Top 10 Most Dangerous Street Drugs

Top 10 Dangerous Street Drugs

Why are drugs dangerous to the body? What drug has killed the most people? What are the most dangerous drugs? If you’ve ever asked these questions, check out WatchMojo’s list of the Top 10 Dangerous Street Drugs to see which are commonly abused street drugs and to learn the common side effects of the drugs.

01:17 #10: Flakka [aka Gravel]
02:28 #9: Ecstasy
03:52 #8: PCP [aka Phencyclidine and Angel Dust]
04:59 #7: Ketamine
05:57 #6: Scopolamine [aka Hyoscine Hydrobromide]
07:11 #5: Cocaine
08:11 #4: Krokodil
09:15 #3, #2 & #1???

If you’d like more in-depth info about some of the worst street drugs, learn more in these videos: Top 5 Facts About MDMA, Cocaine and Meth

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Author Tvon Jones ( ago)
no weed ok

Author GrandDaddyPurple ( ago)
Ecstasy? Ecstasy is one of the safest drugs out there, go educate yourself.

Author The Smoking Gentleman ( ago)
heroin is relatively safe and does not harm to the body.

Author BN0NINO ( ago)
Ketamine is love

Author James Gower V ( ago)
sex, love, ecstacy I LOVe MOLLY

Author Lucas ( ago)
Is watch moko trying to tell me krokodil is safer than heroine??

Author Milk Boy ( ago)
Heroin isn't the worst on the list. Meth and crack are so much worse. I've been a heroin addict for two years. Heroin doesn't cause you to become psychotic like meth and crack do. Heroin is less harmful than some of the other drugs on the list.

Author DAT BOI ( ago)
I love how you guys put breaking bad in the thumbnail

Author Peaceistheanswer27 ( ago)
cocaine is a hellova drug

Author natthan lee ( ago)
I've taken ever drug on this list and I'm fine despite the visions of the future I see😄😄😄😄

Author LUCAS BRAIMAN ( ago)
This was scary but a little informative so for all who watched to stay away from + more

Author Mário Sousa ( ago)
Indian McDonalds

Author Choonie Laster Nightmare of Wind ( ago)
Marihuana should have been at least a dishonorable mention. Unless one of the drugs described is more addictive and dangerous than it.

Still, a great, or in this case, surprisive, video.

Author gemini salter ( ago)
Listen to She Aint You by gemini_salter #np on #SoundCloud

Author Swish CS GO ( ago)
if weeds in this list I swear to god

Author Jenny ijeoma ( ago)
and I'm still fightn to quit cigerate..

? goúd? Thanks 4 da know. Thx u. 🙌😤💀♎

Author Peytonmakinstatements54 ( ago)
LSD is the worst if taken too much it can alter the chemical compound of your brain forever causing psychosis.

Author Troy Green ( ago)
Well once cannabis is legalized in most countries all 10 of these drugs will be gone I know I sound deluded but I'm not deluded Cannabis is a safer alternative and people will use it instead of these 10 drugs the same thing will happen with tobacco hard drugs borderline drugs and pharmaceutical drugs. Soft drugs and cannabis will replace them but alcohol will always be popular alternative medicines will replace the modern western medicines.

Author D. Freeman ( ago)
Why do people he start in the first place?

Author Flip Flip Flipadelphia ( ago)
I've had meth and heroin addicts in my family and believe me meth is BY FAR worse than heroin

Author Meatball Snacker ( ago)
meanwhile patients in the hospital are given diamorphine (aka pure, deluxe heroin) everyday ...

Author Morris Junior ( ago)
Drugs are good for us.

Author Patrick Scorese ( ago)
ecstasy Is not dangerous

Author mardegan86 ( ago)
the drug that really kills you is the "legal" drugs, the ones doctor's give it to you after u walk in they're office and tell them your in pain. give them 120 bucks and you'll get any drug u want. prescription pills are one of the most profitable business out there, again the government dont do shit about it, but do arest ppl who smokes weed. go figure this world we live in.

Author John Ruane Analysis ( ago)
-*/ Anybody hooked on drugs should read Allan Carr's two books, one is called "The Easy Way To Stop Smoking" and the other book is called "The Easy Way To Stop Drinking." And I think he also wrote a book on addictions, but I'm not sure about this, but it doesn't matter. Basically what his books do is they remove all the subtle brainwashing people have been bombarded with in thousands upon thousands of movies on TV and in movie theaters. Let me give one brief example here, what is the final request for any prisoner facing a firing squad in any movie, "yes YOU guessed it" the stress relieving cigarette. In reality (and this has been medically proven many many times) smoking a cigarette (at any time) sends your stress levels right through the roof and beyond. And on the issue of alcohol, nearly every western movie that has ever been made has featured WHISKEY as the greatest pleasure for all cowboys etc etc. Anyone that thinks this is all coincidence should factor in some true facts here and they are cigarette companies and the drinks industry own nearly all the movie making companies. The same principle is true about drugs, I mean have you ever seen a movie where someone taking drugs looks miserable, depressed and almost suicidal. Oh no not at all, they're always smiling, laughing hilariously, always having a fantastic time, they're always the life and soul of the party. Do U think this is also a coincidence, not lightly. I know if people hooked on any king of drugs become enlightened to what's really going on they will look at their addictions completely differently. I'm speaking with a little bit of experience here, I was a hooked smoker of cigarettes for over twenty years and I tried everything to give them up, but the one think that always beat me was the constant cravings and withdrawal symptoms, I would have them for months and months afterwards. But EUREKA, after I real Allan Carr's book on giving up smoking, I didn't have one single craving or one single withdrawal symptom (not even one), I'm hoping people will at least give all this a try, best of luck and God bless.

Author Danny Bennet ( ago)
The devil is definitely chasing you when you do drugs. The vortex opens up on your head and evil spirits invade your mind, the ultimate goal is too kill you !!!!

Author Slimey Pudding ( ago)
wut about meth

Author hood news ( ago)
real shit

Author Sarah ( ago)

Author James Mccormack ( ago)
heroin is just for broke faggots who can't afford to just get some dilaudid, oxy, etc.

Author maulana fariz ( ago)
I think Keith Richards has tried it all

Author Das KrasseKampfKüken ( ago)
wtf y is mdma and ketamine on a list like this?!

Author alexpb1993 ( ago)
spice should be on the list definitely. i almost died from smoking half a cone

Author Fab edl ( ago)
so i thought this ist is about the MOST DANGEROUS STREETDRUGS...?but in the end heroin is on the place one?with reason most addactive?how much time do you put into these top 10 list acually?cause its bullshit cocainis far more deadly then heroin...We know the direct antagonist of heroin a few actually...Naloxon per example...cocainoverdose means sure death...heroin is only the deadliest drug for those that live still in the 1970...or far out on the country...nearly all other drugs in this list ar far deadlier when injected...heroin is only by far more injected then the other drugs on your list...this doesnt make the drug more or less deadly then the others on your list?impariality or forming a message...whats this list about?^.-

Author Numba1 Heathen ( ago)
"It's a Crack Attack! CRACK ATTACK!!!"

It sure IS!

Author Jayden Gwynne ( ago)
Where's marijuana and meth

Author Gxorge11 ( ago)
I'd want to overdose if I was gunna commit

Author xxGAME-CLUBxx ( ago)
krocidil should be number 1

Author Daniel Turbay ( ago)
flakka is not as bad as ppl think I smoke it once or twice a week. it's like super coke and meth but way better than coke and meh put together

Author Trippl- Nippl ( ago)
why isn't Mojo in the list (it's a real drug)? For obvious reasons :)

Author Only a Man ( ago)
My first love was mentioned as the last drug,all my mates are dead,it lives up to it's reputation ,Heroin is a very harmful to health,belive me notting compares to this Drug it is the grim reeper to most.belive me

Author xX_Edge Master_Xx ( ago)
you forgot weed
makes people act like humongous faggots

Author MrValentine2224 ( ago)
Please don't play anymore Miley shit

Author Mark Errol Laboc ( ago)
The most dangerous drugs are those that doesnt just harm the user but makes the user harm others. In the Philippines I believe it is the crystal meth.

Author Mark Errol Laboc ( ago)
The most dangerous drugs are those that doesnt just harm the user but makes the user harm others. In the Philippines I believe it is the crystal meth.

Author Cody Bergsma ( ago)
you forgot something about flakka

Author Lukas Muler ( ago)
Top 10 drugs viewers will take after this video

Author anthony rodriguez ( ago)
Lean/purple drink ??

Author A. Scott ( ago)
This list is trash - ketamine for example is barely dangerous at all if the one taking it isnt a complete tool. WatchMojo is part of the propaganda machine. What a joke.

Author Rory McCallum ( ago)

Author Nigerian drug lord ( ago)
fuck watch mojo

Author Ichabod ( ago)
krokodil is Dutch for crocodile

Author Severus Snape ( ago)
I'm already addicted to a drug- Caffine

Author K. N ( ago)
Heroin......???. More dangerous than Krok? I think not. Methadone is far, far worse.

Author Sam Davies ( ago)
You can't smoke ketamine needs

Author Skylar Barnes ( ago)
when are they going to ban drugs from countries,states,

Author chris someone ( ago)
don't judge me I'm sick that's why my noise  is red and the white stuff its sugar I was baking a cake

Author 666 You must die ( ago)
Have you ever been asked take a drug say shut up you motherfucking penis get ur ugly ass face outta my angel face and go away drugs smell like dicksim off to tell sir police to fucking laser u noob so fucking SHUT UP

Author Tamara Kaulitz ( ago)
why would they put heroin on 1 but not Krokodil that doesn't make any sense, also MDMA ain't that scary

Author Jake Cotter ( ago)
If its not MDMA its not ecstasy!

Author Twitchy ( ago)
I can look past the fact that you put MDMA on the list... but ketamine? No way. Ketamine is extremely safe when used responsibly. It's nearly impossible to overdose on and can have some amazing affects on depression that last long after the drug has left the system. This drug is not even close to the same vein as the other drugs on this list.

Author riley gill ( ago)
That's why u don't do drugs

Author Persian Gulf Baghdad ( ago)
metamphetamine,we call it SHABU here in the philippines,slang name:poor man's cocaine

Author Never Mind ( ago)
Love is the most dangerous drug.

Author self induced coma ( ago)
Woohoo, Broward County. Famous for high costs of housing, high rates of STDs, and Flakka. gotta love it.

Author Watermelondancer141 6 ( ago)
Ricky horror is haunted by pcp!!

Author Goody Cat ( ago)
Age is worst

Author Robin og Viggo ( ago)
ketamine is tasteless? hell nah man, that shit tastes like fucking horseshit

Author Karl McDonald ( ago)
Where's datura

Author Bankies ( ago)
Krokodil is definitely the most dangerous. It consist out of very cheap and harmful substances and it causes so much physical and brain damage that can't be repaired. People stay save and stick to weed <3

Author Tammy Gans ( ago)
Where Does Opana - Oxymorphone Fit In With These Named Drugs ???

Author ghettoflyer ( ago)
You forgot Sila ( poor mans Methamphetamine)... P.S. you should probably give credit to vice next time you use a bunch of there footage.

Author Ric Dweld ( ago)
Whats the deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger ass

Author Akarsh H ( ago)
fuck... this .... krokodill is the worst one in this list

Author Abby Mihelic ( ago)
in all of the years I have done drugs, i have noticed that people who smoke weed only, are the most ignorant lol.

Author Breadlord ( ago)
heroin isnt the nr1! are you fucking kidding me!

Author Breadlord ( ago)
i eat methamphetamine daily! adhd pills have it in them!

Author Breadlord ( ago)
yeah i stick to weed and shrooms thank you! and maybe some cactus cause its legal where i live lol!

Author Ganymede ( ago)
I was given Ketamine in the hospital and I was tripping balls

Author Mr.bobby from the kkk Lee jones ( ago)
Stick with coke

Author rainbowapplesparkelpie ( ago)
1k people use mdma

Author MikeBaut 27 ( ago)
My country has the War on Drugs still ongoing. Just over 2-8K casualties caused by drugs. The President ordered this.

Author edmon serafico ( ago)
I knew Weed is not dangerous

Author Buddy Williams ( ago)
Wow what an education

Author Simon Bonski ( ago)
And what about Mephedrone?

Author Michael Colloton ( ago)
I would put crystal meth at #1, with heroin a distant second. Back in my ill-spent youth, I did heroin twice in a week. It's by far my favorite drug, but I haven't touched it in 40 years. I know a few meth heads and few of them stopped after the first time. None stopped after the second. I once worked with a woman whose son killed her and tried to burn her body because she wouldn't give him money for meth. In my experience, junkies usually just steal or become prostitutes.

Author Ian Kane ( ago)
hurt by Johnny Cash is not about heroin...

Author Fayyaz Binsajid ( ago)
Why isn't fentanyl on here. It's worse than heroine

Author Johnny MashUp ( ago)
I've done all of these.

Author A Joshable Guy ( ago)
Blue Sky better be on this. Edit: Well at least they used Breaking Bad clips

Author Zain Jahan JuTT ( ago)
What's the name of the movie at 7:40

Author lhakpa tsering ( ago)
wat about "ganja"

Author Skyfx ( ago)
Krokodil on 4th, and Heroin on 1st? Random list...

Author A. Braddock ( ago)
"Molly" is a literal crapshoot. Most of it is cut with meth-amph, fluorinated amphetamines or substituted cathinones (aka, "bath salts"). Even pressed pills can be dicey (a lot of the time it's BZP as opposed to MDMA) Pure MD is hella hard to come by unless you've got a solid DN vendor and a test kit.

Author Boyinthehood ( ago)

Author Nine Mm ( ago)
Krokodil is the worst drug, it should be on the first on that list.

Author Shuptinshmit 2 ( ago)
Cocaine is not a strong stimulant in fact meth is stronger in relation to releasing dopamine but is incredibly cardiovascular toxic but it cannot be smoked the hydrochloric salt melting point is to high but when a carbonate is added it removes the hydrochloric base allowing it to be smoked all it does is waste it

Author Onkel Captain Blue ( ago)
bullshit, I used Ketamine and its not tasteless, it tastes like pure chemicals...

Author Kevin Solo ( ago)
you do not become addicted after doing herion once.
there are lot of myths in this count down that are not true.
you guys are usually really good about that stuff but you missed the ball on this one.

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