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Author dee brown (1 month)
Damn, nature is a brutal bitch. Poor Pumba, squealed all the way til the

Author SuperEROQ (2 months)
warthogs are undercover muslims

Author der Dennis (2 months)
Hakuna Mathafacka!

Author John Sum (20 days)
It's just like human shouting help, help ,help and help it just like we
don't understand their call for help
Save me please.

Author BlackWingedSeraph (28 days)
Those lions look skinny. They must be starving.

Author Sillywilly k (19 days)
I bet that pig tasted yummy with all that adrenaline owing in the blood.

Author William Walker (4 months)
Weeeeeeeeeee Weeeeeeeeeeeee Weeeeeeeeee 

Author SupremeFL1P (3 months)
Hakuna Matata!!!

Author Javier Rios (14 days)
Pour pumba were's timon when u need him lol

Author Jarek Draco (6 months)
all that squealing send chills up my spine

Author Clint Ferguson (5 months)
@Patricia Devine: It's just a part of nature. The lions are only trying to
feed themselves so that can continue to survive. But I do agree the sounds
of that warthog sound like it's in total agony. I can't imagine how badly
it would hurt to be eaten alive like that.

Author Sillywilly k (19 days)
Those are hungry lions 

Author Benpg93 (2 months)
damn its crazy just how brutal nature really is.

Author Yup (2 months)
Can't stand all these retarded hipster assholes that said they can't stand
the linons they have to eat to motherfuckers

Author Shannon Suo (8 days)

Author Maurese van der Vyver (4 months)
This is nature at it's best Excellent video

Author Andrew Compton (1 month)
It's particularly gruesome how the lion on the left begins to gradually
pull off the warthog's face. Around 1:08 you see it tug right on that skin,
and by the end at around 1:30, the warthog's head is completely ripped
open. These lions must've been super hungry, as they devoured that little
guy in minutes.

Can't even begin to imagine how much pain that warthog was in during this,
but I guess these lions hadn't eaten in a while and so were really keen to
tuck into that meal, and warthog's can be notoriously difficult to kill due
to their sturdy build and dangerous tusks.

Author Mantaxxx 777 (3 months)
I think this footage is great. Yes, the sounds of pain are disturbing, but
no one complains when the cat kills a mouse. These lions don't give a shit
about killing. They like their bacon fresh. Nothing wrong with that. At
least they know how to eat. Bacon. We all love our bacon. Well that's lion
bacon right there. Lion Bacon. I think this boar death would be total
terror though. Three lions hungry for your flesh. Your fucked. 

Author mumi karic (5 months)
they are really focusing on eating

Author Pr3ssPl4y (6 months)
Was that warthog still squealing the entire time? Ouch.

Author mma4ever (2 months)
Can that warthog just shut up?

Author vaajtswv (2 months)
Poor Pumba. :(

Author Saskatchewan Coyote (8 months)
where r you pETA tree huggers complaining about this horrid death....maybe
you guys should go and place burgers out there for them to eat vs a live
pig.. maybe convince these lions to vegan??

Author Patricia Devine (5 months)
The only person on here with a heart is Michael!!! I agree with him 100%!
I hate lions. They are cruel! That poor poor warthog! That is just
terrible that any animal has to suffer like that! Just unimaginable! I'm
really sick over it! There were some lions that got a buffalo and started
eating it alive and these people that were on the safari were actually
laughing like they were watching a comedy! Amazing! Humans are heartless.
I would stick with animals anyday! I cannot believe people actually think
this was no big deal! Worst thing I've ever seen! That poor baby! i'd
like to shoot those damn lions!

Author Ramona Reyes (8 months)
Poor thing was probably so scared :(

Author Truthseeker1515 (1 month)
What a way to go....

Author Mark Bernal (5 months)
That beginning was funny as all Hell. Then it got kind of serious when it
was slowly suffering in agonizing pain, killed two things, the humor AND
the pig.

Author Thechester08 (4 months)
That's what you call fresh bacon. 

Author repoman2665 (5 months)
man I love it u know when I was watching this vedio I was having PORK
CHOPS! the best. long live lions.

Author Lagos08 (9 months)
I loved it !!

Author Project Epic (1 month)
Damn they ate Pumba alive!

Author Александр Ким (3 months)

Эти суки кто снимает на камеру, чтоб их самих так львы жрали

Author AguiaImperial (5 months)
Mas esta é que a a "BELA OBRA DE DEUS"??!!!!.
Isto é HORRÍVEL. Que pecado contra o Mundo é que fez aquele pobre animal
para morrer assim num SOFRIMENTO HORRENDO??!!
Onde anda DEUS??!! Ainda está a dormir??!!Onde está o BONDOSO E

Author damnthis (7 months)
Im hungry

Author kuntbrigade (6 months)
Well that warthog is one tough cookie 

Author fetuff0 (6 months)
nature is.. beautiful??

Author Edward Parks (6 months)
Don't need forks or nothing lol

Author Pinhead Larry (10 months)
Why don't vegans ever mention stuff like this when it comes to their
holier-than-thou sanctimonious pompous rantings on how cruel humans are to

Author Miguel Malan (25 days)
Si que matarlos a los malditos leones lineales de plomo

Author Marcquise Mclemore (2 months)
Thats crazy all that tusk and cant even fight back but the lions eat those
warthogs like its nothing..

Author TheLusianPopa (9 months)
cheaper and faster than going at a supermarket :)

Author Joe Zucker (7 months)
how can that animal still cry half way eaten!!!

Author Skog Mose (7 months)
Nature is amazing.

Author Pythor ­ (9 months)
Lol pig scream

Author Mr1kuwait . (10 months)
Looks like the warthog still have life in the lion's stomach .

Author Nizin Lopez (10 months)
Nature is cruel.

Author Eric K (1 year)
Simba finally killed pumba

Author Mojo Bro (1 year)
I think that is the lions growl sound when they eat. It would not have air
to breath or to cry its lungs were ruptured. It was dead. 

Author chad peterson (1 year)
Wow eatin it up while its still alive lol now that's fresh meat ;)

Author Patrick Mcmunn (1 year)
dam that warthog got destroyed 

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