Baby Laughing at Labrador Dog because they are best friends | Dog loves Baby Compilation

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    Content description: Baby Laughing at Labrador Dog because they are best friends | Dog loves Baby Compilation
    Cruise - John Deley and the 41 Players
    Bounce Ball - Twin Musicom;
    Jason Farnham - Locally Sourced;
    Safety Net - Riot
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  • Runtime: 4:25
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Comments: 613

  • s chandar
    s chandar 1 day ago

    0:12 letting the dog french kiss your baby doesn't seem all too healthy, she seems happy tho.

  • Sairaaj Sawant
    Sairaaj Sawant 2 days ago

    Labs are really babies in fur. Just more loving tho even. When they grow up.

  • Moumita Sarkar
    Moumita Sarkar 2 days ago

    two most innocent creatures of the world

  • Sayon Mukherjee
    Sayon Mukherjee 3 days ago

    Most of these dogs "I'm sure I love this little hooman but it crazy!! Me nervous "

  • vishal
    vishal 3 days ago

    1.35 that kid alreadyy has hairs like chellani..

  • Piu Chowdhury
    Piu Chowdhury 10 days ago

    lovely dog & cute baby

  • Atashi Bag
    Atashi Bag 12 days ago

    ooooo sooo cuteee

  • mouni ch.
    mouni ch. 13 days ago

    so sweet

  • Md Tanvir
    Md Tanvir 15 days ago

    nice dog

  • party all night
    party all night 17 days ago

    i dont care...fuck hygenic.....

  • Aneesah & Shanice
    Aneesah & Shanice 19 days ago

    2:40 I felt so sad for that dogs skin :(

  • Kendo L
    Kendo L 20 days ago

    Dogs are the best!!!

  • TheRabbitBunny
    TheRabbitBunny 20 days ago

    Jack Russells, Siberian Huskies and Labradors ftw!!!

  • TheBeastWithin
    TheBeastWithin 22 days ago

    1:15 The smile disappears... :(

  • Cool Bros
    Cool Bros 23 days ago

    Amazing video

  • 13Elementguy
    13Elementguy 26 days ago

    Listen I think the people that pretty much put their babies in the dogs mouth are a little stupid but some of your are going too far about how dangerous a dog is. You have a bigger chance of the crazy guy who has never been laid punching your baby in the face on a plane because its crying than you do a dog taking a snap at it. The punching baby story did happen and people actually applauded the guy and I'm worried about dogs???

  • Rain Drifter
    Rain Drifter 27 days ago

    Babies are annoying. Dogs are amazing.

  • Syrel Gallo
    Syrel Gallo 1 month ago

    Pls don't let dogs lick the mouth of this children. ..

  • Anand Anand
    Anand Anand 1 month ago

    dogs are loyal then human but my fupa Ji son is very very loyal more than dog how much manners did dog have more than them

    DOGS FOREVER 1 month ago

    2:15 she is not a baby!

  • Darshi Auto
    Darshi Auto 1 month ago

    sunny Leona por n xxx

  • Lisa Gibson
    Lisa Gibson 1 month ago

    I so enjoyed this video! Thank you for making me smile!☺

  • K Srikar
    K Srikar 1 month ago


  • K Srikar
    K Srikar 1 month ago

    looks like the dog in 2nd video is hurt

  • Oh Mar
    Oh Mar 1 month ago

    Dogs + babies = paradise

    One of the cutest and most uplifting videos out there!

  • rohit Patil
    rohit Patil 1 month ago

    dogs are too cute

  • Sahil Paul
    Sahil Paul 1 month ago

    Why do people let their dogs lick their baby's face?? That's just plain stupid.

  • fluxmuldar
    fluxmuldar 1 month ago

    These are all maulings waiting to happen.

  • Hari Prasad
    Hari Prasad 1 month ago

    Very interesting dog's.

  • Mhi kl
    Mhi kl 1 month ago

    Our lab ate the baby. Now we have a new one (baby) and Chowdown has learned her lesson, we think.

  • Sheetal Rathod
    Sheetal Rathod 1 month ago

    i have a dreem to get a lab

  • costeeta
    costeeta 1 month ago

    eeewww. Why would anyone let an animal lick a human newborn? All those germs in the dog's mouth. Gross

  • Kassandra Oborny
    Kassandra Oborny 1 month ago


  • Syph Erix
    Syph Erix 1 month ago

    Theres still that small chance that the dog will bite the kid's face off or smth

  • Kirtivardhan Singh
    Kirtivardhan Singh 1 month ago

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz 1 month ago


  • Neha Kanodia
    Neha Kanodia 1 month ago

    good but dont let your dog lick baby especially in the mouth

  • Erin Miller
    Erin Miller 1 month ago

    I got my first Lab when I was four. She was the sweetest, friendliest, most loving dog anyone could want, and I'm so glad I got to grow up with her.

  • Nirneet bajwa
    Nirneet bajwa 1 month ago

    awww so cute

  • The harvester Of souls

    Cutest friends

    YUKI INU 1 month ago

    puppy-love=pure love

  • jtghm
    jtghm 1 month ago

    too cute!

  • Madhumanti Das
    Madhumanti Das 1 month ago

    Adorable ❤

  • Savo7597 Vich
    Savo7597 Vich 1 month ago


  • Waheed Ahmad
    Waheed Ahmad 1 month ago

    All creatures are beautiful. We must be thankful to see everything moves and reacts and different species get along with each other. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

  • Zee P
    Zee P 1 month ago

    Really heartwarming video.. Made a grown man cry tears of joy! Babies and labs are the best.. ☺👌

  • AJ Othwal
    AJ Othwal 1 month ago

    i wish my dog outlives me...

  • Steven Hulbert
    Steven Hulbert 1 month ago

    Loved the last one, the poor lab is thinking "She does this to me ever time"

    • Dog Loves Baby
      Dog Loves Baby 1 month ago

      That's the sweetest video I have seen in such a long time......

  • Robert Croxton Jr.
    Robert Croxton Jr. 2 months ago

    labrador retreivers are my favorite dogs.

  • TheDrexxus
    TheDrexxus 2 months ago

    This is how you grow up as a dog person. Getting all those good puppy kisses when you're still just a baby and learning at a very young age nothing will love you as completely and selflessly as a dog.


    Meanwhile a cat would just ignore you and scratch the shit out of you if you tried to pet it as a baby.

  • Shoot First
    Shoot First 2 months ago

    Dogs are God's gift to mankind.

  • Greg Scott
    Greg Scott 2 months ago

    I think it was Will Rogers who said: If there are no dogs in heaven, I want to go where they go.

  • Asami Adma Farisa
    Asami Adma Farisa 2 months ago

    Watch "Baby laughing" on YouTube

  • fred rit
    fred rit 2 months ago

    these dogs they all look a bit overweight to me , too much food and not enough exercise ...

    • 13Elementguy
      13Elementguy 26 days ago

      Fred let it go. You might be a nice person informing this guy but your nit picking. I'm sure he isn't feeding his dog Donuts.

    • fred rit
      fred rit 2 months ago

      it's just a case of looking after your dog , a fat dog is an unhealthy dog which translates into trips to the vet ( $$) and an early grave .

    • Dog Loves Baby
      Dog Loves Baby 2 months ago

      haha these giants are super cute and beautiful... u really don't know about Labs

  • Vasanti Jere
    Vasanti Jere 2 months ago

    dirty dogs how parents make babies to play with them to such extent? ...donot show such shabby things again and again

  • han chow
    han chow 2 months ago

    why those labrador are so big

  • Elvia Salazar
    Elvia Salazar 2 months ago

    Im felling so SAD because my dogy is dyng. 😢😭😿🐕

  • David Baker
    David Baker 2 months ago

    No better sound than a baby laughing

  • Amazing Videos
    Amazing Videos 2 months ago

    Real Funny Pets Video

  • Mary Ferri
    Mary Ferri 2 months ago

    I have a lab he's good with kids adults and even other dogs. They have a very good temperament, and always listens to me.

  • Swati Shah
    Swati Shah 2 months ago

    I have a Labrador

  • Funky Chess
    Funky Chess 2 months ago

    Great !!
    For you who loves cats , do you know that some cats give a help to the best chess players on earth lol
    look at this link ahah!! :

  • Oliver Clamp
    Oliver Clamp 2 months ago

    I grew up with four labs. They've all now sadly passed away but anyone who has a Labrador is lucky to have such an even-minded, physically active and playful breed.

  • Лабрадор Лайма


    KUNAL DUTTA 3 months ago


  • Santosh Meena
    Santosh Meena 3 months ago


    SAMANTA ANGGREYANI 3 months ago

    hello,, I'm from INDONESIA,, I just want share video my sweet baby girl laughing,, please klik my chanel and watch my baby video,, if you like please like on video and subscribe my chanel,, thanks all and GOD BLESS.

  • Sam Yang
    Sam Yang 3 months ago

    3:25, that girl in danger.

  • cheshta bhatia
    cheshta bhatia 3 months ago

    nobody's gettin me a dog.. I'm gonna steal one I swear I'm gonna steal one😭😭

  • Delyan Parchev
    Delyan Parchev 3 months ago


  • Ira Zibbu
    Ira Zibbu 3 months ago

    now I want a baby and a dog

  • Giusy Rubbino
    Giusy Rubbino 3 months ago

    sono fantastici

  • Jignesh Padhye
    Jignesh Padhye 4 months ago

    I loss my dog wen I miss I saw this love u dell

  • Gio Gamer
    Gio Gamer 4 months ago

    Its Funny

  • Victor Hazell S
    Victor Hazell S 4 months ago

    0:40 not a labrador

  • Karthik Narayanan
    Karthik Narayanan 4 months ago

    374 Heartless Creatures.How can they even dislike this video ? 😣😣😬

  • Jaidapuram Prathyusha
    Jaidapuram Prathyusha 4 months ago

    1:06 aww baby is so cute😍😍😍😙😍😘😍😙😘

  • Gina Mascetti
    Gina Mascetti 4 months ago

    LABS are the best dogs ever!

  • bhoomi bhanver
    bhoomi bhanver 4 months ago

    my Labrador somehow does not like babies at all🙈

  • Shakshi Shetty
    Shakshi Shetty 4 months ago

    This is sooo pure😌❤

  • Shakester71
    Shakester71 4 months ago

    My Lab loves nothing more than to kiss a baby.

    • Shakester71
      Shakester71 4 months ago

      yeah. he's a good boy. It can get out of hand though. He'll walk up to any strange stroller and just try to lick the baby in it.

    • Dog Loves Baby
      Dog Loves Baby 4 months ago

      aw you have a sweet dog <3

  • shweta sirwani
    shweta sirwani 4 months ago

    love u babies n dogss 😘😘😘

  • Madhuri I like this. Kharsade

    I like this dog.

  • devashish pandey
    devashish pandey 4 months ago

    Dogs are purest souls,cats are its antonym

  • Eva &Nicky
    Eva &Nicky 4 months ago

    Haha this isn't some of the things they did when I was two my chocolate lab used to dig holes with me best days ever

  • clara claudia
    clara claudia 4 months ago


  • pratik310
    pratik310 4 months ago

    luv u dogs

  • Mohit Negi
    Mohit Negi 4 months ago

    i don't know why I'm addicted to watch these types of videos

  • ruth pagan
    ruth pagan 4 months ago

    that's so cute

  • Super Sofa TV
    Super Sofa TV 4 months ago

    Классно! Я Софа, мне 3 года. Мне очень нравится снимать видео для Ютуба.
    Посмотрите мой канал и подпишитесь на новые видяшки :)

  • funny me
    funny me 4 months ago

    I love animals

  • Nipomita Moitra
    Nipomita Moitra 4 months ago

    So lovely 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • pretty girl
    pretty girl 4 months ago

    vvvvvvv.cuuuuute vedio

  • Pranav Ms
    Pranav Ms 4 months ago

    Both child and dog dont knw to fake love !!

  • eva jesus
    eva jesus 4 months ago

    how cute

  • Sarahkate Butler
    Sarahkate Butler 5 months ago

    i love dogs especially my dog❤❤

  • sree lekshmi
    sree lekshmi 5 months ago


  • easyscore
    easyscore 5 months ago

    If I ever get a dog, it will be a Lab

  • 聶小慧
    聶小慧 5 months ago


  • Arun Verma
    Arun Verma 5 months ago videos bhakti

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