Samsung Galaxy Note 8: All the rumors in one place

  • Added:  8 days ago
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  • Runtime: 5:3
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Comments: 657

  • Alex Voinea
    Alex Voinea 34 minutes ago

    iPhones explode since iphone 4 :P nothing strange. When samsung phones explodes everyone goes crazy :P

  • Fernando E. Rivas
    Fernando E. Rivas 11 hours ago

    If fingerpint work on the screen I will buy it quickly if doesn't work on that I will think about it if I like it or not.

  • Jackson McKagan
    Jackson McKagan 17 hours ago

    I had a note 7 until it was recalled. I kinda want the note 8 now but I’m stuck with this boring iPhone 7 Plus

  • Curry Chicken
    Curry Chicken 21 hour ago

    make the cut out lens outline for the dual camera shape like an 8. get it?

  • Ali Aljebory
    Ali Aljebory 1 day ago

    Tbh I think note 7 looked better than samsung galaxy s8

  • therasheck
    therasheck 1 day ago

    The Note 7 was the best phone that I have owned so far...the 8 better be great after it being ripped out of my hands....

  • Linda Podell Goodman

    will have to wait until the price goes down. hope my note 5 lasts that long. already need a portable battery charger. planned obsolescence.

  • Vonsterous
    Vonsterous 1 day ago

    I was crying my soul out when the note 7 got discontinued. So instead I got a Google pixel but I am still waiting for the note 8 to come out.

  • Kazi Shakib Bin Rahim

    Galaxy Note Rocks Bro

  • fran williamson
    fran williamson 2 days ago

    I don't change phones every year. Was so pissed after 3 years I upgraded from Note 3 to Note 7. Was really happy with my Note 7. Then forced to give it up and downgrade to the S7 Edge. I was compelled to pay for a phone I didn't want to find I hate this phone. Both my daughter's S7 Edge and mine had that non- breakable Gorilla glass - broke. So I don't believe they were installed with such. Both phones have been slightly 'glitchy' recently. We despise this phone.

    I'm going to wait to see if Samsung offers a deal to their former Note 7 owners like they did for the Korean customers. If not, I'm looking for a different manufacturer that cares more about their customers. If I'm spending for any upgrade, it needs to last at least 3 years and something I want, not forced to settle on.

  • Nawab pouya
    Nawab pouya 2 days ago

    According to the VentureBeat prediction it will be sold for 1200 USD. In the case of 1200 it will break Samsung cell phones records!
    In the face of all these I am waiting to its release

  • Arsenal Glasgow
    Arsenal Glasgow 2 days ago

    900$ it crime against poverty

  • Nite Fox
    Nite Fox 2 days ago

    Without a 4K Screen, I'll pass. It's just the S8+ with a pen. Nothing new for VR. And still no dual Speakers. Who gave the impression to Samsung that the fingerprint scanner should be under the display while and focus them on the wrong way while they should be busy inserting a 2nd Speaker and a 4K Display?

  • Mr.Magician LiveTV
    Mr.Magician LiveTV 2 days ago

    I will buy a note9

  • D. Reyna
    D. Reyna 2 days ago

    I think the main thing about Note phones (Besides the Pen) was the size of the phone. it was bigger than any phone. But Now that the S8 and S8+ that has a 5.8 and a 6.2 I think the Note Series losses its main Attraction.

  • 2007suprasport
    2007suprasport 3 days ago

    $900.00 dollars?.....definitely too much now.

  • Яна
    Яна 3 days ago

    plz no dual edge screen. just make it small bezels

  • Sharon Solomon
    Sharon Solomon 3 days ago

    The rasgullas in b'lore are amazing!

  • Eli Powell
    Eli Powell 3 days ago

    who the hell can afford a $900 phone?!

  • Christian Cephus
    Christian Cephus 3 days ago

    if the iris scanner was much faster and just as reliable as touch id they could just ditch touch id

  • Wojciech Pitra
    Wojciech Pitra 3 days ago

    You know, i was hoping that samsung will give us something much better now after disaster note7, unavalible note5 (poland) and so on. And now i imagine that will be just another step not leap. Pity. I will stick with my s7 one more year in that way. I will not buy note8 if it will look like you predicted.

  • Zoo Topia
    Zoo Topia 4 days ago

    This phone better cooks me dinner.

  • Luke 078
    Luke 078 4 days ago

    4k screen ?

  • Jesus Peña
    Jesus Peña 4 days ago

    If it’s anything above $700 I’m not paying for the note 😂 mostly since the last one blew up

  • fiasca
    fiasca 4 days ago

    would it be worth it to upgrade from s7 edge to note 8?

  • 0mar Jhungoor
    0mar Jhungoor 4 days ago

    I Was a little bit disappointed with the note 7 when there had problem with the battary explode. However the galaxy note 8 would be slightly more better and improved a lot and with great specs to. however I am getting the galaxys s8 plus I think it is a great phone. please forgive my grammar

  • Kees Staps
    Kees Staps 4 days ago

    large mobile phones are the best

  • bodgan pdc
    bodgan pdc 5 days ago

    iphone is shit and primitive

  • Mario G
    Mario G 5 days ago

    Got an S7 edge after I had to return my 2nd Note7. Didn't like it as much. Thought I would since I had the S6 for 2 years. The 7 was my first Note and I wish I had gotten them since the beginning. So I ended up returning the S7 and bought a Note 5. Love this phone and it's enough to fill the void that the Note7 left until the next one comes out. You can bet I'll be preordering the next one. I trust Samsung to not mess this one up.

  • Scott Spooner
    Scott Spooner 5 days ago

    it's too big...

  • Moon Buggy
    Moon Buggy 5 days ago

    No I have a 42inch neo plasma. I can change screen sizes to whatever I want.

  • Sammy Salman
    Sammy Salman 5 days ago

    note 4 is still the king baby

  • Terrance Jordan
    Terrance Jordan 5 days ago

    can't wait to get this

  • ladynohime
    ladynohime 5 days ago

    I honestly hate texting on it... the no sides make it really easy for my hand to touch other parts of the screen messing up my texts ><

  • Виктор сокол

    я тоже такой хочу.

  • MoDeeRUN
    MoDeeRUN 5 days ago

    Is it water proof?

  • DJVADO17
    DJVADO17 5 days ago

    ready to pre-order the note 8 if and when it's ready don't care the cost

  • GG
    GG 5 days ago


  • Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey 5 days ago

    is that a note exploding in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? lol. seriously though. I will probably have to get one. unless the ram is 4gb then I can't justify upgrading from my s8+. I was honestly hoping for 8gb ram. I'm betting China gets that one. which is pretty messed up.

  • Joey Atwaini
    Joey Atwaini 5 days ago

    i would really like a flat screen on the note 8 cause watching videos on a curved screen will be so irritating.

  • Adrian King
    Adrian King 6 days ago

    I love the note series but, the shit that bugs me the most. Is that's pretty much a bigger Galaxy S, with a pen and some very minor differences. Me personally I'm keeping my S8+ it's not worth cost to upgrade.

  • NiggaNyte-Teach BoomBeach

    android? has finally matured? I've been with apple for too long now. OHHH BOY ANDROID I'M READY FOR ROUND 2 DON'T FAIL ME AGAIN I HAVE FAITH IN YOU.
    I will edit this comment after about 2 or 3 weeks of android use

  • Randy Jacobson
    Randy Jacobson 6 days ago

    can't wait till it comes out and Samsung is like LOL we were trolling! here is ur under screen finger print scanner

  • dillen1958
    dillen1958 6 days ago

    Appple is a rip off.

    • dillen1958
      dillen1958 20 hours ago

      Who wants to be part of a company like Crapple who pays their victims to shut up every time an Iphone explodes, eh? I've been part of a cult where child abuse gets covered up-- same principal with Crapple-- always looking good on the outside and are dying on the inside.

  • Darrion S
    Darrion S 6 days ago

    The galaxy note 8 will take best phone of the year title, hands down.

  • I. D.
    I. D. 6 days ago

    It's gonna be on the side

  • Cameron Phillips
    Cameron Phillips 6 days ago

    Mouse die bit bzudwt massive listen claim laboratory article bath.

  • jrKid49
    jrKid49 6 days ago

    it will win phone of the year again

  • Françoise Ndombasi Mbimba

    this is the galaxy note 7, idiot

  • bhrajishna pallapothu

    What about bixby?? 😁

  • Omar Ramos
    Omar Ramos 7 days ago

    Galaxy Note still King!

  • Bryce William
    Bryce William 7 days ago

    All .com means is you're American.

  • dan 99
    dan 99 7 days ago

    video sucks, advertisement at END

  • matt donlan
    matt donlan 7 days ago

    Apple has there own/different tech regarding fingerprint sensors and they've been working on getting it under the display for years, I believe Samsung is waiting on synaptics fingerprint reader to be ready. Apple will be first just like how Touch ID was the better scanner first, but in two years everyone will have it

  • Prashant Lal Shrestha

    Link to the wallpaper at 2:50 please :)

  • FUcitol
    FUcitol 7 days ago

    if the note 8 disappoint i will probably get the new ipad pro and just use my note5 for another year.

  • sdq sdq
    sdq sdq 7 days ago

    6 gig ram and a 4k display , come on sammy ,u can do it ,haha

  • Baleent7
    Baleent7 7 days ago

    I'm already waiting for triple-camera phones :D Wide angle, normal, and zoom lens.

  • MegaUnavailableusern

    if iphone has finger reader built in screen it'll beat this just with that feature alone. no bezels at all required

  • Taurean Simmons
    Taurean Simmons 7 days ago

    There should be a discounted price on the note 8 for the people who had to wait an additional year to get a note device. Also to gain that trust again lol who says this phone isn't gonna blow up

  • unonice
    unonice 7 days ago

    I'm not a fan of the new 18:9.5 screen aspect ratio .. go back to 16:9 please ..
    need a 4,000 mAh battery ( my S7 Edge has 3,600 mAh battery) ..
    I'm not worrying about finger print scanner ...
    Needs dual stereo Speakers ...
    hopefully price won't be too ridiculous ..
    Needs minimum of 6GB of Ram .. 8 core would be great .. 4 not good enough for 2017 high price flagship devices .
    keep the headphone jack please ..
    keep the SD card expandable storage ..
    everything else looks fine . .
    looking forward to release date , I plan on pre-ordering .. we shall see when the time comes 🤔🤔🍻🍻

  • Steffanie Liebman
    Steffanie Liebman 7 days ago

    Super excited about this!! LOVED the Note 7.... but super happy to see a bigger screen.... will preorder!! #cantwaitforNote8 :-)

  • Samuel Kennedy
    Samuel Kennedy 7 days ago

    it's gonna be amazing. their prices are cheaper than Apple. people are gonna realize the price and offers for specs and hardware for Android vs Apple

  • TrayzinPlayz
    TrayzinPlayz 7 days ago

    'No choice?' Considering it only costs $250+ USD to actually manufacture the S8 and most of the money went into marketing I think Samsung has plenty of 'choice'. Here in Australia the S8 costs $1350. so please don't complain about costs.

    • Fridge Food
      Fridge Food 7 days ago

      Everyone knows the parts are not very much, but the R&D costs tonnes, and as you point out they're going to need to spend a lot on an aggressive marketing campaign for the Note 7 problems. But that isn't a cost they can just ignore, they need to market it.

    DROOPY DON'T TRIP 7 days ago

    $900 lol I'm good I just got a note 4 about a week ago from having the galaxy s3 since 2012 and I absolutely love it maybe I'll have the s8 in couple years til then I love my note 4 I give it 10 out of 10

  • J G
    J G 7 days ago

    Just too big... I'd love to have my note 7 back...

  • PeaceRay13
    PeaceRay13 7 days ago

    I don't really care about the finger print scanner being imbeded in the screen. as long as they place it nicely on the back of the device all is well.

  • Keensense Personal Training

    I don't believe the iphone 8 will have the on screen fingerprint sensor

  • Apoorv Pandey
    Apoorv Pandey 7 days ago

    Samsung learned from mistake and built a awesome phone#Galaxy S8 now it's turn for Galaxy Note 8

  • Philip Wong
    Philip Wong 7 days ago

    Brian Fury the kickboxing cyborg?

  • Hybrid Saiyan
    Hybrid Saiyan 7 days ago

    any news about gear S4

  • RiCe Bum
    RiCe Bum 7 days ago

    Iphone 8 or note 8..

  • DaHorizon
    DaHorizon 7 days ago

    Well how come Apple can do it yet Samsung can't? Makes no sense to me.

  • Babar Waheed
    Babar Waheed 7 days ago

    Only if it comes with 6GB of RAM. I run into too much slowdowns with 4GB on Note5. The OnePlus5 is coming with 8GB i believe, thus it would be a shame on Samsung to not go with at least 6GB while charging almost double that much money. I may not even buy it if it still has 4GB because i believe that is the bottleneck in all slowdowns.

  • Clipperhandz 73
    Clipperhandz 73 7 days ago

    S8+ will STILL be a beast!!!

  • Eduardo López Cárdenas


  • uchiha itachi
    uchiha itachi 7 days ago

    how can u put a screen protector if the fingerprint scanner is in the display

  • matthew bowman
    matthew bowman 7 days ago


  • Daniel Cordoba
    Daniel Cordoba 7 days ago

    I'm sure the note 8 will sell a lot but I don't think it would be right for them to bump up the price but idk it might work out in the end

  • GNARK1LL420
    GNARK1LL420 7 days ago

    I will wait until I see the new Pixel phone first.

  • C Jay
    C Jay 7 days ago

    Where you been man? . Good info!

  • Mietas2
    Mietas2 7 days ago

    It always makes me laugh when people say that smartphones have "telephoto" lens... Man, just check "telephoto lens" in Google images ;)

  • Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams 7 days ago

    God damn it Samsung I want a 4k screen

    • Patrick Adams
      Patrick Adams 7 days ago

      Fridge Food yup i have the gear vr and still my S8 screen isn't up to par. If they can just have the 4k available in certain applications then I will be fine with it.

    • Fridge Food
      Fridge Food 7 days ago

      Is that for VR?

  • Ronen Friedman
    Ronen Friedman 7 days ago

    I am really excited for the Note 8! I love the Note series and can't wait to see the Note 8.

  • JCX4T
    JCX4T 7 days ago

    I really like all the Galaxy Notes So i hope this one will be packed with awesome features.

  • C- Power
    C- Power 7 days ago

    The Note 8 will be great, but $900!or more is pushing it when after a year of it being out the price will drop drastically.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 7 days ago

    I think so.

  • tn_ 37
    tn_ 37 7 days ago

    If the design is like note 7, i will love it now look like s8/8 plus..,why Samsung 😔

  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever 7 days ago

    I have S6 regular and I doubt I'll get any Samsung phone for my next one. I love the S6 though 'edge' started with it and on S7 even regular it was edge from back. Now with S8 it's only 'edge' display variant, no regular as option.
    And I hate 'edge' displays for many reasons. Hopefully they will have a flagship without edge display in future, but for now it doesn't seem to.

  • Khanin the Uhnahkian


  • Eric Son
    Eric Son 7 days ago

    there is no under screen fingerprint, double camera system (side by side) pen is almost exact as the previous, note 8 and s8+ have similar sizes. almost feels like an s8+ just with a pen.

  • Akif Norsh
    Akif Norsh 7 days ago

    does it explode?

  • irokatcod4
    irokatcod4 7 days ago

    Jayce is back?!

  • wascar G
    wascar G 7 days ago

    From my point of view the note still king 👑

    Sincerely iPhone 7 plus user.

  • hinimee
    hinimee 7 days ago

    Poor Uncle Sammy :(

  • kaczmarek3007
    kaczmarek3007 7 days ago

    I made the mistake of pre-ordering the note 7. I will not pre-order the note 8 although most likely I will buy it if after a few weeks of its release there will be no problems with it.

  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore 7 days ago

    AMOLED = no way in hell.

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