Carl Heald Super Bronc Trike

14 hp Briggs & Stratton, Twin cylinder, solex 28 pict carburetor

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Author mountain177 (1 year)
@element4834 if I had to guess he got that motor from a generator.

Author chatrkat (5 years)
that's excellent! love the sound too. ...hope you have good medical

Author joe franchi (2 years)
lol that is a bad ass trike

Author Jon card (4 years)
i want ittt

Author manostihl (6 years)
whatd u use for a muffler trying to rig up an exaust fr my 18

Author mackelby1 (4 years)
How are you getting that to run on a 28 pict, those are for 1200cc motors.
So cool

Author redneckrollercoast1 (4 years)

Author hicktown4 (6 years)
looks to me that its a 8 inch cherrybomb painted lime green

Author MidwestMadness775 (3 years)
where can i get that engine and the stuff to set it up just like that one

Author 2fastdsm (6 years)
What torque converter are you using? does it handle 14hp okay?

Author powerbandthriller495 (6 years)
fuckin sick

Author ElijahWheeler (4 years)
@element4834 its a horizontal engine...

Author sonick808 (6 years)
They made a trike ???? I had the red-frame 2-wheel Heald Super Bronc; I had
no idea they made a trike

Author WeSellYouTractors (6 years)

Author atomicsaladbowl (7 years)
that sick, lets see it in action

Author mitteey (6 years)
is that grey thing on the engine a voltage regulator?

Author Gabe Marzouq (5 years)
how fast it go

Author douro20 (7 years)
Those old B&S twins can be made to produce some thirty to forty horsepower
without hurting their longevity.

Author LawnWolf (6 years)
How fast have you had that up to?

Author yamahonkawazuki (5 years)
@hicktown4 Yeha kinda does Eh?

Author MohadibTheHorrible (3 years)
sounds awesome

Author gt350stang7 (6 years)
niceeeee i got the same setup on my gokart. check out my videos. how fast
does yours get up to? mine dont have a jackshaft but i think itll still
haul asssss. any poweradders?? thanks

Author Dan Riewer (7 years)
get a lawn mower instead! whered ya get the muffler?

Author Richard Kennedy (7 years)
hey is that a kohler m18,m19,m20?

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