Lions eat Warthog

Three big male lions dig up and eat a warthog. This was captured in Thornybush, South Africa 2008-02-24.

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Author Michael Safrin (4 months)
This is the worst, most gruesome video I've ever seen. The opening scene
with the lions attempting to uproot a warthog seeking refuge underground
and then suddenly having the warthog shriek in horror grabbed by the neck
carried off somewhere is terrifying enough. But then the next scene, with
the lions ripping apart the warthog is even worse when you realize the
godawful agonizing moaning that goes on for at least a minute is coming
from the warthog still alive, as the lions rip out chunks of flesh while
the warthog remains fully conscious. The ending doesn't come nearly fast
enough when the lion positioned at the warthog's head rips its face off as
the poor creature's last moment. The gruesome specter of it all first left
me fascinated then haunted me for weeks afterwards. Awful, simply awful. I
read where the warthog's neck is too small, making it difficult to kill it
quickly and so the lions just don't bother to spare it the misery it is
destined to endure. Very, very sad.

Author rota cetle (5 months)
The kind of pain that rivals fire right here

Author Mojo Bro (2 months)
I think that is the lions growl sound when they eat. It would not have air
to breath or to cry its lungs were ruptured. It was dead. 

Author Juan De La Rosa (5 months)
That's okay. Lion tastes amazing.

Author Don Bizarrascas (5 months)
And still all those environmentalist whiners think this is a better death
for them than being shot by a hunter.

Author Patrick Mcmunn (2 months)
dam that warthog got destroyed 

Author Troy Akkikungnaq (1 month)
1:05 1:10 you can literally FEEL the warthogs flash tear off. 

Author Silentevil7 (2 months)
you can't really share with lions. if ones thoughtful enough to break its
neck the others will already have eaten a good chunk. or die

Author Alex Biohazard (3 months)
rather be a lion

Author Hugh Jazz (7 months)
We're selfish scum, but we're on top of the food chain. YAY!

Author hawkboy1792 (2 months)
hahahahhahahahahah i love it when they squeal

Author Claudiu Stan (5 months)
he is alive!!!!!poor warthog wath pain suffers!!!!!!

Author Lionel Messi (3 months)
damn that warthog knew it was fucked when the lions toke it out the hole 

Author Ruan Knoetze (4 months)
WOW pig still alive while lion munches on on his ass damn thats a pain in
the ass damn dog

Author Lucas Nunes (5 months)
Natureza = Shit

Author chad peterson (3 months)
Wow eatin it up while its still alive lol now that's fresh meat ;)

Author Nizin Lopez (23 days)
Nature is cruel.

Author Eric Kubik (7 months)
Simba finally killed pumba

Author D. M. Bell (7 months)
Guess these three guys were in a hurry, or just too hungry to bother
killing their dinner first. Can't get pork much fresher.

Author TheSanityInspector (7 months)
Congratulations on getting to see this natural marvel.

Author Pythor P. Chumsworth (2 days)
Lol pig scream

Author Gustavus Adolphus (1 month)
Why don't vegans ever mention stuff like this when it comes to their
holier-than-thou sanctimonious pompous rantings on how cruel humans are to

Author Dali Lama (3 months)
oh no so gross so that is the sound of life that creature
is giving life to these male lions who will someday defend a pride and
bring life, also is very delecious the fat and the meat im sure from alions
POV that is like eating some cracklins and some delicious pigs feet, but I
will not eat it alive i will eat it barbequed etc..So stop your skirt
wearing responses little girls and man up and eat the meat! lol

Author RIDDLERonRITALIN (7 months)
"Maybe he'll be on our side?" No.... That idea didn't work Timon, and your
poor pal had to suffer it for you.

Author Scumbag Lee (4 days)
O_O fucking nature....

Author Selemene Shadowleaves (6 months)
My god that's truly hurt you are being eaten while your still i alive i
cant imagine the feeling of that

Author Jasmine Allah (4 months)

Author Michael Hickey (2 months)
I guess Pumbaa has learned too late the folly of 'Hakuna Matata', eh?


Author Carlos Marcello (1 year)

Author maneksCZ (1 year)
poor pumba :(

Author wiggsplit (1 year)
LOL "God" LOL what a fag!

Author MobMossPat (1 year)
The little piggy didn't stand a chance. Tore open like bag of chips and
still squealing. Oh well, some of us get our pig at the grocery store yet
others right from the hole.

Author Xibalba (11 months)
How ya like that circle of life now Pumbaa?

Author mel98matt00 (1 year)
Holy fuck

Author Icharuss (1 year)

Author cell9899 (1 year)
mofo! you get your neck mauled by a lion see how you squeal

Author cb4allstar4 (1 year)
religious methheads in the comment section are crazier than I predicted

Author Nigel Couch (1 year)
What's the connection between lions and white people dumb arse idiot!!! Oh,
by the way, great English!! ahahahahah!!! fucking idiot!

Author AlexDraco (1 year)
"Fuck you, Pumbaa ! We aren't friends anymore !"

Author Shirke M (1 year)
Bacon so tasty eating alive

Author jrrudolf1987 (1 year)
Sucks to be the warthog but its just nature taking its course.

Author lomez969 (9 months)
I've watched everyone of those videos, I thought you were gonna show me
something but you're a lightweight

Author Kucing Comel Tapi Ganaz (1 year)
yeah kill that madafaka !

Author Amir Kameron (9 months)
Dang kinda like watching 3 zombies eating one person.

Author Hrishikesh Bhat (1 year)
Man...don worry if u can't one cares either!

Author 559FlyGuy (8 months)
This jes made me horney! !! Not lol

Author MASTERSTUDENT1 (1 year)

Author TheCobbfather (1 year)
I am a black belt in kung fu so I would just do crouching hippo hidden
horse on the lion and send it running like a bitch. I would kick the
warthog in the face just for fun too.

Author lomez969 (10 months)
Why, because if we don't watch it maybe it didn't ever happen, huh cuntboy?

Author DisgruntledViewer (1 year)
Pumbaa: "They call me... MISTER PI-" *gets killed* Pumbaa: ;_;

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