I'M MOVING ON! Life Update Update

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  • [insert positive bullshit here]

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  • Tami Mclennon
    Tami Mclennon 1 hour ago

    i thought i was the only one that hated that feeling omfg. when ever i cut my nails and touch a rag or paper i cringe so badly

  • allatom
    allatom 2 hours ago

    Well if it makes you feel any better your nails are STILL longer then mine

  • Lizelly
    Lizelly 3 hours ago

    How did you make the nail oil yourself?

  • Resham Vaja
    Resham Vaja 6 hours ago

    you know your a good person when you spell a youtubers name with a Capital Letter

  • Paula Cobbold
    Paula Cobbold 7 hours ago

    my nails are even shorter than that and thats why i never EVER wear nail polish.

  • Serena Birsan
    Serena Birsan 9 hours ago

    R.I.P. 💅💅

  • Isabela
    Isabela 9 hours ago

    Is it normal that I watched this more than 5 times?

  • Nana Cute
    Nana Cute 12 hours ago

    You so cute

  • Waffle ArtsAndCrafts
    Waffle ArtsAndCrafts 13 hours ago

    she still has bigger nails than I have

  • Angelique Dela Cruz
    Angelique Dela Cruz 18 hours ago

    "until the break growed enough"

  • tinycupcake _05
    tinycupcake _05 20 hours ago


  • roseprints
    roseprints 1 day ago

    I'm watching this because I just broke off a piece of my pinkie nail while skateboarding. It's currently wrapped in a bandaid. Without any polish.

  • laura saprõkin
    laura saprõkin 1 day ago

    Why are your nails yellow

  • Cherokee Almby
    Cherokee Almby 1 day ago

    i Feel so bad för u

  • Jodie Wakeford
    Jodie Wakeford 1 day ago

    Your nails are still better than mine 😂

  • VelocirapGirl
    VelocirapGirl 1 day ago

    When my nail breaks I just peel the part that broke off XD

  • Fluttershy Gamer
    Fluttershy Gamer 2 days ago

    wat the fuk is holo!!!!

  • Nikki 101
    Nikki 101 2 days ago

    have u realised that her middle finger nail isnt yellow

  • Mel Cooper
    Mel Cooper 2 days ago

    You never did the growing your nails out video and it's been 3 months ???

  • Soledad Luberta
    Soledad Luberta 2 days ago

    how many times have you broke your nails i feel bad for you

  • Gizzy :3
    Gizzy :3 2 days ago

    Why is it yellow?

  • Angelina Zhao
    Angelina Zhao 2 days ago

    3:16 i hope christine washes those soon before it she kills herself

  • kim kim
    kim kim 3 days ago

    Wait why are her nails yellow, no hate

  • Shafa Begum
    Shafa Begum 3 days ago

    half of the subscribers got to get the video to2 million viewers

  • mary.sk.lee@gmail.com S1314512D

    Hi nailogical I am a holo sexual and I pray to the holo gods that your nail can recover quickly

  • Kakona Haruka
    Kakona Haruka 3 days ago

    i have shorter nails xD

  • gwen
    gwen 4 days ago

    I feel badfor I it probably hurt really really bad

  • Awesome Gamer
    Awesome Gamer 4 days ago

    I hate gel base coat

  • Riley Tintle
    Riley Tintle 4 days ago

    When she took out the clippers I got SHOOK

  • TheFighterfemme
    TheFighterfemme 5 days ago

    as someone who always has long nails I so get the hypersensitivity thing when they need to be cut down from a break. it's so annoying

  • Jasmine Serva
    Jasmine Serva 5 days ago

    who else thinks in the tumbnale they are totoly diffewnt nails!

  • Daniel George
    Daniel George 5 days ago

    her nails are so yellow. ewww. why? what can you do to not have yellow nails. does she smoke loads

  • Lahana Baidoo
    Lahana Baidoo 5 days ago

    rip I'm sorry

  • Dobby Is free
    Dobby Is free 6 days ago

    When she said her nails were so short, I cried because mine were shorter than hers still LOLOL

  • The Nothing Channel 46

    How long would her nail be if she never cut it? #nineinchnails

  • Sarah
    Sarah 6 days ago

    My longest nail just broke and I had to cut them all down, now I'm dying inside

  • iiBrooklyn 94
    iiBrooklyn 94 6 days ago

    I'm just saying ur to dramatic about short nails I mean they will grow back not the end of the world

  • Screaming Milk
    Screaming Milk 7 days ago



  • marilyn bliss
    marilyn bliss 7 days ago

    have you ever got nail fungus and what did u do. u handled that tragedy with dignity.

  • OmgItsNatasa Gaming

    Your nails look weard short

  • Samantha Hart
    Samantha Hart 7 days ago

    now I have nails the same length of yours "even shorter so plz do tutorials!

  • LOL 101
    LOL 101 7 days ago

    christins editing is literally goals

  • Phankitty
    Phankitty 8 days ago

    I have no white parts on my nails cos I always bite them off

  • Phankitty
    Phankitty 8 days ago

    this is why I don't like it when people have long nails. sorry cristine 😵

  • 木村明以
    木村明以 8 days ago

    does someone know what song she used?

  • It's Maggie
    It's Maggie 8 days ago

    It's so short 😭😭😭😭

  • MagicEagle 17
    MagicEagle 17 8 days ago

    my nails dont even really leave the nail bed, and they never break

  • Puppy Love 3000
    Puppy Love 3000 8 days ago

    4:04 oh hi Ben I thought Cristine was here a second ago

  • Mia Martinez
    Mia Martinez 9 days ago

    She should do a Collab with nail career education. Like if you agree!

  • Ievukas 18
    Ievukas 18 9 days ago

    Wtf... she reminds me pewdiepie and jenna marbles

  • Moifi kea
    Moifi kea 9 days ago

    I dont use nail clippers... we have nail scissors at home xd

  • RosiePosie_03
    RosiePosie_03 9 days ago

    Your nails are shorter, like ours. Welcome to the underworld...

  • Penelope Jones
    Penelope Jones 9 days ago

    I have to use the dreaded nail clippers every week for fcking netball so I can't grow them! Help me from this dreaded world! :(

  • iiiAllyCat
    iiiAllyCat 9 days ago

    Me and my cat watch ur vids

    • iiiAllyCat
      iiiAllyCat 9 days ago

      When ur cat pops up she concentrates very hard lol

  • Kamya Fletcher
    Kamya Fletcher 10 days ago

    Noooooo 😭😭😭😭😭 her nails were so long before 😭😭😭😭😭

  • LightningSpeed4
    LightningSpeed4 10 days ago


  • Sophia Conghuyen
    Sophia Conghuyen 10 days ago


  • Skylar Blues {Apriletta Heartz} - Gaming and Arts

    I have weird addictions called, "HOLO ADDICTION" and "Cristine's Video Addiction". Thank you Cristine for being my crazy woman.

  • Bethany Seal
    Bethany Seal 11 days ago

    Cristine this morning I was bowling and broke my nail and cried

  • • Miss Vee •
    • Miss Vee • 11 days ago


  • Savannah Cortes
    Savannah Cortes 11 days ago

    she doesn't know how to clip hear nails fast does she

  • Mazabrei Ierbazam
    Mazabrei Ierbazam 11 days ago

    So I always thought I had perfectly normal nails. Until one day in class I tapped them on the table and the girl next to me was like "wtf your nails are so long!" And hers were bitten like crazy short so I assumed she was just comparing mine to hers. But in every other class we shared, she'd get other people to show her their nails so she could compare them to mine. And mine were longer than anyone else's. Even though they're not super long, like a bit longer than Cristine's at 0:30. But it backfired on that girl because now everyone thinks she's obsessed with fingernails lol. Whereas I'm over here, the closeted holosexual and the one who's actually obsessed with nails.

  • Evie Tucker
    Evie Tucker 12 days ago

    couldn't she wear a fake nail??

  • Mara Elena
    Mara Elena 13 days ago

    i'm sorry

  • britneyfatale
    britneyfatale 13 days ago

    I need to know what this nail oil is made of

  • Emily Estes
    Emily Estes 13 days ago

    Omg remix idea😂 I'm hololicious. (Fergalicious) funny or stupid?!

  • amyLOVESpocky
    amyLOVESpocky 14 days ago

    the first positivity quote she used had a weed background

  • Chloe T
    Chloe T 14 days ago

    Ahhhh! MY EYES! SO. SHORT! Luckily I got some short nails too😏

  • Rosalee Soza
    Rosalee Soza 15 days ago

    Sorry about your nails😭😤😢🙂

  • ღFairy Cakesღ
    ღFairy Cakesღ 15 days ago

    You know you can fix ur nail by applying base coat and putting a tea bag piece on top THEN putting HOLO nail polish on top and just letting it grow,right?

  • KrazyTwo Kats
    KrazyTwo Kats 15 days ago

    Even short, at least your nails have white tips still :-(

  • Scout Master DongBag

    I'm a 17 year old man child. Why are your nail videos popping up on my feed but the real question is why have I already watched 2 of your videos?

  • Petsparty Plus
    Petsparty Plus 15 days ago

    Don't show me that first clip I'll cry :(

  • Kawaii Huskey
    Kawaii Huskey 15 days ago

    how did she break her nail

  • Koko Keke
    Koko Keke 16 days ago

    Darn Christine your nails are still longer than mine

  • S0ul03
    S0ul03 17 days ago

    I love the songs you play in the middle😂 hanging by a moment is a great song

  • Summer Williams
    Summer Williams 17 days ago

    Hey when might we get another nail update??? I love your videos by the way! :0)

  • Alyssa Allen
    Alyssa Allen 17 days ago

    3:34 what song is that it's killing me

    • Nataly Tapia
      Nataly Tapia 15 days ago

      Alyssa Allen I'm looking for this too

  • Avery's World
    Avery's World 18 days ago

    Christine I have broke 1/2 of my to nail opening a door. I don't trust you're way tell me a real one that will work

  • James Chin
    James Chin 18 days ago

    i love you , but why such drama qeuun JK

  • rattyrat2cool4you
    rattyrat2cool4you 18 days ago

    My normal nail length is her short length lol. I wish my nails could grow slightly longer. But they hate me, and they don't.

  • Lily May
    Lily May 18 days ago

    i just broke my thumb nail after two and a half months of growth and i feel incomplete

  • Angel Gunawan
    Angel Gunawan 19 days ago

    ur "cutted short nail" is my nail goal... any tips anyone?

  • Shannen Marie :3
    Shannen Marie :3 19 days ago

    I actually really cried during this video.

  • Elise Muis
    Elise Muis 20 days ago

    Oil down genetic nurse jacket wealthy entirely academic estimate.

  • ybperky1
    ybperky1 20 days ago

    I can't believe I watched a whole video of finger nail clipping. Only for you Cristine.

  • Taehyung 7u7
    Taehyung 7u7 20 days ago

    all your nails are yellow what the..... happened with your nails?!

  • Andere Chanimations
    Andere Chanimations 20 days ago

    The nail clippers are very useful. For me, I clip half of the nail at once.

  • Paris Durie
    Paris Durie 21 day ago

    Christine: oooo..but hey..LOOK WHATS ON MY OTHER HANDDDD😂😂

  • Paris Durie
    Paris Durie 21 day ago

    Ahhh ...just get acrylics... it would get so many views😂

  • fuck off sans
    fuck off sans 21 day ago

    1 like = 1 prayer for Cristens nail😭😭

  • fuck off sans
    fuck off sans 21 day ago

    cristene: What's on my other hand?
    Me: Oww god just kill me already i have the gun.

  • fannymack
    fannymack 21 day ago

    why are her nails yellow?

  • TheLettuce Room
    TheLettuce Room 21 day ago

    When my nails break (which isn't often cause my nails are pretty thICC) anyway, when they break even if it "danger level" I just rip it off... probably shouldn't but tbh It's satisfying to me...

  • اميرة الثلج

    If you keep growing it without eating or drinking healthy things then one by one will crack...Gotta Tell ya.😔

  • Daniela Alvarez
    Daniela Alvarez 21 day ago

    At my school and also at home I eat my nails and also my friend

  • Taylor Wow
    Taylor Wow 22 days ago

    Christine my nails are shorter than yours man I just watch this for you 💿

  • The Brilliant BFFs
    The Brilliant BFFs 22 days ago

    Theyre still longer than mine lol. She inspired me to grow them tho, and I can actually see one of them over the top of my finger. PERSEVERANCE YES-

  • Fandom Girl
    Fandom Girl 22 days ago

    I have long nails and hate short nails but every fucking time my nails break I die inside and get pissed!

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