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Author Noa G ( ago)

Author The crazy Animals ( ago)
Five minutes crafts,I'm a adviser and I want to tell u somet I looked at the comments and people say that u keep doing the same things so I want to ask that are u running out of ideas?

Author #AK thebest ( ago)
how can diaper helping a plant be a traveling hack???

Author Jack Flemming ( ago)
wow this was so helpful, i've been cramming my umbrella in my suitcase all this time. whoda thought a coat is more travel friendly?!

Author Miracle 2925 ( ago)
Once I saw the sunglasses phone holder, I did that to watch the rest of the video.

Author CharDing ( ago)
You can buy a portable charger.

Author Ryan Fisher ( ago)
so you showed us 1000 ways to fold clothes and then threw it all out the fucking window and told us just to roll them up?

Author Annalise Holland ( ago)

Author cyres ( ago)
Shoutout Friday . leave a comment on my video for Shoutout cant wait to see you guys

Author Sparkly Soap ( ago)
I love this channel

Author Natalie Gray ( ago)
um, even if you ziptie your luggage shut, the TSA will still open it.

Author Chloe Oaten ( ago)
How are these travel hacks?

Author Maddy Limee ( ago)
Diaper plants for travel

Author Loren Forster ( ago)
The first hack doesn't even make sense

Author PurpleFlame ( ago)
I put socks in my shoes, and who actually packed an umbrella in a suit case? I never done that. I don't even pack rain coats. Like buying goggles, which can be expensive you can buy those plastic rain coats if you really need to pack and umbrella or a rain coat.

Author PurpleFlame ( ago)
When ever I lock my luggage I always think that someone can just cut it open......

Author wendy liang ( ago)
oh thanks 4 this video i enjoy it so much and about the diapers its actually works
THANK YOU i want more video about plants,pls?

Author Stephanie Yang ( ago)
How does the last one save my trip?...

Author Lydia Pérez ( ago)
memo to me 4:44

Author Nadeem Ahmad ( ago)
one of the girls in the hack in which a sunglass is made in to a holder the girl looked like veronica from the merrell twins

Author lirissa rangel ( ago)
That $5 charger is a good ass way to get detained in an airport lol

Author Pankaj Chaturvedi ( ago)
waste. but had to subscribe because i am a youtube boomber

Author Earth To Ashlyn ( ago)
Theses are not travel hacks

Author Nina Meow ( ago)
the last one isn't a travel hack!!

Author Wen He ( ago)
useful enough fo my trip

Author Mira Ruane ( ago)
its kinda sad how people need a cardboard box to fold jeans

Author Molly Turner ( ago)
i just bought the polymer crystals for a couple bucks in the garden section at mart instead of wasting a needed dipper. Lol but love the clothing folder. My kids actually fold their cloths. Even though that's the only thing i can get them to do. Lol.

Author Nishtha Guha ( ago)
Can you slow down in 2:01, because I just didn't get the trick

Author Nafisa Abrar Mohoshin ( ago)
4:39 is the best!

Author lord pikachu 9 ( ago)
Have you ever left for a trip and your like crap did I lock the door next time you leave lock the door then do something weird. You will remember that moment

Author Shay Pandas ( ago)

Author andrew garfield ( ago)
You can definitely use an altoids tin box for the power bank.

Author Mira Philadelphia ( ago)
really, there are amazing people. thank you 🌹❤

Author Syeda Bilgrami ( ago)
It was a sock origami!!!!! Congratzzz u have learnt sock origami!!!!!

Author Vichitra Kumar ( ago)
Does plant part of our travelling.......f*ck offf..........

Author Vichitra Kumar ( ago)
Is there something new........most of hacks r repeated......tired of seeing same things....try something new in every video........

Author Helen Chatz ( ago)
can someone explain me how can the lip gloss hack be a travel hack ??

Author ĶHÂŃ ÃŠHHÂĐ ( ago)
this life hacks is very useful for us

Author Madysan Luczak ( ago)
I disliked a I am happy about it. ; ) : )

Author DucksterKing ( ago)
Yeah like like we have cloth and a sewing machine laying around

Author Jordan Marley ( ago)
the song sounds good on .75 speed

Author woody wood ( ago)
bottle of water over a cell phone? come on!!!

Author Veda Doe ( ago)
the laptop bag one is like "how to make the ugliest, most uncomfortable and impractical bag ever but like you can still make it tho"

Author Amanda Neuman ( ago)
Omg when the little girl did a dance because she finished folding her clothes was hilarious

Author Trix Gaming ( ago)
what happen to you youtube? 4 views and 10 likes ???

Author Because of me ( ago)
this comment get Z
Likes. I bet

Author foxtale ( ago)
ok............i quite like these hacks i NEED MORE

Author Jahanara Ong ( ago)

Author Murtaza Mustafa ( ago)

Author Smallsissy ( ago)
Girl yellow ain't yo color.

Author Never Normal ( ago)
I subscribed because I really like your videos and the life hacks as well. :) :D :3

Author Dax draws ( ago)
I can fold socks faster then that. that is
just a waste of time.

Author Katy Watson ( ago)
I better not make that sunglass box or whatever that is, and carry my own XDD

Author Isa Ina ( ago)
"Rain coat instead of umbrella"
How about a telescopic umbrella?

Author Rozeena ( ago)
the portable charger can damaged your phone because it doesn't have icu

Author Jane Domingos ( ago)
i love the folding idea so nice and easy for kids and adults

Author Tom S ( ago)
This channel is just other people's videos

Author mistari khan ( ago)

Author Crafts Collection ( ago)
1:33 does it really charge in one second?

Author idea of my mind ( ago)
i love the cloth folding hack

Author Pastel Pink ( ago)
The kid's cardboard folding clothes hack, are they just copying 'Whatsupmom'

Author Aisha wasti ( ago)
I used a 7 up bottle and it made the coolest lamp ever

Author skill freaks ( ago)
The first 1923 people who will watch my latest video will get a bag of 14k dollars and a aventador in a lottery
Believe me it is true

Author Howard Ho ( ago)
The first one is USELESS

Author MoldyMacaroniX GD ( ago)
I am actually going on a trip tonight, Thanks!

Author cookieswirlc fan ( ago)
go people check out the channel my life it is starting this week it will be a pretty cool channel😎😎😘😘😍😘

Author ulllaaaklara ( ago)

Author Khanim Khalilova ( ago)
very useful hacks

Author Asak Asak ( ago)

Author Sameer Shah ( ago)
What's a Last-Minute Adventurist? Well, lets put it this way... I'll get up one morning and say....I want to go to Barcelona! I'll grab a couple of wrinkled shirts and jeans, stuff it in a backpack and I'd be on my way to the airport to catch a flight to Spain. I have tons of stories to share, but I think it would be better if YOU join me in my journeys, instead ;)

Author firoskhan ibrahim ( ago)
buy small things or buy a big bag :p

Author William Westwood ( ago)
That phone charger will get your frisked for dayssssss.

Author Wisdom Seeker ( ago)

Watch me travel to all 50 states on my channel! :D

Author Corner Raiser ( ago)
Am I the one who liked the video?

Author SkitBits ( ago)
Thanks so much I use them when I'm going to places and it helps thank!

Author Zetra edits ( ago)
Don't go on my channel

Author CatFish45 ( ago)
the diaper "guts" look like snow!😀⛄❄

Author meilanyastewart ( ago)
this is boring quit doing the same things over and over

Author Mel S ( ago)
I like the home-made sunglasses case and toiletry roll-up case.

Author Kaitlyn Nightflower ( ago)
I like the kid folding clothes one. now kids can pack their own suitcase.

Author gamer Girl ( ago)
Honestly the clothes thing is dumb it was in reverse we aren't freaking retarded

Author Vyolet Infinite ( ago)
The Towel-Holder Thing (4:39) You Can use The Loop At The End Of The Towel To Hang It Up?

Author PandaGamer 86 ( ago)
The hacks are just random hacks, not actually to do with a trip

Author Sandra Sanchez ( ago)
0:08 how can you take it off

Author Dávid Horváth ( ago)
but if you put a Ziploc on your bag how are you going to get it of 🎒😯😃😓😦😧😨

Author flyhigh A ( ago)
Too many hacks cramped into one vid. It would be better if you made shorter vids, like five mins long!

Author Deanna Grant ( ago)
have a blessed day of school and college and a third

Author mikala larsen ( ago)
I'm so tired of wanting to see new things but you always show the same hacks and only a few different ones...rather make a shorter video with new things all the time than constantly making 10-15 minutes videos long that just repeat what you showed before :/

Author Saf biscuitz ( ago)
who folds socks?

Author a-literal-birb ( ago)
how did i get here

Author IMcRoni ( ago)
6:14 yeah and then after combing your hair it will have a nice sweated feet odor (sry if i typed wrong ._.)

Author Riya Hussain ( ago)
I've seen most of these hacks in another video of yours...

Author katemarie6 ( ago)
how the fuck are these travel hacks

Author LionSrbijaSI ( ago)
im got iphone 4

Author Shaba Udin ( ago)

Author It's_So_Artsy 10 ( ago)
2:48 to 3:08
Yeah that'll be super easy to do on a trip or airplane

Author Earth The Humans Hone ( ago)

Author Ya Like Jazz? ( ago)
Because taking a handmade battery powered charger through security won't look suspicious at all

Author Marina Aizpurua ( ago)

Author Aemen Ahmed ( ago)

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