The Eureka (Wit's End) Disentanglement Puzzle

The Wit's End Puzzle is a wonderful, classic disentanglement puzzle. Link to puzzle:
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I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB:

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Author Triponacid1123 ( ago)
"Now I've taken mine and broken it"

Author Mr. spatula ( ago)
instructions unclear head stuck on my sholders

Author Madjdogs David ( ago)
Boomhower…king of the hill

Author CiCi Demers ( ago)
He sounds like sheldon xD

Author Jessica Johnson ( ago)
I'm still confused

Author Jan Kadry ( ago)
give me a scissor and 3 sec this ring will be out 😂😂

Author Jackie Gajjar ( ago)

Author mr ficklez ( ago)
1:13 that's cheating lol 😂

Author Your Moms Hitachi ( ago)
This shit mindfucks me so hard I

Author Corrupted Melon ( ago)
Liked the video, but why put an intro animation at 1:34? Almost a third of the video is already done at that point lol

Author Hoshi Stan c: ( ago)
Why'd I think of Zico and Zion.T?

Author UnderWaterFilms ( ago)
This makes my head hurt.

Author Jenith Jinxy ( ago)

all I can do is geometry dash lol

Author Indigo Vieten ( ago)
i did this one on my own I'm so proud

Author Potato Died Because of Sasha ( ago)

Author Robert Bazalik ( ago)
Is somehow possible to move out these four shapes out of this Eureka ?

Author Mario Super ( ago)
very good

Author Leah McCool ( ago)
FLEB I am proud that I actually figured this one out in my head 30 seconds in! I enjoy watching your videos and look forward to seeing more! P.S. Would love to see you open an Etsy-type store selling puzzles from makers or yourself.

Author Henry Soults ( ago)
What the fuck kind of name is Fleb?

Cool video though.

Author UNRATEDGfx ( ago)
I can't help but feel like this could be Justin Roiland doing a character called FLEB...

Author Katherine Holyfield ( ago)
i like to get really high and watch you solve puzzles

Author Idlehampster ( ago)
I don't suppose this puzzle is available in some other form that doesn't involve $17 shipping to the US? Also, just finished playing RYB on Steam. I really enjoyed it. My biggest complaint would be the lack of written rules for the puzzles that unlock after you finish the heart puzzle.

Author Umbreon Moon ( ago)
This was easy to figure out

Author Chiko Kishi ( ago)
Im not really interested in puzzles at all... but you kept me interested for the entire video. Superb job.

Author Zod Meowzers III ( ago)
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Author umarmars47 ( ago)

Author Sebastian Stile ( ago)
I don't know why, but for some reason, you're content has recently really peaked my interest. I'm not really a puzzle kind of guy but your channel is just interesting!

Author Mac Himes ( ago)
"Dang ol disc man get caught in rings ol balls bigger than slit, man" -boomhower

Author STOPCHEMTRAILS Fred ( ago)
Amazing puzzle! Waiting your ebook about puzzle techniques ;)

Author Satisek ( ago)
Is it going to be solvable with more than one loop?

Author Hot Dog Gaming ( ago)
Yea boiiiii

Author Dj ( ago)
I've been needing some magic resist

Author greekgodlamb ( ago)
I so fucking love your accent.

Author Lyoblaze ( ago)

jk love your vids

Author Dx Faa ( ago)
I absolutely love puzzles

Author Dark Knight18 ( ago)
one of the easiest puzzles going..

Author notion1 ( ago)
good work bitch

Author My channel ( ago)
wooow. see, this is why i don't do these kind of puzzles because i'd be spending days trying to figure it out 😂😂

Author David Michmerhuizen ( ago)
protip: keep your car key installed on the gold ring to prevent drunk driving

Author Ed YT ( ago)
Cool but I figured it out in my head as you were going

Author baltazar garcia ( ago)

Author Blake Foy ( ago)
You know you should be in bed when you start watching random ass videos like these lol (its 3:36 am right now)

Author Jounny B ( ago)
0:46 hmm seems familiar 😕

Author 3131 1414 ( ago)

Author putapetez yhapetzz ( ago)
instruction not clear, the wood stuck in my ass and it feels good.

Author swagmytwang ( ago)
anybody else have a boner right now?

Author Simone VC ( ago)
You're a fucking nerd. And I love it

Author SynetricalPlayz ( ago)
Subbed since 25k

Author Meme God ( ago)
You sound like Jeff kaplan

Author Mike Conlon ( ago)
Your voice and commentary make me wanna die

Author Peter Cipriano ( ago)

Author Trendyknox Gaming ( ago)
Never thought I would see a puzzle channel on YouTube

Author jade slayer ( ago)
Who was the Guy who thought it would make us smarter by adding a loop because all it did was made me mad and want me to break the thing into tiny pieces😡😤😡😤😡😤

Author jackson jordon ( ago)
time for a rubix cube break down

Author C-Los ( ago)

Author Holden King ( ago)
You are really cool fleb, I think what you do is really hard and i respect you for what you do

Author Calvin Weinstock ( ago)
My grandma has had this since I was born

Author Atomic Robo Tesla ( ago)
This puzzle stamped me for a while a few years back, but as the puzzle wasn't mine (it was a teacher's) I usually had about an hour or so before I had to give it back to him. I loved figuring out the answer though and I kept practicing with it to get the technique consistent (which was rather fun on its own right)

Author Matt Peacock ( ago)
why did I watch this stupid shit

Author Jack Daniels ( ago)
My nigga fleb straight ballin

Author Satchel Blavatsky ( ago)
great channel!

Author Validus ( ago)
TBH, you kinda cheated tho. the objective is to do the puzzle with the loop, not to analyze it after breaking it apart.

Author Fuentes ( ago)
idk how i solved that puzzle in my head

Author anewdimnsion ( ago)

Author Screee ( ago)

Author grassa Longe ( ago)

Author George Feb ( ago)
The best way to disintangle it, is by a good, old hammer! 😀

Author Vatsyayana ( ago)
Like your content but really dislike your channel name, simply makes me want to find something else.

Author Alex Oprel ( ago)
boomhower 😂 king of the hill anyone?

Author james Twyman ( ago)
Definitely autistic

Author Cade Johns ( ago)
I figured this out on my own a long time ago

Author Dan Stark ( ago)
I just happened across this. I have never seen either of these puzzles. When you explained the first one, sliding the ring thru the hole, it made my brain tingle. Very cool video.

Author Cole Kern ( ago)
Wow, you upped your production on this one. It flowed together so well! One thing that stood out to me was your use of "let's get started" instead of "after the spoiler break". It feels much more natural!

Author sfoj50 ( ago)
So that where the term "I'm at my wit's end" comes from. Mind blown!!

Author Raúl Valle ( ago)
2:20 Mind=Blown

Author Alvin Leung ( ago)
You explain it perfectly!

Author MAR1LYN MAN5ON ( ago)
fuck me Senpai FLEB

Author Ergo ( ago)
Took me 10 years to figure it out

Author Dayfsb 48 ( ago)
Your videos have improved so much in just a few months it's great haha

Author Nick D ( ago)

Author Daniel Blue ( ago)
FLEB's signature quote...
"...but doing so is very tricky."

Author Wyatt Humphreys ( ago)
Intro is dope

Author snipervision1 ( ago)

Author John Smith ( ago)
Ohh the second version is really hard.

Author Misaki Tobisawa ( ago)
my name isch sfleb

Author BL1400 ( ago)
Where can you buy one of these?

Author iHeisenburger ( ago)
i really enjoyed this channel

Author Mubashir Nathani ( ago)
Hey FLEB! I know u are master of puzzles! Can u solve a very hard puzzle which u have never solved. Solve it for the first time and post it on youtube, even if it is longer than 10 mins. I really want to see how fast ur mind works and what is ur thinking process.
It wud be like MASTER VS. HARD PUZZLE :D
U cud even do a live stream! Announce the date and time before so we can tune in to watch it!

Author One Frame Jab ( ago)
anyone else think this puzzle looks delicious?

Author Super Hans ( ago)
These things cause more stress for me. Little fuckers.

Author Aleksey Karpenko ( ago)
knight scoop already did it

Author Rajindra Bandara ( ago)
It help me to correct my wheel alignment my self which I experience longtime problem even after it corrected from experts(name sakers) Thank You

Author Felix T-Rex ( ago)
I like how you say the word 'puzzle'

Author Games and Bacon ( ago)
i do like puzzle content ! and thus have subscribed :) short, sweet and interesting. thanks !

Author TheEgg185 ( ago)
I wish I could have had a chance to figure this out myself, but I couldn't wait to buy/make it, so I had to find out the answer now. I wish there was a way I could unlearn the solution while retaining my satisfaction of watching the video.

Author Hanniffy Dinn ( ago)
These puzzles seem stupidly easy when you know how..

Author clasherultimate1603 ( ago)
Its good you dropped the 'after the short video' thing. Good content as always

Author pinky1933 ( ago)
Just watching the steps and not knowing that before trying, I already know I'd give up 15 min later after saying every swear word I know with emphasis on "how the fu#k...?"

Author J. Miguel Pascua ( ago)
Amazing as always!

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