Radioactive - Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover)

  • Added:  4 years ago
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  • Video CategoriesMusic
  • Runtime: 4:25
  • Tags for this video:  radioactive  immagine dragons  lindsey stirling  pentatonics  acapella  violin  cello  music  dancing violin  

Comments: 107 834

  • wolf games
    wolf games 11 hours ago

    ... i love pentatonix

  • Francesca Iudica
    Francesca Iudica 14 hours ago

    ♥♥Que emoción me dá escuchar esta canción wey ♥♥

  • Aqua Marine
    Aqua Marine 20 hours ago

    A few of my fav singers in one vid made by one of my fav song writers/singers

    • Aqua Marine
      Aqua Marine 20 hours ago


    • Aqua Marine
      Aqua Marine 20 hours ago

      I would like like 90000000000000000 times if I could

  • Christian Carmona Villegas

    like por él ritmo 👍👍👍

  • Psyche Black
    Psyche Black 23 hours ago

    nice colabo i've seen ever
    both pan L.S and PTX

  • Daniel Chew
    Daniel Chew 1 day ago

    I can't find my pet hamster Maximilian

  • Grace Kamau
    Grace Kamau 1 day ago


  • Michael Spearey
    Michael Spearey 1 day ago

    i play the flute, so naturally i would love to see a flute in this. but still, incredible

  • Aidan DORRIES
    Aidan DORRIES 1 day ago

    Not as good as imagine dragons

  • Bastian Morales
    Bastian Morales 1 day ago

    Una mierda !!

  • marina marina
    marina marina 1 day ago

    Πολύ καλό τραγούδι!!!

  • marina marina
    marina marina 1 day ago

    Πολύ καλό τραγούδι!!!

  • NikPiano
    NikPiano 2 days ago

    Костя из кухни нормально так поднялся

  • Grace Moss
    Grace Moss 2 days ago

    she did like a collab with anharmony groups and I love there vids but I forgot there names something with a p I think😂😂😂

  • Leo Katayama
    Leo Katayama 2 days ago

    This is the best cover that I ever watched.

  • Playlist girl
    Playlist girl 2 days ago

    This is the most best colab ever! I love these two!

  • Sidartha Suavi de Oliveira.

    its only me, or anybody else think this cover is better than original?

  • adam abdullah
    adam abdullah 2 days ago

    how she dressed...

  • XxÑañi BaezxX
    XxÑañi BaezxX 2 days ago

    My mind is blown truly 😱❤️❤️

  • Hsu Johnson
    Hsu Johnson 2 days ago

    holy crep that carbon fiber violin is really amazing.

  • Ashley Ting
    Ashley Ting 2 days ago

    did the one of the guys cello strings snap 3:26

  • Annika Smile
    Annika Smile 3 days ago

    wooooow 😍🎵

  • 田中太郎
    田中太郎 3 days ago


  • NedYarbNexus
    NedYarbNexus 3 days ago

    completely unwatchable, the original is comprehensively better.

  • Shannon Sharitz
    Shannon Sharitz 3 days ago

    my propsforinandin

  • Ismael José Domenicone Casangel

    They sing with a Really weird face

  • Travis Berthelson
    Travis Berthelson 3 days ago

    How does 43k people dislike this?!!!/!?!?!

  • Ali Goktas
    Ali Goktas 3 days ago

    Good job guys

  • christopher anza
    christopher anza 3 days ago


  • christopher anza
    christopher anza 3 days ago

    tu jeta

  • Nur Kaplan
    Nur Kaplan 3 days ago

    am i radioactive??¿ thinking person while listen this song

  • Jenny Tucker
    Jenny Tucker 4 days ago

    What a perfect combination of talent.

  • Weirdo
    Weirdo 4 days ago

    but who are the people

  • ThamaraMoa calistro


  • Paulo Nogueira
    Paulo Nogueira 4 days ago

    Musica fabulosa com ótima apresentação de instrumentos musicais de cordas!!!

  • Harvey L
    Harvey L 4 days ago

    1:28 - 1:36 best part

  • clovis neto
    clovis neto 4 days ago




  • Emily Antivar
    Emily Antivar 4 days ago

    wow mitch's voice is pretty deep in this video

  • SCARABtv
    SCARABtv 5 days ago

    I am impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XxdrymoonXx Moon
    XxdrymoonXx Moon 5 days ago

    Welcome to the apocalypse

  • 1Name4Me1
    1Name4Me1 5 days ago

    Wow, literally got goose bumps.

  • Mahdi Ahnaf Hasan
    Mahdi Ahnaf Hasan 5 days ago

    lol get REKT

  • Emanuel Rinesch
    Emanuel Rinesch 5 days ago

    Hod de a geign aus karbon?

  • thyago scheffer
    thyago scheffer 5 days ago

    Simplesmente demais...

  • Umut YaY
    Umut YaY 5 days ago

    Bana göre efsane olan şarkının anasını sikmişler la :/ sadece müzik katli bizim ülkede olur sanırıdm vay amk :(

  • Prima Dayna
    Prima Dayna 5 days ago

    how is it 4 years old already?

  • Kazım Mollaoğlu
    Kazım Mollaoğlu 5 days ago

    good 💟

  • Eikichi Onizuka
    Eikichi Onizuka 5 days ago

    Wonder all how they sound and how they sing 😍😍😍

  • Аля Дюпен-Чен

    What idiots have put the dislikes?

    • GlacialRuin
      GlacialRuin 5 days ago

      People with different tastes in music

  • Talita Kumi
    Talita Kumi 6 days ago

    Pentatonix <3

  • Doblon2004 Gaming
    Doblon2004 Gaming 6 days ago

    #vibes I fell it in my ones

  • Emma_Spalinger
    Emma_Spalinger 6 days ago

    who here plays the Viola? :D

  • portia jordan
    portia jordan 6 days ago

    Still listen in 2017

  • followyourkang
    followyourkang 6 days ago

    Just love you all!!!!!!

  • Ioanna Sotos
    Ioanna Sotos 6 days ago

    RIP radioactive

  • Eternaldarkness3166

    Covers like this, makes me appreciate the violin more.

  • Jessica Freeman
    Jessica Freeman 6 days ago

    I'm awake

  • Ferrell Kang
    Ferrell Kang 7 days ago

    Injustice 2 one year after the Superman ending.

  • Damona Skil
    Damona Skil 7 days ago

    Sorry, Den, sorry...

  • Damona Skil
    Damona Skil 7 days ago

    Да простит меня Ден Рейнольдс за это

  • Damona Skil
    Damona Skil 7 days ago

    Да простит меня Ден Рейнольдс за это...

  • Damona Skil
    Damona Skil 7 days ago

    Да простит меня Ден Рейнольдс за это...

  • Juni
    Juni 8 days ago

    3:26 gotta cut that hair


    couldn't stop listening...

    SAMMYGNW 8 days ago

    My goodness, this is better than the original!

  • Andy Vo
    Andy Vo 8 days ago

    Why is Lindsey wearing a slinky on her wrist?

  • Digger Bee
    Digger Bee 8 days ago

    if you had a brow I'd wipe it for you lol

  • Mario Burgos
    Mario Burgos 8 days ago

    im you bigest fantástico I have a Group and im in it we sing like you were all spical im High pitch

  • Bill Murray
    Bill Murray 8 days ago

    Ms sterling I think you are amazing. i heard you say at one point you like requests? there is a wwe wrestler that comes out to a great song called the rising sun. i would love to see what kind of take and video you could come up with.

    • Bill Murray
      Bill Murray 2 days ago

      its by CFO$. the wrestlers name is shinsuke nakamura its a very nice peace but i nust know if ms. Sterling did it with a video i bet it would be amazing.

    • Robert grassman
      Robert grassman 2 days ago

      Bill Murray which one by the animals or by five finger death punch because both are absolutely amazing

  • Big Stuff
    Big Stuff 8 days ago

    What a bunch of dorks

  • Toby Wildpaws TMLC
    Toby Wildpaws TMLC 8 days ago

    I got this sudden urge to go play fallout again! Thanks for Redoing your work from the competition! AWESOME!

  • Serena Woods
    Serena Woods 8 days ago

    That moment you're so addicted to the song you can't stop hitting the replay button . . 😄

  • Littlebooy98
    Littlebooy98 8 days ago


  • LöniTrash
    LöniTrash 9 days ago

    I play piano for 2 Years now and now I heard this song and I think Im the worst player... ^^

  • Bronco Jones
    Bronco Jones 9 days ago

    I'm a rile big fan with your music

  • Platypus Fedora
    Platypus Fedora 9 days ago

    If they are the apocalypse, I'm cool with that.

  • László Zahoránszky

    Hahahaahahahhhaha, Lindsey Stirling rules!

  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim 9 days ago

    Beautiful scenery

  • Chloe Shing
    Chloe Shing 9 days ago

    These are the times that i wish my brother got the piano, and i got the violin😔😕

  • Tina Witzig
    Tina Witzig 9 days ago

    My favorite is Mitch but they are all AMAZING🤓😀

  • Savannah the wolf
    Savannah the wolf 9 days ago

    I'm obsessed with this song.. well.. this version

  • Zaalim zayn
    Zaalim zayn 9 days ago

    She is the reason why I left playing violin

  • Lightning Chaos
    Lightning Chaos 9 days ago

    cool vid i have seen up to now

  • _DejV_
    _DejV_ 9 days ago

    Best song ever 😉

  • Isaac Gardner
    Isaac Gardner 10 days ago

    pause the video and then go to 3:27

  • Lisa Moore
    Lisa Moore 10 days ago

    Lindsey making violins cool again........:)

  • Tim Wolf
    Tim Wolf 10 days ago

    she's so amazing like if you agree


    Muy padre este video

  • SweetSpaceUnicorn The MockingJay

    Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling? My life is complete.

  • The Squid Gamer
    The Squid Gamer 10 days ago

    1:14 don't know why, but that pose the violin player makes is really cool after the spin

  • Hamilton Fan
    Hamilton Fan 10 days ago

    this is her best outfit by far!

  • Sarai Gallardo
    Sarai Gallardo 10 days ago

    When I hear this, it makes me think how cool a hip hop dance routine would look with this song!😍😃😮😎

  • Diego N
    Diego N 10 days ago

    it is not even the whole song

  • evandro de são pedro

    the violin is AMAZING

  • Xena Fauzia
    Xena Fauzia 11 days ago

    i'm in love with this song <3

  • Brianna's Parakeets, Pets and Animals

    I love this cover because i asked my music teacher to play the original one but she played this one and its alot better!!!

  • Caroline Santos Voz e Violão

    Sempre vou amar esse cover. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Platypus Fedora
    Platypus Fedora 11 days ago

    kevin and lindsey should do another song together

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