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Author Tara T (13 days)
the comment section summarized: bunch of dudes calling kim a hoe because
she decided to record a sex tape with the dude she was dating.

so by that logic? the dude is a hoe too? a slut as well?

but seriously.. chill the fuck out dickheads, its just a sex tape... not a

Author tamponwithwings (14 days)
No ones gonna comment on how fucking hot the new Irish guy is omg

Author HJ Farooqi (1 month)
Adolf Hitler > Kim Kardashian

Author Ívan Skelfilegi (14 days)
I hope channels like TMZ die out soon. Halfwits watch it.

Author TrackStarAA1 (3 months)
"I was in that bedroom."

-Brian Williams

Author sranjesuper (28 days)
what a fucking whore.. has a sex tape, then a few years later marries Kanye
and has a baby. And that sex tape will forever be around

Author BurrBurr1001 (1 month)
Why do we always glorify all the wrong things in the media?

Author Richard Fry (1 month)
Are we still using tapes to record stuff?

Author San (3 months)
I typed in "anything", and the first thing I saw was a naked guy holding a
telephone. Conclusion: The internet is truly peculiar...

Author THE TRUTH MACHINE Reking bullshitters everywhere! (2 months)
She took that long dick without event batting an eye, im guessing she's
probably loose as a wizards sleeve

Author xFersureMatt (4 months)
Anyone have that link to the sex tape? I need to.. read some articles.....

Author STiM (14 days)
Why is she famous again?

Author VeronicasPlace (1 month)
Only self hating Black men would wife up this non talented W h o r e.

Author Revok Revok (1 month)
Fucking Americans have no idea about Ireland

Author Moses (26 days)
I love how TMZ gets more views then world changing events.

Author junta21st (26 days)
Who's the fine girl on the left of the frame @ 0:09 in?

Author Lisa parker (4 months)
Kim k has. A fake ass. And titz

Author jake jacoby (1 month)
How does this have more than 2 views if Kim Kardashian is a slut with no

Author دٍمًوٌعٌ ٌ أّلَقُمًرٌ (10 days)
أّلَلَهّـ يِّطِيِّحً حًظُکْمً يِّأّ ﺰمًأّأّأّيِّلَ 

Author Peter Siololo (10 days)
Amazing picture.

Author Dougs2fresh (6 days)
Everyone keeps saying she got famous because of the sex tape. I hope y'all
know that's a lie. 

Author Kiddlin' B. (10 days)
I want to try all the warlock's exotics ('-' )

Author DaGamingLife (1 month)
wheres the sex

Author oceanspraysparkling (9 days)
get this shit off my youtube homepage

Author Luna Ranger (10 days)
WHO THE F*** CARES ABOUT ONE SEX TAPE?! Big f***ing deal!! People have sex
and post it all the time!!! (Well not post it all the time, but still)
What makes Kim Kardashian more different then anyone else???
Why is she famous for this??

Author Philip Han (9 days)
Please get this mindless trash off of the front page. Thank you.

Author hariom singh (1 month)

Author no hassle (1 month)
Economy down the shitter, Police State out of control, Whistle blowers sent
to the gallows, and all you lot care about is some vain rich bitch with a
fat oily ass!!! Fuck America, and fuck TMZ!

Author XXVorteXX (10 days)
Addicted To Vaginal Skin.

Author Naco47 (10 days)
This crap appeared on my suggestions. I clicked on it just to dislike it; I
also removed the TMZ channel from my suggestions page

Author Bakzin Namanje (16 days)
Lol...SEX Tape ...I dont see no sex in this

Author parvin pal (10 days)
shes nothing but a whore. shes famous for her big arse!!!!!!!!!!! c'mon
whats wrong with this world I think people are not aware but God gives two
kind of punishments and that's old age and death.
why do people act like as if they will live forever?????????? and not die?
doesn't anyone ask themselves why they die??? its a nasty disgraceful
sinful world and makes me think if these people really belong to God
why don't they work like us for example do a 9 to 6 job Monday to Friday
then we will see
there is nothing good about her I have a friend that is much beautiful and
sexy than her

Author Healing's Power (1 month)
˙ʎɐp ʇɐәɹб ɐ әʌɐɥ puә әɥʇ

˙ʎбoloɥʇnoɯ ɹnoʎ ɟo әsnɐɔәq ʎбoloәıp llıʍ noʎ & ʎбolopɐәɥ ‘ʎбolossɐ ɹnoʎ
ʇɐә llıʍ ʎбolıpoɔoɹɔ & ʎбoloʞɹɐɥs ‘llәʍ“ :ɹolıɐs

˙ou pıɐs ɹossәɟoɹd әɥʇ

¿ʎбoloʞɹɐɥs ɯoɹɟ ʎбolodɐɔsә & ʎбolouıɯıʍs ʍouʞ noʎ op ‘ɹossәɟoɹd әɥʇ pәʞsɐ
ɹolıɐs әɥʇ ˙бuıʞuıs pәʇɹɐʇs ʇɐoq әɥʇ әlıɥʍ ɐ ɹәʇɟɐ

˙ʎɔɐɹәʇıllı ɟo әıp llıʍ noʎ ˙ɥʇɹɐә uo ʍouʞ noʎ op llәɥ әɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ :ɹossәɟoɹd

˙suoıʇsәnb sıɥ llɐ oʇ ou pıɐs ɹolıɐs әɥʇ

¿ʎбoloısʎɥd ‘ʎɥdɐɹбoәб ‘ʎбolooz ‘ʎбoloɔә ‘ʎбoloıq ʍouʞ noʎ op“

:ɹolıɐs әɥʇ pәʞsɐ әɥ ʎɐʍ sıɥ uo ˙ʇɐoq ʎq бuılәʌɐɹʇ sɐʍ ɹossәɟoɹd ɐ

ʎɹoʇs ɐ noʎ llәʇ oʇ әɯ ʍollɐ

Author Alberto Roldan (10 days)
Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Boom -- Kim K Wedding:

Author Corey Gillespie (1 month)
She's a no talent ass clown 

Author newbihack (29 days)
Who ever date her or walk with her, has the longest horns on his head. :)

Author Masud parvez (10 days) sex- with-

Author Sarahleena Russell (11 days)
Someone please give me the name of the Irish lad. I just fell in love. 😍
anyone, at any cost I want to meet this guy and hug him for 10 minutes,
just for being the most handsome, sexy and beautiful Irish guy in the world
(excluding Niall Horan and Ivan kelly). Hmu tmz. 

Author Jesica Robinson (19 days)
very nice video

Author Ah Htike (10 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Md.Hafizur Rahaman Shemul (10 days)
Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Boom -- Kim K Wedding:

Author michael PHELPS (10 days)
she be making money and owns the copyrights to the video so looks like she
meant for it to come out in the first place

Author Jose Garcia (11 days)
Kardashian she's is gorda

Author Niccolo Machiavelli (10 days)
Remember Gents there is nothing wrong with sluts, just don't take them

Author Fazdolanguy Flores (10 days)
Kim kardashian nobody cares or likes you your ugly and you wear too much
makeup and your a stupid, obnoxious, ugly, spoiled, skank!!!! >:(

Author Michelle Romans (4 months)
Funny how her ass USED TO JIGGLE !! LOL Now it's rock hard!!! Can't say
that's all from working out. Can anyone say LIPOSUCTION??? AND POSSIBLE
BOTOX??? LMFAO !!!! .If she were broke, that would be one ugly ass, but
she'd still be priding herself on it !!! Ughhhh!!!

Author Jide Olatunji (10 days)

Author Ardi Ahmeti (9 days)
@Tmz remember that you were debating that kim kardashian ass is big well
that's your answer 

Author ub3rweiner (9 days)
FUCK TMZ and FUCK this bitch.... You are perpetuating a generation of
DUMBFUCKs who care.

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