How to Reverse-Sear a Steak

Reverse-sear with bonus butter baste. This video was made in response to the Reddit AMA question: what's your favorite way to cook a steak?

Watch in fabulous 4K for maximum steak!

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Author Kosie Oma ( ago)
The original salt bae. c:

Author Ken Hunter ( ago)
what kind of beer is that

Author Graham Sutherland ( ago)
This looked so phenomenal that I had to give it a go. It came out a perfect medium rare. Made a peppercorn and mushroom steak sauce to go with it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.

Author wvman2374 ( ago)
excellent. Have you tried resting the steak in buerre monte? it rests better as it traps the juices in the steak and as its liquid it transfers the heat off the steak faster. and of course more butter...

Author Robert Guinn ( ago)
I like to put an upside down bowl on plate. then, rest the steak on the bowl, covered in foil. the juices can then be collect to top mashed/ baked potatoes.

Author Nashii S ( ago)
should've done a salt bae meme

Author Little Crow ( ago)
Dude, Delirium Tremens? You're a wonderful guy and the type of person I could definitely be Bros with.

Keep up with the fantastic videos.

What's your favourite beer? What are your favourite beer based dishes?

Author m3th ( ago)
small man or big steak?

Author Matthew Edwards ( ago)
I need the outside to be black and sound like I'm sawing wood when I cut into it lol

Author Mayer Yedid ( ago)
What type of lard did you use? It sounds to me that you said "leaf lard" but either I misheard or am just not familiar with this type of lard.

Author troy spartan ( ago)
know THATS. food i would like to fork!

Author Onlineshrekjr ( ago)
production value is great, i like your videos. but after having watched each of your recipe videos i think the music is extremely annoying and repetitive. it gives the video a stressful tone. please use more passive background music. i honestly can't see myself continue watching your videos with this music even though everything else is so good. the music really sets me off and i cant imagine that i'm the only one.

Author Coffice ( ago)
Been perfecting my steak technique for almost a decade now. Currently using rosemary instead of thyme for the freshness aspect and dilution of the charring you can get from a pan-sear, crushed garlic like you do and basting as per the norm. I season with less salt and pepper however. I think this reverse-sear method is quite the take on perfect steaks, so much so that I think it's worth a shot. 10 years on and I still learn something new. Thanks!

Author Brian Russ ( ago)
Needs finishing salt sprinkled erotically from height

Author 20Capslock ( ago)
nigga smashed that whole stake

Author Michael Jones ( ago)
Why do you wear the gloves? Also what kind are they? I'd imagine the odour of standard nitrile gloves could ruin any nice dish.

Author Todd Medium Wellington ( ago)
if you are eating a steak above medium. You are eating it wrong, just get your self a hamburger.

Author Glue Lantigua ( ago)
Bravo! Love your content, the hand acting is pretty entertaining as well.

Author daniel nunez ( ago)
you're arteries are going to close up
so much fucking butter

Author wiadroman ( ago)
The product placement is a bit annoying tbh. Even the chopping board?

Author firelizard2 ( ago)
I'm about halfway through the playlist of your videos. The dread of coming to the end is coming in, even though it should be okay because bedtime was 3 hours ago. But.
I need to know. How TF do you keep your wooden ish so clean? I love my bamboo cutting boards but hate actually using them, the guilt is unbearable.

Author JuppyProductions ( ago)
Would this taste OK with A1 sauce?

Author Sahil Khan ( ago)
My favourite cooking channel <3

Author Fredric Melchersson ( ago)
good quality videos, you got a new sub here

Author Andrew Calderwood ( ago)
I was just waiting for you to sprinkle salt at the end

Author El Pingu ( ago)
What beer was that

Author Adam Beck ( ago)
Here's a question, what is your favorite hot sauce / meal involving hot sauce? Mine is Baron's Mustard-based St. Lucian Hot Sauce, which goes great on basically anything.

Author NewMan ( ago)
All these guy does is record himself making him food. Fucking Genius.

Author Jason Semmler ( ago)
I've seen a few videos disputing the idea of "resting" the meat after it comes off the heat.... what are your thoughts? Have you ever tested the theory? I've never seen a difference either way. Every time I let the meat rest, I end up with a plate full of juice and a slightly warm piece of meat. I don't think I buy the concept.

Author Mark-Angelo Famularcano ( ago)
Thank goodness you're not into that sous vide fad.

Author Ace Player ( ago)
You had me at "butter blanket"

Author Rob ( ago)
Hey man, love your videos. Was just wondering: how do you avoid your cutting block absorbing liquid? I noticed all the steak juices on there and was wondering if it is sealed or something?

Author Tyler Kinne ( ago)
I'm about 20 videos in so far... I can't stop.... I won't stop...

Author Slick ( ago)
AAYYY 1 year

Author staven512 ( ago)
That's a dangerous way to hone a knife.

Author Matthew McNamara ( ago)
Your videos are great! Thank you.

Author Adrian Duarte ( ago)
I made this for my dad's birthday today! It was the best!

Author Pet-Purple- Panda ( ago)
Any video that begins with "Crop-dusting genius ask,"

Author ladsrus ( ago)
How do you not have more subscribers?!?!?! These videos are AWESOME!

Author Hicham Kerkour ( ago)
This channel has rekindled the passion in my relationship. Thanks Mr. Rea.

Author Headhopper19 ( ago)
something happened to my body when I heard "Butter Blanket". Thank you for that.

Author OakMonster ( ago)
Just used this method to make a smaller ribeye. Perfection!

Author David Min ( ago)
Your commentary is the best I've seen for cooking

Author Henry Jones ( ago)
delirium! I salute you from Belgium

Author Thomas Maxey ( ago)
I have a 2 inch , 20 ounce dry-aged ribeye and I am going to do exactly what you told me to do in the video. I have never reverse seared a steak before, so if it is amazing I will yank a wet one tonight in your honor.

Author Jere Savolainen ( ago)
What is wrong with me? This turns me on.

Author Bozzie ( ago)
Question: Are these degrees in Fº or Cº?

Author Pepe ( ago)

Author Colin A ( ago)
That crackling sound that your thyme makes when it hits the hot butter is one of my favourite sounds in the culinary world.

Author Internet Depression ( ago)
He says cut the steak however you want, just remember cut against the grain.

Author Vince Ho ( ago)
You channel is probably the best cooking channel I've seen in a long time!

Author TauroN753 ( ago)
ok I mean holy crap. I was linked the IASIP episode by a friend cause I'm a huge fan, and I've been binging all your videos ever since. Top notch, both camerawork, narration, presentation and rate of which my dick is getting hard from watching you sear that beast. Subbed. I'll rate this a 99/10 exceeding all expectations of any food video ever watched by anyone.

Author aKa Rush x ( ago)
I'm curious how expensive a cut of beef like this would cost.

Author Paul Billy ( ago)
hey! that's my favorite beer

Author Andy Stack ( ago)
The sou vide method also is fantastic

Author The Hoxton Special Kitesurfing School ( ago)
Love the fact that you finished with a bottle of delerium tremens!!!

Author Seth Junion ( ago)
what is your favorite smoothie?

Author Hicham Kerkour ( ago)
You sure like your trappist beers.

Author mitsv rokovh ( ago)
That boos block... so hot right now

Author Mike ( ago)
What cast iron skillets does he use?

Author Anthony Perez ( ago)
great brew

Author guomaster ( ago)

Author threnx ( ago)
Where's the A1 sauce to finish? 2/10

Author Albus Dougldore ( ago)
25 ignorant people... This looks amazing definitely going to give this a go.

Author Horace Lafleur ( ago)
Question. I would have thought the butter would have burnt in the cast iron, with how hot it was. What am I missing?

Author Matthew Portman ( ago)
I'm a vegetarian and this made me want to cook a steak.

Author freetheoranges ( ago)
Your voice sounds like Andrew from Buzzfeeds "Worth It" series. Now to dig the cast iron out of camping supplies...

Author Fishing Chen ( ago)
i've watched so many videos about steak, but i've never enjoyed watching one like this! very entertaining, and great quality as a video!

Author Brian Chang ( ago)
delirium tremenssss, my man!

Author sltho ( ago)
man if you sprinked salt from eye level with great finesse, you could've been the salt guy!!

Author LovelyLadyBumps1974 ( ago)
This video is my definition of food porn. So hot. (Literally and figuratively).

Author a m ( ago)
dig your voice... and, of course your food. nice bit of wit, as well.

Author anonymous anonymous ( ago)
Really hard to bear over the god damn music

Author David de Roode ( ago)
Good choice of beer! Delirium Tremens!

Author MattHighHill ( ago)
Pretty random, but how tall is your pepper grinder? I wanted to get my dad and myself a grinder that size

Author Sergio Torres ( ago)
Does a cast iron make a huge difference? Would a non-stick pan be just as good?

Author Tom Rees-Davies ( ago)
Great choice on beer!

Author BenjiTimbers ( ago)
Tasty ripped the fuck off this video, yours is way better though.

Author TothBrush ( ago)
I made a Reverse seared steak and Pasta Agioli e Olio for dinner tonight after watching your videos

the pasta was underwhelming, but the steak was the best I've ever had.
I plan on making another steak just like it tomorrow.

Author Lil Jesus ( ago)
Fresh as fuck dude

Author Keeenooo ( ago)
Oh my..! This looks so good! Never stop making these videos! So awesome all of them, saved this one for last..

Author ace886 ( ago)
butter is the secret, always <3

Author Nik Nak ( ago)
holy shit dude that looks dope. i love my steaks blue but this looks amazing. any tips on how to cook the perfect blue steak? and what cut is the best?

Author LackingCommonSense ( ago)
Delerium Tremens! Oooohh I'm proper jealous. That's an awesome beer and an even more awesome piece of beef

Author jose carlos vl ( ago)
more instructions!!!

Author Francisco Leyva ( ago)
Salt half hour before?? Nah, doggie. That's essentially as good as salting right before you throw it on. Salt 1-2 days ahead of time, or at least an hour before. Half an hour isn't enough time to achieve what you're going for. Since i'm already being a nit-picky asshole, FFS get a bigger spoon when you baste. Kunz makes exemplary professional grade spoons. Also, TF you doing with that lonely ass sprig in there, throw a few them bitches in. Wont hurt nothin'. Covering it is not necessary when resting, flipping it half way through the rest will be mas doper. else can I be a dick. Drink a better beer. Idk, keep making pretty videos, peace.

--Grumpy Line Cook.

Author lefu ( ago)
I'm trying this now but without an oven grate will this fuck up?

Author SUPER ALPHA ( ago)
Adding salt does not keep moisture in. It dries it out which is good...

Author kenneth webber ( ago)
Just made this following your instructions. It was life changing. Thank you

Author EchoSixMike ( ago)
Very interesting concept, will try soon. Great video, well done(yes, puns are evil).

Author VPoki ( ago)
"Step away" oddly reminiscent of Alton Brown lol. Respect.

Author Sly Sausage ( ago)
Stella choice of brew. That Delirium Tremens is top notch.

Author Don Ammar ( ago)
The DT's with a piece of dead animal is exactly what the physical manifestation of love is.

Author Lizard Dude ( ago)
That's perfect.
Just don't sharp your knife towards your hand... do the motion away from your hands, so, you know, you don't chop them off by accident.

Author Zak White ( ago)
I can't overstate how important putting steaks in the oven first before cooking them is. It's the best weapon against ugly an grey bands and chewy steak.

Author Alec Goodrich ( ago)
hey dude! love your videos. If i wanted a more rare reverse sear, should i roast it for less time or at a lower temp? thanks !

Author Jay Cass ( ago)

Author El Jefe ( ago)
good lord seeing that knife run through the meat like butter can someone pinch me

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