Tesla's Solar Tiles - My Thoughts

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Author Bernard Finucane ( ago)
I see some marketing limitations with the solar roof idea. Home-owners probably want matching shingles everywhere if they are worried about looks, but only part of a house is likely to be well suited for solar. So the idea only makes sense for new houses or houses being reroofed for other reasons.

Author Ice Cube ( ago)
I frequently visit Germany there is a building and its whole wall is made of solar...not only the roof...

Author Praveen M ( ago)
Just like the iPhone. There have been smartphones before but the iPhone got it right and really appealed to people.

Author bizzy247 ( ago)
I hope this takes off

Author NathanSynth ( ago)
Okay yeah bro that's a cool idea but what happens when birds poop on em?

Author Hari TC ( ago)
I always thought that traditional solar roof panels looked cool and futuristic.

Author mongoloid ( ago)
2 things. maintenance and durability. storms and stuff

Author dsrtdawg1 ( ago)
The biggest problem is Solar City likes to charge for the savings they offer. Not very honest.

Author Martin Towers ( ago)
great video .. again you present a topic nice and clear.. thanks from the uk

Author matt k ( ago)
It's crazy times we live in, so many things people have always dreamed about are suddenly now techincally possible.

Author I'm Prehistoric ( ago)
This is great and all, but don't kid yourself into thinking that governments will allow all houses to be self-sustaining. They want everyone paying them and the large power-companies.

Author WhyBother ( ago)
He put on some weight

Author Patrick EH ( ago)
In the 80's we invented a solar shingle that hooked to the underlying conductor when nailed in place.

They didn't take off because for those in the 1st world (maybe excepting Germany which has destroyed it electrical generation) solar is not a viable REPLACEMENT for current base load generation methods.

Author Patrick EH ( ago)
It STILL is not a viable (cost effective) REPLACEMENT if you are on the grid (in the USA at least). The math doesn't add up at all.

Author Dasha Launer ( ago)
still in BOX mentality..getting really tired of making this complex and expensive when energy can be instant and SUPER practical....

Author Max Young ( ago)
We need to urge our federal government to amend our current FIT scheme.

Author maskvp mGy ( ago)
It looked like the Solar-City tile was still damaged and most likely would need to be replaced- for aesthetic reasons at the very least. I've looked into solar; I currently pay $0.09 net per KWH and it isn't feasible yet in my zone 5 area (means lots of sun). However we do have a few large solar farms close by. One was taken almost completely out by the softball sized hail we had this time last year. Their panels were finally replaced last month. The crushing sound of 4" hail sledge-hammering into my roof is not a distant memory when I consider installing solar panels up there. The upside to the SC tiles is that they could be replaced individually if damaged. BTW, nearly all my neighbors have new roofs now as a result of one storm. It does happen.

Author mR0d3aG ( ago)
Finally, a company is changing the world

Author GORE illa ( ago)
The historically lack of electric cars is not about the right product, but the oil lobby...

Author johnny llooddte ( ago)
ahahahha elon huckster ahahaha,,,,,next decade..
elon will be bankrupt in a decade n 6 companies...
taking 100 billion home to momma while you and i pay 100s of billions in more taxes on his schemes ahaha

the model s is 400,000 units and 3 years behind ahahah..
spaceX is ONE disaster away from bankruptcy ahahah

Author Major Mazzaroth ( ago)
if you take money out of the utilitiy company pockets the city or state revenue will decrease. neither one of these entities is having that, get ready for a battle and red tape .

Author docchocobo ( ago)
how has he gotten around the limited charge cycles inherent in Lithium-ion technology? I think Lithium Polymer batteries are only good for about 300 charges and that's if you treat them well. is he using some new form of this technology that gets around this problem? I know this from flying drones and also working with other lithium-ion powered devices period for your product to have any longevity you have to plan for replacing the batteries if they are lithium ion on a regular basis. so their power density is extremely good compared to other batteries, the cost of Maintenance and battery replacement needs to be considered

Author Kyle Garner ( ago)
what about solpad?

Author Adam Anderson ( ago)
Elon Musk and Kevin Durand look so alike.

Author PartialTripod ( ago)
Hey cold fusion, just wondering if you have got one of these solar systems because I do. I also live in Australia

Author Hagey Computer ( ago)
never heard of the EV-1?

Author Ullas Ahuja ( ago)
4:42 .... wtf :O

Author the one febo10 ( ago)
tesla , spacex , and boston dynamics should form one company IMAGINE THAT

Author vladimirs sinkevics ( ago)
and undergo surficewith in nano scale to leave it clear in any time and dont have to wash it that would be neat

Author Donald MacLeay ( ago)
YouTube is filling up with infomercials.

Author Law19157 ( ago)
I personally favor using Liquid Hydrogen technology and turning human feces into energy & even crude oil for it to then be made into plastics, I mean nobody is doing anything useful with the millions of pounds of crap we produce that's a renewable source of energy right there, you can even turn the steam produced from processing the feces into oil for clean drinking water.

Author Christian Méza ( ago)
Tip, but more of a compliment: I like your background music @ColdFusion!

Author Trigger_Warning ( ago)
This video was hilarious so much uninformed shit talk.

Author mandrodify ( ago)
is he called indigogo

Author Helmholtz the Mule Watson ( ago)
Im sorry but this video does not even attempt to tackle cost. What does this cost compared to a tradition reroof and how many years does it take for the energy saving to pay off? How are you going to get builders and developers to to go in on this? Covering your house in tempered glass with imbedded solar cells sounds like it would be very expensive.

Author jonfairhurst71 ( ago)
Solar roof tiles have been around since 2005!! Nothing new apart from the sales pitch!!

Author Claire XserviceX ( ago)

Author Rick Smith ( ago)
teslas solar shingles are great but how much will this cost (including the battery)and how long will they last

Author JACK WEN ( ago)
Tesla might as well put some solar panels on car roof to increase range

Author jarvisrodrig ( ago)
Given that one of the problems of power generation is evening out the load between generation and usage having local powerwall storage would be useful whatever method you used to generate the energy.

Author herranton1979 ( ago)
GM got the electric car _"right"_ before Tesla did. The ev1 was perhaps better because you didn't need to be a bajillionair to afford one. and that was 20 years ago.

Author T Gus ( ago)
Never spend more than necessary on a young technology, because better and cheaper equipment is always just around the corner.

Author willem lab ( ago)
unfortunately you lose a ton of efficiency when you don't have solar cells placed at the right angle for your latitude

Author XJLCA ( ago)
Nice moobs, Elon!

Author Mr. DucArbre ( ago)
Here in Quebec we have Hydro dams

Author TheBobBrom ( ago)
I like Tesla but the problem with them is essentially everything they make is too expensive for the average consumer. Which is ok for normal companies as they obviously still make money but if they're goal is to stop global warming through their environmentally friendly products then they need to aim them at the common consumer not just millionaires that want to show off.

Author Tom Mavrakos ( ago)
i would like those slate looking tiles on my roof.cant wait to do it

Author Arman Lagunday ( ago)
make if availble n d market

Author Greg Clarke ( ago)
musk is a legend and so are you for these vids.

Author fall0rn ( ago)
1:54 blew my mind whehw

Author Billblom ( ago)
an integrated roof would be interesting..Solar Shingles are good, but need to survive hail storms, which are VERY common across the midwest and south. If you have a roof of shattered tiles, you are looking at an expensive replacement.

Author wholeNwon ( ago)
Stop saying "there's".

Author Free Speech ( ago)
There is nothing useful for humanity . Elon musk is a waste showman.

Author Aliança Luz ( ago)
perfeito, perfeito.

Author John Schoenecker ( ago)
Is this really environmental friendly? Show me the cradle to grave environmental impact analysis. Until this is as public as the hype I call BS!

Author Vitabrick Snailslime ( ago)
The idea of being freed from these motherfuckers who run our now privatised electricity systems and screw us at every turn is really attractive. I do have a few reservations about new you beaut stuff though. I was cleaning our conventional panels the other month, which are only about 4 years old and noticed one was visibly deteriorating, which made me think a lot more about the lifespan of these things. Inverters are another component which I know a lot of people have had trouble with, and have had to replace. Sure, the cost will come down but it's hard to imagine that a complete system capable of supplying your every need will ever be cheap in absolute terms. And if we have to replace a lot of it every 10 years or so the economics suffer even more. Another query seemed partially answered by the demonstration of the tiles resistance to hail. I still wonder though, whether this might diminish over time, and how the crack might affect the tiles performance both in electricity generation and as a roof tile. And how tough are they if you have to get up on the roof to do any work? I also know that firemen are pretty wary when dealing with fires at solar equipped premises now, and this is ramping things up a lot. Any useful thoughts out there

Author DJ AGILUS ( ago)
Elon Musk actually did more good for civilization than Steve Job. Im sorry I said it...

Electric Car, Solar Tiles, Tunnel Digging for City Planning, Space Program, self driving car and AI development.. Who is this guy?

The iphone revolutionize communication, design and fun into one package. But for humanity progress Elon is actually having more right ideas. Though he isba daredevil.

Author RUHappyATM ( ago)
Can the tiles withstand a very bad hailstorm?

Author reinoud ( ago)
this channel has the best intro period.

Author Moon Shadow ( ago)
Wow! This is what we all need. It's getting it set up that keeps me from solar. It should be on every rooftop.

Author Phil McConn ( ago)
Not just viable for 'sunny countries' but it would be even more effective for countries in northern Europe (for example) where there is not as much 'sunlight' but more 'daylight'. We just need daylight (even with cloud cover) at cooler temperatures for solar PV to be effective.

Author John Stevens Obungen ( ago)
right now in my country is extremely sunny outside, time to give the sun a reason to shine other than cooking us and giving plants life

Author TheSweetsOfSin ( ago)
Solar "viable in a decade"??? My parents are saving lots of money already having installed a solar Panel years ago...

Author Legends Destroyer ( ago)
Sola looks interesting!

Author unknown ( ago)
Cold fusion? I know what that is. That's when that cold ass bitch divorces you, then the judge fuses your wallet to her ass.

Author Solartech West Coast ( ago)
Enjoyed your thoughts. Great video.

Author James Rae ( ago)
It's kind of pathetic that people need it to look pretty in order to want home solar. That's not the point. How about cleaner air? Is that not enough of an incentive?

Author Von Neely ( ago)
Elon Musk for President of the World.

Author Seamus Callaghan ( ago)
And how much fossil fuel went into melting sand for the production of those tiles?

Author Adam Smith ( ago)
Worthless for our house, our entire roof is shaded for most of the day!

Author BlyndSDragon ( ago)
solar roofs only benifit those who can afford them... and it is old tech... time to move on.

Author නිෂාන් දීපාල් ( ago)
What materials is the battery made of? Envirronmental concerns.

Author Miraj Ali ( ago)
I would love a full tesla ran house

Author deefirst ( ago)
Just imagine if Steve Jobs was still living and Elon put their minds together to improve many other products.

Author Justwantahover ( ago)
Trump would hate this!

Author Justwantahover ( ago)
It takes just one person who makes just one company to get new stuff actually working and looks good. I want the flying bike to be real (like TESLA makes solar real). Like a practical sellable flying bike that we can buy. A hoverboard is a bit tricky, but a flying bike should be easier to make (cos it's bigger) and has larger rotors. And the bike position while flying would be just as awesome as a hoverboard (have the awesomeness without being so challenging). lol I want just one person, who will make just one company to do it (just like TESLA is doing it with solar). lol

Author Louna Guillaume ( ago)
original shot jet girlfriend that eastern since keep dust.

Author diGritz1 ( ago)
This all seems really promising.........but it's not new. So why has solar never taken off? Lots of reasons given but one that trumps everything else. The power, influence and money that traditional power generating companies can bring to bare against any movement towards wide spread adaptation.

For instance it's not uncommon for these entities to hire the people that would normally be employed by those pushing for greater solar use. There are many who admit that they were paid in some cases as much as 30K to do nothing. They employ every dirty trick in the book and have been very successful at it.

Author switchmuso ( ago)
Ok, happy you are addressing interesting stuff, but I was really disappointed by the lack of technical specs..
Come on, ok, you need to get hits, but give interested parties details, your video reminds me of nova videos

Author michael knowlden ( ago)
I'm loving this tech and believe this is the future. what I have a problem with is the power company and the US GOVERNMENT . they are starting to ban or make illegal off grid living due to taxes and control issues. how is this potential nightmare going to pan out?

Author Đông Anh ( ago)
Really good channel, but could you please add Eng transcript to your vids. Thanks

Author MattInTheToque ( ago)
love it but it takes people buying old stuff to make the new stuff and right now the average person is just try to make it financially . i wish we had one world currency or something to stop money from getting in the way of life and family.

Author incendie21 ( ago)
1 tile cost $1,000 each. what a steal!

Author N64 Sensation ( ago)
Great video mate. Though I must say, Elon Musks' first most vision isn't for Solar to be attractive, exciting, or desirable; it is to take a large step in saving our Planet :)

Author Wendy Wirawan ( ago)
When the powerwall use something that is more resilient than lithium ion battery, I will consider this solar panel + powerwall combo

Author Adi Panchal ( ago)
Thanks for the fantastic video.. I was looking for it.

Author Tommy9249 ( ago)
the maintenance costs will be too high, plus cleaning them would be a pain.

Author Metal Adder101 ( ago)
It wasn't that no one got it right... It's that the gas companies figured out a long time ago that they could and would lose profits to electric vehicles so went to work in suppressing the technology......

Author No Name ( ago)
This is one of my favorite channels on youtube. I don't subscribe to many channels but this one really deserves to be subscribed to. It's obvious he puts in the hard work into research, and video quality is top notch.

Keep 'em coming!

Author Thomas 1991 ( ago)
Solar technology won't be that great for me I live near Seattle so no sunlight for us.

Author Mea Culpa ( ago)
Solar freaking roadways.

Author Dylan Rollins ( ago)

Author fordaisy ( ago)
If the average person can't buy it it's worthless

Author Tefaye ( ago)
do u live in burncity?

Its really wonderful idea and it will do better in india

Author jthadcast ( ago)
bonza, take a $100k house build budget and then triple that and you can have a passive house with totally sustainable solar and most importantly upscale developments can dismantle the grid entire. bugger me if i can find a job that pays more $20k a year so i'm back to living in my cardboard box and 25yr old car but the rich, like always, gonna be stylin. tesla even after the giga chinese factory is 5x-10x more expensive than budget petrol cars, so you gonna have to change the economy first.

Author eurinoos ( ago)
Solar tiles is not something new. The down size is the ratio solar energy to electrical energy is very low and also they are too many interconnects. Over a period of time these interconnects will loose connectivity and even though the tile will produce it will never reach the converter look at the studies.

Author Wickedy Witch ( ago)
Self sustaining houses would be like a dream come true.

Author icwiz ( ago)
These roofs would need regular washings. Otherwise you'd lose power from dust and grime that builds on roofs.

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