Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

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    Music Produced By Marko G. He can be reached at:

    Thanks to Devin Graham for his cinematography:) He is amazing and you have to check out his channel:

    The name of the song has a significant meaning and you can see why i called it "Crystallize" here:

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  • Alyssa Curry
    Alyssa Curry 1 hour ago

    I think the people who disliked the video are band kids 😂😂😂

  • goal keepers alway riped

    wow i heard that kind of soundtrack first time

  • obeth te saluda
    obeth te saluda 3 hours ago


  • Mikolaj Jarzebowski
    Mikolaj Jarzebowski 4 hours ago

    a ona jaka ś $ rednia ?

  • Alowieke van Beusekom

    Lovely dance you look like a fairie

  • Rick Harris
    Rick Harris 8 hours ago

    Awesome. 1st heard the Tina Guo version and was led to this video and have been hooked on Linsey ever since.

  • marcel pinkster
    marcel pinkster 8 hours ago

    great next one

  • CakeFreeze
    CakeFreeze 9 hours ago

    have a great day everyone I bet 99% won't see this...

  • Kate Shadowend
    Kate Shadowend 9 hours ago

    I listen to your songs when I'm cleaning. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😝😝😝😝

  • Lan Hạ
    Lan Hạ 11 hours ago

    Mine, you say that our love is destiny. From the rainy day that year, some feelings let me know that your life links to mine. And now, we are here, together. I am just scared, cause some feelings let me know again, we will lost. Memory... Dont forget me, mine

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz 12 hours ago

    please lindsey we need more good dubstep and your good. not too much and not too little. we need you talents and we need more of your wonderful music which picks me up through the hard times in my life

  • Rozi Qamar
    Rozi Qamar 12 hours ago

    Whos listening in 2169

  • Афлан Джалилов


  • Cemal Şengül
    Cemal Şengül 16 hours ago

    Bağımlı oldum amk..
    Replay tuşuna tecavüz ediyorum resmen.. Sesini sonuna kadar açıyorum apartmandan atacaklar beni...

  • El chico sad :'v
    El chico sad :'v 16 hours ago

    La mejor musica.

  • Yuki Nao tv
    Yuki Nao tv 16 hours ago


  • 3super Girls
    3super Girls 17 hours ago

    she's talented she also dances ballet and with the instrument!

  • Kirby Dan
    Kirby Dan 17 hours ago

    came here from ulster GPS video

  • cinnamon kat
    cinnamon kat 19 hours ago

    dang last time some hit those dance moves China surrendered

  • Winter Pearce
    Winter Pearce 19 hours ago

    Aren shamy is my seminary teacher now he told us today he got a picture when you two graduated

  • Mechelle Falls
    Mechelle Falls 19 hours ago


  • Doggy
    Doggy 21 hour ago

    hot af

  • Crazy Cray
    Crazy Cray 21 hour ago

    I can see why people don't like her style of music, I don't agree with em but I can see why they wouldn't like it.

  • Mido Ehab
    Mido Ehab 1 day ago

    u r perfect , I adore all your music, it's like feeding to my soul 😍😍😍 keep the good work going plz ;) Good Luck

  • karpio44
    karpio44 1 day ago

    It is beautiful... You are Amazing

  • Asura GW
    Asura GW 1 day ago

    I love your music)

  • Leon S Kenedy
    Leon S Kenedy 1 day ago

    you re the best <3
    thank you for the Music

  • Dalva Maria
    Dalva Maria 1 day ago

    Linda música de violino;!!

  • Jorge Estevez
    Jorge Estevez 1 day ago

    buen tema

  • Viswanath Nelapati

    you're awesome...

  • Horacio  Vargas
    Horacio Vargas 1 day ago

    Simplemente magnifico cómo puede bailar y tocar tan bien.

  • Hamilton Fan
    Hamilton Fan 1 day ago

    this song is still my favorite after all these years. the memories.

  • pulkitrast
    pulkitrast 1 day ago


  • Ariana Cueva
    Ariana Cueva 1 day ago

    can anybody tell me what's the song that sounds in the minute 4:40 until the end?

  • LA_ Kholality
    LA_ Kholality 2 days ago

    can you dance ???

  • Stephen Ikechukwu
    Stephen Ikechukwu 2 days ago

    five years on and this song still gives me chills

  • Melskiii Wolf
    Melskiii Wolf 2 days ago

    Who like this song? Hands Up ^w^

  • Luise Schöpf
    Luise Schöpf 2 days ago

    Super.kann man immer hören.☺

  • Jaree Macaley
    Jaree Macaley 2 days ago

    now it's 1M

  • mariano Velazquez
    mariano Velazquez 2 days ago

    woow me encamta

  • Danny Gospodin
    Danny Gospodin 2 days ago

    Love Lindsey Stirling Music.

  • Miguel López Sánchez

    5 years, and i love this song like the first day <3

  • DarkDevil Gaming
    DarkDevil Gaming 2 days ago

    Have a Good day Guys and enjoy Lindsey Stirling she is Amazing
    Habt einen Guten Tag Leute und genießt Lindsey Stirling sie ist Einfach nur Toll

  • Lise Croutte
    Lise Croutte 2 days ago

    j. adore!!!!!

  • Kasia Brzoza
    Kasia Brzoza 2 days ago

    I love your musics!

    CRAZY BUCUR 2 days ago

    anybody in 2017??

  • christa martin
    christa martin 2 days ago

    Simply Brillant

  • Thaiane Tavares
    Thaiane Tavares 2 days ago

    Ouvindo em 2017 ...simplesmente maravilhosa 😍

  • Bruno Eduardo Khistter

    Essa é a minha favorita❣😍💜❤❣💖

    Lindsey Stirling eu amo os seus vídeos ❤


  • Debra Hammett
    Debra Hammett 3 days ago

    saw you on the billboard awards, your dress was beautiful,wish you could have played, still, loved seeing you

  • Dominik Mainak
    Dominik Mainak 3 days ago

    Be my girl

  • Olivia Beakman
    Olivia Beakman 3 days ago

    The first time I saw Lindsey, my first thought was "I want that vest. I need to knit and felt that vest."

  • Nathan Lim
    Nathan Lim 3 days ago

    I thought playing the violin meant classical music.

    Guess that's too classy for Lindsey.

  • Zbigniew Kasperski
    Zbigniew Kasperski 3 days ago

    something amazing

  • Nele Cece Silber
    Nele Cece Silber 3 days ago

    she is so beautiful and her music is so Incredible

  • Megan Kramer
    Megan Kramer 3 days ago

    My inspiration

  • Raimond Dominguez
    Raimond Dominguez 3 days ago

    Por más tiempo que pase nunca dejaré de oirla..hechizante..

  • Jonathan Oliveira
    Jonathan Oliveira 3 days ago

    26/05/2017? This songs is perfect

  • Sydney Legroulx
    Sydney Legroulx 3 days ago

    you are my idle!

  • Tushar Luthra
    Tushar Luthra 3 days ago

    3:16 on the beat!

  • Niina Vanessa
    Niina Vanessa 3 days ago

    alguien de latinoamerica que escuche en el 2017 ?

  • Marlon. Rs
    Marlon. Rs 3 days ago

    I love that music

  • Atunde Olabisi
    Atunde Olabisi 3 days ago

    i love this

  • Giulia Fontana
    Giulia Fontana 3 days ago

    Awesome!!! What's the song in the credits?

  • Mario nipples
    Mario nipples 3 days ago


  • Rocio Soli
    Rocio Soli 3 days ago

    wow tocas increíble

  • Wind Song
    Wind Song 3 days ago

    This was actually the very first Lindsey song I ever heard, my friend showed it to me like, a few months after it came out and I fell in love with this queen. I'm still listening to it now in 2017!!

  • Guffman the Weeb
    Guffman the Weeb 3 days ago

    h e c c x 2

  • Kq Ninja
    Kq Ninja 4 days ago


  • Rubén Ángel
    Rubén Ángel 4 days ago

    listening may 2017?

  • Hans Pistor
    Hans Pistor 4 days ago

    Idk why, but her skill of music makes me feel calm and happy! But its like.. so pretty.. usually im attracted to music with words.. but Lindsey's music is beautiful without words.

  • Warframe War
    Warframe War 4 days ago

    so wonderfull song, i love this <3

  • 陳癸錄
    陳癸錄 4 days ago


  • Kipknock10
    Kipknock10 4 days ago

    Dem legs

  • Mariela mercedes vargas

    exquisita melodía
    me harte buscando un comentario en español y no encontre nada
    sere la unica que lo escucha

  • Alejandra Zastoque Ramirez

    esta lindas tus canciones

  • Jenny da Mota
    Jenny da Mota 4 days ago

    i played violin in my youth, this is just amazing so much feeling, so very talented

    PUNISHER 4 days ago

    Very beautiful girl! Soulful and beautiful music!! I'm in love!!

  • 할짓없는레알팬

    바이올린으로 세상을 평정하는 기분...? 🖒

  • tzgrys 81
    tzgrys 81 4 days ago


  • Star Dragon
    Star Dragon 4 days ago

    Play this in my afterlife. The death of my mortal body is not worthy of this song.

  • Ÿoutube Åddict
    Ÿoutube Åddict 4 days ago

    I remember listening to this about 4 years ago in the background of a minecraft let's build, ever since then been a massive fan❤️❤️

  • Le Pteridotae
    Le Pteridotae 4 days ago

    I prefer old Lindsey than New Lindsey :(

  • Tere  Ramos
    Tere Ramos 4 days ago


  • canal ty
    canal ty 4 days ago

    i love the instument violin

  • Patrick Reeners
    Patrick Reeners 5 days ago

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  • Morgan Jewel
    Morgan Jewel 5 days ago

    I listen all day. Literally all day.

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 5 days ago


  • Ortez Gadiel
    Ortez Gadiel 5 days ago

    la combinación perfecta,dubstep y el violín,el escenario,el vestuario,los movimientos,me e impresionado 👏👏👏

  • aitammatia
    aitammatia 5 days ago

    wow 172 Mio, views... its amazing. the video is lindseys most viewed video on youtube. and its still her best track all time. congratulation Lindsay

  • Joakim Knudsen
    Joakim Knudsen 5 days ago

    I don`t fully understand what dubstep is, but I like what I hear.

  • Thorozak_
    Thorozak_ 5 days ago

    These seems like a year ago this video was gaining popularity.

  • Andreas Batsilas
    Andreas Batsilas 5 days ago

    I dont say this often, but thank you for the music.

  • Bart Zelek
    Bart Zelek 5 days ago

    Do more! Please :)

  • Maddy Tan
    Maddy Tan 5 days ago

    I remember when i was about 7 or 8 (im 12 now) i watched this video with my sister and we though the amount of veiws this video had was AMAZING (it only had 1 million veiws) i also was playing violin at this time and i absolutly ADORED your music!

  • Felicity Baxter
    Felicity Baxter 5 days ago

    I love this song. To me, it means empowerment and strength. The sound of this amazing song has inspired me to be a better me. And to be honest I know it probably wasn't meant to be intended to be written like that. But I don´t care, I love the song and that is what it means to me.

  • flor gonzalez
    flor gonzalez 5 days ago

    ola k ace

  • Tanuj Piplani
    Tanuj Piplani 5 days ago

    Do more dubstep music.

  • Mateusz Jarzęcki
    Mateusz Jarzęcki 5 days ago

    jesteś niesamowita .. ożeniłbym się z Tobą za Twe ruchy i za to jak świetnie grasz i wyglądasz .. piękne masz utwory .. szacunek ogromny .. uwielbiam skrzypce i Ciebie ..

  • Mysticofshadowyhearts

    I love your music ❤️ I can't remember who got me into your music because it was along time ago when I started listening to you and you're so amazing! Keep up the awesome work!

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