The true story of the clash of clans

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Author Keerthi Prakash ( ago)
I want 11 th account

Author Keerthi Prakash ( ago)
I want a th11 account

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Author Setsuya Korosakie ( ago)
yawa loq

Author Jesse Gaming ( ago)
At the end of the video,they said no like,so,they admit that this video sucks

Author زيد الشمري ( ago)

Author Skekpe ( ago)
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Author Erlinda Samson ( ago)
hindi nakuyente yuong tulang hehehehehe amezing

Author fin ozo BOY ( ago)
wow nice animation and nice vid!

Author Abdullah Gaming ( ago)
Hog rider is my favourite troop in coc

Author Rajeev Kumar ( ago)
jdoskd syeinshos

Author Prathamesh Gaikwad ( ago)
do something of your own.

Author Hrvoje Penic ( ago)
I find Lava Pup cute.

Author zdagjh das ( ago)
Rowdy hu be

Author amar sahadev ( ago)

Author Bradley Rivera ( ago)
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Author CaRLoS ( ago)
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Author manarag arlhex ( ago)
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Author manarag arlhex ( ago)
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Author Thomas P. Slay ( ago)
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Author Jonathan Icoy ( ago)
you said its true story of clash of clan but its just ads

Author Josue Emma Sut Guillen ( ago)
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Author TheBlueWolf Games ( ago)
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Author Cooleton ( ago)
aah the old coc models

Author How to gaming ( ago)
what the fuck

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Author TheSnemeis ( ago)
lubię clash of clans

Author Barb Corrado ( ago)
This was awesome

Author Renato Pasten Barrientos ( ago)

Author Bharat Singh ( ago)

Author Edna Kenyon ( ago)
𝔾𝕖𝕥 𝟙𝟘𝟘𝕂 𝔽𝕣𝕖𝕖 𝔾𝕖𝕞𝕤 𝕋𝕠𝕕𝕒𝕪 𝔽𝕣𝕠𝕞 ℍ𝕖𝕣𝕖, 𝕋𝕣𝕪 𝕚𝕥 𝕟𝕠𝕨:

Author Sandeep Singh ( ago)

Author Arturo Valencia ( ago)

Author Justin Wil ( ago)
These are just the trailers from COC

Author El Pyro Del Youtube :v ( ago)
really? this are obvious what this videos are from the Original account of Clash of Clans.
You are pathetic and the others put the name of this videos are "The Real history" or "True story" are stupid

Author brenda estobanez ( ago)
are P.E.K.K.A a girl or a boy??? like this if girl comment if no

Author Aquatic ( ago)
He stole this from clash of clans YouTube channel guys go check it out

Author Mrsnowbites ( ago)
This is fake and boring

Author Simon Wielki ( ago)

Author Victor Rodriguez ( ago)

Author Tec_ King ( ago)
This is actually a real story

Author jason 214 ( ago)

Author GGCrosby ( ago)
this sucks ur voice is too low

Author Rona Banaga ( ago)
the wizard is so funny

Author Zeptix HQ ( ago)
The wizard is like Hagrid

Author BaixaModz ( ago)
haha all from supercell comercials and the end in brazilian from the chanel Canal Clash On

Author Ahmed Yearwood ( ago)
its pretty  good

Author Bluelava 20044 ( ago)
the lavahound pup was so cute xD

Author Sardilla Robert ( ago)
stolen vid

Author aquib khan ( ago)
so nice

Author Debaster King ( ago)
Great game

Author Read more ( ago)
They should update:
Fast lava pup.
Hog rider riding a piano.
Barbarian not getting killed by a cannon.
Infinite troops.
Wall breaker not getting killed by a tesla.
Town hall getting destroyed by a bunny.
Troops can cover/troops can now miss.
Hog riders can invite more hog riders.
Barbarian king can attack an air troop.

Author Crystalz Gamez ( ago)

Author Vasundra Sharma ( ago)

Author Krish Bhalla ( ago)
Never knew Barbarian King can attack air lmao.

Author YR GAMES ( ago)
Fake dose not work

Author shreyash sharma ( ago)
wiz time pass jyda krta h

Author Pateto ( ago)
Copyright, get fucked fucker

Author Rupam Das ( ago)

Author Eren Arz YT ( ago)
when the last lava pop is sad then i am getting sad :(

Author Jack Leighton MC ( ago)

Author Debabrata Das ( ago)
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Author Samueljosh Abac ( ago)
click bait

Author Abdull4h G4mer ( ago)
why the lava hound was so fast in the video but actually in the game it's tooooooo slow without rage 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Mimosa Golf ( ago)
you suck

Author mdimarov ( ago)
trash you copied the clips

Author Burda Sadece Şarkı ( ago)
Mother Fucker beach

Author Puneet Jain ( ago)
doo any one say hog rider ohhhh uaaaaaaaa

Author The Anonymous ( ago)
U hav just remixed every videos as a stufff

Author Shoaib Shoaib ( ago)
which troop u love the most??

Author Minecraftprogamms 2006 ( ago)
hi if u read this u can grab a cookie

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Author ahmad omar ( ago)

Author Chris Agethen ( ago)
and you tell this "the True Story of clash of clans" There is no story THAT are only Some Videos from supercell 😴😴😠😠

Author Chris Agethen ( ago)
what the fuck is this you cut all movie and take them in a shit Sequence

Author Edwin Bitancor ( ago)
i wiss giant now holding a stone

Author Biggest nightmare ( ago)
pekka is a robot

Author magic boy Rai ( ago)
I remember this this make Camarobro more famous than he was

Author Rubble_SOG_ ( ago)

Author Are U Mad Bro? ( ago) can the barbarian king attacks in air??😁😁 lol😜

Author nolan dube ( ago)

Author JohnIvan Sababan ( ago)
It's fake and boring

Author Tc Lenovo ( ago)

Author Fitzwill Enajyram ( ago)
whahahaha look at the wizzards hair

Author Japoy Abejero ( ago)
pls give me gems

Author Japoy Abejero ( ago)
I subscribe

Author Emptiness Emu ( ago)

Author Oz Ep ( ago)
Lol all clips

Author Josh Cureg ( ago)

Author JASKARAN SINGH ( ago)
I need the tune of hog rider

Author MasterHB Zone ( ago)

Author Kratos_placha 10 ( ago)
Man this video is from other Chanel from BRASIL

Author Pokemon MasterZ ( ago)
did you mean, " All Stories of Clash of Clans"??

Author Watherishfob ( ago)
quiero jemas

Author Test Channel ( ago)
LOL!!! 22,271 views and just 153 Subscribers ! ROFL!

Author Rolando Compean ( ago)
I want free gems

Author Rolando Compean ( ago)
funny hog ridder

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