Gucci Mane Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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  • Gucci Mane goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City where he talks about weight loss, wearing sneakers in jail, and his days of drug dealing.

    Stadium Goods:

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Comments: 3 583

  • Cesar Lopez
    Cesar Lopez 4 hours ago

    daddy yankee next!

  • cherese blessette
    cherese blessette 8 hours ago

    Stadium best store hands down

  • Alex Antinoro
    Alex Antinoro 10 hours ago

    I wish I could say, " that's all? " when I spent $3000 on sneakers

  • Blake Digma
    Blake Digma 15 hours ago

    Why does Joe where his hoodies with the hoodie pushed up to his neck?!? Why?!?!?

  • Kennedy Collins Tv
    Kennedy Collins Tv 19 hours ago


  • Thaddeus Sprinkles-DeBacker

    I couldn't get over these glasses 😂

  • Super3girls The Girls


  • connie springer
    connie springer 1 day ago

    to come there

  • connie springer
    connie springer 1 day ago

    he is the only one that didn´t use a car

  • Luke Taylor
    Luke Taylor 2 days ago

    did he kill 3 people cause he has three tear drops on his face plzz reply

  • DiffLord
    DiffLord 2 days ago

    i like his lady glasses

  • Azmar Middleton
    Azmar Middleton 3 days ago


  • Hey Web
    Hey Web 3 days ago

    Gucci doesn't move his lips at all

  • Aaron clark
    Aaron clark 3 days ago

    Do Kodak black

  • Joke's-On You
    Joke's-On You 3 days ago

    All the rappers pay in cash

  • Malik Calloway
    Malik Calloway 4 days ago

    He had his ankle bracelet on

  • ShaKYGT
    ShaKYGT 4 days ago

    The government replaced the original Gucci Mane with a fake. His ice cream cone tattoo is gone

    NICKHD 4 days ago

    You Should do sneaker shopping with lil pump

  • Lanksey
    Lanksey 4 days ago

    i wonder who on this show has gotten the biggest bill?

  • Jahren Burke
    Jahren Burke 4 days ago

    6:51 ahhh she wants himmm

  • Oddlycharminger
    Oddlycharminger 5 days ago

    Lol he didn't say sneakers he said scheekers

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 5 days ago

    Sounds more like an interragation than an interview..especially @1:38 XD

  • Hilary Trump
    Hilary Trump 5 days ago

    lol notice all the white guys got cards and the black got cash

  • Dutch
    Dutch 5 days ago

    why the hell is he wearing womens sunglasses

  • Gabriel Hallman
    Gabriel Hallman 5 days ago

    Dang Gucci shopped on my birthday😂

  • YT27 Gaming
    YT27 Gaming 5 days ago

    3:58 he looks mad

  • Ethan Sanchez
    Ethan Sanchez 5 days ago


  • kristan carabido
    kristan carabido 5 days ago

    do one with brad hall

  • Donte Russell
    Donte Russell 6 days ago

    Complex. Do one with Lil Dicky or Michael Blackson. Better yet John Cena

  • Uncle Deez
    Uncle Deez 6 days ago

    Gucci looks good man good for him. I'm happy for the man

  • Jeremy Wallace
    Jeremy Wallace 6 days ago

    Cuz the dude outside the window 3:13 got me weak

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones 6 days ago

    Gucci is wearing my favorite shoe.

  • Cezar Arvelo
    Cezar Arvelo 6 days ago

    Close your eyes and tell me the host doesn't Jimmy Kimmel >o<

  • Ozzman Enriquez
    Ozzman Enriquez 6 days ago

    nigga said "schneakers"

  • Nichole Nelson
    Nichole Nelson 6 days ago

    have money kicks go sneaker shoping

  • Nasty Pasta 754
    Nasty Pasta 754 6 days ago

    I crack up because Gucci look so funny when he talk because he can't move his lower jaw

  • Braydon Cowings
    Braydon Cowings 6 days ago

    I wish I can have stacks of money like that

  • Mya Wells
    Mya Wells 6 days ago

    Gucci is the realist nigga alive? My dude paid all that money in cash

  • Женя Кожемякин

    -6.55 gucci say vanessa

  • wiki
    wiki 7 days ago

    he's so fine

  • Graveint DD
    Graveint DD 7 days ago

    Where tha sun at👀 lol

  • Jake S
    Jake S 8 days ago

    Joe is annoying as hell

  • Piece of Awsome
    Piece of Awsome 9 days ago

    " I like the ones with the wings on em"
    joe :oh you mean the fours
    I swear Gucci was drunk

  • Nathan Roy
    Nathan Roy 9 days ago

    Get his name right

  • Chris Tinnon
    Chris Tinnon 9 days ago

    every conversation about Jordan "Well back in the day when I was hustlin"

  • Filthy fallout
    Filthy fallout 9 days ago

    They fucking deceived him on those air max 1's

  • Young Bgv
    Young Bgv 10 days ago

    0:17 Gucci got the ankle monitor savage 😈

  • XxxBOIxxX !!!
    XxxBOIxxX !!! 11 days ago

    Gucci mane looks like the Walmart version of usher

  • Angel Isaac
    Angel Isaac 11 days ago

    we need to see designer shoes too not just nike jordan and nike

  • pistol
    pistol 11 days ago

    these are the best interviews I've ever seen

  • Artur Julian Mendes
    Artur Julian Mendes 11 days ago

    :25 gucci man

  • Adam
    Adam 12 days ago

    Well hi, Gucci Man!

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 12 days ago

    1:07 has a home arrest ankle brace

  • Abilita
    Abilita 12 days ago

    Those blue and black 95s are peng

  • Armani Nguon
    Armani Nguon 12 days ago

    More then half of my rent, and he spent on shoes lol.

  • PrivateParty SLS
    PrivateParty SLS 13 days ago

    jus to let u kno i wa here Wop!!!

  • Mij
    Mij 13 days ago

    what a bump

  • G Ruben
    G Ruben 13 days ago


  • Malachi Donias
    Malachi Donias 14 days ago

    Anyone know what kinda shoes Joe is wearing? They're fucking fire 🔥

  • laoking31
    laoking31 14 days ago

    damn they ripped him off...lmao 800???

  • wyatt zoia
    wyatt zoia 14 days ago

    do lebron james goes sneaker shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or any other famous b ball player

  • brian alvarado
    brian alvarado 14 days ago

    this dude is a clone

  • Wrisles
    Wrisles 15 days ago

    Why this nigga tryna act all articulate when were looking at a ex con buying fucking kicks! Dont try so hard bro its chill

    SKULLSKILLS S 15 days ago

    those girls glases

  • Steve
    Steve 16 days ago

    3:12 I see you my nigga

  • Mike Maratta
    Mike Maratta 16 days ago

    its really crazy how different he is nowadays

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 17 days ago

    Why they say 165 then the want 650

  • Mike Kaina
    Mike Kaina 17 days ago

    Who found the yeezy family?

  • Evan Peatross
    Evan Peatross 17 days ago

    He said welcome back 😂😂😂

  • zino100
    zino100 17 days ago

    whys he asking a rapper If he does 3 day postage or next day? what a stupid question lol he rich as he showed at the end of the video lol

  • Mick Gepford
    Mick Gepford 17 days ago

    anyone else notice the ankle bracelet

  • Dasea Garcia
    Dasea Garcia 17 days ago

    the frist time he saw thae air max liquid gold there were 175 at the end there 800

  • Pablo Mendez
    Pablo Mendez 19 days ago

    Does anyone know what shoes joe is wearing?

  • Thabani
    Thabani 19 days ago

    Bring Rae Sremmurd please

  • bren
    bren 19 days ago

    gucci on dat amazon prime

  • lodovofbg
    lodovofbg 19 days ago


  • boomshizzIe
    boomshizzIe 20 days ago

    This chick could not even look Gucci in the eye

  • gum dum
    gum dum 20 days ago

    You see how fast she grab the money

  • MercySaidSo
    MercySaidSo 20 days ago

    those gold air max 1's were a $800???? Da Fuk?

  • ThePennyBoardmaster
    ThePennyBoardmaster 20 days ago

    whas tha damage ova here

  • Elizabeth Mathews
    Elizabeth Mathews 20 days ago

    do future

  • Nick Bautista
    Nick Bautista 20 days ago

    Subscribe and ill sub back! lets get a little chain going so we can help eachother out

  • Syeda Mostarina
    Syeda Mostarina 20 days ago

    The title of this video should be, "Crackhead goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex."

  • kc b
    kc b 21 day ago

    I wish I could ask "that's all ?" while spending 2k on sneakers

  • MRLIGHTBULB Biggs-Rubio


  • Ruben Orosco
    Ruben Orosco 23 days ago

    Get schoolboy q

  • Mr7digit
    Mr7digit 23 days ago

    guccimane clone go sneaker shopping.

  • Demani Newkirk
    Demani Newkirk 23 days ago

    What the fudge are you talking about

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 23 days ago

    Why does everybody say Gucci man

  • Alex Gærtner
    Alex Gærtner 24 days ago

    "Okay... Das all?"

    JMAHC 24 days ago

    I fucking love Gucci mane 😂😂😂

  • 666 in this world
    666 in this world 25 days ago

    not the Real Gucci Mane

  • 1rap1jour
    1rap1jour 25 days ago

    why have a card when you can have a load of cash in your right pocket

  • super mataza
    super mataza 25 days ago

    Whys Gucci mane got my aunties glasses on??

  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler 25 days ago

    The only nigga to pay wit bills. Pulled out bands like nun

  • The creed
    The creed 25 days ago

    gucci man

  • Oscar Meza
    Oscar Meza 26 days ago

    The girl got a jolt of life when he pulled out the money

  • all seeing i
    all seeing i 26 days ago


  • Tim Mondey
    Tim Mondey 26 days ago

    как всегда jordan

  • Carlos Maldon
    Carlos Maldon 27 days ago

    Only way I woulda paid $800 & $650 for them Air Max is if they was made out of real Gold & Silver.

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