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  • Leslie Escobar
    Leslie Escobar 3 hours ago

    im so fucking jelly! youre doing what ive always wanted to do! but my squad... -_-

  • sean butts
    sean butts 11 hours ago

    why both of you leav big guy way behind

  • Melvin Mejia
    Melvin Mejia 19 hours ago

    do more 3 am challenge

  • Random foxy Fan 217

    Fake af

  • Cliff Senac
    Cliff Senac 2 days ago

    "no sign of life, no civilization" well duh y'all are in a tunnel 😂

  • Alexis and Kyra's Night

    And I thought I could trust him 😣
    I used to say something like...
    " He is the last person that I could think of to lie to his viewers..."
    very disappointed 😔

  • nedas kazlauskas
    nedas kazlauskas 2 days ago

    8:20 what happened? ;)

  • TDog Richmond
    TDog Richmond 2 days ago

    u r a cool dude josh. keep what up the video bro

  • Sideburn Chicken!!! 101

    pussys get your ass back in that tunl

  • Anna Mazule
    Anna Mazule 2 days ago


  • Gale Reyes
    Gale Reyes 2 days ago

    I dont think it's fake

    KEITH IS HERE 2 days ago

    Go to @8:17 thank me later

  • ChristalClear
    ChristalClear 2 days ago

    Josh seemed like that whiney friend in this video 😂

  • Clash Honer Gaming
    Clash Honer Gaming 2 days ago

    the sound where from a car driving over manholes

  • Jackie Barnes
    Jackie Barnes 2 days ago


  • Sonia Dieguez
    Sonia Dieguez 3 days ago

    Can you do more 3 am challenges plz

  • Dilan Perales
    Dilan Perales 3 days ago


  • Dilan Perales
    Dilan Perales 3 days ago

    Josh will win

  • max damage
    max damage 3 days ago

    i dont get it.. maby that person just wanted to say hi. and what is haunted about this tunnel?? im a big fan Josh but it think this vid is a bit lame man

  • zdog aka the BEAST!!!

    Eating a burger at 3am SAW SATAN HIMSELF!!

  • Luke Reinhold
    Luke Reinhold 3 days ago

    hey man can you link me to carlos video of this tunnel? something is definitely there. I have to confirm. much necessary

  • Aj Salazar
    Aj Salazar 3 days ago

    YOU DA BEST😄😄😄

  • OUReality Radio
    OUReality Radio 3 days ago

    No ... Josh, stick with your exploring video's.

  • Junko Enroshima
    Junko Enroshima 3 days ago


  • Jacob Perez
    Jacob Perez 3 days ago

    Go to faze rug tunnel

  • Alan Gerosky
    Alan Gerosky 3 days ago

    You don't run. You confront. Pussies. Lmao

  • Quinn The Traveller

    At the end there was a light in the tunnel!!

  • GamingWithEmAndHolly !!

    haters back fo!

  • sophie_doe27 2005
    sophie_doe27 2005 4 days ago

    at 47 second u spit

  • Crysis
    Crysis 4 days ago

    please don't start making click bait

  • NYC girl
    NYC girl 4 days ago


  • Link Hylian
    Link Hylian 4 days ago

    Yeah you really got chased... why do the big youtubers feel the need to click bait?? Your big ass audience is gonna watch your videos either way.. smh these guys getting greedy..

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey 4 days ago

    gotta love click bait

  • Burbex - Beijing Urban Exploration

    Thumbs up if you wished Josh stepped on a syringe and died.

  • ViPorGD Gaming
    ViPorGD Gaming 4 days ago

    0:09 I SAW EYES

  • Ne'Lexus Jones
    Ne'Lexus Jones 4 days ago

    This is Omar and Moe's thing!!😡

  • kat sanderlin
    kat sanderlin 4 days ago

    I dunno, I mean while they were just walking and Josh was talking, you can hear some random voices that sound like they're further up in front of them. They are faint though so I dunno if anyone else noticed.

  • PlaystationDelta
    PlaystationDelta 5 days ago

    You are an awesome youtuber but dont start faking shitty videos. Moe Sargi fakes mostly all of his videos. Believe me I know ive seen them. Dont star with the fake videos like most of youtubers.

  • ZPGamer
    ZPGamer 5 days ago

    seems a lot of people are drinking the haterade

  • Tori Walthers
    Tori Walthers 5 days ago

    I got sad when I saw Josh actually went this low and did a bullshit 3am challenge

  • Pila Dopa
    Pila Dopa 5 days ago

    in my channel I dont do and I will not do click bait

  • Abandoned Places
    Abandoned Places 5 days ago

    Haha moe you know my man josh will get the most views haha are you drunk josh ??
    When are u coming down under to aussie land !!!
    Have some awesome places ready

  • Will C
    Will C 5 days ago

    Yea Carlo. You saw something but nothing on video. You suck bro.

  • Will C
    Will C 5 days ago

    Very disappointed. Run away, but you don't capture anybody on video. Josh don't record with this guys. These guys suck.

  • Viet anh Nguyen
    Viet anh Nguyen 5 days ago

    This is kinda creepy

  • max altizer
    max altizer 5 days ago

    good video !!

  • Ashley Strange
    Ashley Strange 5 days ago

    It's so cute bow afraid of spiders he is. I just can't be with a guy who is afraid because I'm afraid too lol

  • 00aBs00
    00aBs00 5 days ago

    extremely pathetic attempt josh ... stick to abandoned vids

  • Josh B
    Josh B 5 days ago

    "HE GONE" 😂

  • Average Egg
    Average Egg 5 days ago


  • Dylan Mckelvie
    Dylan Mckelvie 5 days ago

    All this clickbait is going around like aids in africa

  • FvFx Clan
    FvFx Clan 5 days ago

    Nigga wtf is this ? You go in the tunnel for a bit and then run out like pussys ? I mean if your going to do these click bait videos don't even upload at all. This is the most dumbest thing from you josh. I'm un subscribing

  • Aldo Rodriguez
    Aldo Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Josh you should make a video in our kurkey at the abandoned race station where they made the Hulk movie it's been abandoned for a lot of years I think that and Josh my name is kydenn

  • IllyMooncat
    IllyMooncat 5 days ago

    Haters. Damn. Quit whining and go watch something else then.

  • Josh Jkl
    Josh Jkl 6 days ago

    Do the 1 man hide and seek challenge

  • October Baby
    October Baby 6 days ago


  • Carsten C.
    Carsten C. 6 days ago

    First video I ever disliked from you. Sry, but all these "there was something but you could obviously not see it" videos on Youtube are pretty annoying and you should not do the same.

    Sure, you walk there over hours and exactly when you talk with the other dude the third dude) runs while screaming and yelling "I saw something" (and he has obviously nothing on his cam)

    Would have been even worse if there would have been some clown (obviously some friend hiding there) and everyone faking some fear.

    If nothing happens on that day then nothing happens, you don't need to fake something, then. That makes you fake and I doubt you want to have the people as followers who prefer and believe fake videos.

  • Kaylin Martinez
    Kaylin Martinez 6 days ago

    lol guys he just saw master splinter 😂😂

  • Alisdair Scott
    Alisdair Scott 6 days ago

    the past tense of seen is saw ffs

  • Victor Of Astora
    Victor Of Astora 6 days ago

    Its easy to say this is clickbait when u are in the comfort of ur home watching. In these places at night, u can see and hear weird stuff. Josh seems really scared at moments.
    Guess u can never know if it is true of fake.

  • Katie P
    Katie P 6 days ago

    Josh you can explore ME anytime you like 😍

  • Rayne Mendez
    Rayne Mendez 6 days ago

    was it I-Dubz?

  • Skvrt
    Skvrt 6 days ago

    Josh we all love your videos but please dont start doing this...

  • Bdonn Films
    Bdonn Films 6 days ago

    Yo Josh, longtime sub since like 80k which doesn't seem like that long ago now that I think about it. Have you thought of bringing some ghost hunting equipment along on some explorations like EVP recorders and whatnot? I'm an amateur paranormal investigator and find it hard to find channels that I believe won't fake evidence. Throughout my time watching your videos and seeing some weird shit happen like the door closing in that hospital or the dude yelling in that old house has led me to believe that you wouldn't fake any evidence. I just watched one of Exploring With Steve's videos where I heard a voice say something so I feel like if when you guys explore somewhere that seems haunted, it might be worth bringing extra equipment to try and pick something up.

  • FCL RKO!
    FCL RKO! 6 days ago

    go collab with aldosworld

  • dude reacts
    dude reacts 6 days ago

    do a collab with omargosh tv

  • nothside69
    nothside69 6 days ago

    u poor babys lmfao 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Walsh
    Andrew Walsh 6 days ago

    I'm 10 years old

  • SeokJins Pink Hat
    SeokJins Pink Hat 6 days ago

    If moe is in the video it's always gonna be fake smh

  • Paul Camilleri
    Paul Camilleri 6 days ago

    You should do the niagra falls tunnel screaming tunnel at night it's on creepy Canada wear the little girl died from her father

  • Ocean Eleven
    Ocean Eleven 6 days ago

    Invitie Omar Gosh, he loves tunnels...

  • Prisci L.M
    Prisci L.M 6 days ago

    josh reminds me a lot francis of malcolm in the middle

  • Amad Kebab
    Amad Kebab 6 days ago


  • LitBitGaming TV
    LitBitGaming TV 6 days ago

    I was sent by Moe sargi

  • Jelly :D
    Jelly :D 6 days ago

    I like your video

  • Havran Zuben
    Havran Zuben 6 days ago

    amazing to see josh with moe sargi two of the best youtubers. love it, keep doing more with sargi man great stuff

  • Logangangster gamer

    at 4:54 i see an erb it a ghost

  • IamAngelo
    IamAngelo 6 days ago

    Noo, not you Josh. You were my last hope for Youtube. Now, you're doing these "Haunted 3 AM" Challenges.

  • NasdanqHedgeFundManager

    please don't start with the clickbait thumbnails.

  • changbutt
    changbutt 6 days ago


  • Jane Lawson
    Jane Lawson 6 days ago

    every youtuber doing 3 AM Challenge in a tunnel..... its already boring ....

  • Alexis Martinez
    Alexis Martinez 6 days ago

    lol a ghost comes out and is trying to scare him and he just stands there then a spider comes down on a string and he streams like a little girl 😂

  • *MiMi G's World*
    *MiMi G's World* 6 days ago

    Moe and OmarGosh started the 3AM challenges together...the least hr could have done is mentioned Omar* Josh you should meet Omar...hes awesome*

  • Brittany Schettino
    Brittany Schettino 6 days ago

    Whatever happend im glad youre safe josh and crew

  • Hitler with an Ipod

    666 downvotes...what does it mean?

  • BAGSHAT lazer
    BAGSHAT lazer 6 days ago

    Do a 3AM challenge in haunted cemetery please

  • Tyler Dowd
    Tyler Dowd 6 days ago

    this is so cringe

  • seanseanseanseansean

    you know they were just messing with you, right?

  • Grace Small
    Grace Small 6 days ago

    Oml people stop saying it's fake.If you're 1000000% sure that it's fake then give me 10. 10! Reasons how you know

  • Graciecatmeow Productions

    Imagine the people above the man hole hearing your voice.... they were probably freaking out xD

  • dat guy
    dat guy 6 days ago

    Lmao at the people that says this is fake. moe never fakes his stuff. Especially at toms house.

  • Craigy Boy Gaming
    Craigy Boy Gaming 6 days ago


  • Carlosk12
    Carlosk12 6 days ago

    There is a little video on your click bait

    RANDOM1Z3N 6 days ago

    where is the scene when Moe said "You Scared?"

  • Theodore Schneider
    Theodore Schneider 6 days ago

    Explorers  Tunnel Yeah boi  I will never go in there ever

  • danni flowers
    danni flowers 6 days ago

    love your videos


    i feel bad for him he just ran and left him in the beginning

  • Myka J
    Myka J 6 days ago

    Hell nah I would have been running so fast I haven't ran fast since middle school pe but if I heard something nope I'd be gone as Forrest Gump said I was running

  • wtf richard
    wtf richard 6 days ago

    You shouldn't be hanging out with that Moe Sargi. He is a bad influence.

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