Counter Strike Source Zombie boss fight

Counter Strike Source epic Zombie boss fight

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 6:40
Comments: 265

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Uploaded by: Jan Doedel
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Author Jeremy Martin (2 days)
how do you put the boss in the game

Author alfonsillo18 (2 years)
its El Gigante from RE4 lol

Author dylan goerge (3 years)
i think he likes you

Author phantomkiller1000 (3 years)
freaky shit

Author Nürnberger LordS (3 years)
wie kann man gehgen den boss zombie spielen?

Author shdow160 (3 years)
@shadowdragon9991 you realise how hard it is for a headshot if that thing
keeps running and slappin u? !?!!?

Author 924252chongsir (2 years)
Only chuck Norris can kill him....

Author polargunz (3 years)
fk the zombie. get the girl XD

Author Fisher Barnett (1 year)
Apparently not.

Author capatais777 (3 years)

Author ElectroBoy (2 years)
11 dislike? nice try Nemesis

Author pUregood1231 (2 years)

Author Cervatius9876 ~ PvP & Pollos Lover ~ (1 year)
con que tecla se acriva la linterna

Author FLASH FLASH (3 years)
How do i find it?

Author abdelbasset louail (2 years)
2:16 this is mosque ?? are you on map arabic ?

Author Darren Smiths (3 years)
the knocback can be in M3(pumpguns),AWP(SNIPER),automatic rifles..this gun
do a lot of knockback..

Author Just Some Youtuber (2 years)
How do I get that

Author RSMarley (3 years)
5 Cant Make him Down

Author andrei leontin (1 year)
cool vreau si yo modu

Author plzwork100 (2 years)
Stick togetther team -runs- =.)))

Author cigarrooxd (2 years)
song please!

Author SuperWarlord54 (3 years)
I made a mod of the exorcist.

Author botex lolzz (1 year)
lolzzzzzz....give the source download link...

Author Ismetmert Yildirim (1 year)
to'w Downlod Link?

Author ChevyGaming Hungary (3 years)
how many HP is this zombie boss got ? 10 million ?

Author FRANCOgrove15 (3 years)
siempre te persigue a ti

Author SasukeUchihameha (2 years)
please ip???

Author sack1234ful (2 years)
zombie mod !?

Author steaklover505 (3 years)
what was the song playing called?

Author TwoLeggedBeast09 (3 years)
song name please

Author severinious (3 years)
@TheThekiller560 I understand perfectly!

Author lolz0r16 (2 years)

Author swearSPIKE1997 (3 years)

Author capatais777 (3 years)

Author Rex Odom (1 year)

Author huntamden (3 years)
Type "gift" right after youtube

Author BerserckTV (3 years)
:33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 &DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD XvD
[*-*] hahaha

Author daniel iñiguez (1 year)
acaso esa cosa muere?

Author BXOXBXG (2 years)
the bible

Author besterich277 (2 years)
That zombie boss, should be alot weaker; I can imaginate even a huge zombie
thingie wouldnt take over 10,000 shots. Oh, and imaginate this with
commentary: everyone screaming like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH GET THIS THING OFF ME

Author supacrap236 (2 years)
999/10 good!

Author Rogelio Eduardo de leon (2 years)
pasenme el ip

Author Dasher Rusher (2 years)
why dont you guys shoot the giant zombie in the head instead of the torso?

Author hurricanegod123 (2 years)
@ItsHell4U That is server dude! I have that same game and i never wanted to
go on that server but now i wanna! ITS FUN ;-) Sorry for my bad english

Author Fisher Barnett (1 year)

Author The1337DoomCokie (3 years)
Epic I love Deagle

Author pUregood1231 (2 years)

Author hotfuzz39 (3 years)
wats the music playin?

Author Ariijor C.D.R (2 years)
how i can get it?

Author Mraomar1 (2 years)
IP??????????????? Pleace

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