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Author Sander De Prycker (4 months)

Very nice vid. but before i buy this stuff i want to know the following:
Does the execute button also light up if needed?
Normally it should light up when you entered your route and press activate.
Can you let me know??


Author Kelsoe Bill (1 year)
c'est fonctional pour DCS A-10C??? Pouvez-vous ecrire maintenant!!

Author JACKO13100 (3 years)
will this also work on a 737

Author CSAyoutub (4 years)
Do you know how to configure this CDU with the PSS 777 ? Anyone can test to
program it for using with the 777.

Author thefsxflyer (4 years)
Sweet. I better start saving up!

Author contemporarymonk (4 years)
let me ask this, are you a real pilot for an airline? Also 1 thing i've
noticed with the CDU unit, that i think is essential, well at least in real
aircraft. When you entered the reference airport, you didnt reference a
gate, nor did you manually check the position of the gate. This info
provides navigation to the IRS. By giving it Latitude and Longitude, so
that the IRS can allighn properly. Now FS probably dont really care
anyways, but i put in anyway, Otherwise cool vid and nice set up!

Author DerCerberus (3 years)
Nice video showing this product from VR, but the price is way over kill.
For 347.00EUR nearly 100EUR cheaper that that thing from
opencockpits(dot)com Nice music !

Author Erik Midbrød (1 year)
have u Upload the Files? :)

Author R. Scott McDonald (1 year)
Hi, could you send me the files I need to make this work with PMDG 737NGX
please? (Special drivers ?) that you mentioned in your video. Or could you
post the files on the web somewhere like "" so others could share
them? thanks!

Author Davi Nunes (3 years)
how much is it pls? I think that it will helpme a lot 5/5

Author Xavier Jehl (2 years)
A tutorial about how to install is available

Author Popsicle9724 (4 years)
Hey I have a couple questions...I have the M-Panel from VRInsight and i use
the Serial2 software will i be able to use both
products...and also I use Flight Simulator 2004, will this product work in
full screen for fs2004?

Author MasterOfArmz (2 years)
Hey great video, but could someone please tell me the name of the music
which starts at 0:18?

Author Nasry Juakim (3 years)
very interesting ..seriously how much and how to get this? thanks...

Author Erik Midbrød (1 year)
ok :) what is you E-mail ? :)

Author TheA10FAN (2 years)
Does this unit have backlighing for night flying??

Author Federico C (3 years)
Have it a lights for the night flight ?

Author Xavier Jehl (1 year)
yes, the file link has been added to the video description. Try and tell me
what's going on with that.

Author Xavier Jehl (3 years)
@zoncalax around 420€ All the best

Author PRODUCERMAT (4 years)
This is hitting the UK next week (w/c 31/08/09), I have been reliably
informed by two of the leading distributers. My credit card is already
twitching !!, I shall definately be getting one !. I can also highly
recommend the VRInsight MCP combo unit It works like a dream and makes
flights so much more realistic and easier rather than using the mouse or
numerous keyboard inputs :) Also considering the "micro jet
pit"........when my credit card recovers :)

Author PulseFSX (3 years)
Try to make a tutorial I what to learn this cdu, I want to fluff the new
airbus x.

Author Miroslav Drexler (7 months)
VRInsight CDU II (FMC) Panel tested with the FSX 767 Captain Sim

Author EnnCamp (4 years)
I would be happy if I could just start the engines. lol I have been dealing
with PMDg for 2 months and no take offs yet.

Author Exec7900GT (4 years)
is this compatible with Wilco a340???? PLEASE REPLY thank you !!!

Author zfreak90 (4 years)
wow great tutorial thx! i will buy it now for 100% sure! thx a lot!

Author Xavier Jehl (4 years)
no sorry, we have paid for this

Author Erik Midbrød (1 year)
I cant get my CDU ii Work at NGX :/

Author turkishairbus (4 years)

Author Davi Nunes (3 years)
@xjehl tnks !

Author macieksoft (2 years)
This working with PMDG MD11, PMDG 747 and DCS A10 (DCS A10 is not FSX/2004)?

Author jared1230030 (3 years)
Will this work on an aircraft that doesn't have an fmc? Like say I just
downloaded a project opensky 737 and it doesn't have an fmc. If i use this
fmc in the video, will it work on the 737?

Author James3000117 (2 years)
*up *press damn autocorrect

Author JUNICHI1208 (4 years)
This music Free?

Author PRODUCERMAT (4 years)
ummm, mine finally arrived last week. It is a really nice piece of
kit........but "plug and play" it is not !! It takes a considerable amount
of time to set it up to work correctly with each aircraft, however you only
need to do it one time per aircraft as settings are saved. what I can tell
you though is that it will not work in "full screen mode" as the video
states only in windowed mode. Also there is no default profile for the capt
sim 757 in the serialfp software as shown in the vid.

Author Xavier Jehl (4 years)
Yes it is !

Author Pete Anson (2 years)
How do you install it? I want to put it on the CS 767.

Author PRODUCERMAT (4 years)
cheers dude , yes I know what u mean about the vr insight instructions
..... half of its in korean lol....someone needs to do a proper tutorial
video on how to set this thing up properly because their own forums are
full of posts from people that are having major problems getting the unit
to work :)

Author PRODUCERMAT (4 years)
They also made a slight error in the design of the unit , there is not a
big enough gap between the top of the cdu screen and the first pair of left
& right selection buttons. The title of the page you are in is displayed at
the top of the screen but theres no room for it ! if you want the selection
buttons to line up with the actual options on screen then you have to cut
out the title of the page at the top when resizing . all in all though its
a good product & enhances the fs experience :)

Author fsx1994 (4 years)
yes, but i dont know what is the x, oder the y i have set all the same as
the tutoriel, and my CDU2 is 768 x 1024 but where i have to fill in ?
please help i used wilco airbus

Author Eugen Sajin (3 years)
not so expensive if compare to analogue fmc,plus i like the config
utility))) coool))) whats the song name/?

Author thefsxflyer (4 years)
Fail. It looks like it is. Is it worth it?

Author Xavier Jehl (1 year)
Yes I'll when I'll be back at all. You'll have all needed files. In 10
days, I'll upload them somewhere.

Author Erik Midbrød (1 year)
My CDU ii make FSX game stops after 1 hour: (any tips what it might be?

Author Xavier Jehl (4 years)
@thefsxflyer : Yes it is !

Author Jeroen vd Velden (4 years)
how do u get the boeing logo on the cdu? mine doesnt show that.

Author Xavier Jehl (2 years)
@runescapejames1 Unfortunately it does not ...

Author tf51d (4 years)
One as I posted, I was wrong and apologized to the Original poster
ie:metric vs imperial format. I am correct however that there is still a
problem, as the data entered into the FMC did not sync up with the aircraft
systems in FS. I'm just asking him why. Is it a bug? Has the software link
been programmed into the sim yet?

Author onelmex (2 years)
can you tell me what is the name of the intrumental melody from background?
it is so beautiful. thank you very much. i wait response

Author Wardog22476 (2 years)
@zoncalax On FlightSim store is 600 dollars

Author ripstikgod (4 years)
Very COOl I bet you are a commercial pilot no questions asked :D

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