House Republicans Grapple with Backlash on Ethics Vote: The Daily Show

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  • Roland Syyles
    Roland Syyles 18 days ago

    They've been married for 12 years now, and Melania is still waiting to hear those three little words from her husband....

    *"I....CAN'T...... BREATHE!"*

  • Joya Lewis
    Joya Lewis 21 day ago

    5:48 why does he look like the chefs from Little Nightmares?

  • The WAV3
    The WAV3 22 days ago

    uh let's make this clear the American people did NOT elect him the ELC did.

  • Robert Mcrae
    Robert Mcrae 1 month ago

    trump said he would drain the swamp remember? Only to put in a new swamp! Only the faces have changed!

  • Lava blak
    Lava blak 1 month ago

    I am amazed by the thought process of republicans. Where is the "common sense"?

  • Patricia MacLeod
    Patricia MacLeod 1 month ago

    Jesus got nailed to a cross. Same should happen to GOP.

  • 73MPL4R
    73MPL4R 1 month ago

    Tom Cole looks like a melting wax statue

  • Eye on Europe
    Eye on Europe 1 month ago

    (: right on time chef Trevor

  • Signe Slavensky
    Signe Slavensky 1 month ago

    "Comoputer says noooo...." :D
    Trevor watches Little Brittain <3

  • Gy Bx
    Gy Bx 1 month ago

    Go back to South Africa and put your cock holster mouth to good use.

  • Startup Division
    Startup Division 1 month ago

    Trump is going to make america great again..! and Happy Opposite day :)

  • Luvuyo Ngceku
    Luvuyo Ngceku 1 month ago

    made my day trev

  • I Am The Senate
    I Am The Senate 1 month ago

    The button didn't delete the internet. Fake news confirmed.

  • Shelley Peterson
    Shelley Peterson 1 month ago

    YEP NOTHING TRUMP PROMISED...LIES, LIES, LIES whenever his Lips are movin!!

  • Nelson Di Salvatore
    Nelson Di Salvatore 1 month ago

    I'm no advocating murderer or anything but if all this politicians just died, a really horrible dead, I'll be More than ok with it.

  • gam mal
    gam mal 1 month ago

    lol computer says no. the joke from little britain.

  • elle c
    elle c 1 month ago

    Trevor, you'll go insane trying to make sense of anything

  • lizzy anim
    lizzy anim 1 month ago

    Trevor God has brought you far make sure your serve him you are so awesome

  • jose gonzales
    jose gonzales 1 month ago

    why do all their noses look like dicks?

  • Jeanne Jackson
    Jeanne Jackson 1 month ago


  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 1 month ago

    Drain the swamp and fill the septic tanks!

    THIS IS OUR TIME 1 month ago


  • nonquintessentialone

    aliens hijacked the election. only explanation. they can't stand our oxygen, so they're destroying us the classic way. greed in power

  • Camille G
    Camille G 1 month ago

    I apologize on behalf of all of Liberal Iowa for Steve King

  • Felicia Gardner
    Felicia Gardner 1 month ago

    American's are mad because of the corruption in our government. We need to band together as the people and start voting them out and vote in better ones. It is up to us to drain the swamp. We cannot expect a President to do it.

  • hgfuhgvg
    hgfuhgvg 1 month ago

    Two words. Dwayne Camacho.

  • Kalki Das
    Kalki Das 1 month ago

    "Draining the Swamp" was a Porn Euphemism

  • Eric Silva
    Eric Silva 1 month ago

    You don't know me.
    I don't walk and talk.
    What am I?

  • Archibald Tuttle
    Archibald Tuttle 1 month ago

    The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps. Replace Humps with Swamps, enjoy

  • Michael K. Jensen
    Michael K. Jensen 1 month ago

    hey Trevor made a segment I actually thought was funny (and provocative)

  • touristguy87
    touristguy87 1 month ago

    again I just see a leap of logic being made that doesn't make sense...when Trump says that a lot of people don't know these things, or that a lot of people think that Jackson would have prevented the Civil war or that Jackson would have said why can't we just sit down and sort this out without a war...not only is he being honest about it...


    a lot of people do think that way.

    and it's just not fair for these talking heads to sit there and say that PEOPLE don't think that. that NOBODY wonders that. That NOBODY asks that question. It's like they are projecting their education on everyone and not seeing it while at the same time calling Trump supporters dumb ignorant xenophobes.

    These people in the media simply think they know everything...and they just do not.
    Not only that, but they don't want to listen to someone who does, whenever that person says something that they don't think is true. Even if it is true.

    Trump has one huge major advantage over the media elitists that keep hammering him.
    He's a politician. They are not politicians! Maybe Don Lemon and his crowd should get on a bus and drive across the country stopping at small towns along the way and interview the American people instead of just talking about AP stories or sending their reporters to interview political leaders.

    There is a very simple reason why right-wingers and conservative politicians criticize Obama for being "too smart," "too much of a liberal" and "not even American". Because they could not criticize his policies on an intellectual basis. They could only criticize him for "not being like them" and not thinking like them, "not being one of them". They played the xenophobia card with Obama because they had to. That was the only card they had to play.. These guys are playing the ignorance card because they are too lazy to actually get out there and figure out where Trump is getting his information from and talk to his sources and see that maybe just maybe he's right in what he said. They simply fall back to criticizing his sources as stupid and inaccurate. They are just building up a wall between them and the American people who support Trump.. "Too good, too smart to even listen to them, to even take them seriously".

    this is almost comical, attacking the president of the US as if he's a complete idiot

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 1 month ago

    these pictures of Jesus are tipped out..... like in his day they were posing for portraits.... and yet the same people that say you should study your bible and tell you not to lie,.. ect....

  • Lucas Layton
    Lucas Layton 1 month ago

    Why are americans mad? Because the people in power are a bunch of incompetent morons.

  • 777 burro
    777 burro 2 months ago

    Why are the Republican and Democrat politicians dirty rotten Crooks?

  • Yvonne Duggan
    Yvonne Duggan 2 months ago


    VALMER LYNN 2 months ago

    bullshit trump fighting the liberals.....that's the commercial that comes on before clicking the video, fuck trump.


    `murica is so fucked

  • Asskickization
    Asskickization 2 months ago

    The damn Button in the end Doesnt work...

  • ClearlyAwesome83
    ClearlyAwesome83 2 months ago

    "Computer says nooo"
    My god, someone in the U.S. actually understands that phrase!! xD

    MARK MAHAN 2 months ago

    hey if these yahoos want to be like Jesus. then all power to them. but lets point out that Jesus died a long and gruesome death! i am up for that, for these won a bees.

  • b921020014
    b921020014 3 months ago

    I replayed his giggling like 5 times heeheeheeeehehe

  • Nathaniel Skinner
    Nathaniel Skinner 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does one of those congressmen look like a grandpa fox mulder?

  • M00s3r
    M00s3r 3 months ago

    Loved the Little Britain reference!

  • J kreugg
    J kreugg 3 months ago

    Ethics, ha

  • Chianti19881
    Chianti19881 3 months ago

    These guys are snakes in the grass and all should be impeached....of course Americans in their suburban bubble will sit back and let these worthless thieves crawl back in their holes until the smoke these losers out

    MELISSA AUSTIN 3 months ago

    Someone once said that our enemies didn't have to defeat our democracy because American voters will do it for them.  Duh!

  • Jesse Tennison
    Jesse Tennison 3 months ago

    dude I am now you're biggest fan love you guys fucking Awsome

  • The Duchess of Muanenguba

    Trump brought the swamp from the festering Trump tower and took it to the White House.

  • [MAD] Mechanicus
    [MAD] Mechanicus 3 months ago

    Computer says no... =)

  • dixieleeish
    dixieleeish 3 months ago

    I love the concept of awarding the prize of, “An ounce of decency”. I would love to see a segment like this continuously. One that includes the latest debacle and not only the sleazy politicians but public opinions on the subject matter.

  • Wolfsky9
    Wolfsky9 3 months ago

    Along with Stephen Colbert, I LOVE this man !  He & Stephen C. are refreshing, & brilliant . -----------Wolfsky9

  • sam cejudo
    sam cejudo 3 months ago

    trevor you lying asshole, i fuck pushed the delete internet button and it didn't work....
    """fuck you trevor"""

  • Immortal Iron Fist
    Immortal Iron Fist 4 months ago

    Trump is not going to get any thing done in this 4 year term, He's to focused get his own dealings done. He will probably have a trillion dollars by time he leaves office.

  • abhishek rai
    abhishek rai 4 months ago

    Swizz bank ac😂😂

  • altitude illume
    altitude illume 4 months ago


  • Rachel S.
    Rachel S. 4 months ago

    Oh my gosh, Trevor, you are so great. Brilliant as always.

  • e darlingb
    e darlingb 4 months ago

    Why aren't the dates of when these are released shown? Driving me mad. Not only on this channel.

  • Suroee K
    Suroee K 4 months ago

    Never let them forget that we know what they tried to do. They WILL try again.

  • Bernice Panders
    Bernice Panders 4 months ago

    CONGRESS thinks they don't have it as good as TEACHERS?? So those old Republitards would be thrilled with 12-hr 6-days work weeks with NONE of the free shit CONGRESS gets: Catered lunches, cars, vacations 70% of their time, free healthcare & other govt benefits all other citizens do not get...
    I suppose they also think social workers are the highest office in the land!

  • Ingela Utkutug
    Ingela Utkutug 4 months ago

    Cumputer says no, wonderful!

  • Sentry
    Sentry 4 months ago

    Can I go to the swamp?

  • Sentry
    Sentry 4 months ago


  • Panda
    Panda 4 months ago

    "Computer says no." HAH, I see what you did there, I got that reference.

  • Jun123
    Jun123 4 months ago

    Why is my face an egg, I don't want to be an egg!

  • Stephen Baldwin
    Stephen Baldwin 5 months ago

    that third contestant is scary... like a toad with piranha teeth

  • PandaManiacLP
    PandaManiacLP 5 months ago

    "Computer says nooooo" xDDDD

  • Heid Adrian
    Heid Adrian 5 months ago

    im from Germany and i fcking love this dude😂

  • tukau greenaway
    tukau greenaway 5 months ago

    you sound domesticated in aotearoa us maori have a word for imagrents that have to much to say ballhead the country amaruca you call America belongs too a people that you and other non amaruian s Rob daly and ignore while you talk about ethics natives suffer becouse of are the babylong

  • Aderinsola Adesida
    Aderinsola Adesida 5 months ago

    Why are Americans mad needs to be a show. Especially the way he says " Computer says noo" 😂😂

  • wyrw
    wyrw 5 months ago

    Trump IS gonna drain the swamp!

    And then fill it with his own shit.

  • Kell Harris
    Kell Harris 5 months ago

    this is why all politicians suck both demo and Republ

  • Calvin Pulliam
    Calvin Pulliam 5 months ago

    Google ho are the real children of Israel.......

  • Calvin Pulliam
    Calvin Pulliam 5 months ago

    So it was written so shall it be done...............

  • Kas
    Kas 5 months ago

    So what kind of reform are they trying to pass? The only one that I heard was that they had the right to confront and debate people accusing and complaining about them, didn't seem unreasonable to me. Other than that it was just them being criticized for bringing up the reform, and yes, headlines can be the reason americans are mad, but only unjustifiably so if they are truly misguiding. I guess Google could answer this but I'm lazy.

  • RIchard Davidson
    RIchard Davidson 5 months ago


  • Leo Romo
    Leo Romo 5 months ago

    no wonder the ratings are going down. This guy sucks!

  • dan
    dan 5 months ago

    its cool how Paul Ryan can walk without a spine.

  • defenderofthenorth52
    defenderofthenorth52 5 months ago

    2:04 is that John Oliver in the bottom right?

  • Leslie Dunmire
    Leslie Dunmire 5 months ago

    "An ounce of decency" I love him!

  • mellow melo
    mellow melo 5 months ago

    Reason y is cause you got mister speaker don't walk and talk and the rest of new politicians the worse in history fucking shit real shit

    A. DUBITANTE 5 months ago

    The winner wouldn't need an ounce of decency - he'd already have one. More would be detrimental in that job.

  • Samuel K. Addai
    Samuel K. Addai 5 months ago

    Lol the Jesus jokes don't just slay me, they crucify me! Amirite people???

    Don't worry, I know my way to the door...

  • peace165
    peace165 5 months ago

    They are drunk with power.

  • Luntau Sintan
    Luntau Sintan 5 months ago

    IDIOTIC Anchor !

  • possumverde
    possumverde 5 months ago

    Dude has a point about being able to face their accusers (though I don't know why he felt the need to invoke some fairy tale to back it)...The Ethics Committee has developed a nasty habit of going for headlines before any verification of anonymous complaints has been done...and retractions rarely make the front page...

  • Crash Zoey
    Crash Zoey 5 months ago

    Enter column.

  • Nadine Zachary
    Nadine Zachary 5 months ago

    If trump had any real intentions to "Drain the Swamp"he would have first gotten rid of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. McConnell first and foremost. He does nothing but try to cause trouble, even most of Kentucky regrets getting him elected.

  • Vitjusha
    Vitjusha 5 months ago

    Tom Cole looks like Darth Sidious...

  • Vote With Bullets
    Vote With Bullets 5 months ago

    What should have been clear, the moment Mike Pence signed on as VP pick, was that an impeachment was inevitable and the Repubs only supported Trump such that when he is gone, Mike Pence becomes president. The republicans are hoping the Dems will call for impeachment. If the Repubs did, they would lose Trump supporters. If Repubs call for impeachment, then they will lose the next election.

    The worst thing the Dems can do is ask for impeachment. They need to maneuver the Republicans to do it.

  • Murry Brody
    Murry Brody 5 months ago

    Love your work, but loose the closing segment with delete the Internet

  • OrionoftheStar
    OrionoftheStar 5 months ago

    One of the only things that can make ordinary Americans of every political spectrum band together--politicians trying to make it so they can get away with even more shit than they already do.

  • FrankLightheart
    FrankLightheart 5 months ago

    Drain the swamp! Drain it! make room for this brand NEW swamp!
    Oh, it's gonna be the best swamp. Classy, real classy. It's gonna have stagnant water. Algae. Mud. Thick mud. Just the greatest. Folks, you will not believe the stench when you smell it. It's gonna be tremendous.

  • S Anderson
    S Anderson 5 months ago

    THIS SHOW IS LIKE CNN = Cable Negro News BS

  • Jori Burmester
    Jori Burmester 5 months ago

    I really despise republican politicians.

  • kafuna masinde
    kafuna masinde 5 months ago

    good to be back on these...2017 is off to a great start.

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel 5 months ago


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