elizabeth tsekela ( ago)
morethetho o hlabosang ruri! 

Author Andy Mu ( ago)
It's 2013 and I still love this song <3

Author Fashionbabe07∞ † ▲ ( ago)
I love this song but reminds me of someone \3 and my friends lobe this song
but reminds her of somwone too :(

Author Mark LaserGun (MarkLaserGun) ( ago)
It ok

Author Death the kid ( ago)
Love this song

Author Ezequiel Valenzuela ( ago)
It to late to Oder pizza

Author ImReEpHD ( ago)
My life was awesome some weeks ago,some girls totally loved me. Then they
met my friend. Now they hate me,say that im ugly and shit. You guys might
think : Lol are you sad just because if that? Yes,i am. It really hurt
me,this song is just the most inspiring evah 3 T_T

Author Abraysha Robbins ( ago)
This is 4 all the people who let me down when I needed the most

Author alyssac723 ( ago)
I love this song so much! Reminds me of my friends and this song helped me
get though drama

Author kirkhayes37 ( ago)
This is an absolute amazing song

Author thecoolrashil ( ago)
My number 1 favorite song

Author vita aukstuoliene ( ago)
You're 11, you've got a girlfriend and stupid for doin it so early .

Author John Shaun ( ago)
If only it was onerepublic

Author GZaGS ( ago)
This isn't the timberland version. He just does background noise in his
version and it's his song. But still a good song

Author Rachel Roussel ( ago)

Author pinky236913 ( ago)
Its too late to say I love you

Author Charles Manore ( ago)
Awesome song

Author Kemo_303 ( ago)
even though my best friend took the girl i love this song doesn't help like
it would

Author MaryBerrii ( ago)
I'm sorry. But he won't take me back. I feel dead inside. I guess it's too
late to apologize.

Author .luhan ( ago)
ive loved this song since forever.... i forgot wat its name was so i
couldent hear it.. now i finally found it... <3 

Author jordanlea14 ( ago)
This isn't the timberland version is it?

Author savannah3664 ( ago)
love it!!! super old but still love it!!! 

Author Barbaro8lover8 ( ago)
Hey Chris you will be singing this to yourself one day when you want me

Author iWillLuvYouForeva ( ago)
this song can't get old.....

Author jonessoda023 ( ago)
love this song

Author jonessoda023 ( ago)
luv this song

Author BeatUnknown ( ago)
Hey, check out this apologize remake: watch?v=rNezUoC6e5I&fmt=22

Author Wong Guan Hao (Reaper) ( ago)
@alboblood24 no timbaland ft one republic cus timbaland sponser his band

Author SasukeCaramelldansen ( ago)
This is the the One Republic version.

Author Liridon ( ago)
wtf is the diff wit this one and timbaland, ffs timbaland says wat liek 1
word 5x's? gtfo it should be called "Apologize - One Republic [FT]
Timbaland lol

Author Morten Andersen ( ago)
this is not with timbaland

Author Filip Maric ( ago)
Very nice video,but this song is smilar with U2-One.

Author TheHabvero ( ago)
Awesomr song!

Author Farah Sobki ( ago)
i loove this song....

Author Georgie Roberts ( ago)
very good the colours are really nice

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