MythBusters: Shark Shipwreck (360 Video)

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  • Paulo Sergio
    Paulo Sergio 7 days ago

    Muito bom

  • anas zeton
    anas zeton 20 days ago


  • Thakur Anurag Anand
    Thakur Anurag Anand 20 days ago

    combine this with 3D audio and voila it's fucking reality!!

  • Sesi Sara
    Sesi Sara 24 days ago


  • Okim Heman
    Okim Heman 1 month ago

    nice nice nice.....

  • Wolf in The Box
    Wolf in The Box 1 month ago

    Was the ship the titanic?

  • هشام مسعودي مسعودي

    toooooooop Aăŋŏucha Mizar f hmd nsal chkon nta chkon manich FATEH f hmd allahx
    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh toooooooop Aăŋŏucha Mizar w Mizar w

  • هشام مسعودي مسعودي

    toooooooop Aăŋŏucha Mizar f hmd nsal chkon nta chkon manich FATEH f hmd allahx

  • هشام مسعودي مسعودي

    toooooooop Aăŋŏucha Mizar f hmd nsal chkon nta chkon manich FATEH f hmd allah

  • هشام مسعودي مسعودي

    toooooooop Aăŋŏucha Mizar f hmd nsal chkon nta chkon manich fath

  • هشام مسعودي مسعودي

    toooooooop Aăŋŏucha Mizar f

  • هشام مسعودي مسعودي

    toooooooop Aăŋŏucha Mizar

  • Sr Bipol'-'
    Sr Bipol'-' 1 month ago


  • ben Broeckx
    ben Broeckx 2 months ago

    why doesnt this work For me

  • Shabreia Glenn
    Shabreia Glenn 2 months ago

    I'm glad they clarified that Adam wasn't there. I spent the first 25 seconds looking for him. lol

  • Shabreia Glenn
    Shabreia Glenn 2 months ago

    I'm glad they clarified that Adam wasn't there. I spent the first 25 seconds looking for him. lol

    FAZARKIZ 2 months ago

    am i the only one moving my phone and nothing is happening

  • Wasco 4-H
    Wasco 4-H 3 months ago

    quality sucks

  • Ini Yorker
    Ini Yorker 3 months ago


  • Call Valentine
    Call Valentine 3 months ago

    I feel like I'm underwater

  • Callie Leek
    Callie Leek 3 months ago

    So... anyone else thinking of of calling it the hamerhead agitator?

  • Kai Majak
    Kai Majak 3 months ago


  • kevin rudd
    kevin rudd 3 months ago

    time to wake up sheeple... It could be all the aluminium filling you pineal glads... from the chem trails...but Jamie and adam are not allowed to work on real important myths...

  • francisco Javier Tadeo Gámez Pérez

    like si lo ves en 2017

  • francisco Javier Tadeo Gámez Pérez

    yo lo veo desde mi compu y el maus lo uso para moverlo

  • 수나짱
    수나짱 4 months ago


  • Nicolás Bascuñán
    Nicolás Bascuñán 4 months ago

    why the dislikes?

  • amber afifa069
    amber afifa069 4 months ago


  • Jacopo Di Domenico
    Jacopo Di Domenico 4 months ago

    ma su Samsung non funziona

    DENEME HESAP 4 months ago


  • encleo bfa
    encleo bfa 5 months ago


  • Isabella Gómez Rodríguez

    no esta en ingles y no aparece en dos

  • Greg Tziatzias
    Greg Tziatzias 5 months ago

    it's like a video game

  • Thomas Albertini
    Thomas Albertini 5 months ago

    Does anyone know how to enlarge the two squares of VR? The screen of my phone gets divided in two, but the size of the squares is very small, leaving 3/4 of the screen black.

  • Jitu Nawdiya
    Jitu Nawdiya 5 months ago

    this technique videos launch in cricket

  • Martin Tunev
    Martin Tunev 5 months ago

    am i the only one watching in 4k

  • allstar wrestlingshow
    allstar wrestlingshow 5 months ago

    how deep is this

  • I'm Trump
    I'm Trump 5 months ago

    I got a ps4 vr headset

  • Дядя Вася
    Дядя Вася 5 months ago


  • cheng adelaide
    cheng adelaide 5 months ago

    How did they do that ?

  • S.A LEGO Productions
    S.A LEGO Productions 5 months ago

    What I if told you...

    That you wrong read.

    [that too]

  • _SkillZ_
    _SkillZ_ 5 months ago

    very low quality and turning doesnt work on samsung

  • Brandon Meehan
    Brandon Meehan 5 months ago

    how do you get it so it moves when your device moves instead of me manually doing it

  • Babydollz W
    Babydollz W 6 months ago

    Does it work for iPhones 📱?

    KUTAY YILDIRIM 6 months ago

    Very bad

  • Jaren Cascino
    Jaren Cascino 6 months ago

    How to get the magnet to work on YouTube?

  • K3rtix 1346
    K3rtix 1346 6 months ago


  • Lord Pataknight
    Lord Pataknight 6 months ago


  • Roman M
    Roman M 6 months ago

    low quality

  • *New-York City*
    *New-York City* 6 months ago

    у меня вообще видео не работает

  • VÍKTOR Recio Rodriguez

    Como Para ver todo Acis Los Lado Y Eso Esque Muevo Mi Móvil Y No Se Mueve La Camara

  • pacheca cuernayayi
    pacheca cuernayayi 6 months ago

    no sé si mis lentes no son compatibles o que show pero gira a lo wey

  • Vanessa loves Jerome!!!!!!!!! Marcos

    this is so fun like a game

  • Kawii Bunny
    Kawii Bunny 6 months ago

    I'm dizzy from turning around in circles

  • Lilek CZ LP
    Lilek CZ LP 6 months ago

    shark love shark

  • agile52
    agile52 6 months ago

    Not recommended with a vr headset, too jerky

  • TonyMontana8881
    TonyMontana8881 6 months ago

    That's what I call a fuckin amazin video.

  • Family fun808
    Family fun808 6 months ago

    THANK U GUY HOLDING THE 360-camra WITHOUT U WE Wouldn't EVEN BE WATCHING THIS VIDEO....give this 10,000,000,000,000, likes❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • cute boy young
    cute boy young 6 months ago

    00967777383530. imo. video I love

  • Anais Gabriella
    Anais Gabriella 6 months ago

    how do u do this

  • Maha 968
    Maha 968 7 months ago

    sooooo cooooool

  • Yolocandy
    Yolocandy 7 months ago

    how do I setup my 360 for samsung ?? I can't turn my phone around ?

    • Seth Freakin' Rollins
      Seth Freakin' Rollins 5 months ago

      Newlet Msp Pff Android all the way. Bet you don't have a 4k camera.

    • Moon Pimp
      Moon Pimp 5 months ago


    • Rebecca Head
      Rebecca Head 7 months ago

      +xXyolocandyXx you said you got a Samsung my iPhone 6s plus works 360

    • Yolocandy
      Yolocandy 7 months ago

      +Newlet Msp
      ive got a phone

  • Fabio Junior
    Fabio Junior 7 months ago

    no is 360

  • Amazing_ Human
    Amazing_ Human 7 months ago


  • Hasan Msi
    Hasan Msi 7 months ago


  • Damn Tube
    Damn Tube 7 months ago

    why the shark did not eat u?

    • UniVurse
      UniVurse 6 months ago

      Kiggz B 👍🏼

    • K B-A
      K B-A 6 months ago

      UniVurse That's pretty cool I had no idea, thanks

    • UniVurse
      UniVurse 7 months ago

      Kiggz B sharks generally are very calm and passive, sharks just mistake humans for their preferred food (seals and sea lions) in fact, they hate what we taste like, sharks are actually the nicest creatures ever. And wont attack on sight

    • K B-A
      K B-A 7 months ago

      My Mom Call Me Dev's I was wondering this too.

  • Haneul Choi
    Haneul Choi 7 months ago

    isn't this narrator olaf!?

  • The PGN Challengers
    The PGN Challengers 7 months ago

    my but whole is yellow...................{{{{{[\

  • n3x0
    n3x0 7 months ago


  • Николай Новокач

    Русские есть?

    • Comrade
      Comrade 7 months ago

      Николай Новокач нет

  • Futbol Zirvesi HD
    Futbol Zirvesi HD 7 months ago

    the world best video

  • Andy Lala
    Andy Lala 7 months ago

    Un vídeo 360 y con un sonido 3D sería la perfección :'v

  • مجههول مجههول

    اسامه الدغيري

  • Luishan
    Luishan 8 months ago

    kann man sich das mit vr Brille angucken???

  • haziel garita
    haziel garita 8 months ago

    like si hablas espanol

  • LuisaSharkMoon
    LuisaSharkMoon 8 months ago

    wie ist möglich?

  • Jes Villorente
    Jes Villorente 8 months ago

    hi the video is great, but why do not i have the carboard icon in my samsung j2?.. would love view it on my ve box

  • AxylingTheGamer
    AxylingTheGamer 8 months ago


  • om prakash
    om prakash 8 months ago

    I think the ship is titanic

    • Warrior Cat Facts
      Warrior Cat Facts 7 months ago

      No, they're not in the Atlantic, and the ship would be MUCH bigger

  • Marina Lin
    Marina Lin 8 months ago

    This is so cool xD

  • afatcow123
    afatcow123 8 months ago

    how to get ride of getting button showing up?!

  • Oscar
    Oscar 8 months ago

    Isn't shark dangerous?

  • Artsy Aimee
    Artsy Aimee 8 months ago

    Anyone watching this in bed? sub 2 me plxx

  • Kamron Raufov
    Kamron Raufov 8 months ago


  • chintala rajesh369
    chintala rajesh369 8 months ago

    but j7

  • Dani Solano
    Dani Solano 8 months ago

    so cool

  • Tech Zombie
    Tech Zombie 9 months ago

    Plan on getting this 360 camera by Nikon. It is waterproof and shockproof. Has great 4k video. Better than others I have seen.,aps,153&rh=i:aps,k:nikon+keymission+360&linkCode=ll2&tag=a41a9-20&linkId=20eec30b8a2536a0bb79a452a67e88d1

  • Valeriya Valeva
    Valeriya Valeva 9 months ago

    Who was a director of this video? Is anyone know?

  • Fran Gamer
    Fran Gamer 9 months ago


  • يزيد احمد
    يزيد احمد 9 months ago

    اي عربي شاف المقطع لايك

  • Jordan Lowrie
    Jordan Lowrie 9 months ago

    I have Thalassophobia and this shit scared me.

  • sam slim
    sam slim 9 months ago

    you can make your own 360 video using samsung gear 360 camera and see that video on vr gear , this is amazing

  • Anh Triệu
    Anh Triệu 9 months ago

    A shiver of sharks sounds like a "sh!t load" of sharks.

    MR SERVENT07 9 months ago

    Umm I can see youuu

  • Amine Khouatir
    Amine Khouatir 9 months ago

    I come from Armin van buuren old skool 360

  • Ryan Barreto #ConTV
    Ryan Barreto #ConTV 9 months ago

    faz muito tempo que não assisto os Caçadores de Mitos

  • Karma the Polar bear
    Karma the Polar bear 9 months ago

    This used to work for me but now it doesn't?! yt logic

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon 9 months ago


  • Lesly H
    Lesly H 9 months ago

    the 360 isnt working for me why not?

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