The Chainsmokers - Closer (Live from the 2016 MTV VMAs) ft. Halsey

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  • The Chainsmokers and Halsey perform “Closer” live at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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  • Runtime: 4:10
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Comments: 62 075

  • Tamera Greenidge
    Tamera Greenidge 27 minutes ago

    i love the whole thing it just seems so cool

  • Oliwia Szostak
    Oliwia Szostak 2 hours ago

    i love this song

  • Fanny J Harmonizer
    Fanny J Harmonizer 3 hours ago

    Pa mi ese bato se estaba manoseando a mi Halsey >:v

  • Joselito Anaviso
    Joselito Anaviso 4 hours ago

    uhm...Halsey...sorry to embarrass you... but...

  • Avatar Musik
    Avatar Musik 5 hours ago

    not to be offense but his voice isnt as i thought it was

  • GirlGamer Srb
    GirlGamer Srb 6 hours ago

    WWWTF is with his voice OMFG

  • Qistina Andrea Qistina Andrea

    I love it

  • Hcneb Atetra
    Hcneb Atetra 8 hours ago

    nice song i luv it <3

  • hafsa abshir
    hafsa abshir 10 hours ago

    Y gotta be haters if ur better come up and let's see wat u got if u got the guts😡😏😏🤔🤔🤔

  • OObabydiamondOO aOO
    OObabydiamondOO aOO 12 hours ago

    so you sing the best and I love you

  • Ishita Pushkar
    Ishita Pushkar 13 hours ago

    Halsey was screaming doesn't you think so?

  • Ahmad Salah
    Ahmad Salah 13 hours ago

    nice very good

  • Ariel Figueroa
    Ariel Figueroa 15 hours ago

    I was like "Fuck, he's hot!" Then Halsey came out and I was like "Nevermind, she's hotter, I love you" <3

  • Michelle Espinosa
    Michelle Espinosa 15 hours ago

    He kind of looks like jack gilinsky to me

  • ruby hello
    ruby hello 15 hours ago

    que hermoso💖😍

  • Abraham Tapia
    Abraham Tapia 16 hours ago


  • Caro M.M
    Caro M.M 18 hours ago

    He is so f*** hot😍😍😍😍

    LIBELULA- XXVII 18 hours ago

    HEY!!! Halsey Halsey is owned by lauren .. OK!!!

  • Rapid Gaming
    Rapid Gaming 18 hours ago

    Andrew can't even sing

  • Paris Jaynes
    Paris Jaynes 19 hours ago

    this is trash

  • Jungwoo
    Jungwoo 19 hours ago

    lol why does sound like a random 15 year old teen was singing this

  • guigui16237 celui que tout le monde connait

    chuis déçu en faite ils avait mis de l' auto-tune là ça rend moche 😓

  • Aarón CG
    Aarón CG 20 hours ago

    0:45 cover your ears :v

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro 22 hours ago

    I see that they were a satanic signal mmmmmmmm it's weird not hoblo English but I know English mmmmmmm rare eeeee

  • Pempe Tozluyurt
    Pempe Tozluyurt 22 hours ago

    I'm the only who likes him voice ._.

  • Iftikhar baloch
    Iftikhar baloch 22 hours ago

    at 3:49 look at her sitting style haha

  • Kevin Baylon
    Kevin Baylon 23 hours ago

    When you butcher your own song lol

  • Aphrodite. 23
    Aphrodite. 23 1 day ago

    Wtf ? He don't know sing

  • Lesdeine Ramos
    Lesdeine Ramos 1 day ago

    She was not wereing any bars i think she's crazy.

  • Austin Hsu
    Austin Hsu 1 day ago

    He sounds like he smokes too much.

  • ginga bung
    ginga bung 1 day ago

    I think all the boys in the audience was to see the girl

  • Rini Ghosh
    Rini Ghosh 1 day ago

    I also thought that chainsmokers are a good singer, but here the girls was the saviour ... omg

  • Tamiris Soares
    Tamiris Soares 1 day ago

    ela parece a Emily ex BBB

  • mat rıx
    mat rıx 1 day ago

    poh gibi

  • kyle
    kyle 1 day ago

    His voice sounds pretty rough I think he might've had something wrong with his throat and didn't want to disappoint his fans by not singing. At least he had the effort to sing . Halsey sounded amazing like usual . I love her so much.

  • Night Comfort Theatre

    She has a great voice but man he is bad

  • Michelle-007 Wilkes-mdeezeer

    his (auto tuner) proves about ANYBODIES voice could be marketed......but love the auto tuned version. :O) and even like most of what they sing-love halsey too. raw talent i'm thinking for her she doesnt even need music,,,

  • Someone
    Someone 1 day ago

    Great! The Amazing Spiderman's singing now.

  • M4D -
    M4D - 1 day ago

    why is that guys thrid-weeling in the back lol

  • Co Nguyen Duy
    Co Nguyen Duy 1 day ago

    why dislike???

  • あ あ
    あ あ 1 day ago


  • Fatima Bano
    Fatima Bano 1 day ago

    love........... this........😙😙😙😙😙

  • Ronnie Shaw
    Ronnie Shaw 1 day ago

    Sounds horrible live.

  • Saguto DragAce
    Saguto DragAce 1 day ago

    Wow i should get into to the industry cuz i can at least do better than that
    Hell the 1st graders on talemt show do better

  • LlamaMomma
    LlamaMomma 1 day ago


  • Finding Ma
    Finding Ma 1 day ago

    I think they just had so much fun here! I wish I had the same chance to rock the stage and have fun like they did

  • Tevin Tan
    Tevin Tan 2 days ago

    btw why does the girl has no braw😰

  • Rockin
    Rockin 2 days ago

    this guy can't sing wtf

    ILEANA HERROJO 2 days ago

    he sing very very bad
    basket sing more le less

  • Ladycraft
    Ladycraft 2 days ago

    Sounds like he had a really sore throat here because he sounded a lot better at the AMA.

  • 鈴木瑞穂
    鈴木瑞穂 2 days ago

    hes hand😂😂😂😂

  • Lazanha de Primeira Linha

    Cade os Br?

  • Erika Ciminelli
    Erika Ciminelli 2 days ago

    halsey sei troppo bono ti amo 💙

  • Erika Ciminelli
    Erika Ciminelli 2 days ago

    è bellissima sta canzone la amo e amo te

  • Dawn Pickford
    Dawn Pickford 2 days ago

    I <3 Halsey so so so much!!!

  • Olivia Tom Room 39
    Olivia Tom Room 39 2 days ago

    Imagine him on the X factor picture Simons face😂😂😂

  • Juan Rafael Santiago

    Halsey backed up the guy 100%
    He is handsome but singing is not for him

  • Elijah B
    Elijah B 2 days ago

    not nearly as good as the one you hear on the radio

  • Christine Chow
    Christine Chow 2 days ago

    Geez He is no that good as a singer

  • Giselle Azmi
    Giselle Azmi 2 days ago

    Halsey voice is really good

  • Giselle Azmi
    Giselle Azmi 2 days ago

    Yea his singing isn't that good in this vid

  • Laina Collins
    Laina Collins 2 days ago

    2:35 ..

  • kibic i piłkarz
    kibic i piłkarz 2 days ago

    piękna musuc show√

  • jaden evans
    jaden evans 2 days ago

    Everyone is taking about how bad they sound but BITCH HER HIGHLIGHTERS POPPPIN OMFG

  • jaden evans
    jaden evans 2 days ago

    I'm rewatching this and I am obsessed with Halsey and I do really like the chain smokers, but this was reeeaaally bad. I think maybe their ear pieces didn't work and maybe they couldn't hear themselves well..? Idk

  • Medoa Lazer
    Medoa Lazer 2 days ago

    I can feel the spit in every "pull" he says

  • Joy Doke
    Joy Doke 2 days ago

    he's a terrible singer

    • Joy Doke
      Joy Doke 1 day ago

      and i just want to say that he touch her inappropriate parts

    • Bennett2 Tang2
      Bennett2 Tang2 2 days ago

      Joy Doke lmao, so im not the only one that thinks his a total different person then the voice i heard from the radio

  • Irsyad Mustaqim
    Irsyad Mustaqim 2 days ago

    You are jelous that he's famous

  • Steven McKinney
    Steven McKinney 2 days ago

    They're (all three) amazing artists, but vocally, no... the guy on the drum pad was the real star of this performance. Vocally, I feel both of them failed pretty hard... but he did better than Halsey. He was at least able to hold his pitch... Halsey sounded like she was sitting on a broken dryer while it was running. This almost ruined Chain Smokers for me though.

  • craft idol
    craft idol 2 days ago

    i love it a lot.i love Andrew and halsey

  • Erica Batres
    Erica Batres 2 days ago

    Halsey is fake woke and a mediocre singer AT BEST. She can pay ME to eat MY ass.

  • mundo da Jessie
    mundo da Jessie 2 days ago

    beautiful M

  • 洪肉娟遭報應生雜種

    Andrew Taggart is really super ugly!!!!

  • luli pajera
    luli pajera 2 days ago

    halsey bebita hermosa

  • luli pajera
    luli pajera 2 days ago

    el chabon canta tan mal loco

  • Foxy Funtime
    Foxy Funtime 2 days ago

    why did she had to have a short top i can see her u know

  • Igneel  Music
    Igneel Music 2 days ago


  • cats news
    cats news 3 days ago

    did any one else see that halsey was not wearing a bra

  • Ragib Emperor
    Ragib Emperor 3 days ago

    love the song

  • Sun and Moon
    Sun and Moon 3 days ago

    ต้นเพลงคือเดินแด๊บๆ ตลกอะ55

  • Pratiti Sarkar
    Pratiti Sarkar 3 days ago

    Woooooow....this dude can't sing -.-
    My one thumbs up goes to Halsey for saving this song

  • Mohammed Shahadat
    Mohammed Shahadat 3 days ago

    Multitalented 💪🏻

  • xxdragonloverxx potterhead

    Andrew taggart is a professional at ear rape.

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission 3 days ago

    Everybody's bitching about how bad he sounds when she sounds just as bad

  • 8sfg8
    8sfg8 3 days ago

    Halsey slayed <3

  • MayDraws
    MayDraws 3 days ago

    They're both AMAZING! 😍💕

  • Roxanna King
    Roxanna King 3 days ago

    Who reads comments while the song?

  • EXO Ot12
    EXO Ot12 3 days ago

    this it the ugliest performance i've seen in my life lmao

  • EXO Ot12
    EXO Ot12 3 days ago

    when you know that the performance will be shit so you just wear something that shows your tittys up to make it interesting.

  • xOliviax
    xOliviax 3 days ago

    woow, he sings horrible

  • Faida Zawujia
    Faida Zawujia 3 days ago


  • MyNAmejeff 4u
    MyNAmejeff 4u 3 days ago


  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 3 days ago

    Halsey look like bitch her voice is normal

  • Rhonda Cook
    Rhonda Cook 3 days ago

    Halsey is hot

    GUSTAVO1990ADRI 3 days ago


  • Fabio Brito
    Fabio Brito 3 days ago


  • basyiirs amb
    basyiirs amb 3 days ago

    who ia watching today i from wkwk land

  • Mallory Walsh
    Mallory Walsh 3 days ago


  • Cintia Ferreira Lira

    This girl is almost to kiss this guy, do not you think, look at the clip and now on the stage.

  • Bia Chesaru
    Bia Chesaru 3 days ago


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