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Author manpreet singh maan (12 days)
Saif and Kareena Wedding!:

Author Sadek Khalisadar (1 month)
Falaq taq

Author Pratyush Shrestha (3 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author numidia LUNA (1 month)
hamlegh amek itsroussoune.....shev'hane dhi siine, amyarane...^^

Author Arua Merjan (6 months)
Kareena♥Saif ^-^/
wish them all the best !

Author Ziba Bahadori (3 months)
these 2 got married in 2012 . why the video clip is 2011 ?

Author arshad khan (2 days)

Author sveta klepina (5 months)

Author 남김정일 (5 months)
I dont like that couple. I love akshay and kareena.

Author MONA SINGH (7 months)
kareena ko kattua hi mila tha

Author Yah Sali (5 months)
Cool song name plis 

Author varisha saleem (5 months)
Amazing couple. God bless u

Author Insight Curiosity. (7 months)
I like the song.

Author marcela slepcikova (7 months)
Ja jirinka. Či. Mit. Této. Zati. Já. Ano. Ahoj !?!?!?!?!?.

Author Rina Puspita Dewi (6 months)
the best couple

Author MONA SINGH (7 months)
kareena chutiya hai jo old man se saif se shadi karliya .kareena ko koi or
nahi mila jo use diserve karta ho

Author sugandha singh (8 months)
Kareena ko Koi Aur ni Mila shadi ke liye Kat

Author Irma Biharie (8 months)

Author Anwesha barman ray (10 months)
the mst beautiful nd sexy woman u bebo..

Author Chandra Shekar (11 months)

Author Wollwert Frederick (9 months)
Shabach lots of love to you

Author Amrita Singh (11 months)
Shame less East Indians

Author musheer alam (1 year)

Author MONA SINGH (7 months)
kareena is bitch saare jawaan ladke mar gay the kya

Author wissam kacimi (11 months)
they r both great actors ,ihope they will have plenty of luck love and
happiness inchallah

Author Shamim Khan (9 months)

Author firoz shaikh (9 months)
Nice song

Author Rujiao Song (1 year)
kareena is so ugly ! cant believe bollywood treat her as d most beautiful
woman! her face is out of proportion cant they see it?! 

Author Mathew Koshy (10 months)
Count your days 1,2,3.... then what? sad!! Internet and Hollywood.

Author Satish Jindal (7 months)
saif and kareena

Author Pawan Rawat (11 months)
lovely couples

Author Priyanka Anand (9 months)
Guys d song name is falak thak:) amazing one♥

Author Ravena Jain (1 year)
NYC pics

Author prissy sc (1 year)
nice and handsome couple

Author always25239439pass jp29 (6 months)
" Top 100 >>>


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