Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Boom -- Kim K Wedding

Kim Kardashian's wedding led to a HUGE boom in views of her sex tape... and it's all because of the Irish...

Kim Kardashian -- The Great Ass Debate
Kim Kardashian Krops Kid!

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Views: 9,993,923
Added: 3 years
Runtime: 1:46
Comments: 958

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Author TrackStarAA1 (29 days)
"I was in that bedroom."

-Brian Williams

Author hatepig (3 months)
this whore think to high of herself... break the internet ?!? no one gives
a fuck...

Author San (1 month)
I typed in "anything", and the first thing I saw was a naked guy holding a
telephone. Conclusion: The internet is truly peculiar...

Author xFersureMatt (2 months)
Anyone have that link to the sex tape? I need to.. read some articles.....

Author ScoutingMusic (5 months)
Im sorry but kim is a f........ disgusting unclean slut. I wouldn´t even
hit her for money, she is like a used tissue. I don´t get the world
nowadays what have we become. Just a bunch of dumb apes living in concrete
jungle. Please ray j, kanye, kim whole clan go back in the bush. "Monkey

Author Troy Bolton (2 months)
Holy fuck that Irish guy

Author Najmi Jimmie (13 days)
I hate TMZ

Author badboybaldy1 (3 months)
only come to say 1 word >>> slut

Author InternalMind (3 months)
TMZ should be kicked off the internet and off the planet, stupid crappy
corny predictable childish jewy influenced wastes of fucking space, just
fuck off ya cunts.

Author Gary Basil Grant (20 days)
ha ha ha oh sh*t

Author Lisa parker (2 months)
Kim k has. A fake ass. And titz

Author bounchofbeaners (3 months)
kim is a whore........ a celebrity whore......

Author An0nym0us (2 months)
i iz clickin but it iz not playin (LOL u actually thought i cant speak
english? much mislead)

Author turpioSE (4 months)
Kim Kardashian is more popular than President Obama or Prince William.

Author Sorcha Leary (11 days)
Why do TMZ think Ireland is so backward? 

Author junior free (5 months)
Why does everyone one think we Irish are drunks

Author Nick James (23 days)
Nice face and tits. Other than that a complete piece of trash. Look her up
in 10 years and I think you'll agree. That big old bubble ass is going to
be one hell of a lot bigger. Sexy? Nooooooot

Author D'Ascoyne (10 days)
Wait a minute, this is not the video where Kardashian takes a black cock up
her ass!

Author TheDoomSquid (25 days)
All these celebrity sex tapes blow. They are so boring and passionless. I'm
a better fuck than any of these guys. 

Author The Machine (13 days)
She took that long dick without event batting an eye, im guessing she's
probably loose as a wizards sleeve

Author Drester Q (1 month)
You wetbacks give spics a bad name.

Author David King (10 days)
Waiting for the KimYe dicorce. Hehehe

Author queenstixxzz (21 day)
I feel so bad for our future.

Author Michelle Romans (2 months)
Funny how her ass USED TO JIGGLE !! LOL Now it's rock hard!!! Can't say
that's all from working out. Can anyone say LIPOSUCTION??? AND POSSIBLE
BOTOX??? LMFAO !!!! .If she were broke, that would be one ugly ass, but
she'd still be priding herself on it !!! Ughhhh!!!

Author Tasha Jackson (1 month)
Why did tmz take the mick out or irish people???

Author Jarod Fazmeumbroche (1 month)
Am I the only one who noticed she was high on coke the whole time ???
nobody never talks about that. She grinding her teeth and popping her jaw

Author Sam Fhisher (2 months)
So whats new in this news? Its the Way Of America sleep with many people
you want.
Its a free country anyway. 

Author Nisdeg Balchir (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube

Author AwesomeOne0911 (7 months)
I've jerked off to this sex tape so many times. Kim is perfect 

Author Zhanrae30 (2 months)
On behalf of the American people, i apologize to you all.

Author Tammy Forbes (2 months)
why is this whore famous omg all she does is take off her close and act
like a twitt. I mean come on she is not even that hot she's mostly just a
fat chick.

Author Chris Cruise (4 months)
A pervert nig with a future fatass whore. Good job America. Fuckn culture
of death. 

Author 15theoren (1 day)
Kill me this is TMZ...i was watching Watchmojo

Author Rene Jr Cuba (7 days)
Iluminatti prostitute 

Author Mark J (16 days)
Baboon ass, haha

Author Michael Aryan (1 month)
This whole race mixing whore family is a shame and a sin to the white race.
The mom leads the way as the biggest whore nigger loving cunt we have ever
seen. Bunch of ugly fat bitches race mixing... Change the channel. White

Author garrettthurman21 (16 days)
What happened to the blond dude?

Author Claire Mckeon (5 months)
Thats not fair to irish people!! Why does everyone think were all drunks!?

Author Maria Dumatol (1 month)
Kim Kardashian is classless.

SHE IS FAT!!!!! Ugly and skanky! What a shame of what happened to that
family! Robert K. is just looking down from above and happy he's gone.
Rest his soul.

Author Kitty Kat (10 days)
celebrities make sex seem ...... tasteless -.-

Author liaqat ali (18 days)
Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Boom -- Kim K Wedding:

Author reychavez1 (1 month)
This whore is what the world sees about america??? Our country is through

Author nastynorm13 (1 day)
No talent disgusting pig.

Author oldnintendolink (2 months)
Aaahhhh she is so fucking grosse im done 

Author Eric Flores (20 days)
Hey welcome to Youtube, where very one comments how bad someone is. 

Author فاطمة عبدي يوسف (3 months)
The Irish must be feeling ashamed!

Author Brady Szabo (24 days)
She is a Pig and A whore. Explain how she is able to endorse any products?
Hey Kenye, hope you are enjoying those sloppy seconds. Ray J. and many
others say Hello.

Author RENEW (1 month)
Enjoy your wedding day... WHORE!!!

Author Russell Clark (23 days)
Funny how she became famous for being a fat ass whore. 

Author arpervas (1 month)
B i t c h that is all

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