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Sudden Attack Hack
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Hey guys! I promised you the download link, and here it is! Just go to this website below to recieve the hack you deserve! Just register and download it in the SA Hacks section! Vuala! You are now ready to pown!

ESP, Radar, Bounding Boxes, Chams, No Recoil, Crosshair.

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Author tro8Aoper (4 years)
how to know if they r ur team or other team.. they all luk red..!!

Author baaulgo (3 years)
lol ya noob hackers i hate sa now now got alot of hacker speed hacker n etc
i hate hackerssssssssssssss noob hackers hacker still failure

Author Baby Come Back (2 years)
noob hacker

Author mmorpgBLITZ (4 years)
he spelt pwn wrong... fail

Author Dr iTaLy (1 year)
السلام عليكم نادر بليز اريدك تضيفني سكايب Krash11221

Author baaulgo (3 years)
noob la failure i shoot stiill bettr then u lor zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i
hate hackerssssss speedd hackers i hate all hackers

Author FilthKriztian (1 year)
que noob

Author rainotyler (4 years)

Author Kok Sheng (4 years)
hw to download?

Author Keno Here (4 years)
wow you sux even with hack..

Author Cool Jeremy (3 years)
got hack still so noob

Author 0xeyx0 (4 years)
m16 sux and i got 100 times better hack then this this is a old patched
hacki got one and that not patched

Author Sadegh Afg (4 years)
wow he so noob i wonder if he no hack = never kill

Author dipplo3000 (3 years)

Author Harith Haikal (2 years)
got hack?

Author junojaden900 (3 years)
forbidden web lol

Author muhdhaziq95 (4 years)
@IStoryWar charms lo

Author lemon2551 (4 years)
can someone tell me where to download aimbot

Author snipiss (3 years)
look at 0:29 the red guys how they use hand?

Author Patrickniagor (2 years)
ate d ch ams e nb

Author pedroelias22 (3 years)
lol noob

Author aegis666420 (4 years)
@TheHacklife sorry, your answer must be written in english, otherwise no
one can fucking understand you. can you rephrase that in a way that someone
other than your mother will know what the fuck you're writing?

Author Keith Lau (3 years)
Your english is fucking horrible. Sg.. Disappointed. This hack is horrible
too. No aimbot.

Author Xl4ODotz (4 years)
nice! suddenattack sea! will try it out! ;D

Author rew tujee (4 years)
hülye balfasz még hack-el is lelŐnek folyamatXD

Author Os Ló.Òucös (1 year)
tava de chams

Author BlAdEbReAkErS07 (3 years)
so noob pre shoot. u also miss everything

Author TheDevilhunter123 (2 years)
is this aimbot?

Author Jeane Santana (1 year)

Author piggyalvin1 (3 years)

Author Cory Chung (3 years)
Noob hacker. Man ill beat you even without hack.... My KD 67% Shootgod

Author Nguyen Ky an (1 year)
how can we do it ive download it then iv run it then what there's no desc

Author Louis Vitton (1 year)
e um analfabeto comenta no Youtube...

Author acolyteelite (4 years)
lol u suck kid even using hacks

Author Zeki Pineda (3 years)
add me please...username.,:(Zek:P:PP)no parenthesis...anyone pls add me.

Author Alexis Michael Gallo Rojas Gallo Rojas (1 year)
jajaja q noob

Author xX9Imperator6Xx (3 years)
Hacker=NOOB shit..

Author Tan Fanny (4 years)
use hack still so noob noob sh1t la u....

Author ny hk (4 years)
u suck ass kid

Author Luan Bertholin (4 years)
o cara além de estar com hacker é noob

Author tro8Aoper (4 years)
@Siang345 ow..ic..nice...but i dunwan hack...no1 likes hackers.. btw,i'm
juz too need hack..hehe

Author Fábio Fernandes (2 years)
afff tem o hacker vip é bom mais n tem como baixar pq o meglapoud ele n da
para istalar mais nd ai ficou de eu abaixar :(

Author TiiKAiiDU38 (3 years)
your websiteis unavalaide

Author Lim Siang (4 years)
@tro8Aoper got name

Author Partyplox (4 years)
did you record this or something?

Author Z0Archer (3 years)
Link Broken

Author aranz1997 (4 years)
u la nub spammer, spam all bullet and then kena kill

Author Junior Sixx (1 year)
Sabe Como Baixa Chams?

Author DevilChoong (3 years)
use hack also die? failure~~

Author JohnJ512 (2 years)
What wrong with DXT server? Cant Sign up as member. Pay real cash to DXT
also cannot! Is DXT website got ban by SA Asia!!!

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