DENSO 100KV RACING GT-Coil vs BOSCH 60KV Coil (spark plug)

DENSO 100KV RACING GT-Coil vs BOSCH 60KV Coil (spark plug)

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Author triggerhappy77707 (3 years)
I would put that at 30-40kv, which is still no small voltage. An impressive
coil, and it is even smaller :-)

Author Andras Treer (3 years)
HI is the output 100 KV for sure? is it possible?

Author nshep+ (3 years)
i need one of those for my potato cannon

Author FIRERAYOV (4 years)
the coil have internal resistance ??

Author jmartis2 (5 years)
Cool, but nowhere near 100kV.

Author helloman1976 (4 years)
Incredible! I'd like to see the gap set at some value close to a
traditional spark plug like maybe .3-.4 or around there. I bet the spark
would be very powerful at that distance.

Author twistymcslide2 (3 years)
@nicks99322 good call . . . LOL.. would be so perfect and potent...

Author zker666 (4 years)
more like 10kV

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