Tesla's Solar Tiles - My Thoughts

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Author Tom Mavrakos ( ago)
i would like those slate looking tiles on my roof.cant wait to do it

Author Arman Lagunday ( ago)
make if availble n d market

Author Greg Clarke ( ago)
musk is a legend and so are you for these vids.

Author fall0rn ( ago)
1:54 blew my mind whehw

Author Billblom ( ago)
an integrated roof would be interesting..Solar Shingles are good, but need to survive hail storms, which are VERY common across the midwest and south. If you have a roof of shattered tiles, you are looking at an expensive replacement.

Author wholeNwon ( ago)
Stop saying "there's".

Author Free Speech ( ago)
There is nothing useful for humanity . Elon musk is a waste showman.

Author Aliança Luz ( ago)
perfeito, perfeito.

Author John Schoenecker ( ago)
Is this really environmental friendly? Show me the cradle to grave environmental impact analysis. Until this is as public as the hype I call BS!

Author Vitabrick Snailslime ( ago)
The idea of being freed from these motherfuckers who run our now privatised electricity systems and screw us at every turn is really attractive. I do have a few reservations about new you beaut stuff though. I was cleaning our conventional panels the other month, which are only about 4 years old and noticed one was visibly deteriorating, which made me think a lot more about the lifespan of these things. Inverters are another component which I know a lot of people have had trouble with, and have had to replace. Sure, the cost will come down but it's hard to imagine that a complete system capable of supplying your every need will ever be cheap in absolute terms. And if we have to replace a lot of it every 10 years or so the economics suffer even more. Another query seemed partially answered by the demonstration of the tiles resistance to hail. I still wonder though, whether this might diminish over time, and how the crack might affect the tiles performance both in electricity generation and as a roof tile. And how tough are they if you have to get up on the roof to do any work? I also know that firemen are pretty wary when dealing with fires at solar equipped premises now, and this is ramping things up a lot. Any useful thoughts out there

Author DJ AGILUS ( ago)
Elon Musk actually did more good for civilization than Steve Job. Im sorry I said it...

Electric Car, Solar Tiles, Tunnel Digging for City Planning, Space Program, self driving car and AI development.. Who is this guy?

The iphone revolutionize communication, design and fun into one package. But for humanity progress Elon is actually having more right ideas. Though he isba daredevil.

Author RUHappyATM ( ago)
Can the tiles withstand a very bad hailstorm?

Author reinoud ( ago)
this channel has the best intro period.

Author Moon Shadow ( ago)
Wow! This is what we all need. It's getting it set up that keeps me from solar. It should be on every rooftop.

Author Phil McConn ( ago)
Not just viable for 'sunny countries' but it would be even more effective for countries in northern Europe (for example) where there is not as much 'sunlight' but more 'daylight'. We just need daylight (even with cloud cover) at cooler temperatures for solar PV to be effective.

Author John Stevens Obungen ( ago)
right now in my country is extremely sunny outside, time to give the sun a reason to shine other than cooking us and giving plants life

Author TheSweetsOfSin ( ago)
Solar "viable in a decade"??? My parents are saving lots of money already having installed a solar Panel years ago...

Author Legends Destroyer ( ago)
Sola looks interesting!

Author unknown ( ago)
Cold fusion? I know what that is. That's when that cold ass bitch divorces you, then the judge fuses your wallet to her ass.

Author Solartech West Coast ( ago)
Enjoyed your thoughts. Great video.

Author James Rae ( ago)
It's kind of pathetic that people need it to look pretty in order to want home solar. That's not the point. How about cleaner air? Is that not enough of an incentive?

Author Von Neely ( ago)
Elon Musk for President of the World.

Author Seamus Callaghan ( ago)
And how much fossil fuel went into melting sand for the production of those tiles?

Author Adam Smith ( ago)
Worthless for our house, our entire roof is shaded for most of the day!

Author BlyndSDragon ( ago)
solar roofs only benifit those who can afford them... and it is old tech... time to move on.

Author නිෂාන් දීපාල් ( ago)
What materials is the battery made of? Envirronmental concerns.

Author Miraj Ali ( ago)
I would love a full tesla ran house

Author deefirst ( ago)
Just imagine if Steve Jobs was still living and Elon put their minds together to improve many other products.

Author Justwantahover ( ago)
Trump would hate this!

Author Justwantahover ( ago)
It takes just one person who makes just one company to get new stuff actually working and looks good. I want the flying bike to be real (like TESLA makes solar real). Like a practical sellable flying bike that we can buy. A hoverboard is a bit tricky, but a flying bike should be easier to make (cos it's bigger) and has larger rotors. And the bike position while flying would be just as awesome as a hoverboard (have the awesomeness without being so challenging). lol I want just one person, who will make just one company to do it (just like TESLA is doing it with solar). lol

Author Louna Guillaume ( ago)
original shot jet girlfriend that eastern since keep dust.

Author diGritz1 ( ago)
This all seems really promising.........but it's not new. So why has solar never taken off? Lots of reasons given but one that trumps everything else. The power, influence and money that traditional power generating companies can bring to bare against any movement towards wide spread adaptation.

For instance it's not uncommon for these entities to hire the people that would normally be employed by those pushing for greater solar use. There are many who admit that they were paid in some cases as much as 30K to do nothing. They employ every dirty trick in the book and have been very successful at it.

Author switchmuso ( ago)
Ok, happy you are addressing interesting stuff, but I was really disappointed by the lack of technical specs..
Come on, ok, you need to get hits, but give interested parties details, your video reminds me of nova videos

Author michael knowlden ( ago)
I'm loving this tech and believe this is the future. what I have a problem with is the power company and the US GOVERNMENT . they are starting to ban or make illegal off grid living due to taxes and control issues. how is this potential nightmare going to pan out?

Author Đông Anh ( ago)
Really good channel, but could you please add Eng transcript to your vids. Thanks

Author MattInTheToque ( ago)
love it but it takes people buying old stuff to make the new stuff and right now the average person is just try to make it financially . i wish we had one world currency or something to stop money from getting in the way of life and family.

Author incendie21 ( ago)
1 tile cost $1,000 each. what a steal!

Author N64 Sensation ( ago)
Great video mate. Though I must say, Elon Musks' first most vision isn't for Solar to be attractive, exciting, or desirable; it is to take a large step in saving our Planet :)

Author Wendy Wirawan ( ago)
When the powerwall use something that is more resilient than lithium ion battery, I will consider this solar panel + powerwall combo

Author Adi Panchal ( ago)
Thanks for the fantastic video.. I was looking for it.

Author Tommy9249 ( ago)
the maintenance costs will be too high, plus cleaning them would be a pain.

Author Metal Adder101 ( ago)
It wasn't that no one got it right... It's that the gas companies figured out a long time ago that they could and would lose profits to electric vehicles so went to work in suppressing the technology......

Author No Name ( ago)
This is one of my favorite channels on youtube. I don't subscribe to many channels but this one really deserves to be subscribed to. It's obvious he puts in the hard work into research, and video quality is top notch.

Keep 'em coming!

Author Thomas 1991 ( ago)
Solar technology won't be that great for me I live near Seattle so no sunlight for us.

Author Mea Culpa ( ago)
Solar freaking roadways.

Author Dylan Rollins ( ago)

Author fordaisy ( ago)
If the average person can't buy it it's worthless

Author Tefaye ( ago)
do u live in burncity?

Its really wonderful idea and it will do better in india

Author jthadcast ( ago)
bonza, take a $100k house build budget and then triple that and you can have a passive house with totally sustainable solar and most importantly upscale developments can dismantle the grid entire. bugger me if i can find a job that pays more $20k a year so i'm back to living in my cardboard box and 25yr old car but the rich, like always, gonna be stylin. tesla even after the giga chinese factory is 5x-10x more expensive than budget petrol cars, so you gonna have to change the economy first.

Author eurinoos ( ago)
Solar tiles is not something new. The down size is the ratio solar energy to electrical energy is very low and also they are too many interconnects. Over a period of time these interconnects will loose connectivity and even though the tile will produce it will never reach the converter look at the studies.

Author Wickedy Witch ( ago)
Self sustaining houses would be like a dream come true.

Author icwiz ( ago)
These roofs would need regular washings. Otherwise you'd lose power from dust and grime that builds on roofs.

Author rednishat ( ago)
Love this guy from the start! everyone please fund him so he can make more amazing videos!!! ❤☺

(this is his official account. Look at the bio)

Author Lone Wolf ( ago)
honestly what is the point of this... in the future everyone will be living in high rises... land prices will soar once we get to 50 qudrillion people or whatever

Author yuqing2006 ( ago)
can you please mention cost with thr currency? I need Ro know whether it is USD or AUD

Author Enrique Wilson ( ago)
Ur taste in music is sick

Author Ratul Banerjee ( ago)
we really need this in india

Author Day Star ( ago)
the idea?

Author naifsexy ( ago)
great tech

Author lasy rabbit ( ago)
This will benefit individuals, not only big businesses, just like the internet. I think that an ideal political system will be possible when we are more independent because of this.

Author MegaJohnhammond ( ago)
Elon Musk looks like Ricky Gervais's retarded little brother

Author Tyler Kandhai ( ago)
Tesla cars aren't even successful in the market... They rely on government subsidies from taxpayers and the sales of carbon credits to even have a profitable quarter, something that has only occurred twice in its entire existence.

Author Nicky Kenny ( ago)
There is a 1000 better way compact no sun or sunlight required true.

Author BOF007 ( ago)
am i the only one that is super curious how they got that much power storage in such a small package (compared to older battery systems) ?

Author Matthew Wright ( ago)
Houses don't change direction relative to the sun though, so what is the point of buying more expensive roofing tiles when they won't get much sunlight? Its ugly, but itsmore cost effective to just put panels in high-efficiency locations.

Author Jānis Rišis ( ago)
That would be nice to sell solar roof like this. electricy prices are overpriced.

Author beachcomber2008 ( ago)
What's not to like?
It is rumoured that Musk and Solar are designing TOTAL SOLAR ROOF SYSTEMS that UNDERCUT the cost of conventional tiled roofs. Why no mention?

Author Alfred Mercado ( ago)
Halfway through the video, but I appreciate you using the 1975 as background music c: Since I was a kid I was always excited about new renewable technologies that would come up and Elon Musk just continues to wow me, can't wait to actually apply these in my college course when I graduate c:

Author AndreyGaming ( ago)
If someone invents a time travel machine I'm going to 1940 to experience the ages when cars were beautiful. Car design and technology has gone too far. I don't want a aerodynamic 4 cylinder hybrid shitcar, I want a big long car with chroming, tailfins and a big v8. style>everything else.

Author Alistair Milner ( ago)
Really enjoyed the video, very informative. I have a friend that works in solar and they are starting to fit these Tesla storage systems, I have panels but am keen to keep abreast of new technology. On a different note it is fascinating how main stream tv is still feeding pollution and stagnant air in to peoples homes via the tv where as youtube content is often fresh and fascinating, I sincerely hope the tide will turn and like somebody else has already pointed out how come this hasn't hit the million mark yet, come on people, get with the programme it is painful how slow progress is on planet Earth.

Author Steve Brule ( ago)
I wish tesla would make another roadster!

Author B Sloan ( ago)
why don't we use monorail systems to get around and limit our carbon output by only using jets to go overseas and whatnot. Not sure but isn't Japan doing this? As for the tiles when they become available here in L.A. I'll get some along with 2 power walls. And yea the look great as opposed to the old style grids

Author David l ( ago)
hey buddy r u staying in brisbane?

Author peterzpictstube ( ago)
I think at this point there are more questions than answers, like what is there real cost of the roofing materials per square a standard roofing metric in the USA. They look good and should last being made out of glass. But what about all the wires and connectors cooking, freezing and getting soaked under the tiles? How will they last and how do you repair them? Also stating the cost will be less when solar savings are factored in an open ended "your mileage may vary" claim. This looks like a better solution than standard panels with all their installation issues. We will see.

Author Lfc218 ( ago)
Is this channel just an Elon Musk propaganda machine???

Author Andriy Gavrylenko ( ago)
You need to talk to engineers first. There are many problems with these tiles.
Solar is becoming popular because it takes nowadays only 1.5 year for solar panel to generate same amount of power as was used to manufacture them. If we start to talk about power needed to create hardened glass tile then you need to multiply this easily by a factor of 4-5. This means it will take around 10 years for these tiles to generate same amount of energy as used to manufacture them. Taking into account that average solar panels life is around 20 years and amount of energy produced is slowly reduced overt time, whole this idea is not looking very sustainable from renewable point of view. Then there are many problems with maintaining these tiles as each one has to be separately wired. But the most funny thing is that these tesla tiles are transparent in order to pass through solar energy while usual tiles on roof are intended to do opposite and intended to insulate from sun's heat. This means that below these tiles must be additional insulator. These are just some of the reasons why solar tiles are not popular. If you are interested you may check more details on EEV channel.

Author Sky High ( ago)
I am an average person, living a moderate income; the cost is what is most important for us. I can have a new roof replace for about $6,000US, What is the cost of the battery? What is the time period to recover your investment? These are answers that need to be addressed. COST?

Author Johnny Knoxville ( ago)
I'm an "all of the above" strategy guy when it comes to energy but the Zero Emissions plates on Tesla cars is funny --- yeah minus the coal plant that is hooked up to the charging station lol

Author Njenga John ( ago)
I love this guy's videos

Author Carolyn Mihelcic ( ago)
This was Awesome thanks...

Author ClawDragoon ( ago)
Whats The % of ppl living in houses as Big as in this Video, having so much roofspace to make use of The solarpanels...

Author vortex ape ( ago)
"things will only get more efficient,viable and affordable as time goes on..." Untill the banking cartell find out.

Author vortex ape ( ago)
4:50 who was confused by the small Audi?

Author vortex ape ( ago)

Author Gigagagagamer ( ago)
You just must consider, that in the most of the times, this Technology will be wasted. Some parts of the roof might be in the shade of a second floor, the roof isnt directed to the sun or its covered by snow. I mean when solar panels are being implemented, the solar companies are considering that all.

Author Lev Protter ( ago)
Seems silly, you normally place traditional solar panels in the right place and sometimes have it actively point at the sun. This seems like sacrificing function for aesthetic.

Author mintweb22 ( ago)
I just contacted the company right now and they said this is only in the planning stage and it will be a few years before it comes to the US. They also said they dont know the cost and it may be over $20,000 per house for this new solar tile roof. This is like the "Popular Science" magazine that would promote new technology in every issue, but 99% of that new technology never makes it out of the science lab and to the general public.

Author Donald Hobson ( ago)
Melting away snow takes a LOT of energy. You can do it but it will often take more power then you will get from the roof.

Author En Joy ( ago)
keep scrolling! Your homework can wait!

Author AriesT ( ago)
Can you add a video about the Tesla Powerwall 2? In a way of comparing it with the first iteration in detail?

Author Stephanie Ann ( ago)
Looks great, and if you're filthy rich they will be great. By the time the little people can ever get caught up in the affordability department regarding this technology, our Dictatorships will have compensated by jacking up our taxes even higher so that we'll remain in approximately the same perpetual treadmill that has kept us down for centuries.

Author varun choudhary ( ago)
your channel is just just amazing.

Author Susan Michelle ( ago)
Really hoping this may be a great solution for a "tiny house". The PowerWall is heavy and large, but would be worth it if the roof and PowerWall could effortlessly power a whole tiny house (400sf or under), including air conditioning and traditional appliances (refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc.).

Author wildreams ( ago)
Hi ColdFusion, you really must do a video on BYD!

Author trijezdci ( ago)
The vast and overwhelming majority of people within industrialised countries, let alone the rest of the planet, do NOT live in buildings with tied roofs. Nor are they able to afford luxury sports cars.

Author ravi teja thumnoori ( ago)
Make a video on internet of things (IOT) technology

Author Iniquify ( ago)
Holy fuck last time I watched a video from this guys was a year ago and he had very little subs now he has 1 mil

Author Sean Currie ( ago)
my friend has a business opportunity offering Solar to people through a bunch of Solar Providers. Its really cool and you can make some good commissions doing it. check it out at or get a FREE Solar Proposal from him at

Author Danny Lai ( ago)
when better solar cells come along, can those solar cells inside the telsa roof tiles be replaced with better cells in future ?

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