Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

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Music Produced By Marko G. He can be reached at:

Thanks to Devin Graham for his cinematography:) He is amazing and you have to check out his channel:

The name of the song has a significant meaning and you can see why i called it "Crystallize" here:

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Author tek milit tek bayrak olsun# ( ago)
maşallah kendi güzel

Author Temenuzhka Trayanova ( ago)
170,874,616 views of which at least 500 000 are mine lol

Author draking lol ( ago)
the best music ever

Author Avméa ( ago)
who is still watching it in 2017??? lol
Ok Guys i've posted a cover of "cristallize" on my channel pleaz go and check it out and don't forget to put a thumbs up if you like it!

Author Petite Lucy ( ago)
Love thiss!😍

Author hanna muñoz ( ago)
me encantan estas notas ❤

Author Samuel Aguilar Serrano ( ago)
your musician is very good I loved I am from México

Author Clay Goodin ( ago)
Lindsey I'm disappointed in you hold your violin. Come on, DONT DO THE PIZZA HOLD

Author Marcus Evan ( ago)
Marry Me!

Author Evelynn Gaming ( ago)
I also violin and you cool

Author Evelynn Gaming ( ago)
You are so cool

Author Alice de Jesus ( ago)
muito bom👍👍

Author Kellos ( ago)
31,000 people got inspired by this, went to get a violin, couldn't play as well as Lindsey, and disliked the video.

Author My Violin Journey ( ago)
I love this song sooooo much

Author Andreas Saue Rasmussen ( ago)

Author Fouad Belot ( ago)
very cool

Author Mavericks TM ( ago)
охуенная мелодия

Author joseph arevalo ( ago)
nice beat smooth with pop nicely done .

Author Houalai Vang ( ago)
2 word say what!?!

1 word wow!!!!

Author Ferdinand Collazo III ( ago)
yep should do more!!!

Author MIRKOS 12004 ( ago)
Phanapton371 ❤️😍

Author Abdullah Koç ( ago)
keman piano bu enstrmanlarn kıymetı bılınmelı bee :( hayrna keman yollıyablck varmı be 8 senedr gitar baglama çalarm :(

Author TheLocalNoob ( ago)
I am so close to finishing this song

Author Santos Hernadez ( ago)
SHE IS COOL GIRL PLAY violin cool song!!!!☺💙💚💛💜💖

Author Benjamin Perez ( ago)
I love it much

Author Sophia Calloway ( ago)
Wow! It looks like the ice castle in Edmonton!

Author Nicholas Robles ( ago)
Any one watching this in 2017 because it is awesome

Author FlameBoy Games ( ago)

Author Nicholas Robles ( ago)
Awesome I play the viola!

Author Linda Ashtan ( ago)
Does she compose her own music?

Author nomprivate ( ago)
surement le seul clip que j'aime :o

Author just kimpurainen ( ago)
finally voilin and dubsteb,FINALLY!

Author happiness peace ( ago)
can't get enough of it <3 <3

Author John Newburn ( ago)
Awesome music

Author pako ordaz ( ago)
Best dubstep ever!!!! =D

Author Csaba Odon Szobo ( ago)
îmi place muzica lui Lindsey

Author Christina Ruggia ( ago)
And I'm 9 now

Author Christina Ruggia ( ago)
When I wis 3 I listened to this song on my headphones when my dad was wreckinout

Author alex baldwinson ( ago)
nothin but talent :) love ur stuff lindsey!!!

Author Gr00ws ( ago)

Author Malik Yamaha ( ago)

Author Narwhal Narwhal ( ago)
i watch dis twenty47

Author Sofija Šoda ( ago)
More, moreeeee!!!! you are unice!

Author Leisa Irwin ( ago)
Over one hundred seventy million views!?
We love you Lindsey

Author The God Father ( ago)
anyone's here by the F18 low level?

Author Juan Johnson ( ago)
It's great to hear that from you and should differently need to do more

Author Xyden ( ago)
Wonder if she can afford a Stradivarius violin now, this lil pixie making millions

Author Jaunius Judackas ( ago)
Gotta be amazed how all that ice didn't melt straight away when you started playing.

Author Ayten Budak ( ago)
You have expected good thinks for we! Thank you

Author John Williamson ( ago)
Fell in love with with her music because of this video. Now I own all three of her albums and was able to see her in concert when she came to Austin, Texas. Keep it up Lindsey you rock!

Author KIMCHI_ ( ago)
I'm confused. Real good violin players can play this in their sleep. I can at least, this is a piece of cake. Anyone can learn this. Yet, people are so amazed and also she isn't the one composing these songs and she's not actually playing. This is all in a studio people. She isn't even a professional either. There are at least millions and millions of people who are better than this violinist.

Author Ayden ayden ( ago)
she so awesome at what she does. I'm sad no one his popular and good at this plays viola. she's good but I wish I had a viola role model...

Author Davondre Miller Vlogs ( ago)
i cryed before 😥

Author Carolina Fabian ( ago)
did you realize the people in the background a the 3:00 of the song it was funny so i had to laugh 😋

Author Harrington_Burner_EX /Pundertale ( ago)
I love dubstep, so YES, more plz!! :D (Lenny)

Author Bousmaha Khadidja ( ago)
four bzffffff waw

Author Diramix DuE ( ago)
¡que gran talento con el violin y el dubstep! :v

Author Mohamed Elgibaly ( ago)
so beauty

Author Selfie 801 ( ago)
Is anyone els just like listening to the song while scrolling through the comments
Love 💝 ❤️ ya Lindsey❣️

Author GothamCity Harley ( ago)
Why would anyone dislike this? Like this is seriously a work of art👌🏻👌🏻🖤❤️🎻🎻

Author StiegeNZ ( ago)
Just to provide some feedback, yeah I think do some more dubstep.

Author Johnny Burton ( ago)
What's song name in 4:19

Author Alexander Altshuller ( ago)
i remember when it was less than a million view and now WOW =)

Author The Türk Boy ( ago)
Who it is? I'am azdım

Author Dimpal Vaid ( ago)

Author Maja Łaska ( ago)

Author Daphne Milhomme ( ago)
lidsey is a pro

Author Azhar 6510 ( ago)
Nice song 👌👌👌👌👌👌

Author Brown-Eyed Introvert ( ago)
Wonder why the ice didn't melt cuz this was LIT !

Author Jannette Bressler ( ago)
I suck at violin

Author Anirad V ( ago)
que hermosa melodía

Author Killer Kualastar ( ago)
thumbnail looks like Michonne from Walking Dead

Author Choppy333 ( ago)
Lindsey stirling can you do a song from the pirates of the Caribbean he's a pirate pleaseeeeee

Author ru3en ( ago)

Author Nabila Crane ( ago)
Unforgettable, wonderful song!!!

Author partygamer11 ( ago)
love ur videos Lindsey!

Author Elanda Ezzedine ( ago)
This is Supper!

Author Dhruv Ganapathy Rozario ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling I have one request plz. If you can try to do the theme song of •Shinsuke Nakamura• my life would be complete.

Author Ann alicia Charming ( ago)
You are my idol. I hope i can be like you one day.

Author canni young ( ago)

Author Viery Romeo ( ago)
me encanta ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ beautiful

Author Mariah Farr ( ago)
you are so pritty, amazing and talented! i love it!!!

Author Alma Morales ( ago)

Author Alma Morales ( ago)
I love it it is soooooo coooooooooooooo

Author Samuel Choxin ( ago)
lindo video

Author Melisa Mercan ( ago)
Who still watch in 2017???🎵

Author Santos Hernadez ( ago)

Author INTO the LEAN ( ago)

Author lymphopbia Mushtasah ( ago)
playing this while playing League of legends

Author om lalu ( ago)
now i am listening this song

Author Julian Zhao ( ago)
yo why is she holding the violin so crappy?

Author Freya Isabella ( ago)
I saw Lindsay live yesterday and she was AMAZING <3

Author Keith Stricker ( ago)
my name is faith I wish I could meet you

Author Sylwia Goldsztajn ( ago)
Forever love

Author Sylwia Goldsztajn ( ago)

Author Deep Burn ( ago)
What's the name of the song at the end !! so good 4:19

Author Laura Shadle ( ago)

Author kimek krawiec ( ago)
please subcribe me 😯

Author Stephanie Rosenstock ( ago)
I love this song

Author faisal shah ( ago)

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