Sexy Caribbean Trini girls of Carnival 2008 Port of Spain

Carnival Monday and Tuesday action!

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Author Bede Rovedas ( ago)
Yes man,could not say it any better,I love it when it wet,heh,heh. We do
really have sexy girls inna

Author Tex Archulatte ( ago)
Yeah I know right because it is all pink in the middle where it counts

Author The Rift Guard ( ago)
what that song at the start ?

Author eromeel ( ago)
@belchman9006 you're country has a lot of race issue for non-white-rule

Author JB selva (271 year ago)
seu carnaval é muito semelhante ao do brasil...belas mulheres...

Author jms2447 ( ago)
hey im trinidadian bt im filipino dominican indian nd black so trinidad is
nt a race its a culture

Author Matthew Patrick ( ago)
@mddarch haha LOL obviously u were looking in the wrong place

Author DeliciaTrini ( ago)
@xxxxjojoxxxx09 WAH? Steupsssssssssssssssssssss! Stay in Australia!

Author DeliciaTrini ( ago)
@stevenzsofly That's very true. One of my cousins is black mixed with
chiney and the other black mixed with venezuelan and de bot a dem is dark
black and gorgeous girls! I iz a brown skin.

Author islandgirl3330 ( ago)
@belchman9006 where on earth are you from? Ebony girls. That is surely not
a Trinidadian term. She is black. That is the term we use for people of her
complextion. If you want to be more specific dark brown.

Author islandgirl3330 ( ago)
@touggie2000 There was always a mixed population there. Check the history.
You must be very young.

Author EllehcimDimmaLos ( ago)
@windada on average it costs between $400(cheap) - $700 US Dollars per
costume and upwards of $1500 US Dollars depending on the 'role' you play.
King and Queen costumes are WAY WAY more, they are more like the head-
however its not necessarily open for options/someone opting to purchase....
they are well chosen for the purpose.

Author PAKposse ( ago)
@belchman9006 so u like me bro, swimming in wimmen coz iman love da
melanine, and while da rest r chasing light, bright, damn near white, I
drowning in true blessed sistas (black and indian), I swear my beard is
permanently glazed

Author Prince Taharqa ( ago)
The people that being racist will never get women like this. In saying that
I need to get one of these chicks pregnant

Author musicpoke ( ago)
Cant listen to this song without dancing. *naughty grinding* much love all
Trini people from Nigeria!

Author Elenibaby27 ( ago)
Shit this race issue is in almost all the caribean videos man am Dominican
lived in St. Thomas most of ma life and know some sexy ass Trinis but this
racism shit amongst each othe (caribean islands needs to get squashed) We
are all one although society tries to separate people into class ethnicity
and shit....

Author Andy Mann ( ago)
@ramfire77 They may have but they dont have much work in them !

Author DerianGaming ( ago)
@erickxson hell yea :D

Author Kranium forbes ( ago)
@ramfire77 all yuh why you guys liek to forget TOBAGO!

Author erickxson ( ago)
we have the sexiest girls in bikinis in the world We invented some of the
hottest music in the planet Reggae Salsa Merengue Calipso Soca Reggaeton
Dancehall just by been cool and relax we are so much fun we have no time to
waste thinking about color and racist bullshit

Author erickxson ( ago)
Man what´s up with all this racism who cares about color Black White Red
Blue Yellow who the hell cares! Caribbean people are mixed to the ( Z )
Dominicans Puerto Ricans Jamaicans Cubans Trinis Arubians man we are
beautiful fun sexy HOT and totally cool

Author Razvanul ( ago)
i have stamps from cuba,nice country.look at my profle to watch them

Author Shenelle Blake ( ago)
Of course the carnival is fun.... We know how to party ....

Author Kester Pedro ( ago)
there are two kinda people in this world, TRINIS, and those who wish they
were TRINIS!!!

Author cocoatreeprincess ( ago)
this carnival looks fun as hell!

Author Khemistry101 ( ago)
Great pics...but I hate that wavey special effect!

Author Anna Sk ( ago)
@xxxxjojoxxxx09 yee rite. trini girls dooo.

Author matty01231 ( ago)
what is the song ??

Author materialgirl110 ( ago)

Author Dan McGee ( ago)
A pictorial is fine but to make the pics wavy is lame in my opinion. The
pics are fine without the wavy effect.

Author Alex Carter ( ago)
@xxxxjojoxxxx09 what trini gyals you lookin at? cause all the gyals in mi
family have bumpah fah days.

Author Jamie LY ( ago)
@belchman9006 YOU have no fckin IDEA what the HELL you are talking about
about lol I'm laughin at ur comment. Have u been to Trinidad?? Cuz clearly
your NOT from Trinidad LOL One, WHO the Fck says EBONY??? Her Name is Wendy
Fitzwilliam. AND in 'Limin' is a Trinidad & Tobago term broda man, WE ALL
'LIME!' hoss!!! lol PLEASE get ya facts straight dahlin!

Author keslon29 ( ago)
if u noticed Trinidad & Tobago was a spanish colony in 1803 where
Christopher Colombus who discovered this island.

Author iowastate ( ago)
Trin and St Maartens are awesome places with great people

Author Mokalota999 ( ago)
Its 2 songs. The first is The Anthem Remix (Defense) - Machel, Pitbull, Lil
Jon and the second is Machel Montano & Shaggy - Whining Season (remix)

Author trinitallis ( ago)
they range from like $200 US to $900 US.....usually food/drinks/security
and other amenities included

Author ItDoesntMatter ( ago)
they better not!

Author breezycomicalqt ( ago)
Beautiful people

Author windada ( ago)
The costumes are sooo pretty! I wonder how much they cost?

Author Mendi F ( ago)
0:32 pauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author semi613 ( ago)
I love this mix

Author cluckyclucky ( ago)
Do you have a problem with Trini people?

Author liltrina4 ( ago)
1. The total population is estimated at 40% black, 40.3% East Indian, 18%
mixed, 0.6% white, and 1.2% Chinese and other. Tobago is predominantly
black 2.English

Author belchman9006 ( ago)
most middle class Trinidadians lime anyway it is a little tilted towards
fair Indians, whites and reds. So I think it is a fair depiction of what
I'm accustomed to and what we like to portray in ads and such as beautiful.
But I do like ebony girls and would go out with Wendy Fitzbaby if only she
would have me.

Author belchman9006 ( ago)
This comment is from the author. After a whole year, I realize that yes
there were more afro trinis in the band and yes I didn't take a
representative portion of them in the pics. But I am mixed - I look
spanish/red but I consider myself Black/Afro so to my eyes there are a lot
of "Black" people in the vid - including people the colour of Kes. There is
only one true white person and quite a bit of Indians. Well ok, I am a
little biased towards the fairer kind but if you look at the liming places

Author seanek ( ago)
yo i need the girl at 0:27 in my life pwahaha

Author Hector Solis ( ago)
question what percentage of hispanics do you guys have? what is your
official language?

Author solange rombouts ( ago)
the song ok the last the name can some one tell me !!??

Author solange rombouts ( ago)
what is the name of the song ??? !!!!!!

Author Liyahbeat ( ago)
being that i'm trini y cuban....i'm sooo loving this tune!!!... both my
cultures are representin: Morena cubana!!

Author FastAndFurious ( ago)
Machel Montano Ft. Pitbull & Lil' Jon - Defense (The Anthem)

Author Coaine Richards (244 years ago)
what's the name of this song?

Author Younes Guemmar ( ago)
is it a problem to be a negro ! moron ...

Author ManhattanPlaya ( ago)
I really don't get it. What's the big deal if there's one ethnic group out
numbers the other, thoughts like this spark separation., and this is why it
like this here in the US a bunch of Jiggaboos.

Author Shurlon Gloudon ( ago)
sorry that was not for you that was for some one else.

Author colombianparce23 ( ago)
man yall a bucn of racist motherfuckers,yall gringos are stupid, mad
respect to trinidad ,im from colombia and i love living here,before when i
used to live in usa my closest busines partner, who i most respected out of
them all was from trinidad, much love

Author ItDoesntMatter ( ago)
Am I the only Trini girl who finds Trini Asian guys hot? o_0;;

Author yohann97 ( ago)
West INDIES....!!!!!!!! I miss U wine your body on this song and

Author ifnetEH ( ago)
What up everybody..has anyone heard o Divi Resorts? (if not, then google
it). Anyway Divi Resorts is giving away a 7-night all-expense paid trip to
the Caribbean Island. All the details are here.... IF.(NET)

Author seeper93 ( ago)
eyy anyone kno de 2nd song ?

Author Trinavara ( ago)
we finally agree on something !!!! btw they never tried the 'cash for
guns',they only speculated,apparently it required laws being changed etc
and no one bothered.

Author belchman9006 ( ago)
UPDATE: This report turned out to be just a rumour and the PM has ordered
the Telecommunications Authority to determine who started this disturbing
story which caused a significant disruption at all the Nation's ports of

Author 3kneeboi ( ago)
By elevating them to community leaders they set an example for the youth to
follow. They used these criminals to help win the elections and now that
they have power they cannot control them. The money that they gave them is
being used to buy guns and drugs. They were funded by the government. This
was revealed by several local magistrates who said there was a major link
between these CEPEP contractors and gang related violence.

Author 3kneeboi ( ago)
Well the cash for guns incentives was tried by a previous minister of
national security and failed and there are more than enough community
centres, The soloution is to get rid of the corrupt politicians starting
from the top. The problem started when this govt began giving million
dollar contracts to gang leaders thru CEPEP and URP and elevated their
status by calling them community leaders.

Author Trinavara ( ago)
and you are a mouth murderer ,up to now I have'nt heard in any of your
comments what we can do to solve the problem only doom and gloom and more
doom,I say community centres and 'cash incentives for guns'. . .any way
this vid is about sexy Trini girls,so pls stay on topic and think of how
many of those you can slay !!!

Author 3kneeboi ( ago)
Oh yeah, great, we only have 500 murderers walking around free on the
street, we sooo lucky. Youre right. Its actually more than 500 since i
wasnt checking all the other unsolved murders from past years. But, still
we sooo lucky ent?

Author Trinavara ( ago)
too bad to bust your bubble,it was a hoax!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we don't have that
problem here sorry,check Asia,Africa,Eastern Europe,South and Central
America,not here. . .sorry!!

Author 3kneeboi ( ago)
Well a little update for you guys living abroad, this just off the press. A
shipping container was found on the docks with people locked inside it.
Human trafficking is now added t the list. Just a few weeks the minister of
national security was asked if there is a problem with Human trafficking in
Trinidad to which he responded an emphatic no. Now u see why the crime is
so bad here, incompetence from the highest level, the absolute top. Many of
the kids kidnapped are being sold.

Author tenicklol ( ago)
we carnival is D best ,trinidad and tobago is definately D place to Be

Author Daniel Robinson ( ago)
so talking about the crime situation means ur bringing down the country. so
its better to cover up problems to make a country look better rather than
finding solutions

Author 3kneeboi ( ago)
Well you tell that to the parents of the 8 year old girl that was kidnapped
3 weeks ago. We have the leading economy in the Carbbean, whoppee !!! Do
you know that the solution rate for murder in the UK is about 95%, and the
solution rate for murder in Trinidad is about 1 % Since there was about 500
murders last year, that means there are over 500 murderers walking around
on our streets.You obviously dont live here, if you did you would know what
im talking about.

Author Trinavara ( ago)
most of the murders in Trinidad are gang related and hardly affects normal
law abiding citizens,if you minus them the murder toll would struggle to
reach a hundred,for some reason I think a certain person here gets pleasure
in bringing down Trinidad,ppl its no way as bad as he's leading you to
believe,most of the killings are just assholes killing eachother. .

Author 3kneeboi ( ago)
Hello, I live in Trinidad, was born here 100% Trini. Dont let nobody fool
allyuh, life here ent easy no more, crime is rampant. Dont cover it up, we
have one of the highest murder rates per capita in the world. Nothing to
boast about or be proud about. Its not like back in the 1970s and 1980s
when life here was sweet.

Author Fuzion ( ago)
Every country has a ghetto... And every place has that one area where
people just will never want to get a long; those few people who should've
never known what a gun was in the first place, because they were just too
ignorant and retarded to know how to control themselves. You'll see crime
everywhere you go, no matter how beautiful the blanketed scenery is.

Author stunna20898 ( ago)
called defence by Machel Montano, Pitbull, and Lil' Jon

Author Kathy-Ann Phillip ( ago)
T & T..#1 carnival in the world....all others are fake ass shit

Author Ning Yuan ( ago)
what is the name of this song????

Author FuShengAlex ( ago)
"South American Carnivals you get rob or killed if you a tourist" Yeah last
time I checked the crime scene in Trinidad isn't exactly something to brag
of either, with over 500 murders. Like Brass festival where I saw a man get
killed. There's no need to diss places you haven't been to, to make your
favourite place look better.

Author light232 ( ago)
ya i agree. why the pics, lame?

Author Romario Hermas ( ago)
whats the name

Author DJc0nFusioN ( ago)
looks like Trinidad to me!! doh study the "inverse racist", lol.

Author Jeremias James ( ago)
look up best Carnival in the world on any search engine and Trinidad and
Tobago will come up as #1. i am so proud to be a Trinidad and Tobago. by
the way fuck what the Forbes magazine. South American Carnivals you get rob
or killed if you a tourist and Mardi Gras is nothing but stupid drunk men
and women mainly college students looking to have a one night stand, The
land of the Fete is where the best party is

Author kuigiagoodfriend9 ( ago)
woiiiiiiiiiiiii llol luigi@goodfriend

Author eom3220 ( ago)
machel mantano

Author Kieron Ramdass ( ago)

Author Ye Moko ( ago)
they do but it nah di same vibe

Author shika maru ( ago)
damn...i would love to go to trini for one of those carnivals. Im Jamaican,
but in not sure if they do that in Jamaica also.

Author cursemark1000 ( ago)
u should do that its soo good i am a trin i will know have u ever been to

Author imloveli Lisette ( ago)
umm dat touggie person lmao..dont know bout something hush.....sound hecka
dumb.....lmao anywaz dis my 1st time commenting anything.:-) trinidad &

Author William Reed ( ago)
The Anthem - Pitbull feat. Lil Jon

Author touggie2000 ( ago)
there are plenty of black people in trinidad but for the most part its
becoming a very mixed and multicultural country due to the mas imigration.

Author belchman9006 ( ago)
What an inane comment. I played mas in tribe & the pics I took all
represent the composition of the members of the band. I can't go around the
city asking "Are there any black people? I want to take your picture" I had
to stay with my band. I don't know what you definition of 'black people'
is, but I saw plenty black people in the video.I am of mixed descent
including African ancestry; to me its insulting when you look at everything
through your colour tinted lenses and only see negative things.

Author Asa Gibson ( ago)
good pics!!! TRINIDAD STAND UP!!!

Author belchman9006 (634 years ago)
1st - Defense (The Anthem) 2nd - Wining Season remix ft. Shaggy

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