Miley Cyrus Describes Her Memorable First Time in the Subway

  • Added:  7 days ago
  • Miley Cyrus chats with Jimmy about venturing into the New York City Subway for the first time and why she loved busking to "Party in the U.S.A." for fans.

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    Miley Cyrus Describes Her Memorable First Time in the Subway
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  • Runtime: 3:14
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Comments: 192

  • Jens9807
    Jens9807 16 hours ago

    Her voice is really deep or whatever

  • Juan Corrales
    Juan Corrales 1 day ago

    Her fly is down 😐

  • 89DoraH
    89DoraH 1 day ago

    she never took the subway...

  • Simrit S
    Simrit S 2 days ago

    you're NOT MY DAD

  • Kevin Kosmo
    Kevin Kosmo 3 days ago

    I love her song "We did stop" and SNL about government shutdown more than the original song "We can't stop"


    Miley: you are our rock and roll royalty! So good to hear you back!you and Jimmy ought go on tour, and make a movie about it. And maybe bring your dad and all of the friends you that as you were growing up you know your old rock 'n' roll buddys that used to play with your dad in the yard oh yeah...

  • Carlos Concepcion Berroa


  • Isa P
    Isa P 5 days ago

    why is nobody talking about that open ziper oh my god

  • salas7146
    salas7146 5 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon doesn't need to get butt hurt

  • salas7146
    salas7146 5 days ago

    l'm 46 years old l have two adult sons their in in thier twenty's

  • salas7146
    salas7146 5 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon could be Miley Cyrus dad his 44 years old his a middle age Man

  • Inasakie
    Inasakie 5 days ago

    Get this off my homepage

  • Jean Krikke
    Jean Krikke 5 days ago

    She has an AMAZING voice, personality and looks....!!
    OOOHHH MY Gooodnessss..!!!

  • Jean Krikke
    Jean Krikke 5 days ago

    Just speaking......She has......
    THE most spektakulær voice EVER.....!!!!!!!!!
    What a beauty...!!
    and a voice......!!!
    Hugs from Denmark...!!!!!

  • Kayla Dyson
    Kayla Dyson 5 days ago

    When Party in the U.S.A. came on during the tour, THE CROWD WENT NUTS.

  • Ville Törölä
    Ville Törölä 5 days ago

    I'd hit that

  • mouza alw
    mouza alw 5 days ago

    Wow my fat ass thought they meant subway the restaurant

  • Rhea Mina
    Rhea Mina 5 days ago

    "re-fall in love with my songs" yaaaas. u shud! my 6 yrs old daughter loved all ur old songs :)

  • Sarah Gazon
    Sarah Gazon 5 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon looks like a homeless man or alcoholic with his 5'o'clock shadow of a beard

  • david _
    david _ 5 days ago

    she just pulled a morphing time and going back to Hannah Montana

  • kaeaa
    kaeaa 5 days ago

    Honestly, I really dislike Jimmy Fallon and his show. But when he's joined with Miley he is actually really entertaining, real, and funny. She brings out the best in people, I guess!

  • A eE
    A eE 6 days ago

    I hope we hear about her being dead of an over dose drug soon.

  • Narcyzx98
    Narcyzx98 6 days ago

    I love her since I was 7 and that never changed even though she had this "crazy" period in her life I always kinda knew she needed that in some kinda way and she will get over It ❤️

  • Savannah Southey
    Savannah Southey 6 days ago

    I've always loved miley since Hannah but wow I'm loving this positive vibes change

  • Kevin Nájera
    Kevin Nájera 6 days ago

    Sing The Climb!

  • mike jones
    mike jones 6 days ago

    Why does Jimymy have a beard, doesn't look good , looks like he glued his pubes to his face.

  • Bobbie Ellcey
    Bobbie Ellcey 6 days ago

    I was surprised when Miley said she did the gay pride tour I am glad she supports the LGBTQ

  • tatiana escobar
    tatiana escobar 6 days ago

    is her zipper down lol

  • VarshaPriya Gopathoti

    Miley is really cute 😄😄

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 6 days ago

    She looks good with clothes on and her hair like this. She's actually a really cute girl when she's not a hot fuckin mess!

  • Truth
    Truth 6 days ago

    ladies and gents that right there is the most genuine person in Hollywood

  • Sam Bucag
    Sam Bucag 6 days ago

    I really really want her to sing The Climb again

  • Dhakshniy Sivakumaran

    Yaaa my entire school was singing party in the usa on our trip to Chicago and it was definitely memorable

  • Emely De La Rosa
    Emely De La Rosa 6 days ago


  • Kryptonian Saiyan
    Kryptonian Saiyan 6 days ago

    She looks better with long hair

  • Sonja Dawn
    Sonja Dawn 6 days ago

    They're as hypo as each other! Good for them!

  • classyandfabulous94


  • Utahime Melina Marie


  • annajeehee
    annajeehee 6 days ago

    She is in love that is why she is this way now -

  • maricel hulpa
    maricel hulpa 6 days ago

    Is her zipper is open? i got distracted by it....

    GARY BINGHAM 6 days ago

    she's like the new MILEY BRINGING THE OLD MILEY BACK

  • Max Belkin
    Max Belkin 6 days ago

    her fly is down...

  • Fabio Sousa
    Fabio Sousa 6 days ago


  • SusannGER
    SusannGER 6 days ago

    He really looked like Billy Ray Cyrus xD

  • Ashique Anwar
    Ashique Anwar 6 days ago

    Was I the only one who thought 'First Time in the Subway' meant something totally different? Lol.

  • fredy roman dominguez

    que sexy se ve Jimmy fallon... qe rico le an de oler las bolas

  • Andreas Nicolaou
    Andreas Nicolaou 6 days ago


  • note2owns
    note2owns 6 days ago

    Pull your zipper up Miley!!!

  • Rohan Haroon
    Rohan Haroon 6 days ago

    Hey Jimmy Fallon ! invite MKBHD to your show sometime.

  • Ninako Shizuka
    Ninako Shizuka 6 days ago

    more of classic songs please @mileycyrus

  • KittyCatSound
    KittyCatSound 6 days ago

    Maybe Billy Ray has his best of both worlds as Jimmy Fallon 😂☝

  • Manish Verma
    Manish Verma 6 days ago

    She is frank and blunt honest person.

  • Oskar Oskar
    Oskar Oskar 6 days ago

    Jimmy is your *Daddy*, Miley 😈💀

  • New Message
    New Message 6 days ago

    "I've been penetrated in every hole, by all sorts of weird things.."

  • Jasmin Ashkani
    Jasmin Ashkani 6 days ago

    Omg I loved this! She should be on more!!

  • V0r4xiz
    V0r4xiz 6 days ago

    Is her fly open or is that wishful thinking? :D

  • Diamondelle84
    Diamondelle84 6 days ago

    Somewhere, there's a window without a curtain. lol

  • Patty Rauhl
    Patty Rauhl 6 days ago

    I love her

  • Emilly Santos
    Emilly Santos 6 days ago

    The Miley Cyrus is best❤

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie 6 days ago

    Someone should have told that her her zip is undone

  • Ginny T.
    Ginny T. 6 days ago

    I love that Jimmy used Piano Man as his example.

  • Doğu Baran
    Doğu Baran 6 days ago

    hannah montana is back?

  • AClover4life14
    AClover4life14 6 days ago

    OMGsh just watched the Subway video that's awesome! But yeah about how everyone sings along and knows all the words to this day that would be me too XD the other day I was at the bar with my dad and Party and The USA came on and I was just singing along to every word ^.^

  • Cher GH
    Cher GH 6 days ago

    wow she's not as annoying while sober

  • Tim Smithe
    Tim Smithe 6 days ago

    I think Miley looks so natural and beautiful! I absolutely prefer her this way, but do your thing, Miley! :)

  • TheGamerGirl
    TheGamerGirl 6 days ago

    Do you mean the food Subway Or the transportation subway? Cause every time I go into Subway [The Food Subway] Its sub heaven always smells good!

  • Delia RMC
    Delia RMC 6 days ago

    Miley, honey, your zipper is opened.

  • T C
    T C 6 days ago

    Her voice is cringeworthy.... cute girl but that voice....😳

  • Taher Sunbol
    Taher Sunbol 6 days ago

    That's why I love her 💜

  • Luis8172
    Luis8172 6 days ago

    what's up with the hobo beard?

  • Djervena Previlon
    Djervena Previlon 6 days ago

    She is so funny!! 1:22 I love this Miley this gives me WAY TOO MUCH *Hannah Montana* vibes and (imma be McDonalds today cuz) I'm loving it!❤️😍

  • Priyanka Gupta
    Priyanka Gupta 6 days ago

    it feels like Hannah's back !!

  • mrsxsalman
    mrsxsalman 6 days ago


  • Katy Rodriguez
    Katy Rodriguez 6 days ago

    what a babe

  • Rob Fulco
    Rob Fulco 6 days ago

    Are people crazy? They say Miley is the most wonderful, entertaining kindest people? Do you really believe that? She is a self center, egotistical, over sexed, over hyped, spoiled brat. Just because she gets camera time on a talk show for 10 minutes doesn't mean you know who she is. Her actions outside of boasting about herself, shows who she really is and who she really cares about. And it ain't the fans...

    • Ore Bademosi
      Ore Bademosi 6 days ago

      Rob Fulco "her actions outside of broadcasting herself" ... like supporting over 50 charities, starting her OWN charity .. visiting people in the hospital on her own time... being who she wants to be? I think that's a pretty good person to me. Damn if you don't like her you should just get off of a video about her. But spending - what - 3 minutes of your life spewing out your hate for her has done absolutely nothing.

  • sarah dabbas
    sarah dabbas 6 days ago

    i love her

  • Nick Reichwein
    Nick Reichwein 6 days ago

    She just fcking phenomenal, and besides that also one of the kindest, most genuine persons i've seen

  • Ly An
    Ly An 6 days ago

    Wait.. I don't think I've ever seen Miley being mean to anyone

  • bhagyashri deshmukh

    her look kinda reminds me of katniss everdeen after she n peeta wins d 1st all girly n naive

  • Klára Kozlayová
    Klára Kozlayová 6 days ago

    she looks so cute

  • Rich KID
    Rich KID 6 days ago

    the last time i saw her on this show she was topless with little harts on her nipples 🤔

  • JoshHoPersonal
    JoshHoPersonal 6 days ago

    Miley acknowledging Party in the USA is a classic.

  • Murilo Holtz
    Murilo Holtz 6 days ago

    Miley's timing is SO good. lol.

  • Louis Webber
    Louis Webber 6 days ago

    Party in the USA is 8 years old!!!!WTF!!!!

  • akirony
    akirony 6 days ago

    Is it just me or is the her pants unzipped? Yes I'm looking idc I love me some Miley.

  • Its_All_Guti
    Its_All_Guti 6 days ago

    Love her

  • Val Koraline
    Val Koraline 6 days ago

    Even Miley is funnier than Jimmy,

  • BasicallySofia
    BasicallySofia 6 days ago


  • James Grande
    James Grande 6 days ago

    If Ari and Miley will make a song together it would be so great! 💓💓💓💓

  • James Grande
    James Grande 6 days ago

    I love Mylie so much! 💓💓💓

  • James Grande
    James Grande 6 days ago

    Miley 💓💓💓💓

  • Nojayork
    Nojayork 6 days ago

    They just said same shit back to each other like 8 times!?

  • Jesica Jimenez
    Jesica Jimenez 6 days ago

    This is perfect. I always like it. Miley & Jimmy! A gorgeous combination <3

  • A Vicario
    A Vicario 6 days ago

    Just by watching you makes me happy Miley 😊

  • manguy2000
    manguy2000 6 days ago

    Gay pride? There is nothing to be proud of with an intrinsic evil.

    • Tyrek Jennings
      Tyrek Jennings 6 days ago

      manguy2000 And why is that? and I'm not hating on your beliefs I'm just asking. cuz I'm Catholic and have nothing against it

  • tomy9878
    tomy9878 6 days ago

    I wish she would sing a few songs from her "meet Miley Cyrus" album

  • Caio Leonardo
    Caio Leonardo 6 days ago

    love you so much 💕💕💕 queen!!!

  • Felipe Theodoro
    Felipe Theodoro 6 days ago

    I miss miley singing The climb and 7 things.

  • Jokes On me
    Jokes On me 6 days ago

    Her fly was undone🤣

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