Lego Iron Man's New Car

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  • As a thank you for Lego Iron Man's New Suit reaching over 20 million views, I've assembled a sequel.
    If you haven't seen Lego Iron Man's New Suit, this may not make much sense. If you have seen Lego Iron Man's New Suit, this may not make much sense.
    Also, many thanks to ZachMG for reprising his seminal role as Rhodey.
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  • F-series Technition
    F-series Technition 10 hours ago

    Holy crap that's awesome stop motion!! How do u do it so fluently?

  • Bleach Valuepack
    Bleach Valuepack 2 days ago

    What does keshen use to edit?

  • golden orange
    golden orange 2 days ago

    its preett odd its called iron car

  • Xelenium
    Xelenium 2 days ago

    Keshen8 the OG of youtube

  • Steven Strange
    Steven Strange 3 days ago

    I am putting together a batman shortfilm, and would love to have any of you voice in it. If anyone is interested, comment here []

  • Manel Vassas
    Manel Vassas 3 days ago

    Nice, congrats btw


    *Really excelently animated and edited.*

  • lilman2u
    lilman2u 4 days ago

    I think your cool and are you okay I want to know

  • HeadlessHobbit
    HeadlessHobbit 4 days ago


  • green lamp
    green lamp 4 days ago

    Your 1:20 minute video has sustained me for the next 3 months :)

  • Zatharos
    Zatharos 5 days ago

    How can Rhodey afford a multimillion dollar 918 Spyder?

  • GOLD 1515
    GOLD 1515 5 days ago

    Man, this was hilarious! The animation was so smooth!

  • Keith Does Vids!
    Keith Does Vids! 5 days ago

    Not again

  • Aiden Burris
    Aiden Burris 6 days ago

    That was rude and sad

  • Sideswipe Transformer

    War machine was so rude I hate dis

  • Austin Schaub
    Austin Schaub 8 days ago


  • 사람한국
    사람한국 8 days ago

    영원히 고통받는 아이언맨

  • Blue ArcadeGo
    Blue ArcadeGo 9 days ago

    Tony Stark I think you're cool doesn't matter what you do you will always be cool

  • Bloody Munchkin
    Bloody Munchkin 9 days ago

    How do you make the mouth movements?

  • Garfieldz Gaming
    Garfieldz Gaming 9 days ago

    Why is it always tony why cant it be cap?

  • Guilherme Silva
    Guilherme Silva 10 days ago

    ooooooooooooo noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! tooooooooooooneeeeeeeee!!!!!!! :,(

  • LakesAnimations
    LakesAnimations 10 days ago

    If you slow the video down you can see instructions to build the car.

  • Squaredpusher
    Squaredpusher 10 days ago

    Keshen at his finest.

  • Martin Crew - Legos, Vlogs, and More!

    Keshen8 is someone to appreciate.

  • BIO tube
    BIO tube 10 days ago

    An other worst animation ever!

  • maksu1334gamer hosiaisluoma

    yes you are cool and all we can cry

  • Matou
    Matou 10 days ago

    You are the best lego animator I have ever seen!

  • Kahuri Pan
    Kahuri Pan 11 days ago

    jelek flimnya

  • Technowrench
    Technowrench 11 days ago

    nice story hahaha funny Cool stuff

  • Leni Fatmawati
    Leni Fatmawati 11 days ago

    aku penggemar lego dari dulu aku suka lego karna leg mengasah otak

  • Zacheriah Jones
    Zacheriah Jones 12 days ago

    Your bogus for making this

  • Masked Zero
    Masked Zero 12 days ago


  • Emelie R.
    Emelie R. 12 days ago

    RIP Tony 😂😂

  • Hawkeye
    Hawkeye 12 days ago

    Ironman abuse in every video, AMERICA!!!

  • LegoSolgeFilms
    LegoSolgeFilms 12 days ago

    that's a 10

  • TheDmDark
    TheDmDark 12 days ago

    How convenient... He built himself a four-wheeled metal coffin to die in.

  • MRE Productions
    MRE Productions 12 days ago

    Do you add artificial frames or do you film higher than 15 fps

  • Noah Buller
    Noah Buller 12 days ago

    Marvel Phase 4 looks pretty good.

  • Lego Play
    Lego Play 12 days ago

    fuck you

  • Gamer Luc
    Gamer Luc 12 days ago

    Iron Man if he just got hit he is Like Can You Pls Help Me ow ow ow🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • k&tmob tv
    k&tmob tv 12 days ago


  • Devin Doyle
    Devin Doyle 12 days ago

    You deserve an award for these

  • Epic stickman
    Epic stickman 12 days ago


    #MACHI IS AWESOME 13 days ago


  • James Suba
    James Suba 13 days ago

    poor tony happens 1 time an happeens again

  • Erwin Navarro
    Erwin Navarro 13 days ago

    Lego tony stark is cool

  • Ashley Rivera
    Ashley Rivera 14 days ago

    love video

  • Lego Batfan
    Lego Batfan 14 days ago

    being tony is suffering

  • Thunderboy Gwen
    Thunderboy Gwen 14 days ago

    Oh first the amour now this pore iron man

  • Jake andZack
    Jake andZack 14 days ago

    So he didn't learn his lesson the first time...

  • Dr.Batstrange man
    Dr.Batstrange man 14 days ago

    It's a pretty sweet ride, though.

  • The Super Shock Master


  • bmx 863
    bmx 863 15 days ago

    Tony : rodey do jou think im cool rodey: nope

  • Nir Yovel Star Wars
    Nir Yovel Star Wars 15 days ago

    I dont like marvel or superheros so much but I still laughed great job!

  • ankhangnguyenphuc 》》》


  • BBLegoFilms
    BBLegoFilms 15 days ago


  • AWM LEGO films
    AWM LEGO films 15 days ago

    Do you think I'm cool 🤣 I just can't get enough of these videos man!

  • Superhero Action TV
    Superhero Action TV 15 days ago

    The car is really cool!

  • Master_Cortez
    Master_Cortez 15 days ago

    Looks like I got a new car 😏

  • MT Films
    MT Films 15 days ago

    Hey keshen
    Do you mind making a Tutorial in how you do this stopmotion so professionell?

  • halo kid
    halo kid 15 days ago

    iron man sucks

  • Paradox Productions
    Paradox Productions 15 days ago

    cool. You still post

  • AleksBricks
    AleksBricks 15 days ago

    Wow!! Awesome!

  • Nom Nom Snake
    Nom Nom Snake 15 days ago

    How do you make the pieces float in the air with stop-motion?

    • Ryan Thompson Guitarist
      Ryan Thompson Guitarist 15 days ago

      Put the piece on a lego stand, roughly where you want it to be. Take a photo. Take the piece away, take a photo. Edit them together later and edit out the stand

  • funny Llama playing minecraft pe

    nice video ever i watch

  • Mr Megabloks
    Mr Megabloks 15 days ago

    dude love your videos

  • SwaggyChurros AF
    SwaggyChurros AF 16 days ago


  • marvelo 99
    marvelo 99 16 days ago

    why is your hate from iron man

  • Samuel Frais
    Samuel Frais 16 days ago

    Love these videos just wish they came out a lot faster !! But if it means they stay this quality it's worth the wait !!

  • LegoBlockBusters 2
    LegoBlockBusters 2 16 days ago

    Jesus, what fps does he film at?!

  • James Hewitt
    James Hewitt 16 days ago

    And this kids is why Iron Man takes the bus.

  • Lego-Creation
    Lego-Creation 16 days ago


  • Scott Productions
    Scott Productions 16 days ago

    Great video! How do you do the mouth movements for the animation they look great!

  • Clutch80
    Clutch80 16 days ago

    Another great video!

  • Kbricks
    Kbricks 16 days ago

    i think tony is cool

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 16 days ago

    why does iron man need a car?

  • Bing Wong
    Bing Wong 16 days ago

    Stupid video

  • Bryn Baird
    Bryn Baird 16 days ago

    lol cya in a year

  • Ligtang Mqueer
    Ligtang Mqueer 17 days ago

    lego juniors.

  • sfighter00
    sfighter00 17 days ago

    Pretty damn sweet. Tony obviously didn't learn from the last time he used tech like that.

  • Want_a_cookie
    Want_a_cookie 17 days ago

    Isn't Rhodey supposed to be bald tho? lol funny vid man keep it up.

  • Krit432440 0
    Krit432440 0 17 days ago

    I feel so bad for Tony :(

  • Red Lego Brick
    Red Lego Brick 17 days ago

    He should've known better...

  • TOYS 4 U 2 SEE
    TOYS 4 U 2 SEE 17 days ago

    Amazing Stop Motion skills, a behind the scenes tutorial would be nice. Liked and Subscribed.

  • Lego
    Lego 17 days ago

    can u try to make a under cave with guns and cars

  • Luclinc 2
    Luclinc 2 17 days ago


  • Gnarwhal
    Gnarwhal 17 days ago

    Is Iron Man your favourite Marvel superhero?, cuz it seems like he's in every Marvel animation you make

  • Michael Maldonado
    Michael Maldonado 17 days ago

    What the 0:35

  • Joltimus22
    Joltimus22 17 days ago

    You never stop amazing me.

  • PihlstromProductions

    I think your cool iron man

  • Omar Akoto-Appiah
    Omar Akoto-Appiah 17 days ago

    This is Iron Man's New Suit all over again

  • zapzap789
    zapzap789 17 days ago

    kenshin its me zapza where friends on roblox

  • antonio girgenti
    antonio girgenti 17 days ago


  • StriKer Jake
    StriKer Jake 17 days ago

    Deja vú

  • TheMarionick
    TheMarionick 17 days ago

    I was expecting it to form an Iron-Man armor around him

  • The Greek Rage
    The Greek Rage 17 days ago

    poor Tony... :'(

  • VilliansPlayz
    VilliansPlayz 17 days ago

    Pin me if u love your fans

  • Robinson07 Brick Films

    Make more vids I love your content please don't ever quit

  • Rogue Roque Production

    Wow! Keshen you're cool and Awesome!

  • Toku And tf
    Toku And tf 17 days ago

    Lego kills

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