Carl Heald Super Bronc Trike

14 hp Briggs & Stratton, Twin cylinder, solex 28 pict carburetor

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Author mountain177 ( ago)
@element4834 if I had to guess he got that motor from a generator.

Author joe franchi ( ago)
lol that is a bad ass trike

Author MohadibTheHorrible ( ago)
sounds awesome

Author MidwestMadness775 ( ago)
where can i get that engine and the stuff to set it up just like that one

Author mackelby1 ( ago)
How are you getting that to run on a 28 pict, those are for 1200cc motors.
So cool

Author redneckrollercoast1 ( ago)

Author Jon card ( ago)
i want ittt

Author ElijahWheeler ( ago)
@element4834 its a horizontal engine...

Author yamahonkawazuki ( ago)
@hicktown4 Yeha kinda does Eh?

Author Gabe Marzouq ( ago)
how fast it go

Author chatrkat ( ago)
that's excellent! love the sound too. ...hope you have good medical

Author hicktown4 ( ago)
looks to me that its a 8 inch cherrybomb painted lime green

Author 2fastdsm ( ago)
What torque converter are you using? does it handle 14hp okay?

Author manostihl ( ago)
whatd u use for a muffler trying to rig up an exaust fr my 18

Author WeSellYouTractors ( ago)

Author powerbandthriller495 ( ago)
fuckin sick

Author sonick808 ( ago)
They made a trike ???? I had the red-frame 2-wheel Heald Super Bronc; I had
no idea they made a trike

Author gt350stang7 ( ago)
niceeeee i got the same setup on my gokart. check out my videos. how fast
does yours get up to? mine dont have a jackshaft but i think itll still
haul asssss. any poweradders?? thanks

Author mitteey ( ago)
is that grey thing on the engine a voltage regulator?

Author LawnWolf ( ago)
How fast have you had that up to?

Author atomicsaladbowl ( ago)
that sick, lets see it in action

Author douro20 (731 year ago)
Those old B&S twins can be made to produce some thirty to forty horsepower
without hurting their longevity.

Author Richard Kennedy ( ago)
hey is that a kohler m18,m19,m20?

Author Driewer ( ago)
get a lawn mower instead! whered ya get the muffler?

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