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    SWASS FPV 12 hours ago

    Great footage of giant ✈️

  • Wind of Freedom
    Wind of Freedom 13 hours ago

    Freakin' retractable wheels / landing gear on a model ... UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Ade Austache
    Ade Austache 16 hours ago

    Shit white people do

  • Swaggy Subscriber
    Swaggy Subscriber 17 hours ago

    I want to buy one so I could put GoPros on it. Go to Alaska and fly to Russia while streaming or recording the expericence

  • Gesú Di Nazareth

    Chi é qui per infinito?

  • Harut
    Harut 1 day ago


    can I ride it?

  • Anshuman Sindhwani
    Anshuman Sindhwani 4 days ago

    How much does this things costs?

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green 5 days ago

    duuuude, make it crash, that would be way cool to see

  • James Maran
    James Maran 6 days ago

    Beautiful take off and landing 👍👍👍

  • Destiny Gamer
    Destiny Gamer 6 days ago

    Where can i buy one of these things?🤔

  • Roblox GPS
    Roblox GPS 6 days ago

    it looks like a real airplane from a far distance

  • john elton
    john elton 6 days ago

    what would this cost? how fast does it go? weight? electric? gas? where was this video taken?

  • NerdyFace
    NerdyFace 7 days ago

    I could just imagine myself putting my action figures or lego's inside that plane.

  • Baby Grandma
    Baby Grandma 7 days ago

    You should crash it into the pentagon

  • Chevy Smalls
    Chevy Smalls 7 days ago

    wow that's awesome!

  • Green Dot
    Green Dot 9 days ago

    what's this new youtube shit where ads cover the last 15 seconds of the video? The most retarded shit I've ever seen.

  • Mohammad Junaid Ghauri

    so cool

  • American Soldier
    American Soldier 10 days ago

    All we need is some kid to hang on

  • pokemon master
    pokemon master 10 days ago

    what is the cost of it

  • Ziyami Pettersson
    Ziyami Pettersson 11 days ago


  • jill saraza
    jill saraza 12 days ago

    can you do a plane stunt on the next rc plane video

  • ltsMish
    ltsMish 13 days ago


  • Tanatat paisan
    Tanatat paisan 14 days ago

    ep 3อยากให้มาไวๆ

  • Šimon Brouzda
    Šimon Brouzda 14 days ago

    Where can I get plans on this aircraft?

  • watch my videos lol
    watch my videos lol 15 days ago

    if i have that thing i will put any things

  • Daniel Mcgrath
    Daniel Mcgrath 15 days ago

    Too big,takes the fun factor out for me.

  • Michael Rooney
    Michael Rooney 16 days ago

    Does that plane scap ran flip perperflepers or is it all in the whully pit flip top? i can never always tell.

    DISCO-INFERNO-70 16 days ago


  • Jam
    Jam 17 days ago

    So satisfying

  • real talk
    real talk 17 days ago

    Wow, I want one.

  • Trucker Trev
    Trucker Trev 17 days ago

    That was impressive.

  • [TheJedi]LetsImprove_

    any bigger and you might as well have a real boeing 747

  • Tiny Hippo
    Tiny Hippo 18 days ago

    Better customer service than united.

  • Faizan Haqqi
    Faizan Haqqi 20 days ago

    can I buy this?

  • René Nieuwenhuis
    René Nieuwenhuis 21 day ago

    Do some stuff 😉

  • Miriam Mwaim
    Miriam Mwaim 25 days ago

    it sounds like the real plane

  • Wendy Lee Bright
    Wendy Lee Bright 25 days ago

    I love the video,

  • Abhay Gupta
    Abhay Gupta 25 days ago

    nice you

    DA BEST GAMER 26 days ago

    Go inverted

  • Mohammad Qasim
    Mohammad Qasim 26 days ago

    perfect take off and landing

  • C A L E B V E E
    C A L E B V E E 26 days ago

    Fly a drone along side for scenic shots.

  • Cringy GameZ
    Cringy GameZ 26 days ago

    I can fit in xD

  • Anum Athar
    Anum Athar 27 days ago

    I thought it would need a runway for takeoff and landing. But this plane is just awesome 😂

  • normie twice removed

    At times you wouldn't know if it isn't a real plane.

  • Raheem Tahir
    Raheem Tahir 29 days ago

    That looks amazing

  • 1 month ago

    Really impressive and great video as always thanks. Do you know if we can find more information on this plane on a website ? Thanks

  • vialon classic
    vialon classic 1 month ago

    I was very beautiful and I love jet passenger plane'm just not ready to bought or created more tips if you say you made descriptions and prices

    ADIT THAPA 1 month ago


  • bernard richardo
    bernard richardo 1 month ago

    Where did you buy dis rc plane?in batam,,,,,or another city?

    DR AMJAD ALI 1 month ago

    This price?????

  • mikeymarmalade
    mikeymarmalade 1 month ago

    Very good aircraft and flying.

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 1 month ago

    This is not golf...please improve ur clapping..thank you for ur cooperation

  • Villo. RÁvila
    Villo. RÁvila 1 month ago

    virgin also has a big ass boat that looks like a spaceship at Newport Beach

  • Robert Gantry
    Robert Gantry 1 month ago

    Man. That's a beautiful airplane.

  • Darrell Ash
    Darrell Ash 1 month ago

    Nice plane. Try using some rudder to stop the yaw rolling into and out of turns.

  • Vasu C
    Vasu C 1 month ago

    superb... but all that mattered was a perfect landing.... and coming back to the owner safely :)

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 1 month ago

    its a normal sized plane surrounded by giants

  • Disgusted
    Disgusted 1 month ago

    How much does that 747 cost?

  • DinoAlec66
    DinoAlec66 1 month ago

    Now that just looks real

    NU VLOGS 1 month ago

    make a rc trade tower and try to get it to collapse

  • Anita Sathe
    Anita Sathe 1 month ago


  • Luca Moltedo
    Luca Moltedo 1 month ago

    what excuse can cost an aircraft of this size? As it can weigh very nice anyway

  • Seth Rogen
    Seth Rogen 1 month ago

    can a human fit inside is someone in that

  • Loatoppo !
    Loatoppo ! 1 month ago

    Isn't the biggest one the QF-16? It's an airplane and it's remote controlled.

  • Aayu Pyakuryal
    Aayu Pyakuryal 1 month ago

    The plane remind that it was a plate lol

  • Eli Cohen
    Eli Cohen 1 month ago


  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 1 month ago

    damn....i want one

  • Daz Stewart
    Daz Stewart 1 month ago

    who else is off to the hobby store to pick one up😀

  • Sofia Loves Nature
    Sofia Loves Nature 1 month ago


  • J.Force Gaming
    J.Force Gaming 1 month ago

    Insert United airlines meme here:

  • Man Man
    Man Man 1 month ago

    Now I Know How They Film The Criminal Minds Episodes.

  • Man Man
    Man Man 1 month ago

    That's so cute. It looks real from high above.

  • ablazedark
    ablazedark 1 month ago

    3:26 toga.

  • Lead The Fallen
    Lead The Fallen 1 month ago

    Actually the biggest RC plane is an actual Boeing 747 that is remote controlled

  • Lab Insight
    Lab Insight 1 month ago

    A real airshow is much more exciting.

  • Gandor The Magnificent


  • hadders 1
    hadders 1 1 month ago

    Branson himself would be proud

  • MegaShanes1
    MegaShanes1 1 month ago

    Well done and looks good with the clouds in the back ground.

  • Maxim Klimchenko
    Maxim Klimchenko 1 month ago


  • GreenDog1233341
    GreenDog1233341 1 month ago

    now build a mini tower and crash the plane into it

  • Peter Schiotis
    Peter Schiotis 1 month ago

    just like the ones that hit the twin towers

  • Chloe Mann
    Chloe Mann 1 month ago

    that would hurt if you got hit buy it😅

  • Никита Уткин

    better porno

  • Aditya Katakdhond
    Aditya Katakdhond 1 month ago

    Why do you clap every time the plane passes by

  • James Stinnette
    James Stinnette 1 month ago

    Did anyone have to get pulled off if this flight by the police?

  • Dennis Gonzalez
    Dennis Gonzalez 1 month ago

    I CAN HAS?

  • Awsomeflamebornhero Gangster

    It's like an airplane but a toy

  • Josiah Fam
    Josiah Fam 1 month ago

    The all new budget airline for kids xD

  • LegitBritish
    LegitBritish 1 month ago

    Pretty sure drones are the biggest RC planes in the world.

  • India First News
    India First News 1 month ago

    wow looks great

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 1 month ago

    (•_•) ..
    ∫\ \___( •_•)
    _∫∫ _∫∫ɯ \ \

    The fuck are you looking at?
    Keep scrolling down fool!

  • Mohamedbot0
    Mohamedbot0 1 month ago

    can i ride it and fly away lol

  • Raz Haider
    Raz Haider 1 month ago

    Imagine landing this toy plane on proper run way in heathrow ;)

  • iluminati
    iluminati 1 month ago

    good are no

  • Flies2FLL
    Flies2FLL 1 month ago

    "Stand Off scale"....

    I bet that in the 5 minutes that plane was flying it went through 64 ounces of fuel, or about 1/2 gallon. That works out to about 6 gallons per hour.

    A full sized Cessna 172 or Piper Warrior goes through about 8 gallons per hour....

  • Merle Dixon
    Merle Dixon 1 month ago


  • Luca Toth
    Luca Toth 1 month ago

    It looked like a real plane

  • thanh thanh
    thanh thanh 1 month ago


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