Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Boom In Views!

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Kim Kardashian's wedding led to a HUGE boom in views of her sex tape... and it's all because of the Irish...

Kim Kardashian -- The Great Ass Debate
Kim Kardashian Krops Kid!

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Views: 16834692
Runtime: 1:46
Comments: 1602

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Author Rupert Everton ( ago)
Fuck TMZ. I hope Harvey gets AIDS

Author Melissa Moronta ( ago)
the Irish guy is cute lmaoo. how come Hes not in TMZ vids no more?

Author mercenaire2013 ( ago)
Kanye is just a pimp....

Author Nouytre Nji ( ago)
What a talentless slut without any will to study or work do for living? She
starts sucking cocks and make it public

Author almighty strawhatter (686 years ago)
wait...... they really fxcking I need to find and watch then

Author Prince Williams ( ago)
help homeless girl sleeping under bridge

Author Khristian james Calderon ( ago)
the laugh by the narrator lol!!!!!

Author Wendy Contreras ( ago)
why are you watching this then MORON t

Author thestraightridah2236 ( ago)
shut up about irish people

Author Sex Tape ( ago)
When we see Kim's booty in her tape... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

Author joey Galileo Hotto ( ago)
My IQ dropped to 20

Author Anny Ma (239 years ago)
This channel is so racist

Author Lijuan Zhao ( ago)

Author Leyla ( ago)
the Irish boy is attractive thoo😍

Author DA4REAL BIOTCH ( ago)
Can't hate, that sex tape made that whore famous! As you can see her name
is still singing!!!

Author Chapo Cerda ( ago)

Author lyubov kudeyarova ( ago)
★ Go to my channel -- and watch Live Sex now! mip :: ★

Author Danilo Mirandilla ( ago)

Author Maddy Hart ( ago)

Author Billy Bob ( ago)

Author Thomas Brown ( ago)
What happened to live and let live people ?

Author John Hopper ( ago)
She's a Whore who did Paris Hilton one better- getting pissed on, and
played the victim card amongst those who don't know a Whore for what she
is. A Whore! But good for her and All That Money! Those in the know KNOW
that Major Celebrities give Kim a call when they have to take a leak. She
drinks the stuff.

Author TheKidkb09 ( ago)
also nice video

Author white girl fucker ( ago)
Kim K is a BIG WHORE 

Author mona mohammadi ( ago)

Author Grace Cranny ( ago)
I'm Irish 😹🌳🐁🌲

Author Matthew Rivas (2006 years ago)

Author Don L ( ago)
My god kim K used to look fine as hell, what happened??

Author Dougs2fresh ( ago)
Everyone keeps saying she got famous because of the sex tape. I hope y'all
know that's a lie. 

Author Hassnen Ali ( ago)

Author Ardi Ahmeti ( ago)
@Tmz remember that you were debating that kim kardashian ass is big well
that's your answer 

Author jwelch5742 ( ago)
People should stop this madness because it's private and not cool at all.

Author MexicanLion ( ago)
As an Irish man... I FRIGGING LOVE LUCKY CHARMS! Unnecessary stereotype! I
just offended my land...

Author Mista Butterworth ( ago)
If Kim's sex tape accomplished anything, it merely showed that Ray J is
hung like a cockroach. She was sucking on his peewee like a straw, and it
kept falling out of her ass, haha.

You'd think Ray J would be embarrassed, yet he talks like he gave her the
dick of a lifetime. Just goes to show you that black guys are all talk
regarding their sexual prowess. Big talkers more than any men alive. 

Author ub3rweiner ( ago)
FUCK TMZ and FUCK this bitch.... You are perpetuating a generation of
DUMBFUCKs who care.

Author Philip Han ( ago)
Please get this mindless trash off of the front page. Thank you.

Author oceanspraysparkling ( ago)
get this shit off my youtube homepage

Author Harry Michaels ( ago)
The fact is, she is a attention seeking whore. Attention seeking often
comes back to bite people.
If a non-celebrity does a tape this behaviour maybe considered okay within
their private circle. As a 'showbiz personality' everything is scrutinised
and you really shouldn't act in a way that consensus society will
criticise. What is reality to these show biz idiots anyway? They create
their own world and rules I suppose.

Author andy anaya ( ago)

Author SoulsForBreakfast ( ago)
Douchiest video I've ever seen.

Author Mafarda Vicaina ( ago)

Author arsalan minoo ( ago)

Author XXVorteXX ( ago)
Addicted To Vaginal Skin.

Author Melissa Prather ( ago)
Why do people like this half witted prostitute? She has nothing going for
her except her body. I don't blame her it is hard to be pimped out by your
own mother. Poor North will grpw up to find out mommy has a sex tape. 

Author Joebro8bit ( ago)
Who the fuck would ever want to be a celebrity.
Intimacy is inherently private, but there is no such thing as "private"
when you're a celebrity. Am I going to blame her or her boyfriend for
fergetting that fact? No, because that would be telling them to stop being
human and being into stuff like recording sex tapes (which I don't seem to
understand but to each their own). However I hoped that they did learn from

Author turnertwist ( ago)
People actually bought that sex tape? Its so horribly made its not even
worth a dollar. Go download it for free and laugh at how cheesy it is.

Author Alberto Roldan ( ago)
Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Boom -- Kim K Wedding:

Author doginwoods ( ago)
Would someone please HELP ME!!!... I'm so sick of seeing/hearing, anything
Kardashian!!!!.. Was it not, Paris Hilton, who Kim de-throned? Well, I'd
rather see Paris back in the news, taking Kims place. Oh, and wasn't she
already married? I thought, she was married to Kanye. I hope she did
divorce that stupid jerk. Oh well, the masses must like Kim, or she would
not still be on the big screen. She can't act, she can't sing, she can't
do anything, but have sex. So, why does the tv keep digging up stuff on
her?..... nevermind, don't answer that!

Author Jacob Rafko ( ago)
So what happened with Kanye?

Author Kevin Davis ( ago)

Author Sue Freson ( ago)
its just a namea name with money

Author Sue Freson ( ago)
i wonder how long it will take for a devorse

Author Fueler ( ago)
I wanna eat her alive

Author Right Nasty ( ago)

Author tektyger1 ( ago)
Time to take this nonsense down she's someone's mother now.

Author melvin.mcmangler ( ago)
i feel sorry for the north west

Author bidawi9o7 ( ago)
youtube their moms are whores that is way they turned exyoutube to a porn

Author Mohamad Shahbazi ( ago)

Author Mahdi 0bamma ( ago)
This family is More fccked up than even the Jacksons.

Author Sophie Kiernan ( ago)
Don't insult the irish

Author Masud parvez ( ago) sex- with-

Author parvin pal ( ago)
shes nothing but a whore. shes famous for her big arse!!!!!!!!!!! c'mon
whats wrong with this world I think people are not aware but God gives two
kind of punishments and that's old age and death.
why do people act like as if they will live forever?????????? and not die?
doesn't anyone ask themselves why they die??? its a nasty disgraceful
sinful world and makes me think if these people really belong to God
why don't they work like us for example do a 9 to 6 job Monday to Friday
then we will see
there is nothing good about her I have a friend that is much beautiful and
sexy than her

Author Pro Kid ( ago)
fuck off man :DDDDDD

Author BIG NICE ( ago)

Author Naco47 ( ago)
This crap appeared on my suggestions. I clicked on it just to dislike it; I
also removed the TMZ channel from my suggestions page

Author Giovanny Rosa ( ago)
Thang wow

Author michael PHELPS ( ago)
she be making money and owns the copyrights to the video so looks like she
meant for it to come out in the first place

Author michael PHELPS ( ago)
they for got to mention that half of the 2mil view of the sex tape
was probably her family......:P

Author ‫دٍمًوٌعٌ ٌ أّلَقُمًرٌ‬‎ ( ago)
أّلَلَهّـ يِّطِيِّحً حًظُکْمً يِّأّ ﺰمًأّأّأّيِّلَ 

Author Mirzada Khan ( ago)

Author Luna Ranger ( ago)
WHO THE F*** CARES ABOUT ONE SEX TAPE?! Big f***ing deal!! People have sex
and post it all the time!!! (Well not post it all the time, but still)
What makes Kim Kardashian more different then anyone else???
Why is she famous for this??

Author Mecid quliyev ( ago)
Ermenilər belə millətdi ancaq qəhbələriylə taninir ;) qəhbələriylə qabağa
getməyə çalişir soxdum sizin kimi millətə sənik :/

Author wael diab ( ago)
She's so hooooooooiot

Author Wiijuicy ( ago)


Author Shilva Qrow ( ago)
I want to try all the warlock's exotics ('-' )

Author Peter Siololo ( ago)
Amazing picture.

Author The False Prophet ( ago)
That little lucky charms leprechaun is racist, and there is nothing
magically delicious about racism.

Author Sarahleena Labib ( ago)
Someone please give me the name of the Irish lad. I just fell in love. 😍
anyone, at any cost I want to meet this guy and hug him for 10 minutes,
just for being the most handsome, sexy and beautiful Irish guy in the world
(excluding Niall Horan and Ivan kelly). Hmu tmz. 

Author Ku Pal ( ago)
Smelly pussy!

Author pepito torres ( ago)
Kardashian she's is gorda

Author Rosalinda Faneite ( ago)

Author Abel Bernal ( ago)
Anybody has the link to the video of kim please (complete)

Author Willy_CX/gaming ( ago)

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
I'll be honest and say I checked it up

Author jamienoah222 ( ago)
She likes nasty men

Author Titi Omisakin ( ago)
So many bitter fucks in the comment section.

Author lisalovely lady ( ago)
she looks like shes wiggin(on x) so hard in her sex tape,

Author Bunnyhunny ( ago)
Disgusting piece of 💩💩💩 doesn't do anything positive for society, the
only thing she knows to do is spread her legs and take selfies 👎👎👎 WASTE

Author Guilmer Gonsales ( ago)
Muybueno asi

Author MoonCrow ( ago)

Author Emma Griffin ( ago)
So gross

Author That One Black Guy ( ago)
Why is this so annoying, jebus

Author Alba Quintana Padrón ( ago)
Poor North

Author Meter Pangs ( ago)
I'm longing for that day when a mass murderer wipes out the whole TMZ crew
with a AK 47 !

That'll be soo coool !

Author Martin Bernstein ( ago)
Why do people want to know what other people do in there private lives Its
the same thing as being a Pepeing Tom and a pervert looking through some
ones window I find it sad that some people find it entertaining and if
the role was reversed on them would they find it entertaining to see there
private lives left to hang out on the washing line????

Author wilber wilson ( ago)

Author Rovon Butler II ( ago)
That's wack!

Author Halowolf2003 ( ago)

Author EC X (ECX) ( ago)
well if she ever has a girl, at least the girl will have a blueprint on how
to get rich without any talent, including no talent in bed!

Just let that wash over you for a bit, Kim has even less talent than a
turned out street hooker!

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