Saif and Kareena Wedding!

This is the random pics of soon to be a couple saif and kareena..check out the video guys and dont forget to subscribe me,

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Author كارينا كابور (3 months)
very nice

Author Rujiao Song (1 month)
kareena is so ugly ! cant believe bollywood treat her as d most beautiful
woman! her face is out of proportion cant they see it?! 

Author dinesh yadav (3 months)

Author nasser abbas (3 months)
I like the song

Author Alhena Deen (4 months)
they r perfect for each other..

Author Masood Ali (5 months)
yasmin ali

Author Miky Mikyshor (2 months)
when i will find this song, name pls <3

Author Dinara Ludiyani (4 months)
Very good is beatiful

Author zubair ahmad (1 month)
so butefull all pic...

Author Ravena Jain (1 month)
NYC pics

Author Sneha Jain (5 months)
Beauty is the word 😘

Author aleem khan (1 year)
nice couple

Author Ravena Jain (1 month)
NYC pics

Author Sneha Jain (5 months)
Beauty is the word 😘

Author TheMoonRose92 (5 months)
0:46 Karishma looks so beautiful!! :)

Author nazia khatoon (1 year)
jab mia biwi razi toh kya krega kazi :)

Author Kesha3210 (1 year)
i'm happy for kareena, but i still with she was still together with sahid

Author mamumimo445 (1 year)
Why karena like boys have wife already .

Author devi siwa (1 year)
Rab ne bana Jodi

Author nurse956 (1 year)
best and cute couple and wish them all the best best bestt

Author srkb001 (1 year)
Akbar married Hindu princess and that is why his Islamic empire fall to
Hindu hands.

Author mike k (10 months)
I am happy for both of them. I have nothing against hindus and all hindus &
muslims should have love for each other. We are all humans & creation by
God so, lets respect & love each other.

Author phoenix marco (1 year)
Kid, tht doesn't mean he goes to heaven. I do agree that there should be no
racial or religious differences in today's society but there are limits u

Author Rana Adel (11 months)
as you :@

Author NARAYAN MANDVE (1 year)
vhkknmmnjbghbgv nhbhuin

Author bluejellyrox (9 months)
whats the name of the song?

Author ange32164 (7 months)
this isnt their wedding..... u lied.....

Author zeenath khan (11 months)
this song is from movie tashan

Author nadir rosel (1 year)
Kareena marry to the least success amoung the Khans Lo0o0oL

Author antibrains55 (1 year)
1500 BC -_- seriously??? dude u need to get your facts straight.

Author sheryaar19 (1 year)
I luv kareena lol

Author Akhilesh Arya (1 year)
Kareena and saif are best couple.

Author misbha usman (10 months)
Who is the teacher in Pacans Township Branch

Author Msz E-Atvval (1 year)

Author tanu chawla (1 year)
They seems like they r made exactly for each other, The Perfect Nawab and
his Begum....

Author Msz E-Atvval (1 year)
It's so sad to see the ignorance & immaturity that is still present in the
foreign countries. Then they wonder why such opinion's are made of them.
Just look at the ridiculous & petty comment;s in this posting. We are ALL
GOD's children!! We all bleed red & come into this world as HIS. All that
matter's is they love each other, & GOD IS LOVE. I feel sorry for
you....really I do.

Author Ska Aks (1 year)
Exactly, isn't it kind of hypocritical to spew around hatred in the name of
your so-called "peaceful" religions? Always confused me about these kinds
of people...

Author Sameena Rani (7 months)

Author Sima Islamia (1 year)
God amazing how make up can transform a person.i just saw an old movie of
kareena and she looked like natural,loool i mean not so bad not so pretty.

Author hassank968 (6 months)
She fucked shahid firat

Author King Khan Namo (1 year)
SRK will be very ashamed of you if he ever meets you.

Author julie hasikha (1 year)
OMG ...Ur very preety kareena kaporr,,, thats make me jealous,,,,, :)

Author shivaniartias03 (1 year)
Very hot kareena.

Author anoRAH AANzie (11 months)
Hate u saif lov u karina

Author Chirag Razvi (10 months)
Nawab mir chirag ali khan razvi jahgeerdar Rashiddul mulak bahadur Langer
House hyderabad a.p india ok safi bhai youn are very likey your life is
good happy mariega day you r a namber one NAWAB

Author Sadiq A (9 months)
He s too old n she s too young! But they look awesome together! Nice
couple! Old man is really lucky to have bebo!!!

Author natty natasha (8 months)
may u live longer guys congrats ur one of my best bollywood couples,,,,nice

Author Alin Adrian (8 months)
Name of the song ??

Author bitecandy3 (1 year)
women always no one wah .... wah wah masyaallah

Author aisha ansa (1 year)
luved of luck bebo

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