Morrissey. That's Entertainment.

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  • Mike S
    Mike S 3 months ago

    Love Morrissey to death, but this can`t touch the origional.

  • schwarzblatt
    schwarzblatt 10 months ago

    I love it when Moz covers British songs.....

  • truthpig
    truthpig 1 year ago

    I`m gonna just say it - this is better than the original, sorry Mr Weller, you wrote a brilliant song, but Morrissey nailed it.....

    • Fuming Riley
      Fuming Riley 4 months ago

      I cant' say it's better than The Jam original but I do like the slower version and of course Morrissey's great voice.

  • hloveday
    hloveday 1 year ago

    Love this!

  • michel perez
    michel perez 1 year ago


  • ian draper
    ian draper 1 year ago

    heard this for first time this week ,, think it was Jo Whiley ... great cover ....:)

  • Jeffrey McMahon
    Jeffrey McMahon 1 year ago

    This masterpiece should be played next to Father John Misty's "Bored in America."

  • PeterPumpkinhead1
    PeterPumpkinhead1 2 years ago

    The Jam's song was /is great. I have this version too. Great version of the original.

  • flaplight
    flaplight 2 years ago

    Great cover,better than BBC's ones

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson 2 years ago

    Morrissey- the only person who can cover a song and do it better than the original! Very well done sir...

  • 3 years ago

    I have to admit that I prefer this over the original.

    • Lizzy B
      Lizzy B 2 years ago Fuck off you lunatic !

  • squidinkUK
    squidinkUK 3 years ago

    Brilliant cover, Morrissey puts his own spin on it. The lines "Splattered walls and a kick in balls is all that you get in the name of entertainment" are sung with such vigour and feeling, it changes the whole emphasis of the song compared the The Jam original.

    • flotech66
      flotech66 2 years ago

      +Daren Goldring It is very "sexy" to say the original is the best, but for me,morrissey is the winner in this case

    • Daren Goldring
      Daren Goldring 2 years ago

      Not as good, The Jam's original version is one of the best!!

  • Ivan Antunovic
    Ivan Antunovic 3 years ago

    had it recorded on a cassette off radio long time ago, and I remember a school friend I told about this version insisted it wasn't Morrissey... later I discovered the amazing Jam original and was somewhat confused about who's done what about it originally... nice reminder of a cover this, just beautiful.

  • Aikea Guinea
    Aikea Guinea 4 years ago

    the loop is bloody good too, true

  • robertmmm7
    robertmmm7 4 years ago

    This is Morrissey covering The Jam - so actually a Paul Weller song. Morrisey does a great cover no doubt about that but I still prefer the original. My favorite Morrisey song would be The Loop and this cover comes in a close third after Sister I'm a Poet.

  • Paul Hutchinson
    Paul Hutchinson 4 years ago

    Er, considering I was into The Jam-pre Smiths, read a book, I kinda know that.

  • Aikea Guinea
    Aikea Guinea 4 years ago

    Ok he DID NOT create the song but in revisiting it it becomes his (version of the) song !

  • Chris Shaw
    Chris Shaw 4 years ago

    It's not his song. Paul Weller wrote it..

  • Aikea Guinea
    Aikea Guinea 4 years ago

    no kidding?
    Well I like this song sung by morrissey

  • Bobthe mod
    Bobthe mod 4 years ago

    It's a Jam song.

  • Aikea Guinea
    Aikea Guinea 4 years ago

    one of his best songs - what a voice !

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