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  • CeciEJ
    CeciEJ 1 hour ago

    Who fucking folds there socks?!?

  • cyberi4a
    cyberi4a 8 hours ago

    This is the first video of yours I've seen and I will remember the paper clip with the broken zipper and the diaper for potted plants.

  • Charlee Alboher
    Charlee Alboher 10 hours ago

    I dont get why it said to fold things and then roll things

  • Nikita Kumar
    Nikita Kumar 15 hours ago

    No offense but you could by a portable charger for 5 dollars from target and save yourself the hassle

  • tanzeela farhat
    tanzeela farhat 21 hour ago

    very good

  • Dan Zig
    Dan Zig 2 days ago

    The zipper on my cello case broke so I used the second hack and it works like a charm all thanks to 5 min crafts

  • Sachin Wise
    Sachin Wise 2 days ago

    Problem Is That Most Of Them I Prohibited On An Plane!!

  • Kathleen Timmer
    Kathleen Timmer 5 days ago

    There's no "correct way" to fold socks, or really anything for that matter

  • Hauge life
    Hauge life 7 days ago

    first off if you don't wanna rage don't click read more


  • 윤루디아
    윤루디아 7 days ago

    Why dont you post about making cheap simple gifts? but pls put some new clips :-(

  • udrdoug
    udrdoug 8 days ago

    Cable tie on suitcase, just remember it just stops the zipper undoing accidentally, it isn't security. The zipper can be forced open and then closed again by running the tag around..

    anyway, locks etc only keep honest people out.

  • Pernille Sandhu
    Pernille Sandhu 8 days ago

    who... the fuck brings a hanger for vacation?

  • yijiamallon
    yijiamallon 8 days ago


  • CardiffCrafter
    CardiffCrafter 9 days ago

    Not one original "hack" !

  • Mar Yati
    Mar Yati 9 days ago

    i roll all my clothes. save space and faster

  • Tyler Hodge
    Tyler Hodge 10 days ago

    Hate to break it to you,but there is no "correct" way to fold a pair of socks

  • Ivan Sosnin
    Ivan Sosnin 10 days ago

    I love that they showed how to fold socks, and then they showed "the correct way to fold socks"

  • Taylor Show
    Taylor Show 11 days ago

    That sweatshirt bag is so ugly... and most of these are stupid or have nothing to do with travel

  • Cameron Lorna
    Cameron Lorna 11 days ago

    So many of the "hacks" are common sense knowledge

  • Ana Nunez
    Ana Nunez 12 days ago

    This channel posts the same things over and over again

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 12 days ago

    7:22 HOW IS THIS A TRAVEL HACK???!!!

  • Syrian Sugar
    Syrian Sugar 12 days ago

    6:06 So. If I buy goggles, sun screen and sandals at my destination wouldn't that be wasting money? What is we went on another trip? Like there's no point lol.

    DAI NELSON 12 days ago

    Always the same video I am out here

  • Jacquie Tinch
    Jacquie Tinch 12 days ago

    As I can't take scissors or wire cutters in my hand luggage, how do I remove the electrical tie when I reach my destination? A wire bread bag tie works as well and can be reused several times.

  • Christopher Ellis
    Christopher Ellis 12 days ago

    waste of time watching

  • Traista App
    Traista App 13 days ago

    nifty tricks

  • notconvincedgranny
    notconvincedgranny 14 days ago

    That zip tie, if you're at an airport, is useless. TSA reserves the right to inspect any and all luggage and will snip it off.

  • Вики Виткова

    тук има ли българи???

  • Tamara Rezk
    Tamara Rezk 15 days ago

    the kids dance tho

  • omstrat
    omstrat 16 days ago

    I still say ROLLED shirts and sox take up MORE room

  • Kat
    Kat 17 days ago

    Yup, zip ties work great. Except you have to remember to bring more for each trip and you can't get into your stuff throughout your trip. Just buy the dern lock. You can literally buy cheaper phone chargers that don't require you to fiddle with batteries in them. Lol, you literally just showed us folding socks 2 ways as "correct". And who on earth has the time to fold socks that second way? Not sure how the folding board is a travel hack. Am I supposed to take that with me? Just learn to fold! That roll up towel thing will also take way more room that those items in another container. Put them in a regular travel bag and it will be smaller and have room for other stuff. I gave up after that point.

  • annamink
    annamink 18 days ago

    Was it only me who tried to do the t-shirt one and took like 40 tries to do it.

  • Mayur Chavan
    Mayur Chavan 18 days ago

    can u please stop repeating same things

  • Brandon Whitfield
    Brandon Whitfield 18 days ago

    "$5 phone charger" aka how tot make the TSA think you're a terrorist with a micro bomb

  • LunaPlayz Minecraft ;3

    Disliked this piece of shit. STOP REPEATING UR FUCKING CONTENT!

  • Shiny Suicune Gamer

    Suicune:RAIKOU HELP MEH IM DRUNK!!!! Raikou:...................what

  • pianofreak109
    pianofreak109 22 days ago

    The portable phone charger doesn't work very well tbh, idk if I did it wrong or something but yeah, barely charges

  • Karla Tshiyonga
    Karla Tshiyonga 22 days ago

    These have
    Nothing to do with Traveling

  • alexandraa bianchi
    alexandraa bianchi 23 days ago

    i have not seen any other videos of yours, but this one was very, very helpful!

  • MovieGamerGirl Dreams

    It isn't the "correct way" to fold socks. All ways are "correct."

  • Daejiah Denman
    Daejiah Denman 27 days ago

    thats what was inside a diper?

  • Breanna Heuszel
    Breanna Heuszel 29 days ago

    Wait. I thought these were travel hacks? Not just random shit.

  • U&Me
    U&Me 1 month ago

    i swear this channel annoys me for so many reasons, like please number you tips and stop reapting them and all this dumb stuff we already know like really now??

  • Empathy
    Empathy 1 month ago

    the first one isn't really helpful because you can open any zipper with a pen

  • amazing_ aanya
    amazing_ aanya 1 month ago

    4:36 lol XD

  • Jenny Skyhope
    Jenny Skyhope 1 month ago

    I love all the hacks and all but half of them are not travel hacks

  • jeyanthi kamala
    jeyanthi kamala 1 month ago

    I will never find someone who does all these things

  • Billythachikk
    Billythachikk 1 month ago

    BUT SINCE YOU CAN'T BRING SCISSORS ON THE PLANE HOW WILL YOU OPEN YOUR SUITCASE how are you supposed to remove the cable binder?!?!?!

  • Cheerfuljoeygogo ,
    Cheerfuljoeygogo , 1 month ago

    Then how you can make the doll hair straight again

  • Noa G
    Noa G 1 month ago


  • #AK thebest
    #AK thebest 1 month ago

    how can diaper helping a plant be a traveling hack???

    • jazib rasheed
      jazib rasheed 16 days ago

      #AK thebest because some people have a plant and when they go to vacation no one will be there to take care of it
      and it helped me
      so yeah

  • Jack Flemming
    Jack Flemming 1 month ago

    wow this was so helpful, i've been cramming my umbrella in my suitcase all this time. whoda thought a coat is more travel friendly?!

  • Tray Seidler
    Tray Seidler 1 month ago

    Once I saw the sunglasses phone holder, I did that to watch the rest of the video.

  • CharDing
    CharDing 1 month ago

    You can buy a portable charger.

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher 1 month ago

    so you showed us 1000 ways to fold clothes and then threw it all out the fucking window and told us just to roll them up?

  • Annalise Holland
    Annalise Holland 1 month ago


  • cyres
    cyres 1 month ago

    Shoutout Friday . leave a comment on my video for Shoutout cant wait to see you guys

  • Sparkly Soap
    Sparkly Soap 1 month ago

    I love this channel

  • Natalie Gray
    Natalie Gray 1 month ago

    um, even if you ziptie your luggage shut, the TSA will still open it.

  • Chloe Oaten
    Chloe Oaten 1 month ago

    How are these travel hacks?

  • Maddy Limee
    Maddy Limee 1 month ago

    Diaper plants for travel

  • Loren Forster
    Loren Forster 1 month ago

    The first hack doesn't even make sense

  • PurpleFlame
    PurpleFlame 1 month ago

    I put socks in my shoes, and who actually packed an umbrella in a suit case? I never done that. I don't even pack rain coats. Like buying goggles, which can be expensive you can buy those plastic rain coats if you really need to pack and umbrella or a rain coat.

  • PurpleFlame
    PurpleFlame 1 month ago

    When ever I lock my luggage I always think that someone can just cut it open......

  • wendy liang
    wendy liang 1 month ago

    oh thanks 4 this video i enjoy it so much and about the diapers its actually works
    THANK YOU i want more video about plants,pls?

  • Stephanie Yang
    Stephanie Yang 1 month ago

    How does the last one save my trip?...

  • Lydia Pérez
    Lydia Pérez 1 month ago

    memo to me 4:44

  • Nadeem Ahmad
    Nadeem Ahmad 1 month ago

    one of the girls in the hack in which a sunglass is made in to a holder the girl looked like veronica from the merrell twins

  • lirissa rangel
    lirissa rangel 1 month ago

    That $5 charger is a good ass way to get detained in an airport lol

  • Pankaj Chaturvedi
    Pankaj Chaturvedi 1 month ago

    waste. but had to subscribe because i am a youtube boomber

  • Earth To Ashlyn
    Earth To Ashlyn 2 months ago

    Theses are not travel hacks

  • Nina Meow
    Nina Meow 2 months ago

    the last one isn't a travel hack!!

  • Wen He
    Wen He 2 months ago

    useful enough fo my trip

  • yo yo
    yo yo 2 months ago

    its kinda sad how people need a cardboard box to fold jeans

  • Molly Turner
    Molly Turner 2 months ago

    i just bought the polymer crystals for a couple bucks in the garden section at mart instead of wasting a needed dipper. Lol but love the clothing folder. My kids actually fold their cloths. Even though that's the only thing i can get them to do. Lol.

  • Nishtha Guha
    Nishtha Guha 2 months ago

    Can you slow down in 2:01, because I just didn't get the trick

  • Marinette Dupain - Cheng

    4:39 is the best!

  • lord pikachu 9
    lord pikachu 9 2 months ago

    Have you ever left for a trip and your like crap did I lock the door next time you leave lock the door then do something weird. You will remember that moment

  • Shay Pandas
    Shay Pandas 2 months ago


  • andrew garfield
    andrew garfield 2 months ago

    You can definitely use an altoids tin box for the power bank.

  • Mira Philadelphia
    Mira Philadelphia 2 months ago

    really, there are amazing people. thank you 🌹❤

  • Syeda Bilgrami
    Syeda Bilgrami 2 months ago

    It was a sock origami!!!!! Congratzzz u have learnt sock origami!!!!!

  • Vichitra Kumar
    Vichitra Kumar 2 months ago

    Does plant part of our travelling.......f*ck offf..........

  • Vichitra Kumar
    Vichitra Kumar 2 months ago

    Is there something new........most of hacks r repeated......tired of seeing same things....try something new in every video........

  • Helen Chatz
    Helen Chatz 2 months ago

    can someone explain me how can the lip gloss hack be a travel hack ??

    ĶHÂŃ ÃŠHHÂĐ 2 months ago

    this life hacks is very useful for us

  • Nano_cats
    Nano_cats 2 months ago

    I disliked a I am happy about it. ; ) : )

  • DucksterKing
    DucksterKing 2 months ago

    Yeah like like we have cloth and a sewing machine laying around

  • Jordan Marley
    Jordan Marley 2 months ago

    the song sounds good on .75 speed

  • woody wood
    woody wood 2 months ago

    bottle of water over a cell phone? come on!!!

  • Veda Doe
    Veda Doe 2 months ago

    the laptop bag one is like "how to make the ugliest, most uncomfortable and impractical bag ever but like you can still make it tho"

  • Amanda Neuman
    Amanda Neuman 2 months ago

    Omg when the little girl did a dance because she finished folding her clothes was hilarious

  • Trix Gaming
    Trix Gaming 2 months ago

    what happen to you youtube? 4 views and 10 likes ???

  • Because of me
    Because of me 2 months ago

    this comment get Z
    Likes. I bet

  • foxtale
    foxtale 2 months ago

    ok............i quite like these hacks i NEED MORE

  • Jahanara Ong
    Jahanara Ong 2 months ago


  • Murtaza Mustafa
    Murtaza Mustafa 2 months ago


  • Smallsissy
    Smallsissy 2 months ago

    Girl yellow ain't yo color.

  • King Bamboo
    King Bamboo 2 months ago

    I can fold socks faster then that. that is
    just a waste of time.

    • King Bamboo
      King Bamboo 2 months ago

      I can fold socks faster then what it shows in the video. The way the video shows is a waste of time.

  • Katy Watson
    Katy Watson 2 months ago

    I better not make that sunglass box or whatever that is, and carry my own XDD

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