KUWTK | Khloe Kardashian Tries Out Fake Boobs | E!

Is the E! star ready for a big change? Kim K. gives her sister her expert opinion on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".


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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Khloe Kardashian Tries Out Fake Boobs | E!

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Author Tess Mathieu ( ago)
so annoying cause i live in Paris and there isn't the kardachians

Author Sami Alaka ( ago)
i can never understand why ppl watch videos to leave hateful comments. if you know what the video is about and who its on dnt watch it simple. And stop acting like the world isnt already corrupted, if you dnt like certain thing about your body, its your choice you can change it.

Author Elle Barnwell ( ago)
"I mean i've always liked small boobs, but i've always had big boobs" YA RIGHT

Author Kim Green ( ago)
Insecure as hell

Author Theresa Floresca ( ago)
Khloe your enough. 😏😂

Author That weird goat that Nobody likes ( ago)
I loose the nerve cells that are in my brain whenever I watch The Kardashians

Author Team Bianca&domo ( ago)
go khloe

Author thatkidd jennifer ( ago)
Well this confirms that Kylie Jenner has probably gotten her boobs done, and her older sisters probably encouraged her to do so.

Author Why Lord ( ago)
talk about whores and fake people.

Author The .CrystalBoat ( ago)
I feel like Kim just didn't want Khloe to have bigger boobs cause then people may say Khloe is hotter and Kim was jealous.

Author Gresa Bela ( ago)
I'd be lucky if I was Khloe I have big boobs for my age. :/

Author Ümit Şerki ( ago)
bunları sikmek için zenci olmakmı lazım amk

Author Taylor Luster ( ago)
I'm in the 8th grade and I wear a 36c to a 36dd. So small boobs are better. I have cleavage without the bra like wtf

Author Luna Vernandes ( ago)
Why Are they that popular ?

Author Kate S. Borling ( ago)
"Oh my god I'm finally you!!!" -Khloe

Author LilyTheDoot ( ago)
0:36 that voice crack omfg

Author dab Adam ( ago)
this video made u feel that they have natural bodies...btw khloe has smallest boobs from kardashians or what?

Author The Barbie and Ken Show ( ago)
2k likes and 3k dislikes.

Author Lou V ( ago)
girl i am an A-cup (😢💛) and I can still see that middle parting when i wear a sports bra 😂😂. Youre perfect the way you are!

Author bcj70 ( ago)
kkk sisters

Author bcj70 ( ago)
get a life whoredashians

Author Hallie Spurlock ( ago)
oh Mrs.Potato Head tell me is it true that pain is beauty?

Author Thug Life ( ago)
They fuckin fine asf who cares if they plastic. If yall bitches had the dough yall would go shopping for plastic parts too.

Author Celeste Ingram ( ago)
"Oh my god I'm finally you!" 😂😂

Author Joshua Sumaoang ( ago)
"People get their boobs down like they fill up a gas"omgggg Khloe is my favorite KArdashian omggg haha dying

Author jenny crystal ( ago)
I don't really see the need for Khloe to get bigger boobs. Her boobs are pretty big already. but hey, you do you, amirite?

Author Hugin Mayday ( ago)

Author Daniela's World ( ago)
I call this the K show because of all of their names start with K

Author kim Mendiola ( ago)
I love the Kardashian. the family body is fake. sorry

Author aracely Sepulveda ( ago)

Author Inga Dale ( ago)'s not like they have anything else to a brain..for example.

Author Ms Rana ( ago)
I think she lost her boob when she lost weight. Cus I remember she had boooooobs

Author Robbie Sharp ( ago)
Why would khloe want people to see this, more like the "kartrashians"

Author Aurora ( ago)
the messaging they give out to their fans is DISGUSTING.

Author nganguemnganguem1 ( ago)

Author Modern Governess ( ago)
their look during interview, when they are explaining about the situation they look better compare to the activity and situation going on

Author Angel Swaz ( ago)
Kim's boobs don't look that big here

Author Anna Kocol ( ago)
Can I please give her my boobs, make my life so much easier..

Author Sasha Joes ( ago)
All these negative people in the comments 🙄🙄🙄. The Kardashians didn't force you to click on the video. The more you comment and open the video the more coins in their pockets. And Kim boobs are real. They always been big, even when she was younger. Unless Robert Kardashian let his daughter get a boob job at 13. Kim was always naturally curvy, she just enhanced her butt with a fat transplant. She doesn't have implants 🙄

Author Arch Angel ( ago)
All the plastic in the World couldn't make this Wookie attractive.

Author richardhalo ( ago)
The more we give attention to these useless "things" the more famous they get.

Author Jessie Katie ( ago)
Now malika can go get hers done since Khloes changed her mind lol

Author Le O ( ago)

Author don long ( ago)
They look great.Good luck black men with them.khloe loves black men as well the rest of them.

Author Ayman008 ( ago)
Wtf I thought this show was finally cancelled.

Author Arayah ( ago)
Why do you want big boobs???? I mean whatever it's her choice

Author MrDudezProductionz ( ago)
These bitches are upper class thots.

Author Deja Green ( ago)
I feel like she wants to get her boobs done cuz that's basketball player probably wants her too that's she's dating

Author B-Skan Bfm ( ago)
khloe is ugly af compared to all the other sisters , with the red lip stick she looks like Krusty the Clown from the simpsons

Author Donald J. Trump ( ago)
She's finally honest. She wants nothing more, than to be Kim!

Author xObey-Jessicax ( ago)
Faker* boobs.

Author Randall Goguen ( ago)
Khloe Kardashian Tries Out Fake Personality

Author The Cynic ( ago)
Why do you people watch these freaks. This isn't entertainment they are just a bunch of hollyweird hicks following a story line.

Author Michaela Wuthrich ( ago)
"Who're or boring" society's definition of women in 3 words 😂😂

Author JimmyJohnsRules ( ago)
Why can't they do some dam charity instead.....

Author abram3 ( ago)

Author abram garibay ( ago)

Author abram garibay ( ago)

Author Mar tin ( ago)
This is YouTube the kardashians have no power here

Author Karen McCann ( ago)
I like what Khloe said though, in LA people do get their boobs done like they fill up a car with gas! So true!!!

Author LeviathantheMighty ( ago)
So big boobs are whorish? God this is stupid.

Author Alvaro Rodriguez ( ago)
She's so fat an ugly...I don't even know why I'm watching this crap

Author Killer MemeStar ( ago)
Why does kim sound like a dying pig

Author Brain Trollstan ( ago)
Might as well be a robot fake bitches

Author Tom Jones ( ago)
still gonna be the ugly sister of all the bitches

Author Eats free samples at Costco & leaves nothing for u ( ago)
It's official people. Kris Jenner is pointing a gun on YouTube.

Author Hiro Hiroaki ( ago)

Author Jerardo Vazquez ( ago)
God took his family away 🔫💩

Author Ignacio Ricaud ( ago)
Wtf I am doing with my life...

Author theguitarhero898 ( ago)
Next week on "Keeping up with the Kardashians!",Caitlin goes out on the town, Chloe desperately tries to get noticed by anyone with ears and eyes, and Kim gets robbed of all her Jewelery in France! Tune in for your chance to degrade your lifespan by 5 years by watching this trash!!

Author Rob Smith ( ago)
i clicked on this cause i have not watched tv for 6 years - lol, i almost vomited when she said 'klohe looks beautiful no matter what' oh man, so sad these lame ditz's

Author BellaBehindAKidBehindACamera ( ago)
I want to kill my self now

Author John Doe ( ago)
bitches/ gong to look white lol

Author Haha No ( ago)
Saw thumbnail. Clicked on video.

Author beetle juice ( ago)
it wus no need for all that extrA plastic

Author Peter Vasz ( ago)
so were going to act like she's already 90% plastic

Author Blake Rothrock ( ago)
such trash

Author Fake News ( ago)
For the first time in my life, the comments section has restored my faith in humanity.


Author Cold Akin ( ago)
this is retarded.... is this how rich people think in life? i think im gonna become a bum.

Author Garrett R ( ago)
well.... going straight to the history tab and deleting this.

Author Jose Perez ( ago)
Goodbye trystan thompsons career

Author Gwendoline Manya ( ago)
The Kardashian are so addicted to plastic surgery💯

Author lamoskgr Moskow ( ago)
I think that Khloe looks fine just like that. She looks really balanced.

Author Danyiel Says ( ago)
NO khloé don't do it!u look perfect already hunn✨

Author General Bonks ( ago)
Literal trash of earth.

Author Trump Lizard ( ago)
I lost so many brain cells watching this.

Author Someweirdguy ( ago)
kim: ive always had big boobs

me: ha ha ha haaaa haaa haa ha haa ha ha haaa haah haah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haha i cant breathe hahahahahahah

Author TheRedditArmy ( ago)
Those boobs are fake - I can tell by the pixels.

-Justin Memer

Author ChiefsNation82 ( ago)
that whole white guilt family famous for being velvet lined sausage wallets.

Author Kakka CarrotCake ( ago)
I hate myself for clicking this...

Author Achilles ( ago)
Go soak your heads in acid.💩👎⬇

Author He Editz ( ago)
doesn't she those already

Author x Exoduzx ( ago)

Author jdr ( ago)
These women have the intellectual capacity of middle school aged children

Author Nor' Easter ( ago)
Distract the masses.

Author ididntreallymeanit ( ago)
I like that they pretend to work out.

Author katie edits ( ago)
oh no!!! a woman wanting to change her body for herself!!! what is the world coming to?????

Author Dreamy ( ago)
The Kardashians: 70% silicone and 30% plastic

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
I'm sorry for the camera man.

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