Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Boom -- Kim K Wedding

Kim Kardashian's wedding led to a HUGE boom in views of her sex tape... and it's all because of the Irish.

Kim Kardashian -- The Great Ass Debate
Kim Kardashian Krops Kid!

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Views: 7,793,457
Added: 3 years
Runtime: 1:46
Comments: 690

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Author Chris Cruise (1 month)
A pervert nig with a future fatass whore. Good job America. Fuckn culture
of death. 

Author AwesomeOne0911 (3 months)
I've jerked off to this sex tape so many times. Kim is perfect 

Author turpioSE (1 month)
Kim Kardashian is more popular than President Obama or Prince William.

Author Claire Mckeon (2 months)
Thats not fair to irish people!! Why does everyone think were all drunks!?

Author InternalMind (4 days)
TMZ should be kicked off the internet and off the planet, stupid crappy
corny predictable childish jewy influenced wastes of fucking space, just
fuck off ya cunts.

Author hatepig (7 days)
this whore think to high of herself... break the internet ?!? no one gives
a fuck...

Author clarisse mizrahi (4 days)
She used to look more Armenian 🙌😍

Author dave m (1 day)
Pamela lee , Paris Hilton , and Kim kardashian all made sex tapes. Dammit I
think it's time that Kate Upton , Kaley Cuoco , Jennifer love Hewitt ,
Megan price , Lauren graham, Tiffani Amber theisann and Alyssa Milano join
in the game also. Phhsstt not happening cause these women are the true
stars but wishful thinking 

Author Katie Weaver (5 days)

Author فاطمة عبدي يوسف (19 days)
The Irish must be feeling ashamed!

Author Sandro Kapanadze (28 days)
That is not Kim kardashian those are fake ffs...

Author aldo2k6 (2 days)
the vid was shit

Author Jason Nunn (4 months)
I can’t believe my buddy Jeeter got ‘cautioned’ by Police just for
something he wrote online about Kim. It was just a silly fantasy of his, no
direct ‘threat’ was involved at all.

He just said that he’d love to drug her drink one night, then whisk her
away in his van before security realised what was going on. He’d take her
out to his bunker hide-out in the forest; after a few hours, she’d wake up
in a dank, dirty basement lit by glaring strip-lights 24/7. He would
carefully feed her 3 times a day with nutritious energy drinks laced with
hallucinogens; these would keep her alive & awake in a kind of never-ending
bad-trip nightmare. Her four limbs would be separately tied up and
controlled, so over the coming days he would increasingly spread-eagle her
arms & legs, leaving her in a position of constant, excruciating agony.
After a couple of weeks he’d move on to the final, sacrificial stage.
First, he’d simply burn her flesh with an iron. Then he’d insert spikes
with serrated edges & spring-loaded retractor blades deep inside her lower
orifices- performing this hourly until hideous internal injuries caused her
to expire, whereupon her body would be cremated & her ashes scattered.

Whatever happened to free speech in this country?

Author badboybaldy1 (5 days)
only come to say 1 word >>> slut

Author Nana 7 (8 months)
The Irish guy is HOT

Author Olivia A (4 months)
Can't believe she left him for Kanye yuck :0

Author Stacey Stankowski (2 days)
That Irish guy is sexy

Author Conores ForCoolPeople (1 month)
That is so racist to us Irish im disliking

Author Skittles WoOp (11 days)
I'm Irish so shut the fuck that's ofenisive you pricks

Author julie bane (1 month)
Kanye is gonna leave Kim K's ass soon enough. Those two are COMPLETE
opposites and I don't see it working out. Kim is a paparazzi whore and
Kanye hates the paparazzi. Lol kanye better be prepared to accept all these
cameras up in his face for the rest of his life. 

Author Kimmy Changga (1 month) have a sex then record it..and when someone release the
video u get mad... why the fuck you should record... then get angry if
there is someone who call you a whore.. stop this please..

Author Kathleen Leydig (14 days)
That's probably like looking at a big fat pig

Author CeleBait (1 month)
I fucking love how those Irish Paddy Wankers in Ireland Love to Fap to Kim

Author EviLBeatZ (1 month)
From drinking cum, from brandy's brother, too $100,000,000 please
explain!!!!!!!!! SMH!!!

Author ADMlNISTRATOR V (10 months)
idk about you guys but that ass is deffinately fuckable... but i dont play
with barbie dolls. plastic toys are for kids. i go for that real shit

Author orion9k (29 days)
This TMZ is horrible entertainment.. Sometimes I wish I could grab people
from my screen and smack the soul out of them

Author Alex Ryan (17 days)
I rather see the a irish guys sex tape! 

Author Geoffrey S Tuttle (1 month)
bruce jenner's dingleberries have more appeal than these other brown,
stinky hangers- on.

Author mark white (1 month)
where have we lost our values in life the biggest whore in the world and
the pud puffer harvey the end is near

Author Omi Robles (8 days)
She is a hoe

Author Shannon Mahoney (22 days)
Tmz isn't funny /:

Author ScoutingMusic (2 months)
Im sorry but kim is a f........ disgusting unclean slut. I wouldn´t even
hit her for money, she is like a used tissue. I don´t get the world
nowadays what have we become. Just a bunch of dumb apes living in concrete
jungle. Please ray j, kanye, kim whole clan go back in the bush. "Monkey

Author GGamezHD (2 days)
Heeeeeeey im irish 

Author donchichi botchagaloop (1 month)
becum a whore you can be just like her

Author Emma Steward (4 months)
Can I marry that Irish guy? Like damn.

Author Vijay Shah (15 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Károly Körmőczy (1 month)
Too much tallking, no ass.

Author Sike Wrong Number (5 months)
where can I find the full sex tape for free?

Author richard murphy (1 month)
We Irish Like Big Butts and Heavy on the Foundation/Mascara and Show a Lot
of Cleavage VOILA

Author junior free (2 months)
Why does everyone one think we Irish are drunks

Author Langtry613 (16 days)

Author Swagger Baby (20 days)
Stop hating

Author Pakchi Dedy Cool (13 days)
Peterman nd

Author Olwethu Kopman (28 days)
Mhh jury duty ass

Author CountryboyALP (1 month)
That's nice Awesomeone0911 

Author IamParallax (6 months)
Useless, big ass fame whore.

Author jteahan96 (8 months)
TMZ are a bunch of fucking cunts. Fucking Americans

Author Mercedes Quintanal Diaz (10 months)
Damn the Irish guy

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