Clean Bandit - Symphony feat. Zara Larsson [Official Video]

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Here is the official video for our new single 'Symphony' featuring Zara Larsson - out now.

Thank you to all our wonderful fans who came to participate in the video as the Audience. We love you.
Thanks to Ricky Chatto for doing the orchestral arrangement.

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DIRECTOR: Grace Chatto
DIRECTOR: Jack Patterson
Video Commissioner: Dan Curwin
PRODUCER: Amber Millington
Director of Photography: Anna Patarakina
Director of Photography: Daria Geller
Steadicam: Emilio Schläppi
1st AD: George Nelson
Art Director: Maz Staruch
Clean Bandit Stylist: Aimee Croysdill
Clean Bandit Make-up Artist: Elaine Lynskey
Clean Bandit Hair Stylist: Narad Kutowaroo
Zara Larsson Make-up Artist: Celia Burton
Zara Larsson Hair Stylist: Jason Crozier
Cast Hair/Make-up Artist: AJ Juttla
Cast Stylist: Jeanie Annan-Lewin
Conductor: Michael Akinsulire
Cyclist: Josias Bertrand
Supporting Artists: Yvonne Cumberbatch and
Gillian John

Editor: Nikki Porter at Final Cut
Edit producer: Laura Harris and Frankie Elster
Colourist: Phil Hambi at MPC
Grade producer: Edwin Elkington
Post Supervisor/VFX: Carl Godwin at Absolute Post
VFX producer: Kate Desmond

ORCHESTRA: I Maestri Orchestra
Violin 1:
George Hlawiczka
Graham Griffiths
Antoaneta Abadzhieva
Agata Kubiak
Wendy Talbot
Paul Jeszke
Cinderella Cohen
Leora Cohen
Chris Medlar
John Middleton
Braimah Kanneh-Mason

Violin 2:
Catherine Fox
Zsuzsanna Tamas
Ana Barbaric
Ruby Huang
Nigel Stephens
Isabella Fulford
Teresa Coakley
Jane Onojafe
Robert Marmoy
Fumiko Mihara

Malcolm Allison
Michael Hall
Marietta Szaloki
Sarah Meltzer
Emily Myles
Romaine Ruggier
Tina Taylor
Michael Henry

Richard Chatto
Andrea Derdak
Matthew Ingram
John Best
Dirk Wong
Hannah Lee
Jeremy Cohen
Omar Ambass

Astrid Pfister
Chris Weaver
Cat Stack
Gabriella Carberry
Jakub Cywinski

Caroline Welsh
Caroline Ardron

Barry Solomon
Lorna Neil

Sue Bishop
Drew Leckie

Glyn Williams
Lowri Richards

Jo Towler
Laurie Truluck
Esther Osorio-Whewell
Sabrina Pullen
Jon Handley

Jack Jones
Chris Marquardt

James Goodwin
Neven Derrien-Maze
Alistair Goodwin

Alexander Miller

Tristan Fry

Views: 99724416
Runtime: 4:7
Comments: 34737

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Author Clean Bandit ( ago)
Our brand new single Symphony with Zara Larsson is out now!!! Eeeek hope you like it!

Author Lozano x ( ago)
Fuck this had me crying- raw talent

Author Hey It's Elli ( ago)

Author rocky blackwidow ( ago)
I SWEAR I thought the guy who died was his son and when they kissed, my mind just screamed, INCEST!!! until I clicked on .

Author NOOBass ( ago)
Сначала думал, что это его брат, а это его ёбырь, сука!

Author Jessica Arner ( ago)
I kind of this video is inappropriate.

Author Luciano Figueiredo ( ago)

Author Japtain Spack Carrow ( ago)
I'm not sobbing you're sobbing

Author lidia duma ( ago)
Can someone please explain to me the story in this music video I just don't get it ❤️

Author stephy pak ( ago)
Prime example of underrated song.

Author Fiore Montrucchio ( ago)
Snoop ésta canción!!!

Author Molly ( ago)
This should be number 1 on the charts. Not Ed.
He's been there to long.

Author MCrafters ( ago)
first of may today is my birthday can i get 200 likes!

Thanks <3

Author sophia ( ago)
this video made my heart cry

Author Magical Unicorn! ( ago)
3:34 Dab

Author Lia Is An Artist ( ago)
it's such an upbeat sing for such a sad video

Author Filipe Rettore ( ago)

Author Leah Yutzy ( ago)

Author Kieran 2003 ( ago)
at first I thought my ps3 started

Author Cross in The blood ( ago)
Sì ma, perché sti due gay del cazzo?

Author Leah Yutzy ( ago)

Author Billy Tim ( ago)
the first part of this song reminds of an opening of one arc in the anime "twin star exorcist"

Author Emilie Thauvette ( ago)
this is the best video in the world!😊😊

Author Anna Peano ( ago)

Author Anna Peano ( ago)

Author jayjay2016 ( ago)
Love this anyone agree

Author Davor Posavec ( ago)
Awesome@Davor Posavec

Author Davor Posavec ( ago)
@Clean Bandit

Author Jaroslav Hon ( ago)
i looooove this song so beautiful

Author Ben Laser ( ago)
What is the symbolism of the lady in all white that was playing the cello?

Author David Reimer ( ago)
Best song ever

Author Sophie Is Amazing MSP ( ago)
This is beautiful <3 And until 1:20, I thought they were father and son :')

Author Charlotte Willis ( ago)
This song is so sweet it makes my feel sad a bit 😭

Author Jaxon S ( ago)

Author TomatoChicken Mcnuggets ( ago)
If you see this comment I've watched this video at least or over ten times...DONT HELP ME....

Author Your friend Harambe ( ago)
99mil views 😳

Author Gamer's Gaming ( ago)
I very love it !!

Author Animal Girl ( ago)
His boyfriend did the dab 😂

Author DRUL3Y H3RO ( ago)
This a beautiful message for young men and women to understand and the symphony is of u and me actually all of us. the harmony created between each other can be amazing. It is up to the individual to aspire but when we are raised higher by those around us, the music becomes clear.. we are part of a symphony on this earth.. we should not be alone

Author The Wonder ( ago)
i have listened to this 4 times in a row and bow I'm crying. I didnt know I could feel two emotions at once until now. Amazing. THIS video. THIS is what I want to do, to create.

Author kulegutten ( ago)
cool song

Author pxie ( ago)
Zara has my name 💎💎 omg I feel so special!1!1!!1!1!1

Author Savi 102 ( ago)
99m views so close to 1b

Author Awesomepenny23 ( ago)

Author B Mc Carthy ( ago)
Brilliant, Love it, thank you.

Author Leonie Plays ( ago)
i got tears :(

Author Nonkululeko Noxolo Muravha ( ago)
this song got me all emotional

Author Gabriella Martínez ( ago)
Vamos Zara!! Me encanta que esté progresando, se lo merece, tiene una voz increíble!!
Ojalá pase lo mismo con Louisa Johnson :)

Author Zac Allen ( ago)
I cummed in my pants to this

Author Just Sara ( ago)
Beautiful song. 💗
The music video made me cry.

Author doni yen ( ago)
whats the fuck is this video????

Author Paulo Garcia ( ago)
Just gave this video another 100 views!!! Totally feeling these lyrics!

Author ccoo oocc ( ago)
zara larson is the definition of swedish brainwashed leftist

Author DJ ChefMusic ( ago)
Hey Stranger,
I don't want to make any advertisement, so please don't listen to this:

Author THE WYRMS ( ago)
Her voice is just... So powerful...

Author Malwina Bialek ( ago)
This song is incredible!

Author catgabs ( ago)
The guy who dies, is he his boyfriend or his son?

Author Илья Соколов ( ago)

Author Tomek Kowalski ( ago)

Author Alma Krasniqi ( ago)
I cried at the end... And I am one of those people that dont EVER cry

Author shushu ( ago)
Perfect song but why do you have to make a gay video ? Its sick and disgusting

Author TheVloggingGamer ( ago)

Author Hiromi Alcoba ( ago)
this made me cry it really did

Author Lilly Ogden ( ago)

Author Ahmad Safdar ( ago)
can anyone tell mee. are they couple or brothers??

Author Jelena Ilic ( ago)
this is my favorite song.

Author Simmy Haze ( ago)
100million views c'mon guys

Author Emily the fluffy ( ago)
And now your song is on repeat COS ITS SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD

Author Johann Haimerl ( ago)
Omg immer noch sooo schön😍😍ich hab keine Ahnung wie oft ich das schon angehört hab aber ich werde dieses Lied immer mögen einfach soooo schön!!! Wer feiert dieses schöne Lied auch wie ich?❤😍🙈Soooo spitze👍👍Großer Respekt an die das Lied singen/geschrieben u.s.w haben!!! LG Lena❤

Author Jay Zi ( ago)
This is beautiful

Author Erwin Fernando ( ago)
Zara larsson looks so beautiful ! i like her so much.

Author Emilia Perry ( ago)
my mum says this song reminds her of me💖

Author yasmine aws ( ago)
😭😭😭 so beautiful

Author michael ogango ( ago)
i can hear this song 100 times

Author tomas de Jonge ( ago)
leuwk liedje tochh

Author Edyta Burdzy ( ago)
cudo 💗💗💗

Author eva liliana lopez ramirez ( ago)
me hizo llorar

Author forever0423 ( ago)
At first I thought that was his son until they kissed like that then I was like that is not his son 😂

Author Lisa Marie ( ago)
this is the most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard it truly touched me

Author reza fima ( ago)
I love it thank you 😍😂😅

Author BASS FOR YOU ( ago)
3:35 DAB

Author Delta Watson ( ago)
what do this song was he the man bather but love the song 100)100

Author lola playmo sitilav ( ago)
i loveu zara💝🎸🎼🎹🎶🎶🎶🎶

Author Rose Horse ( ago)
I love this song so much!

Author elena ospina nieto ( ago)
today is my birthday and this song is my best gift <3

Author Malin Spetsmann ( ago)
Shit, I cried

Author Graham Surtees ( ago)
3:46 are they gay?

Author Graham Surtees ( ago)
I literally cried for a whole hour watching this like if you agree

Author Sruthiga Premkumar ( ago)
when i listen to this i feel like im floating

Author Akky Akbar ( ago)

Okay just one more tume watching the video..
Vid ends

Ok just once more...

*spams play button*

Author Niamh Geelan ( ago)
best song ever

Author Weekly Weirdo ( ago)
This hit me right in the feels :((

Author SpeedEx ( ago)
But, i thought he's his son till it shocked me.

Author Dangelo Dionnar Castillo ( ago)
Lyrics, Video, Melody, other things, ALL perfect in this song. It does not come out of my head, the best I've heard in a long time. Thanks for giving us this Clean Bandit. Greetings from Venezuela

Author cosmy cosmin ( ago)
foarte frumoasa melodia mia placut

Author shubham sharma ( ago)
100 million soon?

Author shubham sharma ( ago)
It should not be called 'gay privilege',instead it should be called 'equality',Privilege is something like not paying taxes,like churches don't.

Author Liza Benstead ( ago)
cried so much brilliant song. remind me of my son <3 wish you were here Toby-joe <3

Author Sage Edouard ( ago)
That is sad but I fell sad I hope god in this heart ❤️

Author That Maddy ( ago)
love this

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