Counter Strike Source Zombie boss fight

Counter Strike Source epic Zombie boss fight

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Author Hasni IHM (xTweakers) ( ago)

Author Kiet Lam ( ago)

Author undeadanddead ( ago)
whats the name of the song?

Author Jeremy Martin (Brony) ( ago)
how do you put the boss in the game

Author jose fernandez ( ago)
mira coñoetumadre deja el link de modo Zombie boss fight

Author Lucas Lescano ( ago)
gustavo ramos es un server

Author ROCK Howard ( ago)
como ago para tener ese mod 

Author darkcien90 ( ago)

Author andrei leontin ( ago)
cool vreau si yo modu 

Author botex lolzz ( ago)
lolzzzzzz....give the source download link... 

Author daniel iñiguez ( ago)
acaso esa cosa muere? 

Author Ismetmert Yildirim ( ago)
to'w Downlod Link?

Author jo chebbi ( ago)
ahahahahahahahha are you fucking kiding me try hideOUT css 

Author Cobin Gonzalez ( ago)
my god it is!, but srsly no 1 cares 

Author Facundo Gimeno ( ago)
lo mismo me pregunto pero habla ingles :/

como hago para tener ese zombie

Author jomar alban ( ago)
0_0 why is the music is there 

Author Shenma “Ten-no” Onigashima ( ago)
0_0 omg...

Author Rex Odom ( ago)

Author ash kolorder ( ago)

Author neoMelee ( ago)

Author neoMelee ( ago)
Apparently not.

Author Ярослав Семоненко ( ago)
а я заю этот серв вот ип

Author EarthForces ( ago)
What the name of the "Instrumental"? I mean the theme music?

Author Giuliano amko ( ago)
Only Leon, Sheva and Chris can kill this!!!

Author ninjaGuyLPA ( ago)
where did you found it please tell me

Author Steve Rogers ( ago)
Has 63 Ammo, reloads. Gamer logic.

Author Mellow Cello ( ago)
just because someone has read any bible, even all of them, does not make
them religous. They just want to see different peoples perspectives. But I
am sure tons of religious people play

Author BXOXBXG ( ago)
not strange at all your pretty much saying a military man cant be a

Author BXOXBXG ( ago)
the bible

Author Caesar ( ago)
And how did you know that ? 

Author BXOXBXG ( ago)
i think your stupid the devils name is not 666 that is ONE of the signs of
the devil. second: devil names, lucifer, lord of the flies, serpent of
death (and many more)

Author abdelbasset louail ( ago)
2:16 this is mosque ?? are you on map arabic ? 

Author juansi ( ago)
11 dislike? nice try Nemesis

Author Equestrian Republican ( ago)
Stick togetther team -runs- =.)))

Author Bagogo si penjual ( ago)
how you do that mod

Author 924252chongsir ( ago)
Only chuck Norris can kill him....

Author GAMERFREAK247 ( ago)
Which cs should I get for the best zombie mod??? I'm a newcomer do don't
bitch at me or troll me if there is only one counter strike that has the
zombie mod

Author Fran Dominikow ( ago)

Author luke tafoya ( ago)

Author awdde efdfgg ( ago)
kak ship hay swar wa play ngo ngo mai na ja mun 

Author Minecraft .PvP ( ago)
love CSS

Author I HackCamo I 0 SCUF 100 NORMAL ( ago)
es zombie horror son inglesos no ables español en este video 

Author The Awesome Gamer ( ago)
just downloaded cs source... excited to start...

Author sack1234ful ( ago)
zombie mod !? 

Author jaime wolf ( ago)
yo quiero saver el ip de esa sala 

Author Maury ( ago)
de unaa!!! xD a lo ingles latino nomas jajaja please IP xD jajajaja

Author Martini Rosato ( ago)

Author Dhiatorhiea ( ago)
downloading Cs source...

Author Rogelio Eduardo de leon ( ago)
pasenme el ip

Author SasukeUchihameha ( ago)
please ip???

Author SasukeUchihameha ( ago)
xD hablan en ingles ellos no te van a poder decir 

Author SasukeUchihameha (15 years ago)
+10 :P

Author Broseph Stalin ( ago)
it say bitchen... duke nukem...

Author GreatScott! ( ago)

Author Shamel Shukri ( ago)
The UAE counter strike zombie servers

Author Grzegorz Koc ( ago)
do you know name of the music ? :D

Author LacAgar ( ago)
love it how he stops to look at the chick ofcorse his going to do that lol

Author Cowhouse ( ago)

Author Bloodline_ ( ago)
0:16 bitches???

Author lolz0r16 ( ago)

Author cigarrooxd ( ago)
song please!

Author Ariijor C.D.R ( ago)
how i can get it?

Author Hudi Amarta (98 years ago)
@Ericman2043 counter strike source

Author Eric Dong ( ago)
@zeraxable what game is this?

Author TheHyde900 ( ago)
@EdwardK11 -.- when did you born?

Author Hudi Amarta ( ago)
@EdwardK11 counter strike source with zombie mod

Author alfonsillo18 ( ago)
its El Gigante from RE4 lol

Author Dasher Rusher ( ago)
why dont you guys shoot the giant zombie in the head instead of the torso?

Author buttonstack ( ago)
That was exhilarating!

Author Caleb 2020 ( ago)
what is this? 

Author brian concha ( ago)
:O ip del server plz 

Author besterich277 ( ago)
Otherwise, nice vid.

Author besterich277 ( ago)
That zombie boss, should be alot weaker; I can imaginate even a huge zombie
thingie wouldnt take over 10,000 shots. Oh, and imaginate this with
commentary: everyone screaming like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH GET THIS THING OFF ME

Author Lumel Lopez ( ago)
whats is this song

Author Just Some Youtuber ( ago)
How do I get that

Author Paulo Rodrigo ( ago)

Author TheBloodEagle27 ( ago)
is it me or from 01:01 to 01:30 it reminds me of the house of the dead 3??

Author dylan goerge ( ago)
i think he likes you

Author TwoLeggedBeast09 ( ago)
song name please

Author Alwasy ( ago)
siempre te persigue a ti

Author Alwasy ( ago)
k mod es???

Author steaklover505 ( ago)
what was the song playing called?

Author daniel karassavidis ( ago)
johnny la genta esta muy loca :P 

Author TheMrmusicz ( ago)
man this fat ugly zombie scare me XD

Author Aga ( ago)
How do i find it? 

Author ChevyGaming Hungary ( ago)
how many HP is this zombie boss got ? 10 million ?

Author iPodiMaster ( ago)
whats the mod?

Author Bogs Binny ( ago)
He prefers your meat.

Author swearSPIKE1997 ( ago)

Author MrRac3 ( ago)
And i forgot to ask...the zombie boss...Is he a bot???

Author MrRac3 ( ago)
xaxaxaxa I don't understand why but I find this freakin funny!!!!Running
away to save your sorry ass :P xxaxaxa

Author siKk ( ago)
Why don't The Iron man fly away??? :D: D:D:D:D: xDxD

Author thecss2011 ( ago)
use tmp you can run faster and fires fast

Author palo lubusky ( ago)
je ho sa neda zabit 

Author BerserckTV ( ago)
:33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 &DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD XvD
[*-*] hahaha

Author capatais777 ( ago)

Author Nürnberger LordS ( ago)
wie kann man gehgen den boss zombie spielen?

Author BerserckTV ( ago)

Author capatais777 ( ago)

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